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Christian County Illinois

Named after Christian County in Kentucky through the influence of emigrants from that county.

Established February 15, 1839 as Dane County (Laws, 1839, p. 104). Name changed to Christian County in 1840.

Portrait and biographical record of Christian County, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and   representative citizens, together with biographies of all the Governors of the state, and of the Presidents of the United States.  Chicago, Ill. : Lake City Pub. Co., 1893, p. 278.  Transcribed and annotated by Judy Rosella Edwards, 2007.

ALBERT T. KINNEY, State Agent of the Phoenix Insurance Company, is one of Taylorville's leading citizens. To her prominent business men the prosperity of a city is always due, for their enterprise and energy are the materials of which it is built.

Our subject is connected with several of the most important concerns of the county seat, and besides his insurance business he is a member of the Taylorville Coal Company, and is an extensive stock dealer.

Mr. Kinney is a native of the Empire State, having been born in St. Lawrence County, on the 18th of October, 1846, and in the usual manner of farmer lads he spent his boyhood days midst play and work. His education was acquired in the country schools and supplemented by study in the academy at Ft. Covington. At the age of seventeen years he began teaching in Franklin County, and was there employed in that capacity until 1866.

The year just mentioned witnessed his arrival in Illinois, where he determined to seek a home and fortune. For a time he taught school in Whiteside County, and in 1867 began his connection with the fire insurance business. He became an agent for the Rockford Company, of Rockford, Ill., and made that city his home until 1871, when he came to Taylorville as solicitor for that company and established their business at this place. He continued his connection with the Rockford Company until July, 1879, having a district agency with some eight or ten men under his charge.

On the expiration of that period he severed his connection with the Rockford, and became special agent for the Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, having charge of all the farm business in the State. He has about one hundred and fifty local agencies in Illinois and several district agencies. The company receives from $250,000 to $300,000 annually in premiums from his department of the business in Illinois. Under the able management of our subject the business is increasing each year. A large part of his time is spent on the road, and he does all of the adjusting in his department. He employs about thirty-five men in the office and as solicitors. The interests of his fire insurance company will never suffer at the hands of Mr. Kinney, for his employers will ever find him most trustworthy and efficient.

In June, 1870, in Clinton, Ill., our subject was united in marriage with Miss Frances Barnett, a native of Clinton. She died July 29, 1892, leaving three sons: Will, who is engaged in stock dealing and in the insurance business with his father; Fred and Lloyd. Mr. Kinney is a Mason, belonging to the Blue Lodge and Chapter of Taylorville, and to Elwood Commandery, No. 6, K. T., of Springfield.

In politics he is a stalwart supporter of Republican principles, and is not afraid to let the people know where he stands. Firm in his convictions, he supports his opinions of what he believes to be right or wrong without fear or favor.

In his business affairs, Mr. Kinney has met with success. He is now the owner of three good farms, one of one hundred and forty, and two of one hundred and sixty, one of the latter being in De Kalb County. On his farms he engages in breeding standard-bred horses, but the business is practically managed by his eldest son. He was also connected with the Taylorville Coal Company, of which he was one of the originators, and of which he served as President for two years.

It is characteristic of Mr. Kinney that whatever he undertakes he carries forward to a successful completion, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles in his path by determined energy and enterprise. He has frequently served as a member of the City Council, is at present representing his ward in that body, and is Chairman of several important committees.



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