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Bible Records
Christian County Illinois


Submitted by Irene Tindle and published in the
Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly, XVI, Fall 1984

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

To Myrtle E. Chance, a present by my father Ezekiel Chance

Holy Matrimony
Ezekiel Chance of Shipman, IL and Mary A. Jones of Bunker Hill, on 24 Sept 18__, Parental home by Rev. J.F. Eden.
Witness: Miss Lottie Chance, Mr. J.W. Jones

John B. Sweet of Divernon, IL and Mrs. M.A. Chance of Divernon on May 9, 1894 at the bride's home by Rev. E.M. Snook
Witness: Miss W.E. Dill, Mr. A.E. Barnes

Lester D. Moose of Taylorvile, Ill and Myrtle E. Chance of Divernon, Ill on March 8, 1905 at home, by Rev. J.B. Brown
Witness: Minnie Jackson and Clarence E. Eckerd

Myrtle Chance Moose of Newkirk, Okla. and Earl A. Cambell of Newkirk, Okla on October 9, 1907, at home of Rev. Igleby

Tessie Chance of Divernon, Ill and Howard L. Simon of Farmersville, Ill on Feb 10, 1909 at home of parent.

Ezekiel Chance was born Sept 25, 1855
Mary A. Jones was born Oct 17, 1862 (?)
Myrtle E. Chance was born July 27, 1886?
Charles E. Chance was born Aug. 6, 1887
Tessie V. Chance was born May 24, 1890?
John B. Sweet was born Oct 12, 1855
Harold E. Sweet was born Sept. 19, 1895
Martha R. Sweet was born Aug. 8, 1898
Lester Moose was born April 20, 1881
Earl A. Campbell was born Oct. 5, 1884
Howard L. Simon was born Dec 6 __
William Everett Lester Moose was born Feb 18, 1906


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