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Champaign County

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Black Hawk War

"Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois"
Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1905

Black Hawk War.
The Indian scare caused by the rumors of threatened attacks upon the settlers in this part of the State made a profound impression upon the few who dwelt here at that time. A few of the Kickapoo Indians still dwelt about their ancient town at what is still called "Old Town Timber," in McLean County, and fears of an attack from them caused the inhabitants of the Sangamon timber to assemble at the cabin of one of the settlers and prepare for defense against their raid. A few days sufficed to allay all fears and they dispersed to their homes.

The following residents of this part of Vermilion County are known to have joined a regiment and gone to the front for defense of the country.

James Johnson, Jacob Heater, Martin Rinehart, Thomas Richards, Elias Stanley, Thomas L. Butler and Rev. Mahurin,
a Baptist minister, who went as Chaplain.
All returned at the end of one year's service, except Mr. Mahurin, who never returned to the county.

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