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Rolla, November the 21st 1862

Dear friends I now sit down to write a few lines to you to let you know that I arrived safe in Rolla last night about sundown. I made the connection on the cars and had aprsperous yourney all the way through. I went to Doctor Tayler and reported and everything was write and satisfactory.He has resined the posthospittle and now is the surgen of the battilion that is left hear at the courthouse. I should of said the hospittle is at the courthouse.I sent the letters that was sent by me to the boys on the train that started there this morning.The boys belonged to our company they left the company last sunday morning at hartsville about 90 miles from hear whare they will go from there I can not say nor neither does anny boddy know hear. The boys that I seen said that they was all well and harty and in good spirits and had plenty to eat they got their supplies from hear and will untill they get through to the river I did not go through with the train this morning I thought that I would wait untill the next train went and then I would be better able to stand the exposure I am now stopping at the hospittle at the courthouse I feel as well as I did when I left home and in good spirits. James findley is well and harty with the exceptions of his leg and I think that he gets around sum better than he did when I left he is now at the courthouse there is only 3 of us hear and 3 at the post hospittle of our company. Doctor Granger said that he had made out James discharge and sent it too st lewis if so James will be home soon. Tompson had to go on to the company Parratt did not go he is like my self has worked in to the good grases of doctor taylor and can doo as he pleases pretty much. Jewel has not got back yet it is thought he will resign when he comes.Generel warren ordered all the women back and misis reed and go has went home whare she will not belikely to put on quite so mutch stile the boys that has ben with the company says that the captain is actain the man since they have left hear he meses with the boys the boys speaks well of Generel Warren he does not say annything to the privates nor does he cursthim nor alow the offisers to curs them the Generel is not above apeaking to aprivet by what I hear from them I should like to be there and if I keep my health I shall go there soon they say that the boys that started in well hav got there health and are adooing well.they say that frank looks as if he would stand annything they did not say annything about I am no mare then he was well. I have now told you all the particulars that I can think of there is one thing mare I cant get anny post stamps hear and should like to hav you send me some and I will write aletter every three days as long as I stay hear it rained three days hear but has cleared off fine again it looks like september weather I want you to write often and tell all the news that you can and I will doo the same I hav no mare at present remember me in your prairs and I will try to remember you no mare of present but remain your offectionaly sun

Chauncy Smith

( A line on the front of the letter ) The ridgment has not ben paid yet I cant tell when we will be

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