Carroll County Country Schools
Commencement Exercises
Georgetown, Friday May 28, 1920
Class Colors: Purple & White: Class Flower: Lily of the Valley: Class Motto: Be Prepared

Presented to Genealogy Trails by Christine Walters / From the Scrapbook of Pearl Puterbaugh, Contributed by Amy Anderson


March --- Vada Eisenbise
Invocation --- Rev. I.R. Young
Recitation, Our Flag --- Edna Peterson
Recitation, Ambition ---Kathryn Stitzel
Recitation, What Counts --- EdwinP. Senneff
Piano Solo --- Bernice Lower
Recitation, Barbara Frietchie --- Howard Sargent
Recitation, The Best Day --- Leta Neuschwanger
Recitation, --- Lee Croffoot
Recitation, IF --- Opal Sturtevant
Violin Solo --- Lloyd LeBaron
Recitation, Domestic Tempest --- Vada Eisenbise
Recitation, The School Committee Han --- Ruth Frederick
Recitation, Ambition --- June Newcomer
Recitation, Life's a Funny Proposition --- Beulah Lindsay
Recitation, Nigger Baby --- Agnes Moser
Presentation of Diplomas --- Supt. Jno. Hay
Presentation of Scholarship --- Pres. A.T. Scovill
Benediction --- Rev. I.R. Young

(Schools listed Alphabetically)

Arnold's Grove School, Mrs. Clarra Gordon, Teacher
(Dist. 24 3438 N. Loran Rte.)
Leta Neuschwanger, Laura Emery

Cloverdale School, Miss Catherine Plum, Teacher
(Dist. 32 2600 N. Maple Gr.)
Ruth Frederick

Dyslin Valley School, Miss Frances Snyder, Teacher
(Dist. 23 6485 N. Dyslin Valley, Dyslin Valley)
June Newcomer

Ethridge School, Miss Maude Wingerd, Teacher
(Dist. 50 5000 E. Rte 52-64)
Benj. K. Stitzel, John Crofton, Kathryn Stitzel

Freedom School, Miss Edna Bender, Teacher
(Dist. 25 4450 E. Georgetown)
Edwin P. Senneff

Georgetown School, Miss Mary E. Clouser, Teacher
(Dist. 30 7890 E. Harper)
Howard Sargent

Good School, Miss Laura Heflebower, Teacher
(Dist. 38 936 N. Grange)
Ella S. Beck

Hazel Green School, Miss Lilian Atherton, Teacher
Edna Peterson

Renner School, Miss Ruth O. Sisler, Teacher
(Dist. 17 7468 N. Loran)
Lee Croffoot

Rogers School, Jesse Shidler, Teacher
(Dist. 29 5501 N. Rte 73)
Faye Sturtevant

Rowland School, Miss Wilamina Strioski, Teacher
(Dist. 31 7533 E. Straddle Creek)
Lloyd LeBaron

Straw School, Miss Esther Backer, Teacher
(Dist. 28 10771 E. Straw School)
Opal Sturtevant

Union School, Miss Wilma Myers, Teacher
(Dist. 53 5220E Cyclone)
Bernice Lower