Carroll County
Honberger School
Photos and information contributed by Alice Horner

Honberger School, probably around the year of 1912.

Reid Horner, father of Alice Horner, contributor of this photo, is in the picture.

Reid Horner looks to be around 9 years of age.

The Goodly Heritage shows Honberger School to have been in District 49 at 6999 E. Telegraph Road; this was south of Lanark.

The road is still there but its unknown whether or not the school still exists.

Students: Front Row ??, Adam Nailor (b Nov 1908), Roger Grove, Zella Grove, Sam Stoner
Second Row: Mina Anderson, Frieda Kimpel, Fritz Kimpel, Martha Marsh,
Robert Morris, Reuben Nailor (b 1904), Reid Horner (b 14 Mar 1903)

Names & dates of the Nailor Children contributed by Tom Nailor