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Left Mattoon Saturday and returned to Urbana, a town of 1,500 people, eighteen years old (the town, not the people), with no public school house, one Universalist Church, a decentish Court House, dwelling small and ill-constructed, town lots surrounded by Virginia fences and grown over with rank weeds. A shade of Egyptian darkness there. It is, however, quite a temperance town, is improving outward aspect of late, and has new public buildings going up. It stands near a "timber island." The early settlers chose spots near forests and streams, and paid the penalty of sickness. It is healthier to settle on the prairies and plant your own groves. I stopped at an excellent hotel in a new village growing up at the depot. Southward were broad fields of wheat, yellow for harvest - one of a hundred acres I judged good for thirty bushels to the acre. [
Moore's Rural New Yorker. Aug. 11, 1855 - submitted by Don Aikman]

Mayor Harris has appointed Henry Trevett, J.L. Ray, Dr. H.C. Howard, George W. Gere, Edward Henry, H. Swannel, B.C. Beach, H.D. Stoltey, William Maxwell, W.B. McKinley, R.R. Mattis, Dr. C.B. Johnson, and G.C. Willis, as members of the committee on behalf of this city, to confer with a like committee appointed on behalf of the city of Urbana, to consider ways and means for the inauguration of a joint system of sewerage disposal for the two cities.  There is no doubt but that the movement is of supreme importance to both cities.  [Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19 - tr. by N. Kramer]

Urbana - A few days ago Mr. R.A. Ballew, of Fisher, was exhibiting a large green apple that grew upon a wild crab tree in his yard.  The manner of its production is peculiar.  Four years ago, while setting out a cheek pippin tree he uncovered a root of this crab tree that was growing near.  Resolving upon an experiment, he grafted the root of the crab and the root of the pippin together, using only tallow as a cement.  Last year the crab tree produced several apples larger than crabs, and this year yielded two very large and smooth apples.
 [Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19 - tr. by N. Kramer]

Urbana - The Knights of Pythias of Urbana have organized a club.  Its officers are:  President, R.B. Morris; Vice President, S.J. Purnell; Secretary, T.A. Burt; Treasurer, C.N. Clark, and Trustees, T.J. Calvin, James Burns, and W.H. Roughton.
[Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19 - tr. by N. Kramer]

Tolono - At a special meeting of the village board last Monday evening, it was unanimously voted to utilize the new town well for a water works system, and a committee of three was appointed to investigate and report on a plan of operation at the next meeting. [Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19; tr. by N. Kramer]

Champaign - The council of administration of the University of Illinois barred the tango and the new one-step from halls in the university district. The council also voted to allow only women to use the women's building at the university. [Friday, December 12, 1913, Ste. Marie Tribune, Jasper County, IL - submitted by K. Torp]

E. M. Harshbarger, county superintendent of schools, was notified Saturday of the resignation of Miss Elizaebth M. Ducey as teacher of the Locust Grove school in Ludlow township.
[May 20, 1935, The Evening Courier - Submitted by K. T.]

Teachers Employed in Mahomet School
MAHOMETóClaire Ko?ensparger, former teacher of the Wright school, has been employed as principal and teacher of the seventh and eighth grades in the Mahomet grade school for the coming year. Teachers who have been re-employed for the coming year are: Mrs Olive McNeill, first and second grades; Mrs. Lulu Buker, third and fourth grades; Miss Louise Purnell, fifth and sixth grades.
[May 20, 1935, The Evening Courier - Submitted by K. T.]

Mary E. Michael of Fithian, has been employed to succeed Miss Olive Walker of St. Joseph as teacher of the Prospect school in North Ogden township. Miss Mary R. Beatty of Longview has been re-appointed as teacher of the Fairview school in Raymond township.
[May 20, 1935, The Evening Courier - Submitted by K. T.]

Farm Land Sells at Record Price
At an auction sale in the corridor of the court house Saturday morning, 208.48 acres of improved land four miles east of Urbana sold for $134 an acre, a price unprecedented in Champaign county in five years or more. William Burke of Champaign, the purchaser, had close competition in spirited bidding by Newton Pell of Urbana. The land, known as the Stephen Boyd farm, was sold to pay debts of the Emkly Steward estate.
[May 20, 1935, The Evening Courier - Submitted by K. T.]




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