Champaign County, Illinois
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Champaign County, Illinois

At West Urbana Illinois, on the 13th inst., Edward Burrett stabbed Hugh Lynch in the abdomen, killing him. Whisky had something to do with it. [Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) April 24 1856 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Urbana, Ill., April 9. - CHAPMAN, the notorious land title swindler, who has been lying in jail here nearly a year awaiting trial on charges against him, to-day pleaded guilty to five counts and was sentenced to twenty years in the penitentiary. He has operated largely in the northwestern States. [Daily Globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1878-1884, April 10, 1878]

Champaign, Ill., Aug 15 - Gust. Penman, son of wealthy Champaign county farmer, hunted for two days as the murderer of Harold A. Shaw, University of Illinois student, was arrested at Ridgefarm, a village near Danville.  Penman confessed his guilt immediately. [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 15 Aug. 1913]

Detective RITTENHOUSE, of Champaign, left Chester a few days ago, having in custody Eugene WILLIAMS, wanted in Piatt County for horse-stealing, and Shield CASPER, wanted in Champaign County for running off mortgaged property. Williams was in the hold-over at Chester, having been arrested as he came out of the penitentiary, having just finished a term for a burglary committed in Jefferson County. Casper was captured by the detective at Jonesboro. [The Newton Press, Jasper Co., IL April 18, 1888, submitted by K. Torp]
At Champaign, Ill., yesterday, Ephraim Manderson and his wife were arrested for attempting to murder Matt Anderson.
[Wisconsin State Journal September 17, 1889 - sub. by K.T.]

Pays Crime’s Penalty By Disgraceful Death -- Highly Educated Illinois Boy Hanged at Toronto for Murder
Toronto, July 18 – Fred Lee Rice was hanged here today for the murder of William Boyd, a constable, in June, 1901. Rice, together with Frank Rutledge and Thomas Jones, were on trial for robbing a postoffice. While being conveyed from the court house to the jail, Rice got a revolver and shot Boyd. Jones was shot by another officer and died. Rice and Rutledge were sentenced to the penitentiary for twenty-one years. Rutledge committed suicide by hurling himself from a balcony in the jail to a stone floor. A charge of murder then laid against Rice.
Rice came from Champaign, Ill., where his people are highly respected. Every effort was made to have the death sentence commuted to life imprisonment, but without avail.
Rice was dressed in a neat fitting suit and wore a rose in his coat. He went to the gallows calmly as if he were going to an evening party. When he awoke this morning he received his spiritual adviser and spent a quarter of an hour in silent prayer. When the hangman entered the cell he was received smilingly by the condemned man. Rice mounted the steps of the gallows without a tremor. His body was handed over to his mother, [The Guthrie Daily Leader; Guthrie, OK; July 18, 1902 -- Transcribed as Written by D. Donlon]

Champaign - Because they killed a red deer, which had escaped from the F.K. Robeson farm, 7 men were fined $50 and costs. It was the first prosecution of its kind in central Illinois [Friday, December 12, 1913, Ste. Marie Tribune, Jasper County, IL - submitted by K. T.]

Champaign - Kenneth McClellan, 4 years old, shot and killed his 2 year old sister with a revolver he found under a bed. [Friday, December 12, 1913, Ste. Marie Tribune, Jasper County, IL - submitted by K. T.]

Champaign, Ill., Aug. 15. - Gust Penman, son of wealthy Champaign county farmer, hunted for two days as the murderer of Harold A. Shaw, University of Illinois student, was arrested at Ridgefarm, a village near Danville. Penman confessed his guilt immediately. "Auto-mania" will probably be Penman's defense. He says he had been drinking and he wanted Shaw's car because it was faster than his own, therefore he killed him. "I thought I could get away" he said. "I wanted to go to South America. I didn't have much money, but I just wanted to get away. But I couldn't forget what I had done. The thing got on my nerves. I just seemed to be going around in a circle. I haven't slept at all. I would just as soon die as go on like this. I wanted to see my parents. I could easily have gotten away from the old man who recognized me and arrested me, but I wanted to go home. I don't know why I did it. The drinks, maybe, and then I wanted his 'Yellow Devil' It was faster than our car. Something just told me to kill him.   I shot him twice." Precautions were taken to prevent any mob demonstrations against Penman when he was brought to the jail, but there was no trouble. [The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 15 Aug. 1913]

Champaign - Gus Penman, charged with the murder of Harold Shaw of Urbana, ill., took the witness stand at Champaign and declared he had no recollection of the killing. [Friday, December 19, 1913, Ste. Marie Tribune, Jasper County, IL - submitted by KT]

Is Shot by Police Who Are Summoned by Guest; Loot Was $54,000
Champaign, IL, Nov. 11.-  C. W. Katchman, of Mattoon, one of four robbers who stag ed a spectacular holdup of 69 guests, which netted $54,000 at the home of Henry H. Harris late Saturday night at a dance in celebration of Illinois football victory over the Army, died today of a bullet wound below the heart. He was shot by police who wore called by one of the guests who slipped out of the room unobserved by the robbers.[Hays Daily News (Hays, Kansas) Monday, November 11, 1929 - Submitted by C. Horton]


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