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Shannon High School

Shannon High School Class of '97
Photo at left taken in the 1970's by Raymond Whitmore on nostalgic visit to his Alma Mater. Ray thought Shannon Twp and the school looked much like it did when he attended in the early 1930's. (Photo courtsey of Tamara Whitmore). Article transcribed & contributed by John Sharp

Last evening the Bethel Evangelical church was beautifully and tastefully decorated. Over the stage were the suggestive words, “no footsteps backward.” At each side were ladders so thoroughly concealed by flowers that the labor of climbing would be forgotten in the beauty and attractiveness of the surroundings. The occasion was the graduating exercises of the Class of ’97. The words were their motto. The ladders speak their determination that each step will lead them onward and upward. We trust the flowers which concealed the ladders are a favorable omen: that in the struggle for continued culture and further development of the noble and useful manhood and womanhood, the pure, the grand, and the beautiful may make all toil for further acquirements and achievements a delight. The class consisted of five members, Misses Carrie Bender, Lillian Moyer, Kittie Cheeseman and Messrs. William Kuter and Ellis Lutz. The program was a very interesting one and the house was filled with an appreciative audience. The graduate’s showed careful and excellent preparation for the occasion, handled their subjects well and appeared with ease and grace upon the stage. All the graduates were recipients of numerous and handsome bouquets and presents from admiring friends. If time and space permitted we would publish a brief synopsis of the excellent thoughts of each essay and oration. Time is too short however before going to press to make arrangements for that. County Supt. Grossman addressed the graduating class and in terse and well pointed remarks dwelled upon the value of good reading and of good books as companions for contained self culture through life. Prof. S. D. Shiley spoke briefly of the extraordinary high standing and thorough honesty of every member of the class in their school work and closed with a feeling and graceful farewell to the class as they passed under his jurisdiction as Principal of the Shannon Schools. Supt. Grossman presented the diplomas to the class.

Excellent music was furnished by the male quartet composed of Messrs. H. L. Kuter, J. C. Moyer, R. C. Miller and Eli Bohen, and by soloists Mrs. C.H. Kable and Misses Bird, Leonard and Lulu Kopf. The graduating class goes out from our public schools with the sincere good wishes of the Express and of the community and with the earnest belief that their reputation for honesty, thoroughness and success, which they have established in their work at school will continue to be theirs weather they seek elsewhere a higher education or at once enter upon the active duties of life. Success to every one of them and may Dame Fortune smile upon their efforts in life. May they live long and be a power for truth and righteousness in the world.

Contributed by John Sharp from the Shannon Express June 25, 1897

Also from John Sharp - the Freeport Daily Democrat
The closing exercises for the High School Class of 97 Were Held Last Night.
An Interesting Program Given in the Presence of a Very Large Audience

Shannon, June 16- In spite of the extreme warm weather, the Bethel Church was packed tot the utmost capacity last evening to listen to the graduation exercises of the class of 1897. The church was beautifully decorated with a flags, flowers and festooned with evergreens and in a semi circle over the pulpit was the class motto, “No footsteps backward.” It was fully half past eight before the crowd could be accommodated and then Mrs. George Ward seated herself at the organ, and as the first notes rang the graduates entered led by Prof. Shiley and followed by Superintendent Grossman and others who took part in the program. The exercises were opened with a fine selection by the male quartet followed by a prayer by the Reverend Mr. Kosler. Miss. Bird Leonard then rendered a solo, “The song that reached my heart” in a clear sweet voice. Miss Carrie Bender stepped forth and in few well chosen words, delivered her salutatory. Miss Bender and Miss Moyer both having equal rank were entitled to the honor but by lot it was awarded to Miss Bender. However, by her wish Miss Moyer also delivered a salutatory which was very gracefully rendered, as was her essay on “Music” in which she enumerated the exalting influences of the art. As Miss Lillie is a thorough musician it is needless to say she was right at home with her subject. William A. Kuter’s oration on “Statesmanship of Hamilton “ clearly demonstrated the fact that he had given the subject study as well as his ability to clearly present his ideas in an easy and graceful manner. Miss Lulu Kopf’s rendition of the solo “Love was wedded in the grave” was appreciated and well received. “Does prosperity depend on morality?” was the subject chosen by Miss Carrie Bender and it was handled in a masterly way. Her arguments were to the point and her delivery fine.

Ellis O. Lutz followed with an essay on “Webster defense of the constitution” which was full of good thoughts. Mrs. Cyrus Kable then rendered a solo” The light house light” in very acceptable manner after which Miss Kittie Cheeseman delivered an oration on “ Our country” which was patriotic and spicy. Miss Kittie was awarded the highest honors of the class and the valedictory, which was delivered in a manner that reflected much credit upon her. County Superintendent John H. Grossman made a short address to the class which was full of excellent advice, he also complemented them on the work they had done during his term as superintendent. Professor Shiley followed with a few words of farewell to the class and Superintendent Grossman presented the diplomas. The male quartet closed the exercises with “Good Night” and Rev. George Gable dismissed the congregation with the benediction, so the class of 97 is launched out in the world to take up life’s work followed by many kind wishes and showered with congratulations.

Contributed by Linda Irwin from the Thomson Review

Sixteen boys and girls will get their high school diplomas at Shannon in June.
The Shannon graduates are: Preston Stoner, Ward Fredericks, John Deck, Frank Parker, Bernice Stengel,
Vida Bremmer, Mildred Parker, Geneva Parker, Lucille Porter, Ethel Barnes, Helen Edler,
Glendolyn Corbett, Gertrude Hoyenga, Hazel Brinkmeier, Louis Althoff, and Katherine Nichols.

Photo courtsey of Tamara Whitmore daughter of Ray Whitmore
Contributed by John Sharp
One of the boys has a banner "1933" champions baseball team.

Raymond A. Whitmore (Family History), 1916-1999, is top row, second from the right. Ray graduated from Shannon High in 1934 and went on to University of California, where Ray received his BS, in electrical engineering. Ray Whitmore had a long and highly successful career as an engineer and inventor, he was born and raised in Shannon Twp. the son of William and Sarah Elizabeth Whitmore
Hopefully someone will be able to identify the other boys for us.

Photo courtsey of Tamara Whitmore contributed by John Sharp

The only person we can positively identify in the photos is
Raymond A. Whitmore (Family History). On the first image with the Trophy on the basketball (above), Ray is sitting on the far right, first row. The second image (below) Ray is sitting on the far left first row. Raymond A. Whitmore, 1916 -1999, graduated from Shannon High School in 1934 and went on to University of California, where Ray received his BS, in electrical engineering. Ray Whitmore had a long and highly successful career as an engineer and inventor. Ray was born and raised in Shannon Twp his parents were William and Sarah Elizabeth Whitmore

Hopefully someone will be able to identify the other boys for us.

    BYERS, Emerson and DOLE, Dale)

Emerson Byers, left, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Byers, has been chosen valedictorian of the class of 1945 of the Shannon high school, and Dale Dole, right, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dole, salutatorian.

Dole enlisted in the army air corps on his 17th birthday, February 1944, and is awaiting his call to the service.
Byers will be 18 in August. An interesting coincidence is that the brothers of these two boys, Richard Byers, who has been killed in service, and Robert Dole, who is now serving overseas, held the same honors in their class in 1941.
Contributed by Karen Fyock - May 9, 1945 clipping

78th Shannon High School
Alumni Banquet
Contributed by Karen Fyock

1982 Officers
Pres. - Alan Flack
Vice Pres. - Allen Woessner
Secretary - Darlene Johnson
Treasurer - Omar Whilhelms

1920 - Florence Hartman Marks
1922 - August Montag
1923 - Theron Winters
1927 - William Kreider
       Iva Woessner Kreider
1929 - Marion Shore Winters
       Francis Ewing
1930 - Howard Griffith
       Willard Corbett
1931 - Paul Boyer
       Viola Brinkmeier Bolen
1932 - Louis Althoff
       Helen Edler Althoff  
       Gwendolyn Corbett Crumlish
       Vida Bremmer DeWall
       Bernice Spengler Griffith
       Hazel Brinkmeier Plager
       Ethel Barnes Winters
       Lucille Porter Wolfensberger
1934 - Gwendolyn Volkers Shaffer
       Vera Althoff Reynolds
1936 - Doris Haijenga Barklow
       Lois Janssen Flack
1937 - Harold Edler
1939 - Carolyn Nesemeier Byington
       Loral Byington
1940 - Robert Althoff
       Hesper Ruter
1941 - Wilbur Hayenga
       Lawrence Wisner
1942 - Milford Baum
       Vernon DeWall
       Glen Koeller
       Reynold Swalve
       Robert Wenzel
       Dorothy Artman Wubbena
1943 - Joe Stevens
       Robert Wubbena
1944 - Ardath Erbsen Moll
       Kenneth Moll
1945 - Robert Henze
       Richard Stevens
       Faye Schmidt Wenzel
1946 - Lois Mohlenkamp Swalve
1947 - Doris Martz Baum
       Cecelia Stevens
1949 - Dorothy Mohlenkamp Groen
       Mardell Frey Henze
       Doris Nesemeier Linker
       Allen Moll
       Wendall Woessner
       Lowell Terhark
       Gladys Schmidt Kampen
1950 - Virgil Coomes
       Omar Wilhelms
1951 - Virgil Bocker
       Paul Meier
1952 - Gerald Artman
       Judy Armogast Bocker
       Marlin Bicker
       Carol Woessner Grande
       Norma Binger Meier
1954 - Virginia Koch Artman
       Lowell Bicker
1955 - Duane Gruhn
1956 - Alfred Ruter
       Roger Carson
1957 - Lyle Bremmer
       Myrna Weigle Gruhn
       Bonnie Canfield Hartog
       Ruth Ann DeVries Keating
       Beverly Booth Kruse
       Paul Bass
       Richard Bicker
       Janice Gruhn Noble
       Roger Runte
       Sue Paul Runte
       Charles Stevens
       Joan Kneiss Cotherman
       Karl Woessner
       Ronald Krum
1958 - Charlene Flack Gusse
1959 - Darlene Mayer Johnson
1960 - Lynn Johnson
       Ardath Flack DeWall
       Phyllis Moll Lawson
       Don Canfield
1964 - Dave Schreck
       Connie Woessner Lemos
1965 - Darold Wubbena
1967 - Cindy Swalve Wubbena
1968 - Alan Flack
       Randy Woessner
       Verna Linker Woessner
1969 - Carolyn Johnson Chesney    
       Janet Swalve Miller
1970 - Pat Miller
       Michele Yackle Horner
       Darryl Swalve
       Bill Foust
       Linda Johnson Swalve
       Douglas Moll
       Tim Ruter
1971 - Mark Horner
       Linda Bocker Earnest
       Dennis Earnest
       Vicki Linker Moll
1972 - Carolyn Christians Beyer
       Steven Terhark
       Robin Weber Setterstrom
1974 - Bonnie Heckman Foust
       Lauri Woessner Terhark
       Richard Gaul
       Debbie Kampen Diefenbach
       Larry Johnson
1975 - Robin Wilhelms Gaul
       Allen Woessner
       Ann Horner
1977 - Scott Henze
1982 - Jim Ruter