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1850 Mortality Schedule

Christian County, IL







Cause of Death

Thomas   Abbott 2 M Sep IL    
Sarah   Bankson 28 F Oct IL   Cancer
Destimony D. Barfield 11 F Dec KY   Typhus Fever
Mary   Bell 10 F Jan IL   Scarlet Fever
Thomas S. Bell 6 M Jul IL   Scarlet Fever
Richard   Bugg 15 M Feb En   Chills
Ellen   Chestle 1 F Oct IL   Brain inflamation
Charles   Clark 45 M Aug En Brick Maker erysipelas
George H. Clark 4M M Jul IL   Cholera
E.J.A.B.   Crosthwait 16 F Aug IL   Fever
R.M.M.E.   Crosthwait 18 F Sep TN   Typhus Fever
Zipporan   Duncan 22 F Dec IN   Fever
John   Finley 72 M Jul NC Farmer Dyspepsia
Challotte A. Hall 3 F Aug IN   Inflamation of the Bowels
George T. Hammond 1 M Oct IL   Flux
Susan   Handoot 20 F Aug NC   swelling
James H. Hanson 2 M May IL   Scarlet Fever
James B. Harper 1 M Sep IL   Croup
Laura E. Harris 6M F Feb IL   Inflamation of the Bowels
Nancy J. Jacobs 6 F Nov IL   Brain inflamation
Perry   Johnson 4 M Feb IL   Worms
Curtis K. Ladd 19 M Aug CT Farmer Fever
Phillip   Locker 54 M Feb VA Farmer Consumption
Sarah   Maxwell 25 F Sep OH   Dropsy
Sarphronah C. Mayfield 3 F Feb IL   ulcer
Permelia   Middleton 12 F Dec IL   Scarlet Fever
John A. Morgan 1 M Jul IL    
Joseph W. Rutledge 1 M May IL    
Joseph   Wilkinson 3M M Apr IL   Fits
Lucy E. Young 42 F Aug VA   Fever

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