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Christian County, Illinois
Crime News

Taylorville, Ills., 19 - Dr. Vermillion waived examination in the Emma Bond case, and went to jail under $2,500 bonds.  The lady is still sinking. [The Salt Lake Herald. (Salt Lake City [Utah), 20 Sept. 1882]

Abner Bond, cousin of Miss Emma Bond, for whose outrage three men are now on trial at Hillsboro, Ill., suicided at Taylorville, Ill., yesterday, while insane from worry over the outrage commited on his cousin.
[The Milwaukee Journal, Jan 2, 1884 - Sub. by K.T.]

Impartial Instructions by the Court.
Hillsboro, Ill., Jan 20.—The jury in the Emma Bond case received the instructions of the court this morning, and retired about noon. The instructions were very impartial. A verdict is expected this afternoon. The town is crowded with people from all parts of the county, and the excitement is intense.
The news of the suicide of Abner Bond, cousin of Emma Bond's father, caused no little excitement when it was announced here to-day. He purchased a new rope, with which he hanged himself from the barn-loft. His body was discovered last night. This makes the second suicide that has been caused by the outrage. The first was that of John Hill, a very respectable farmer of Christian county, who committed suicide by hanging about a year ago, because his daughter had threatened to marry Lee Pettis, one of the defendants.
[The Milwaukee Journal, Jan 2, 1884 - Sub. by K.T.]

Aaron Donaldson, convicted in the Christian county, Ill., circuit court three years ago of defrauding J.H. Downs and daughter, Mrs. Belle Ridgeley of Assumption, out of $85,000 on fictitious mining stock and properties alleged to have been owned by Donaldson in the Ozark mountains was paroled from Chester penitentiary. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914 - Transcribed by KT]

Two More Counterfeiters Are Arrested
Springfield, IL, July 15 – Lyman Chenery, Kincaid, and Clayton Abrell, Pana, were arrested last night. Three other had been taken into custody earlier in the week. They were Joe Alexander of Nokomis and Arthur Lockard and Ross Cutler, both of Pana. Counterfeit $20 bills have been scattered throughout central Illinois by the band.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Litchfield, IL, Fri, 15 July 1927 – Submitted by Lynn Reener]



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