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Champaign County
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Champaign County
Early Schools

We have the record of two school houses in the county in 1832

One was on the west side of Big Grove and was taught by Claude Thompkins. The other was in the vicinity of the old Brumley place near Urbana, the latter being the first school house, as far as we can learn, erected in the county. It is a substantial structure. It will be noticed that the windows are small, and instead of window glass, greased paper used. The light thus admitted might have answered all perposes on a bright day but no one suffered from its being to bright. The seats of the school house were hewn slabs and not hewn so very smooth either. As far as we can learn, The first teacher in the Big Grove was a lady who boarded at the house of Martin Reinhart. In 1832, Asahel Bruer taught school in the school house above described, in fact he taught eighteen month.

The first School Commissioners are as follows:

John Mead 1838 Moses Thomas 1840 John B thomas 1846 and 1848,Wm. Peters 1850 Paris Sherpherd 1852 J.W Jaquith 1854 John B Thomas 1854, Thomas r Leal 1857 to 1873 S.L Wilson 1873 Calista E Larned 1877 who resigned in 1881 and G.R Shawhan, the present incumbent, was appointed.
( transcribed by Donald Aikman from the "1886 Pioneers of Champaign County")


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