Carroll County
Arnolds Grove School
Photos from Nancy Watkins

Not much has really changed about the old Arnolds Grove Brick School. The school was built in Freedom Township in 1882 and has long been a landmark. Dorothy (Metz) Guentner attended this school for seven years and later returned to teach in it for ten years. Mrs. Guentner is a descendant of two Carroll County pioneers, Peter Myers and David Her, who came from Sharpsburg, Maryland to Illinois in 1835. Nancy Watkins was sent the picture on the right which is a modern day shot of the old school, now a private residence. Nancy is also a descendant of Peter myers.

Arnolds Grove was named for Daniel Arnold and his son, John, who settled here in 1840. It was the finest grove in the county but today nothing is left of the great trees that once flourished there. Just how long this school was in operation is to my knowledge, unknown. The older photo was taken from the Goodly Heritage.