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Christian County, Illinois

Originally Transcribed and submitted to ISGS by Albert G. Overton
published in ISGS Quarterly, vol X, No. 3, Fall 1978

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Jan Grant


William Henry Harrison, the Whig party candidate, was represented on the Illinois ballot in the election of 1840 by an elector who 20 years later would be the presidential candidate in his own right.  That elector was Abraham Lincoln.  The four other Whig electors were:  C. WALKER, E. B. WEBB, J.D. MARSHALL, and B. MORRIS and the opposing Democrats were:  A. W. SNIDER, I. P. WALKER, J. W. ELDRIDGE, J.A. McCLENAND, and J.H. RALSTON.

The list of Christian County voters shown on a document in the Illinois State Archives, Miscellaneous Papers of the 1840 Legislature, numbers 69 names, but does not show if these voters were the residents of one township or the total for the entire county.  There certainly should have been many more voters living in the county.  The ballot was not secret, and each voter is shown with his party choice, 27 voting as Whigs and 42 as Democrats.



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