Carroll County


First -- It is my will that all my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid.

Second - After the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses, I give and bequest to my daughter Sarah Matilda Law the sum of twelve hundred and fifty ($1250) dollars to b e paid to her by my executor hereafter named in this my last will and testament to be paid to here as soon after my death as it can be done and I also give to her one ____ (named Getz) and also all the household furniture, beds, bedding, cooking utensils, dishes and all other personal property which I may own at the time of my desease including poultry. I make the above bequest for the reason that my daughter has remained at home with me in my declining years and has and does do a great deal for me. It is for this reason and for nothing else that I make the bequest.

Third - I give and bequest to my grand daughter Cora May Law one heifer with she calls hers and in case of any dispute or misunderstanding as to the heifer, I request that her mother Sarah Matilda Law select the Heifer which she is to have and that the same my be kept upon the farm which I own until the farm is sold.

Forth - I wish and request that my executor hereinafter named shall sell either at public or private sale all the real estate which I may own at the time of my decease as soon as it can be conveniently done after my decease to the best advantage for the estate. And out of the proceeds of the sale, I wish the incumberance paid and the bequest of one thousand two hundred and fifty ($1,250) dollars named in item two of this my last will and testament paid to my said daughter Sarah Matilda Law and to turn over to her all the other property named in item two. And after all the debts and bequests are paid I wish the balance of my estate to be divided equally share and share alike between my sons and daughter or their heirs. Namely: one seventh each to - Sarah Matilda Law, Mrs. Mary Ann Lister, the wife of Morris Lister, Margaret Jane Matheson, the wife of John Matheson deceased, Thomas Law, William Law, John Walter Law, Mat thew A. Law, or in case any of the above named sons and daughters should be deceased. I request that my executor pay the share going to such deceased son or daughter to the duly appointed guardian of the heirs of such son or daughter. In case such son or daughter should die leaving no child ren, then it is my wish that such share be equally divided amongst the surviving heirs.

Thomas Law to be executor (he refused and Charles K. Miles became the executor)

Ellen signed with her mark of "X"

Source: "Norvan" on World Connect Rootsweb