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Christian County Illinois

Blueville Cemetery

Submitted by Jennifer Klotz

Blueville Cemetery is located in the town of Edinburg. The town was originally named Blueville way back when it was founded.

The cemetery can be seen, on the east side of the road, off of IL Rt. 29 as you are passing through. Incidentally, the road that leads to Edinburg Cemetery (to the west) is the same road to Blueville. Just go east. It's right off the highway and is most easily seen when coming from the south.

Most common name of the individuals buried there is
Halford and I've seen it referred to as Halford Cemetery. Original townsfolk cemetery, was in disrepair and overgrown, until about 10-15 years ago. It has been restored and is now well maintained. There is a plaque listing the names of the individuals buried there. Several veterans are also buried there from long ago wars. Cemetery was in use during the 1800's. I don't think it was active in the 1900's. Cause of death for most of the folk buried there was "milk fever".


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