Oakville School
Carroll County IL

Oakville school opened on September 6, 1932. We have the following enrolled; Elmer Frey, John Schneider, Norma Schneider, Lloyd Frey, Lowell Hall, Raymond Eisenfeller, Mary Schneider, Virginia Emery, Dorothy Frey, Robert Hall, Donald Eisenfeller and Donald Hall. Our school enjoyed a weiner roast in Emery's pasture along the creek. We played games until dark and then enjoyed our supper. In spelling we are having a contest between the Speedsters and the Washingtons. The race is very close, the Washingtons having only three more perfect lessons than the Speedsters. Our tests are over and the grades averaged.

On our first honor roll those with grades that average above 90 we have the following; Donald Eisenfeller, Virginia Emery, Raymond Eisenfeller, Lowell Hall and Norma Schneider. On the second honor roll those with grades that average above 85 are Russell Hall, Dorothy Frey, Elmer Frey and John Schneider. Donald Eisenfeller was the only one to receive 100 in spelling every day during the first month. We are preparing for a Halloween social Oct. 28. At present we are busy memorizing our parts. We had two visitors this last month, Miss Ashby, County Superintendent of Schools and Harriet Owen. Those with perfect attendance are Raymond and Donald Eisenfeller, Lloyd and Dorothy Frey; Virginia Emery, Russell and Lowell Hall.

(Lucille Frey - Teacher) - From the Thomson Review 27 October 1932