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Directory of the city of Chicago, Illinois for 1843
Chicago: Fergus Print. Co., 1896

From August to December, 1843
Transcribed by K. Torp, ©2007

Remarks.- It has been the design to include in this Directory the names of all persons and all firms in the City; to arrange them alphabetically; and in every instance to give the correct spelling. There may be cases, however, where names may have been accidentially inserted in the wrong connection, and cases also of incorrect orthography. Abbreviations, which occur only in a very few words, will readily be understood: bet stands for between; res for residence; bds for boards; Rand for Randolph; Mad for Madison; Wash for Washington; etc. The word street in most instances is omitted. The place of business uniformly precedes the residence.
Very few of the buildings were numbered, except Lake Street; the numbers now given are those of the present, (1896).
The deaths in most cases, except as otherwise stated, occurred in Chicago.

A -- B -- C -- D -- F -- G

-A- Surnames
Abell, Sidney, attorney at law, bds Lake House [died, San Francisco, Cal.]
Abbott, Thomas L., clerk at Cyrus Mann's, 47 Clark, res same
Abbott, Windsor, clerk at Ward Rathbone's, 141 Lake, res same
Ackley, Benjamin, sailor, [died June 30, 1895, aged 79]
Ackley, Benj. F., (Comstock & A.,) bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died, SanFrancisco, Cal,, May 1, 1853, aged - .]
Adams, Benjamin F. [died July 25, 1886, aged 86½].
Adams, Geo., laborer, John L. Gray's, n.-e. cor N. Clark and N. Water
Adams, George, tailor, at Charles Taylor's, 42 Clark
Adams, Mrs. Maria, laundress [widow of George, butcher], N. Clark, bet Water and Kinzie [died March 11, 1884, aged 69½].
Adams, R. E. W., physician, s.-w. cor Clark and Lake, res Clark, op. public-square
Adams, Wm. Hanford, (W. H. A. & Co.) res 121 LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died June 6, 1882, aged 67.]
Adams & Co., W. H. (Edward Bradley of New Canaan, Conn.), boot and shoe dealers, 138 Lake
Adsit, James M, carpenter, shop and res 108 Monroe near Dearborn [died September 4, 1894, aged 85-6-29.]
Aiken, Samuel, shoemaker, at Wm. Wheeler's, Clark near Lake
Albee, Cyrus P., butcher, at Fulton Market, s.-w. cor Lake & Dearb. [died March 25, 1871, aged 68.]
Alderman, Henry, shoemaker, at Wm. David's, 172 Lake, [moved to Lockport, Ill.]
Allen, Alfred, tailor
Allen, Edward Richards, druggist, Leroy M. Boyce, [now at Aurora, Ill.]
Allen, Geo. P., shipcarpenter, bds Nelson C. Walton
Allen, James F., carpenter, res Illinois bet Pine and Sand
Allen, James Pierce (J. P A. & Co.) res 9 River [died, Allen's Grove, McHenry Co.. Ill.]
Allen, Jas. P., & Co. [Virgil P. Walter], lumber merchants, n.-w. cor Canal and Fulton, 3d Ward
Allen, Thomas, at Joliet [first conductor of the Galena R. R., opened July 4, 1848]
Allen, Wm., shipcarpenter, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died May 26, 1855, aged - .]
Almendinger, George, laborer, res Cass bet Chicago ave and Pearsons [died August 28, 1852, aged 50.]
Almendinger, John, laborer, res Cass bet Chicago ave and Pearsons [died June 9, 1875, aged 50.]
Alverson, Wm., mason, bds Washington Hall
Ambrose, Robert L., clerk, at Horatio Buell, 121 Lake
Ambrose, Ruel, dry goods and groceries, 156 Lake, res Wells bet Lake and Randolph
American Temperance House, n.-w. cor Lake and Wabash ave, Cook & Surdam, props
Anderson, Andrew, res N. Water near N. Franklin
Anderson, Cyrus K., clerk, bds Washington Hall
Anderson, George, wigmaker, 44 Clark [died Oct. 30,1887, aged 74½.
Anderson, Mrs. Geo., millinery and straw goods, 44 Clark, res same
Anderson, Isaac, clerk, [died August 20, 1872, aged 47.]
Anderson, John, prop Washington Hall, s.-e. cor N. Clark and N. Water
Anderson, W. H. blacksmith, at Ithream Taylor's, 141 Randolph
Anderton, John F., bds Illinois Exchange, 192 Lake
Andrews, Collins, laborer, res North Branch, west side
Andrus, Loomis, (A. & Doyle,) bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Andrus & Doyle, dry goods, groceries, and provisions, 121 S. Water
Apfel, Henry,
Apfel, Philip, cutlery
Apley, C. F., mason, at Alson S. Sherman's
Arbuckle, Abner, waiter, at Tremont House
Arentz, Samuel, tinsmith, Botsford & Beers, res Franklin, nr Lake
Armstrong, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner and mantua maker, 153 Lake
Armstrong, Thomas, laborer, Kinzie, east of Wolcott [died, Starke, Fla., July 9, 1892, aged 81-5.]
Arnold, Isaac Newton, (A. & Ogden,) res Ontario n.-w. cor N. Dearb. [died April 24, 1884, aged 70.]
Arnold & Ogden, attorneys and counsellors at law, 120 Lake
Arnold, J., carpenter, res Fort Dearborn
Arnold, John M., carpenter, res Madison [died before May 5, 1855.]
Artes, Isaac, laborer, 2d Ward, north of Jackson
Ashton, Samuel, law-student, 38 Clark, bds Dennis S. Cady
Ashton, William, clerk, at Manahan & Jacobus', 10 Clark
Atherton, Richard, tailor, at Edward Burton's, res 6th Ward
Athy, Stephen, laborer, Washington bet Wells and Franklin
Atkinson, Henry, painter, [died February 1, 1871, aged 62.]
Atkinson, Mrs. Joseph, milliner and dressmaker, 53 Clark, res same
Atkinson, Joseph, hatter, at I. C. Stephens', 108 Lake, res 53 Clark
Atzel, George, bds Tobias Atzel [harness-maker, died April 10, 1891,aged 62-10 26.]
Atzel, Tobias, carpenter, res Jefferson, bet W. Washington and Madison, west side street [died, Downer's Grove, Ill., Nov. 25,1893, a. 80. ]
Austin, Chamberlin, farmer [carpenter], res Illinois bet N. Clark and N. LaSalle
Averell, Albert J., sailor, bds James Averell's, N. Water east of Rush
Averell, Andrew, shipcarpenter, bds James Averell's
Averell, James, shipcarpenter, res N. Water bet Rush and Sand [died June 16, 1863, aged 71. ]
Ayres, Silas, machinist, bds George Chacksfield's, 18 Clark

- B - Surnames
Baer, Adam, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell [died Dec. 27, 1877]
Baer, Lorenz, shoemaker, cor Michigan and Wolcott [died January 11, 1893, aged - .]
Bailey, Bennet, carpenter, Dearborn, bds John Gray [died November 7, 1881, aged 70-11-7]
Bailey, Harlow, laborer, res W. Randolph, 3d ward
Bailey, Henry, drayman and house-mover, Wabash ave, near S. Water [died December 15, 1886, aged 73½.]
Bailey, Justice, shipcarpenter, N. Water, bet Rush and Pine
Baillett, Richard, soap and candle maker, Charles Cleaver
Baker, Franklin, clerk, Alanson Follansbee, bds Tremont House [died October 24, 1882, aged 66.]
Baker, James, clerk
Baldwin, J., painter, Dimmock & Stow, bds Western Hotel
Baldwin, Wm. Anson, contractor, bds American Temperance House [died December 5, 1890, aged 82-10-15.]
Ball, Lebbeus, steamboat-runner, bds Farmers' Exchange
Ball, Silas Rozier, with Joseph Johnston, res North Branch, west side [died, Hyde Park, Ill., December 31, 1891, aged 84-6. Ballantine, David (B. & Sherman), N. Dearborn, bet Kinzie & Mich. [died, Waukegan, Ill., May 10, 1878, aged 76.]
Ballantine, Robert, sailor
Ballantine & Sherman, dry goods and groceries, 122 Lake
Ballard, Addison, carpenter
Ballingall, Patrick, attorney (Smith & B.), bds Illinois Exchange [died November 21, 1858]
Balsley, John, cigar maker, Dearborn near Lake, bds Western Hotel [died March 15, 1883, aged 73.]
Baltz, Abram, cooper, Thomas E. Tucker, res Randolph
Banchaff, John, clerk
Bandle, Willis, blacksmith, Stow's Foundry, res North Branch, w.side
Bannister, T., overseer Wood & Ogden's brickyard, N. Water
Bannon, Andrew, teamster, res Randolph, near Franklin
Barber, Jabez, lumber merchant, South Water, n.-w. cor Wells [lost on Atlantic-Steamer Pacific, February, 1856. ]
Barkenbile, Christian [Uncle Chris], carpenter [d. Sept. 11,1856, a. - .]
Barker, Peleg A., Farmers Exchange, 35 Lake, s.-w. cor Wabash ave [died, Morris, Ill., September 13, 1871, aged 64.]
Barker, William, carpenter
Barmm, Charles H., sailor [died August 23, 1895, aged 68-4-19.]
Barnard, Frederick S., teacher and daguerrotypist, cor Clark and Lake
Barnes, Allan Tate, tailor, J. H. Hodgson, bds [res Warren, Ill.]
Barnes, Miss Narcissa A., teacher, LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died, Arlington Heights, Ill., January 8, 1878, aged 78]
Barnes, Hamilton, carpenter, Randolph, bet Clark and LaSalle, res 72 W. Madison [d. at hospital, Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 22,1862, a. 56-2-4. ]
Barnes, Seth, editor Better Covenant, Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin
Barnet, George, mason, Wm. Worthingham's, bds Mansion House
Barnum, Truman, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet Michigan and Illinois [died July 25, 1849.]
Barr, James, shingle maker, Madison, South Branch
Barrows & Co., D. A., confectionery, etc., 147 Lake, res same [went to Galena, Ill., and died there.]
Barrows, Mrs. Phila A., 147 Lake.
Barrows, James, agent railroad line, bds Tremont House
Barry, Andrew, waiter, City Hotel, Clark
Barry, Edward, laborer, res near North-Branch Bridge, Chicago ave
Barry, Samuel Stedman, painter, N. S. Cushing, res Monroe near Clark [B. & Cushing]
Barry & Cushing, painters, [partnership formed December, 1843.]
Bartlett, , res 4th Ward
Bascom, Rev. Flavel, 1st Presbyterian Church, res n.e. cor Clark and Washington [died, Princeton, Ill., August 6, 1890, aged 86]
Bascom, Franklin, res 3d Ward
Bassett, George, hostler, City Hotel
Batcheller, Ezra, clerk Nathaniel Sherman, jr., res LaSalle near Lake [died, Grand Haven, Mich., August 18, 1890, aged 69.] Bates, Augustine Seymour, cabinet-maker (Morgan & B.), res 190 Lake [killed enroute to California by Indians, near Humboldt, Nov., '51.]
Bates, E. D., carpenter, Randolph cor Wells
Bates, jr., John, auctioneer, 174 Lake, prop Illinois Exchange, res South Water [killed by locomotive, July 14, 1888, aged 84-6 16.]
Bates, Jacob R., superintendent Lake-Street House [died unmarried.]
Baumgarten, Charles, carpenter, res Randolph near LaSalle [died, Freeport, Ill., October 16, 1882.]
Baumgarten, Maurice, Illinois, bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott [died November 1, 1858, aged 77.]
Baumgarten, John, clerk, Arthur G. Burley & Co., bds M. Baumgarten [died Mich., about 1881.]
Baxter, Patrick, laborer, res Lake
Bay, Henry B., carpenter, bds Patrick Kelley [died March 10, 1860.]
Beach, Charles, bds John Beach [died 1893]
Beach, [Dr.] James Sterling, printer, bds John Beach [died May 16, 1885, aged 61.]
Beach, John, contractor, res 80 Randolph near State [died September 9, 1850, aged 54.]
Beach, John Daly, stage-driver, Frink, Walker & Co., bds John Beach [died August, 1876, aged 54.]
Beach, Oscar L., clerk, County Clerk's office, bds George Davis
Beach, Samuel Stewart, apprentice printer, bds John Beach [died March 25, 1884, aged 55½.]
Beaman, Abraham, shoemaker, Solomon Taylor
Beardsley, Hiram Hoyt, physician, 136 Lake, res Dearb. nr Randolph [died September 28, 1867]
Bearup, John I., teacher, res North Water
Beaubien, Gen. Jean Baptiste, [died, Naperville, DuPage Co., Ill., Jan. 25, 1873, aged about 80]
Beaubien, Mark, U.S. light-house keeper, res River street [died, Kankakee, Ill., April 11, 1881, aged 81]
Beaubien, Henry, [died June 13, 1893, aged 68.]
Beaubien, William,
Beaumont, George Anson Oliver (B. & Skinner), res State, bet Randolph and Washington [died, Columbia, Conn., Dec. 18,1845]
Beaumont & Skinner, attorneys at law, 92 Lake
Bebb, Maurice, laborer, bds John L. Gray
Becker, Alexander C, merchant, res N. Clark, cor
Beecher, George Mather, clerk, Jerome Beecher [died, Marysville, Cal, 1861, aged 38.
Beecher, Jerome, boot, shoe, and leather store. 160 Lake, res 13 Lake [died March 17, 1891, aged 73.]
Beecher, Louis, res Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph
Beers, Cyrenius (Botsford & B.), res 73 Wabash av, alderman 1st ward [died February 25, 1878, aged 64 2/3.
Belden, William E., carpenter, W. Water, res Desplaines, bet W. Van Buren and Harrison [died, August 10, 1849, aged 35-7-11.]
Belkley, , bds Sauganash Hotel
Bell, James, landscape gardener, 4th Ward
Bell, John, Stow's Foundry, bds Western Hotel
Bending, James, carpenter, res Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan
Bennett, Abel, saddler and harness maker, James S. Paine
Bennett, Miss Mary Brownell, teacher public school 2, district 1, bds S. C. Bennett [died, LaSalle, Ill., August 26, 1889]
Bennett, Henry, whitewasher alley bet Monroe and Adams
Bennett, Samuel Curtis, teacher, res and school, 132 State [died, LaSalle, Ill., 1857]
Bent, Alphonso, painter, Dearborn [died, Waynesville, Mo., June 11, 1863, aged 53.]
Bently, John (Jeffrey & B.), shoeing smith and farrier
Bently, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Berdell, Charles, cabinet maker, Daniel A. & Elisha M. Jones [died June 10, 1890, aged 71½.]
Berdell, Nicholas, musician, res Washington, n.-w. and near Franklin [died, Englewood, Ill., February 22, 1883, aged 81.]
Berg, Adam, tavern and grocery, 42 LaSalle [died October 12,. 1849.]
Berg, Anton, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck [died May 5, 1895, aged 70.]
Berg, John, drayman, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson
Berg, Joseph, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck
Bernard, Jacob, teamster
Berry, Joseph, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Best, Henry, teamster, N. Canal, bet W. Water and W. Lake [died February 21, 1892, aged 88.]
Best, Mathias, vinegar manufacturer, lake shore nr 14th st [died October 24, 1874]
Better Covenant, Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin, Seth Barnes, editor
Bewsey, George, mason, bds John L. Gray
Beygeh, Peter, sausage maker, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle [died December 27, 1875, aged 62.]
Bickerdike, George, carpenter, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [died, Knaresborough, Eng., November 24, 1880, aged 74.]
Bidwell, George W., tin and coppersmith, S. J. Surdam, res Dearborn
Bigelow, Arnold, clerk, H. O. Stone, res State, bet Washington and Madison [died February 19, 1868, aged 58.]
Bigelow, Henry Winans, dry goods, 132 Lake, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison [died (suicide) February 8, 1873, aged 64.]
Biggs, John, sailor, res Market, bet Washington and Madison [died April 15, 1875]
Bills, George Ralph, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Tremont House
Bird, John Herman, medical student, Dr. D. Brainard, bds City Hotel
Bishop, Dardanus, farmer, res cor W. Lake and Jefferson
Bishop, George, res Dearborn
Bishop, Jas. E., dry goods and groceries, 131 Lake, bds T. Greenwood [died. Omaha, Neb.. February 27, 1895, aged 86.]
Blackman, Edwin, clerk, H. H Magie & Co., bds Mansion House [died April 12, 1886, aged 70½.]
Blaesy, Bernhard, baker, 191 Lake, res same [d. May 16, 1883, a. 72]
Blaikie, Andrew (Ryerson & B.,) bds American Temperance House
Blair, Mrs. Nancy Ann Newberry [wid. of George, tailor, died Feb. 13, 1842, aged 41], res 260 State [died March 29, 1873, aged 76.]
Blair, George Washington, apprentice, Democrat, bds Mrs. Nancy Ann Blair [died December 23, 1888, aged 55].
Blair, William, hardware, etc., 111 S. Water, s.-e. cor Dearborn, bds Tremont House
Blakesley, Harvey A. (Loyd, B. & Co.), bds Mrs. John K. Boyer
Blakely, John, carpenter, alley bet Clark and LaSalle
Blanchard, Francis Gurtrey, capitalist, res 45 Wells [died, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1872.]
Blanchard, Joseph, blacksmith, bds Charles Follansbee
Blandly, Christopher, clerk, John II. Foster, bds same
Blaney, James VanZant, M.D., prof, chemistry Rush Medical College [died December 12,1874, aged 54½.]
Blank, William, currier, cor Griswold and Taylor
Bliss, Charles Frederick, carpenter, A. Peck, State, south of Congress [died, St. Joseph. Mich., 1880. aged 80.]
Bliss, Chas. Frederick, jr., compositor, Express, bds C. F. Bliss [resides at Racine, Wis.]
Bliss, Seneca Carpenter, clerk, Charles E. Peck, [now at Morris, Ill.]
Blodgett, Henry Williams, law student, Scammon & Jadd
Boice, John, machinist, Buffalo
Boggs, Charles T., carpenter, res and shop, east side State, south of VanBuren
Bolles, Nathan Howard, land agent, res Lake, east of Dearborn [died, Philadelphia, Pa., February 14, 1861.]
Bond, Harvey, laborer, res Clark
Bond, Heman S.. clerk. Loyd. Blakesley & Co., res 71 Adams [died August 1, 1851.]
Bond, Hiram, laborer, east of Clark
Bond, James, house painter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Boone, Levi Day, physician, 63 Clark, res 106 State [14th mayor, died January 24, 1882, aged 74-1-16]
Boorman, John, wagon maker, Franklin [died, Delavan, O., August 12, 1884]
Booth, Daniel, carpenter, cor Jefferson and W. Washington [died, Jefferson, Ill., August 22, 1894]
Boston Market, cor Lake and Wells, Clybourn & Hovey, props
Bostwick, George M., bartender, Illinois Exchange
Botsford, I., tailor, Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Botsford, Jabez Kent (B. & Beers), 109 Lake, res 171 Wabash ave [died June 8, 1887, aged 75.]
Botsford & Beers, stoves, hardware, etc., 109 Lake
Bowas, John, drayman, res South Water, bet State and Wabash ave
Bowen, Charles Henry, apprentice, Democrat, res Henry Bowen [resides Crawfordsville. Ind.]
Bowen, Erastus (B. & Cole), res 40 Michigan ave [died. Aurora, Kane Co.. Ill.]
Bowen, Erastus Selden [veterinary surgeon] [died Oct. 19,1888, a. 69]
Bowen, Henry, carriage maker, res State [died, Fulton Co.. O.. 1883. aged 76]
Bowen & Cole, dry goods and groceries, 86 Lake
Bowes, John P., John Gage's mill, res Clinton, bet Adams & Jackson
Bowman, Ariel, bookseller and publisher, res 129 Dearborn, n.e. cor Madison [died July 3, 1844, aged 58].
Bowman, Henry, druggist, bds Ariel Bowman [now living in Oakland, California.]
Bowmaster, William, cabinet maker, John B. Weir
Boyce, Augustus D.. druggist. Leroy M. Boyce, bds Daniel B. Heartt
Boyce, Leroy Merrick, wholesale and retail druggist and apothecary. 119 Lake (Peck & B.). bds E. W. Willard [d. July 23. 1849. a. 33½.]
Boyer [Snowhook], Mrs. Elizabeth, [wid. of John K.. d. Mch. 12. 1843.a. 52 ¼], boarding house. 153 South Water. 4 doors west of Clark [died June 29, 1870. aged 78.]
Boyer, James A., ship-caulker, bds Mrs. Boyer [d. Oct. 9, 1866. a. 41.]
Boyer, Dr. Valentine Aurand, justice-of-the-peace, 55 Clark, bds Mrs. J. K. Boyer [died May 11, 1890, aged 76 1/3]
Boyington. Charles H., captain schooner Charlotte, res Indiana, bet Pine and Sand
Borland, William, carpenter. Van Buren. bet Clark and Wells
Boynton, Samuel, carpenter, res 147 W. Kinzie [d. Aug. 1882.]
Boyrs, John, land-office. W. Washington
Bracken, John (B. & Tuller). res Wabash ave
Bracken & Tuller. dry goods and groceries. 161 Lake
Brackett, William W., editor and proprietor Chicago Express. 92 Lake, bds American Temperance House
Bradley, Asa Foster, city and county surveyor, res cor Dearborn and Washington [died Maplewood, Ill., Feb. 26, 1892. aged 80-1-17.]
Bradley, Bristol, dentist, s.-w. cor Clark and Lake, bds Mrs Merriam
Bradley, Cyrus Parker, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., res 218 Madison, bet Wells and Franklin [died March 6, 1865, aged 45½.]
Bradley, David, plow maker, Asahel Pierce, blacksmith
Bradley, David Morrill, printer, Democrat office, res 16 Quincy [died September 6, 1857, aged 40.]
Bradley, Joseph, clerk, William H. Adams & Co.
Bradley, Timothy Mathew, check-clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds [died September 30, 1890. aged 64½.]
Brady, George, constable, res near N. Clark and N. Water [d. 1860.]
Brady, Michael, blacksmith, N. Water, res s.e. cor Indiana and N. LaSalle [murdered. May 29. 1852.]
Brainard, Daniel, physician, prof. Rush Medical College, 51 Clark, bds City Hotel [died October 10, 1866. aged 54½.]
Braise, Mrs., dressmaker and tailoress. N. Water near Wolcott
Brand, Alexander (Murray & B.), res 35-7 Cass, s.e. cor Illinois [died, Aberdeen. Scotland, March 24, 1876. aged 65.]
Brayton, H. H., physician, res and office, 119 Clark
Breen, John, packer, Arthur G. Burley & Co.
Breese, Robert Bush, clerk, James Hervey. res N. Clark near Kinzie
Brewster, Elijah, carpenter, Jefferson
Bridges, Thomas Ball, carpenter. W. Lake. 4th Ward [died, Oak Park, Cook Co., Ill.. February 17, 1887. aged 75]
Briggs, Benjamin, wagon maker, Adams west of LaSalle
Briggs, Jeremiah, mason, res south of Adams, west of Clark
Brinckerhoff, John, physician, 49 Clark, chequered drug-store. 143 Lake [died. New York City. April 3, 1867. aged 63.]
Bristol & Porter, forwarding and commission merchants, South Water n.e. cor State [first warehouse on South Side, erected fall of 1839]
Bristol, Richard Clark (B. & Porter), res 5 Dearborn pl [died, Brooklyn, N.Y.. July 10, 1866]
Bristol, Calvin D., sailor, res Michigan ave
Brock, John A., clerk. James E. Bishop, bds James T. Durant [died. Livermore, Cal., 1887.]
Brock, Michael, carpenter, res 211 Lake
Brock, Mrs. Mary, straw and tuscan hat milliner, 211 Lake
Brock, Thomas, ex-justice of peace, res s.e. cor Madison and Clark
Brocksmidt, J. W.. cooper. J. E. Tucker, res Michigan, bet LaSalle and Wells
Brookes, Frederick Wm, florist, bds Samuel Brookes
Brookes, George, clerk, bds Samuel Brookes [died, Cleaverville, Ill., September 27, 1854, aged 37.]
Brookes, Henry, clerk, [died March 3, 1882, aged 61.]
Brookes, Joshua, deputy county-clerk, bds Geo. Davis [left for Galena, Ill.. March 23, 1843. returned in 1883.]
Brookes, Samuel, florist, res Clark, bet Madison and Monroe [died September 2, 1875, aged 81 2/3.
Brookes, Samuel Marsden, portr. & landsca. artist, bds Sam'l Brookes [died. San Francisco, Cal., January 31, 1892, aged 76.] Brooks, Henry E., ship carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush
Brooks, Thos., tailor, 10 Clark, res Illinois, bet N. Clark and Dearborn
Brown, Andrew Jesse, attorney at law, bds Henry Brown
Brown, Asa B., assistant-editor Western Citizen, 124 Lake
Brown, Charles E., laborer on harbor, bds Samuel Jackson
Brown, Clement, bds Sauganash Hotel [died, Crown Point, Ind., October 30, 1884, aged 79.]
Brown, Francis O., shoemaker, John B. Mitchell, res Dearborn, bet Washington and Randolph
Brown, George, chairmaker, Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Brown, George Elijah, printer. Express office, bds New-York House
Brown, Henry, city attorney, notary, s.-w. cor Lake and Dearborn, res 112-14 Wolcott, near Ontario [author "History of Illinois"]
[died May 10, 1849, aged 60.]
Brown, Jeduthan, attorney, res Sauganash Hotel
Brown, Joseph, laborer, res W. Madison, bet Water and Canal [died before December 24, 1850.]
Brown, Joseph E.. carpenter, shop and res, 254 Clark [died March 8, 1879, aged 60.]
Brown, Lemuel, blacksmith, boarding house, 142 Lake [died December 29, 1883, aged 99.]
Brown, Rufus B., warehouse man, John P. Chapin & Co., res 189 Lake [died, Burlington, Wis., September 2, 1872, aged 69] Brown, Mrs. Rufus B., dress and cloak maker, 189 Lake, up stairs [died February 2, 1890, aged 73.]
Brown, Samuel, blacksmith, Dearborn
Brown, Sam'l Lockwood, clerk, A. G. Burley & Co., bds Wm. H. Brown
Brown, Simon B., res Ohio, bet Cass and Rush [d. Mar. 19, 1889]
Brown, S. C, clerk, Edwin P. Clark, bds Ruel Ambrose
Brown, Thomas, captain schooner Warren, bds John J. Jackson
Brown, Thomas, drayman, res N. LaSalle, bet Ohio and Illinois
Brown, William, grocer, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Brown, Wm., bds Sauganash [died, Nevada City, Cal, Dec. 3, 1850.]
Brown, William Hubbard, [cashier], 8 LaSalle, (A. G. Burley & Co.), res 301 Illinois, n.-w. cor Pine, school agent [died, Amsterdam, Holland, June 19, 1867, aged 72.]
Browne, Charles Evarts [school-teacher, 1835-8; a resident of Milwaukee Co.. Wis., until 1868; later a real-estate dealer at 41 Clark st; residing at Glencoe, Ill., died 189-.]
Bryan, Alex. Broclie, druggist [died, Lawtey, Fla., Feb. 1891]
Bryan, Archibald, teamster, bds
Bryan, Fred'k Augustus, clerk, Clarke & Co., bds Wash'ton Coffee Ho. [died December 17, 1886, aged 67.]
Buchanan, Nelson, saddle and harness maker, Charles E. Peck [died October 1, 1858, aged 38¼
Buckley, Noah, pawnbroker, cor Randolph and Wells [died before June 22, 1852.]
Buckley, Timothy, butcher, Fulton Market, bds City Restaurant [died July 14, 1854.]
Buddington, John, res Randolph, east of Clark
Buell, Horatio, auction and commission, dry goods and groceries, stoves, 121 Lake
Buell, Norman, printer, Democrat office, bds David M. Bradley
Buhl, Charles, hat and cap store, 129 Lake
Bumpstead, Thomas, jr., res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph
Bunch, Clybourn (col'd), drayman, res Wells, bet Madison and "Wash
Burch, Isaac Howe, banker (Newberry & B.), bds City Hotel [died, Nice, France, April 9, 1884, aged 68.]
Burcky, Frederick, baker, LaSalle, bet Lake and Randolph
Burdick, Amos W., carpenter, res Randolph near Franklin
Burdick, E., porter, Mansion House
Burgess, John, wagon maker, 184 Randolph, res Michigan ave
Burhans, Henry J., livery stable keeper, Market
Burke, John, laborer, south of W. Jackson, 3d Ward
Burke, Lewis, south of Madison, east of LaSalle
Burke, Patrick, tobacconist, Henry Chapman, 40 Clark
Burley, Arthur Gilman (A. G. B. & Co.), bds Tremont House
Burley & Co. (Win. H. Brown), Arthur G., china, glassware, crockery. 105 Lake
Burley, Augustus Harris (S. F. Gale & Co.). bds Mrs. Haight
Burley, Charles, clerk, S. F. Gale & Co., bds S. F. Gale
Burling, Edward, carpenter, bds Wm. E. Manley [died February 24, 1892, aged 73.]
Burnam, Ambrose, contractor, res Wabash ave near Washington [died October 21, 1870, aged 59.]
Burnet, John, drayman, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and N. Dearborn
Burton, Edward, merchant tailor, 162 Lake, res same [died, Woodstock. Ill.]
Burton, George, sailor
Burton, Henry, tailor, Edward Burton, bds same
Burton, Horace, clerk, Norton & Tuckerman
Burton, John, vegetable gardener, N. Clark, s.e. cor North ave [died May 16, 1852, aged 58.]
Burton, Stiles, retired merchant, bds American Temperance House [died January 12, 1875, aged 66-9-6.]
Busch, Franz, wagon maker, John Burgess
Busch, John B., blacksmith, 29 Market, res Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin
Bushnell, Wm. H.. draughtsman, Ogden & Jones [story-writer for Eastern papers, "Sea-Foam," died, Washington, D.C., Mar. 1, 1890, a. 66¾.]
Butler, Horace, dry goods and groceries, forwarding and commission. South Water, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died, New York State.]
Butler, John H., carpenter, Alex. Loyd, bds Clark, bet Madison and Monroe
Butler, Lorin G. (Gray & B.), res Clark, bet Adams and Jackson
Butler, Nathaniel F.. clothier, res Monroe
Butler, Richard, laborer, res Ohio, east of Rush [d. before Feb. 3.1851.]
Butler, William Harrison, clerk, Horace Butler, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died August 16, 1878, aged 61-9-14.
Butler, William Moulton, clerk, Chas. Walker & Co., bds N. F. Butler [died, Hobart, Ind., December 2, 1895, aged 75.]
Butterfield, George, bds Tremont House [died September 22, 1854.]
Butterfield, Jonas, captain, res Franklin
Butterfield, Jonathan Carver, printer, Prairie Farmer, 112 Lake, bds same [died July 7, 1854, aged 43.]
Butterfield, Justin (B. & Collins), U.-S. attorney, res 267 Michigan, n.-w. cor Rush [died October 23, 1855, aged 65.]
Butterfield, Justin, jr., attorney, 5 Clark near South Water [died, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1852, aged 33.]
Butterfield & Collins, attorneys at law, 105 Lake
Butterfield, Lewis, attorney [died October 27, 1845, aged 28.]
Butterfield, William, medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard [First graduate Rush Medical College, died Jan. 13, 1878, aged 57]
Butterfield, William, carpenter, Clark
Butterworth, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, North Water near Wolcott
Buxton, O. S., wagon maker, James O. Humphrey
Buzzard, Solomon, harbor laborer, Samuel Jackson
Byrnes, Michael, porter, Tremont House, res 91 Dearborn [died December 18, 1869]

-C- Surnames
Cady, Dennis Spencer, proprietor Lake-Street House, 135-7 Lake
Calhoun, Alvin, carpenter, res 74 Randolph [d. June 28, 1849, a. 45½]
Calhoun, John, retired printer, res 116 State [the first printer here, died February 20, 1859, aged 51.]
Calighan. Mathew, carpenter, bds Edward Gavin
Callahan, Cornelius, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison
Calson, Charles, house painter, Alexander White
Cameron, David, waiter, Tremont House
Campbell, Abel, carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange
Campbell, James, carpenter, res Madison, bet Clark and Dearborn [died August 4, 1887, aged 78½.]
Campbell, James, printer, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died, St. Louis, Mo., November 8, 1875, aged 65.]
Campbell, John, laborer, Alonzo C. Wood, res 5th Ward, w. of Clark [died January 28. 1879, aged 75.]
Canada House, north side of N. Water, west of Dearborn ave Canal-agent's ofiice, 173 Lake, Eli S. Prescott, agent
Canda, Louis Joseph Florimond, florist, North Wells, near North ave [died, Ravenswood, Ill., February 9, 1886, aged 93.] Canfield, C. A., merchant tailor, bds Mrs. Post
Carney, Arthur, laborer, res Canal, bet Randolph and Lake
Carney, James, brewer, 67 S. Water, res same [died March 29, 1856.]
Carney, William, sailor, res Michigan, bet Rush and Pine
Carpenter, George, grocer. South Water
Carpenter, James H. (Stevens & C.), bds Mrs. Green [died suicide. Dearborn ave, 187-.]
Carpenter, James II., bds Philo Carpenter
Carpenter, Job, market gardener, 554 W. Lake [d. Dec. 5, 1876, a. 63.]
Carpenter, John D., laborer, res State
Carpenter, Joseph, milkman, 570 W. Lake [died Feb. 24, 1875]
Carpenter, Philo, res W. Randolph, Carpenter's Addition, bet Sangamon and Morgan [died August 6, 1886, aged 81½.]
Carpenter, Samuel, laborer, res North Water near Wolcott [died January 24, 1856]
Carpenter, William, grocer, 578 West Lake
Carr. William, sailor, res Canal, 3d Ward
Carroll, Owen, laborer, res cor W.Washington and Jefferson
Carson, James, carpenter, res State
Carson, William, wagon maker, Randolph, between Wells & Franklin
Carter,Thomas Butler (T. B. C. & Co.), res 126 State
Carter, Thos. B. & Co. (Job Magie, Elizabeth, X. J.), dry goods and groceries, 118 Lake
Carthew, Richard, laborer, bds Water, bet Randolph and Washington [shot, December 6, 1856; died January 18, 1864, aged 71] Cary, John Marshall, teamster [died May 17, 1895, aged 76.]
Case. Elan, carpenter, Scoville & Gates Case. John Roman (Norton & C), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died, Elmhurst, Ill., September 4, 1877, aged 74.]
Casey, Edward (E. & Peter C), bds John Casey [died January 27, 1894, aged 81.]
Casey, E. & P., dry goods, groceries, and auction store, 85 Lake
Casey, Hugh, tailor, Scott Benedik
Casey, John, milkman, res Market, bet Randolph and Washington [died December 8, 1881, aged 91.]
Casey, Patrick, waiter, Mansion House [died June 15, 1892, aged 73]
Casey, Peter (E. & P. Casey), clerk, Isaac Strail, bds John Casey
Casey, Stephen, driver, Eli S. Prescott's, 35-7 Cass, cor Illinois
Casey, Thomas, laborer, bds John Casey
Cashan, Stephen, res Michigan, bet Rush and Pine
Caspar, W. G., blacksmith, LaSalle, res Wells, bet Washington & Mad
Cassiday, James Hugh, ship carpenter, N. Dearborn
Cassidy, P. E., clerk, Horatio O. Stone, bds same
Caster, Wm. Harvey, millwright [died, Niles, Mich., March 7, 1891, aged 77-10-15.]
Castler, Matthias, laborer, Dutch Settlement
Caswell, Sidney, cabinet-maker, John B. Weir [d. Mar. 1, 1889, a. 80]
Caton, John, laborer, res Lake
Caton, John Dean, attorney, [died July 30, 1895, aged 88-4-11]
Cavanagh, Martin, laborer, res North Water, near North Franklin
Cavanagh, Jerry, waiter, Illinois Exchange
Cavanaugh, Michael, carpenter, res State
Cawker, Mathew, proprietor Clinton Lunch, 11 Clark
Chacksfield, George, grocer, etc., 18 Clark [died Oct. 8,1885, aged 73]
Chalmers, Thomas, machinist, Scoville & Gates [arrived Dec, 2, 1843]
Chamberlin, [Rev.] Jacob Sherril (Hamilton & C), bds Starr Foot
Chandler, Joseph, res Fort Dearborn
Chapin, John P. & Co. (Thomas Dyer), forwarding and commission merchants. South Water
Chapin, John Putnam (J. P. C. & Co. and Dyer & C), res Lake, bet State and Wabash ave [8th mayor, died June 27, 1864, aged 54.]
Chapin, Pascal Paoli, clerk, J. P. Chapin & Co., bds American Temperance House
Chapin, Richard, laborer, res Kinzie near Cass
Chapman, Charles H., res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Chapman, Henry, tobacconist, 38 Clark, bds Charles H. Chapman [died August 9, 1851, aged 48.]
Chapman, Thomas, res Wolcott, bet Illinois and Indiana
Chappel, Marvin, carpenter, bds Amer. Temp. House [d. Jan. 27,1849.]
Chapronne, Augustin, gardener, res North Branch, north end
Chapronne, Francis, gardener, res North Branch, north end
Charleston, Charles, carpenter, Fort Dearborn, res Wolcott [d. 187-]
Chevill, Mathew, shoemaker, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Lake [died March 16, 1862, aged 61]
Chicago Hotel, n.e. cor W. Lake and N. Canal, Geo. W. Rogers, prop
Chicago Temperance House, 17 and 19 LaSalle, David L. Roberts, prop
Childs, Shubal Davis, city sealer, wood and metal engraver, Clark, res 3d Ward [died, Evanston, Ill., January 9, 1870, aged 71.]
Choulet, Michel Alexandre, carpenter, res Dearborn [died 1854. a. 47]
Chovin, Charles, clerk, Tuthill King, bds same [resides St. Charles. Ill.]
Christian, David William, carpenter, bds American Exchange
Christian, John, shoemaker, P. P. Robinson
Christie, James, laborer, bds Richard Butler
Christy, Nathan, laborer, res Canal, bet Lake and N. Water [died July 16, 1855, aged 56]
Christy & Dunham, carpenters, N. Water near Kinzie
Christy, Rurnsey (C. & Dunham), cor Michigan and Wolcott
Church, John Coleman, harness-maker, C. E. Peck, bds Chicago Temperance House
Church, Thomas, dry goods and groceries, 111 Lake, res 55 Lake [died June 25, 1871, aged 70½.]
Church, William Linnaeus, clerk, Dyer & Chapin, res 127 State [died, Hyde Park, October 22, 1880, aged 64]
Churchill, Jesse, cow herd, res 175 Lake [died, Riverside, Cook Co., Ill., April 5, 1887, aged 90.]
Cinfal, Dennis, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie
City Hotel, n.-w. cor Clark and Randolph, Jacob Russell, prop
City Refectory, 17 Dearborn. J. W. Steele, prop
Clancy, Mark Bailey, house painter, Alex. White, bds James Rockwell
Clark, Agnitus B., medicine manufacture, N. Halsted
Clark, C. B., clerk, Edwin P. Clark, bds Humphrey Clark
Clark, DeMarcus, clerk, V. S. Lovell, bds Chicago Temperance House
Clark, Edwin, grocer, W. Lake
Clark, Edwin P., dry goods and groceries, 154 Lake, bds Hump. Clark
Clark, Elisha, carpenter, res W. Water, bet Washington and Madison [died July 23, 1853, aged 53.]
Clark, Francis (C, Haines & Co.), bds American Temperance House [died, Cleaverville (now Oakland), June 12, 1860, aged] Clark, Haines & Co., (Francis C, John C. Haines and Edward Parsons) dry goods and groceries, 168 Lake
Clark, Horace, baker, LaSalle
Clark, Humphrey, boarding house, Indiana, bet Cass and Wolcott
Clark, John D., clerk, A. G. Hobbie [printer, went to Washington, D.C.]
Clark, Jonas Coe, exchange broker, 21 Clark [died by poison in Wis.]
Clark, Lewis W., hardware, iron, nails, etc., 128 Lake [died March 31, 1855, aged 45]
Clark, O. J., painter, res Hastings
Clark-Street Market
Clarke, Abraham Fuller, druggist, (C. & Co.) [removed to and a resident of Milwaukee during 1841 to 1879: thence to Marietta, Ga., where he died, March 2, 1886, aged 71-4-7.]
Clarke & Co., druggists, manufacturers of lard oil and candles, 102 Lake, factory, Indiana, bet Wolcott and Cass
Clarke, George P., druggist, Clarke & Co
Clarke, Henry B., farmer, Michigan ave, n.e. cor 16th Street [died July 23, 1849, aged 48]
Clarke, Henry Wilcox, attorney at law, 36 Clark, bds Mrs. Post [died January 25, 1892, aged 77]
Clarke, Samuel Clarke (C. & Co.), bds Tremont House [at Marietta, Ga,, since Sept., 1871]
Clarke, William Hull (C. & Co.), bds Washington Coffee House [died August 5, 1878. aged 65-10-10]
Clarkson, James J., printers' apprentice, bds Robert R. Clarkson
Clarkson, Robert R., bootmaker, William H. Adams & Co., res alley bet LaSalle and Wells
Clary, Stephen N., clerk, Illinois Exchange
Claus, Joseph, engineer harbor machine, res Illinois, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Cleaver, Charles, grocer, soap and candle maker, 177 Lake [died October 27, 1893, aged 78]
Cleaver, Joseph Wraigh, cabinet maker, J. B. Weir [at Portland, Ore.]
Cleaver, Thomas Barker, soap and oil maker, bds Charles Cleaver [died, Dubuque, Ia.,]
Clement, Stephen, captain steamboat Champion [died, Oconomowoc, Wis., August 7, 1894, aged 81.]
Cleveland, Alva, ornamental painter, alley bet State and Wabash ave. res Madison, bet Clark and LaSalle [died, Deerfield, Kan., February 13, 1891, aged 86]
Clifford, E. M., portrait painter, 6 Clark
Clifford, James, wagonmaker, Scoville & Gates, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Madison
Clifford, John, carpenter, N. Water, west of Clark Street bridge
Clinton, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Clybourn, Archibald (C. & Hovey), res North Branch, city and county beef and pork inspector [612 Alston ave, died Aug. 23, 1872, a. 70]
Clybourn & Hovey, butchers, Clark and Western Markets
Cobb, Geo. W., clerk, Marcus C. Stearns, bds Tremont House [died]
Cobb, Silas Bowman, saddler and harness maker. 171 Lake, res 75 Michigan ave, s.-w. cor Lake
Coburn, Isaac, carpenter, res Dearborn
Cochrane, John, waiter. City Hotel [died January 12, 1886, aged 65.]
Coe, John S., blacksmith, Asahel Pierce, bds W. Lake, near N. Canal
Coe, Thomas, cabinet maker, cor Lake and Franklin, bds Sauganash
Coe, ---, cabinet maker. Manahan & Jacobus, bds Thos. Manahan
Coffin, Mrs. [Harriet Delia Dole (Richards), widow of Joseph Warren Chase], boarding, res Illinois, bet Pine and Sand] [died, Crystal Lake, Ill., April 12, 1888, aged 90]
Cohen, Peter, ready-made clothing, Lake [suicide, Algiers, opposite New Orleans, La.]
Coil, Patrick, laborer, cor Kinzie and LaSalle
Colby House
Colby, William, bds Colby House, Wells, (alderman 4th Ward.) [died, Norfolk, Va., summer of 1864.]
Cole, Parker M. (Bowen & C), county poor master, bds Erastus Bowen [died June 30, 1877]
Coleman, Ira, foreman, Daniel Taylor, res 215 Lake
Collier, Charles A., clerk, land office, res N. Clark, s.e. cor Kinzie
Collins, Ezra, 140 Lake, res S. B. Collins [died 1849, aged 70.]
Collins, George (Samuel B. Collins & Co.), res Samuel B. Collins [died, Evanston, Cook County, Ill., October 22, 1856]
Collins, Isaac, clerk, S. B. Collins & Co., res S. B. Collins [died 1843]
Collins, James H., attorney (Butterfield & C), res 15 Lake [died, Ottawa, Ill., July 14, 1854, aged 56]
Collins, Patrick, waiter, Farmers' Exchange
Collins, Samuel B. & Co., boots, shoes, and leather, 140 Lake
Collins, Samuel Bassett (Samuel B. C. & Co.), res 67 Washington [died April 5, 1855, aged 49]
Columbian House, 11 and 13 Wells, Sweet & Doolittle, props
Comstock & Ackley, dry goods and groceries, 82 Lake
Comstock, J. D., clerk and law student, Arnold & Ogden
Comstock. J. S. (C. & Ackley), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died, San Francisco, Cal., November 2, 1850]
Comstock, Luke, laborer. Frink, Walker & Go's stable, res Wabash ave
Congrave, John, shoemaker, Joseph E. Ware
Conley, Mathew, steward.
Conley, Peter, boarding-house, North Water
Conley, Philip, sailor
Connolly, John, laborer, res Kinzie, bet N. Clark and N. LaSalle
Connor, James, laborer, Sylvester Marsh
Connor, Patrick, laborer, res W. Lake, near N. Canal
Connor, Thomas, cabinet maker, cor Lake and Franklin, bds Sauganash
Constantine. Patrick, laborer, res bet Michigan and Illinois, 5th Ward
Cook, Charles W. (C. & Surdam), bds American Temperance House [died 1845, aged 44]
Cook. George, bartender, bds American Temperance House
Cook, George Churchill, assistant, T. Church [d. April 18,1884, a. 73.]
Cook, Isaac, canal-land agent, res cor Franklin and Randolph [died, Eureka Springs, Ark., June 23, 1886, aged 73.]
Cook, John, tailor, res Jefferson, bet W. Randolph and Washington
Cook. Josiah P., baker, res Michigan ave
Cook & Surdam, proprietors American Temperance House, 36 Lake
Cook, Thomas, teamster, Desplaines. south of Randolph [died, Western Springs, Cook Co.. Ill., Feb. 1, 1885, aged 85]
Cooke, Adreon, grocer, North Water, bet Dearborn and North State
Cooke, Horatio Nelson, turner, Franklin, bet Lake and South Water
Cooley, James, mason, bds Washington Hall
Cooley. Miss, dress and cloak maker, 175 Lake
Cooper, John Wellington, teamster, foreman canal, res -  Kinzie [died March 15, 1893, aged 67-8-21]
Corbidge. John, cutler and grinder, 197 Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin [died June 1, 1887, aged 68 1/3]
Corbin, D. H., shipcarpenter, res bet State and Clark, south of Jackson
Corey, John, procurer, 4th Ward [died April 12, 1849]
Corngan, Michael, blacksmith [died October 3, 1878, aged 68]
Corrigan, William, drayman, bds S. Water [died July 15, 1879, a. 75]
Couch, Ira Howes, [1812 veteran], bds Tremont House [died July 25, 1845, aged 82]
Couch, Ira, proprietor Tremont House, s.e. cor Lake and Dearborn [died, Cuba, February 28, 1857, aged 50¼]
Couch, James, superintendent Tremont House, bds same [died February 10, 1892, aged 92]
Coughlin, Bryan, blacksmith, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market
Counihan, Cornelius, currier, Gurnee & Matteson, bds G. Counihan [died March 16, 1890, aged 60]
Counihan, Gerald, mason, res s.-w. cor Union and W. Washington [died June 1849]
Courmayer, Braus, laborer, bds Canada Home
Court-House, s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph
Courtin, Henry, sailor, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Courtney, Capt. Henry, secy Mariner's Temperance Society
Covey, Asa,
Covey, John, carpenter
Cowan, George W., blacksmith, Randolph, bet Clark and LaSalle
Cowens, Thomas, laborer, res W. Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Cowper, Edward, intelligence-agent [died June 26, 1854, aged 50]
Cox, Andrew Jackson (Jack), tailor, 21 Clark, bds Mansion House
Cox, A. J. & Co., tailors. 21 Clark
Craft, Geopge W., shoemaker, John B. Mitchell
Cramer, H., professor of music, Clark, bet Washington and Madison
Crane, Orson, teamster, bds Washington Hall
Crary, Oliver A., teamster, res Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan
Crawford, William, drayman, alley bet N. Clark and LaSalle, 5th Ward, now North Water street [died August 7, 1872, aged 61]
Crissman, John M., laborer
Crocker, Josiah Dunton, whitewasher, res 171 Clark [died December 28, 1888, aged 82]
Croghan, B. W., bartender, Eagle Saloon, 10 Dearborn
Crone, Adams, tailor, res North Water, near Wolcott
Crosbie, John, sailor, res near Franklin, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Cross, Antonne, sailor, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Crouse, Anton, tailor, Elijah Smith
Crow, William E., car-driver, res State
Crowly, Cornelius, laborer, res N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle
Cruver, John (C. & Senser), carpenter, res N. Clark, s.-w. cor Michigan alderman 5th ward [died, California, 1851.]
Cruver & Senser, builders, N. Clark, bet Kinzie and Michigan
Cumberland, Charles, operator, Clarke & Co.'s oil factory, Indiana
Cumberland, William, operator, Clarke & Co.'s oil factory, Indiana
Cunningham, Henry, constable, N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died May 2, 1879, aged 73.]
Cunningham, W. M., clerk, Leroy M. Boyce
Cure, John, laborer, res Monroe
Cure, Peter, grocer, 193 Lake, res same
Curran, Bernard, tailor, Scott Benedik
Curtis, Charles H., butcher, [died January 3, 1886, aged 74]
Curtis, Jacob S., water borer, bds Michael McDonald
Curtiss, James, State's attorney, 136 Lake, res W. Randolph, bet May and Ann [9th mayor, died, Joliet, Ill, November 2, 1859, aged 56]
Curtiss, J. W., gunsmith, res cor North Water and Wolcott
Cushing, Nathaniel Sawyer, house painter, 41 State near Lake, res same [died, Lombard, Ill., May 13, 1889, aged 84-5-6] Cutmore, Henry, grocer. West Randolph, bet W Water and Canal
Cutter, Amos F., harness and trunk maker, Lake, bet Wells & Franklin

-D- Surnames
Daggitt, Joseph, cabinet-maker and joiner, bds Farmer's Exchange [now at Glencoe. Ill.]
Daily, Barry, drayman
Daily, John R., carpenter, bds Temperance House, North Water
Dalton, Michael, laborer, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Daly, Charles, shoemaker, Thomas Melvin, bds Henry Cunningham
Daly, John, pedler, S. Water, bet Wabash and Mich, ave [d. Mar. 1846]
Daly, John, carpenter, n.-w. cor North Water and North Dearborn [died April 9, 1867, aged 50]
Dana, Lorenza, clerk, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Dana, Patrick, teamster, Alson S. Sherman
Daniels, Horace, coach driver, res Wells, alley south of Randolph
Daniels, James, driver, Dexter Graves' livery stable
Darling, William, blacksmith, William B. Stevens
Darrow, Sidney L., milkman, Michigan ave
Daus, D., clerk, Horatio O. Stone, bds Michigan
David, William, boot and shoemaker, 172 Lake
Davidson, Daniel, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Am. Temp. House [died, insane, Jacksonville, Ill., December 20, 1868, aged 46.]
Davidson, Douglas N. (J. Johnson & Co.), bds J. Johnson
Davis, David M. Parker, agent, Frink, Walker & Co.'s stage-office [died October 6, 1878, aged 67]
Davis, Elisha Webster, clerk, Norton & Tuckerman [died, Memphis. Mo., March 16, 1882, aged 69¾]
Davis, George, clerk, county commiss'rs' court, county-clerk, 107 Lake, res Canal near W. Washington [died January 4, 1858, aged 50.]
Davis, John, tailor. North Water, near Kinzie [d. Apr. 28, 1883, a. 68.]
Davis, Samuel N., lime manufacturer, bds Alson S. Sherman [died October 7, 1848, aged 34]
Davis, William H., deputy sheriff, Samuel J. Lowe's office [died January 21, 1861]
Davisson, Alfred W., county physician, 77 Clark, res same [died, Atlanta, Ga., July 17, 1895, aged 80]
Davlin, John, auctioneer. State, s.e. cor Lake [died, Waukegan, January 19, 1883, aged about 90]
Day, William, proprietor LaSalle House, 50 LaSalle, n.-w. cor Randolph
Dean, James, saddler and harness maker, James S. Paine
Dean, Philip, teamster, 236 Madison, s.e. cor Franklin [died November 15, 1861, aged 57]
Deiden, Jacob, grocer, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Deinback, Francis, carpenter, res Dutch Settlement
Delamey, Michael, laborer, Market, bet Washington and Madison
Delap, Miss Maria, milliner, 142 Lake, bds E. Brown
Delingan, Johu, laborer, Market, bet Randolph and Washington
Dellicker, George, grocer, Lake, bds Tremont House [died (suicide?) in Lake Michigan, July 1849]
Democrat, Chicago, 107 Lake, John Wentworth, editor and prop, official paper, first number issued Nov. 20. 1833, by John Calhoun
DeMout, Cornelius, shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis
Dempsey, John, boarding house, 5th Ward [died January 14, 1859]
Dennis, Edward M., bds Dr. David S. Smith
Dennis, John
Dennis, Mrs., bds Dr. David S. Smith
Dennison, Daniel, butcher, Ridgely Place, nr Lake
Dennison, William H., butcher, Ridgely Place, nr Lake
Densmore, Eleazer Woodworth, clerk, Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth [died November 5, 1888, aged 68]
Deperling, John G., basket maker, res N. Water near Wolcott
Deuel, William C, bartender, Tremont House, bds same
DeWolf, Calvin (Freer & DeW.), res Buffalo, s. of Jackson, e. of Clark
DeWolf, Charles, shoemaker, bds Calvin DeWolf [died, Rock Island. Ill., May, 1852, aged 31]
DeWolf, Erastus, bds American Temperance House
Dexter, Albert Augustus, clerk, E. S. & J. Wadsworth, res Dearborn
Diamond, Martin, laborer, res alley near North Water
Dickerson, , farming-mill maker, James V. Dickey
Dickey, Hugh Thompson, attorney, 103½ Lake, bds City Hotel, alderman 1st ward [died, New York City, June 1892]
Dickey, James Varnum, fanning-mill maker, etc., N. Canal nr W. Lake [died October 12, 1873. aged 76]
Dickey, John Butler, son of Jas. V. [killed at fire of Oct. 19. 1857. by falling wall at 110 Lake st, aged 24-6-1]
Dickinson, Augustus, City Eating House, Dearb'n. bet Lake & S. Water [died January 13, 1891. aged 74]
Dietrich, Lawrence, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Dietrich, Veit, match maker, res Dutch Settlement
Dike, Henry Butler (Morey & Dike), bds Isaac Dike [died June 26, 1880. aged 57]
Dike, Isaac, boot and shoemaker, 9 Dearborn [d. Sept. 8, 1860. a. 55]
Dike, James, groceries and provisions, 11 Dearborn
Dimmock & Stow, house and sign painters, 202 Lake
Dimmock, Edward (D. & Stow), south of Monroe, west of Clark [died 1860. aged 48]
Dinet, Joseph, restaurant, 48 Clark [died February 2, 1884]
Diversey, Michael (Lill & D.), res near St. Clair and Chicago ave [died December 12, 1869]
Dixon, John, barber, Clark, res Lake, 1st Ward
Dixon, William, carpenter, N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died July 24, 1867. aged 62]
Dobson, B. E., drover, bds Sauganash Hotel
Dodge, Darwin D., teamster, res Franklin
Dodge, Harry (Dupley)
Dodge, John Cabot (Parker & D.), res Wolcott n.-w. cor Ontario [died, insane, near Boston, Mass., February 11, 1889]
Dodge, Martin (Goold & D.), bds Nathaniel Goold [died, Montague, Mich., December 31, 1882]
Dodge, Usel Stillman, carpenter, bds Morrison's Row, Clark [now at Niles. Mich.]
Dodson, Christian Bowman, [died, Geneva. Ill.. Jan. 3. 1891, a. 81-6-18]
Dodson, Henry, mason, Alonzo C. Wood [died May 15, 1885. aged 60]
Doggett, Joseph Barker, iron, nails, etc., 62 Lake [died July 20. 1893. aged 70]
Dole, George Washington (Newberry &D). Michigan, bet Rush and Pine, alderman 6th ward [died April 13. 1860]
Dole, J. L., billiard saloon, 20 Clark, bds Isaac L. Milliken
Dole, Lewis G., clerk, lottery office, Dearborn, res State
Dolese, John [left in 1841 for Loraine, France; died there in 1892]
Dolese, Peter [in Peru, Ill., died February 14. 1802, aged 62-1-14]
Done, J., laborer on harbor, res Fort Dearborn
Donivan, Dennis, saddler and harness maker. Silas B. Cobb
Donlin, James, blacksmith, N. Water, bet Dearborn and Clark, res Kinzie, bet Dearborn and Cark [died 1852. aged 53]
Donlin, John, grocer, cor North Water and Clark, near bridge
Donnelly, James Morris, livery, 91 Randolph [d. July 8, 1858. a. 33]
Donohue, Daniel, laborer, North Water near Franklin
Donohue, James, laborer on harbor
Dony, Jacob, cabinet maker, Michigan, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died January 15, 1879, aged 63½]
Doolittle, Louis A. (Sweet & D.), res Columbian House
Doty, Theodorus, hotel, about 12 miles west [d. June 11, 1885, a. 83¾]
Dougherty, Martin, hostler, Mansion House
Dougherty, Owen, laborer, N. Water near Wells [d. Aug. 9,1872, a. 51]
Doun, William, Stow's foundry
Dow, John I. (John I. Dow & Co.), res Randolph, bet LaSalle & Wells
Dow, John I. & Co., house and sign painters, 40 Clark
Downing, Thomas, butcher, Archibald Clybourn
Downs, Abel Sidney, clerk, H. & E. Smith [d. June 30, 1883. a. 61]
Downs, Augustus Gay, clerk, Thos. B. Carter, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died October 25, 1878. aged 60]
Downs, Myron Day, grocer, 12 Dearborn [died July 30, 1891, a. 76-6]
Doyle, Michael (Andrus & D.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died November1851]
Doyle, Simon, merchant tailor, 289 Kinzie [d. Sept. 28, 1881, a. 75½]
Doyle, William E., carpenter, res Indiana, bet N. Clark and Dearborn
Drake, Jerome D., laborer, south of Jackson, 3d Ward
Drew, George C, bookkeeper, James Peck & Co., [died]
Drew, jr., John, bds Sauganash Hotel
Drury, Benjamin C, teamster, John Gage
Dubois, ---, pattern maker, Scoville & Gates, res Lake, bet West Water and Canal
Duffie, John, carpenter, Market, south of Washington
Duffy, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, res N, Water, bet N. Clark and N. Dearborn [died February 23, 1887, aged 76]
Duffy, Michael, laborer, Kinzie, bet Clark and LaSalle
Duffy, Patrick, laborer, Kinzie, bet Clark and Dearborn [died August 26. 1853]
Dugan, Thomas, [died January 3, 1886, aged 72.
Dunham, Julius (Christy & D.)
Dunlap, Wm., clerk, Tarleton Jones' lumberyard, bds City Refectory
Dunlop, Hugh, carpenter, Market, south of Washington [died, unmarried. February 3, 1873. aged 64-7-9]
Dunn, William, res Canal
Durand, Charles, attorney at law, 131 Lake, res same
Durant, James T., res Clark
Durrell, William, tin and coppersmith, Samuel J. Surdam
Dutch Settlement, north of Chicago ave and east of N. Clark
Dwight, Alanson, currier, Gurnee & Matteson [died, Cleveland. O., August 5, 1895. aged 83-4-10]
Dwyer, Cornelius, laborer. North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Dyer, Charles Volney, physician. 98 Lake, res 47 State [died April 24, 1878, aged 69¾]
Dyer & Chapin, dry goods and groceries, 103 Lake
Dyer, Thomas (D. & Chapin), bds City Hotel [15th mayor, died, Middletown. Conn., June 6, 1862, aged 57]

-E- Surnames
Eachus, Virgil H., tailor, Jack Cox, bds Mansion House [died August 18, 1864, aged 46]
Eagle Tavern. 10 Dearborn, E. Vandreuser, prop.
Earhart, C, tailor, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin
Eastman, Zebina, editor Western Citizen, 124 Lake, res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells [d.. Maywood. Cook Co., Ill., June 14,1883, a. 67¾.]
Eaton, R. E., clerk, Norton & Tuckerman
Ebert, George Francis, landscape gardner, Clark, south of VanBuren [died July 1861, aged 57]
Ebert, John, erecting engineer, prop. Independence, building at foot of Pine, bds Tremont, [first engineer of the Galena R.R., driving the Pioneer- the first engine- and its first master-mechanic]
Eckhoff, John, laborer, res Jefferson, bet Washington and Madison [died, Cerro Gordo, Ia., June 20, 1874, aged 47.
Eckhoff, Nicholas, teamster, res N. Canal, bet W. Lake and Randolph [died, Niles, Cook Co., Ill., February 17, 1873, aged 80] Eddy & Co., hardware, iron, and stoves, 96 Lake
Eddy, Devotion C. (E. & Co.), res Michigan ave near Lake
Eddy, Ira Button (E. & Co.), res 45 Michigan ave [d. Aug. 10, '91, a. 86]
Edwards, Edwin, grain buyer, bds F. M. Edwards [d. Jan. 1,1890, a. 71]
Edwards, Francis Myers. carpenter, W. Adams, bet Canal and Clinton [died, Desplaines, Ill., May 13, 1893, aged 77]
Edwards, John, carpenter, Francis M. Edwards
Edwards, Thomas, shoemaker, Thomas Whitlock
Eells, ---, bricklayer, south of Madison, east of Clark
Egan, Wiley M, sailor, schooner Charlotte, bds City Refectory
Egan, Wm. Bradshaw. physician, recorder, etc., 68 Clark, res Clark [died October 27, 1860, aged 52]
Elderkin, Stephen W., bds Chicago Temperance House
Eldridge, John Woodworth, physician, res Randolph, first door west of City Hotel [died January 1, 1884, aged 75]
Elliott, Joseph, tailor, 185 Lake, res same
Ellis, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [died March 4, 1884, a. 75]
Ellis, Joel, butcher, Clark Street Market, bds Farmers' Hotel [died. Jefferson, Cook Co,, Ill, Oct. 30. 1886, aged 69]
Ellis, Peter, shoemaker, William David
Ellis, Samuel, farmer, south of Cottage Grove [died Oct. 9,1853]
Ellis, Stephen, butcher, res east of Clark, north of Jackson
Ellis, William (E. & Fergus), printer, res 109 Randolph [died May 16, 1873, aged 61]
Ellis & Fergus, book, directory, and job printers, 37 Clark, 3d floor
Ellithorpe, Albert Chapman, wagon-maker
Elston, Daniel, patent press-brick maker, res North Branch [died September 13, 1855, aged 65]
Ely, Thomas, book-keeper, res Michigan, bet Cass and Wolcott
Emmonds, J. W., carpenter, Robinson Tripp
Enos, jr., William C. Archibald Clybourn
Espert, George C. ["butcher George"], butcher, Archibald Clybourn [died January 2, 1886, aged 75]
Evans, Enoch Webster, attorney [died Sept. 2, 1879, aged 62]
Express, Chicago, 92 Lake, Wm. W. Brackett, editor; [discontinued April 20, 1844; continued April 22 as the Chicago Journal]

-F- Surnames
Fairbanks, Peter, shipcarpenter. Lake near Franklin
Falch, Leonard, soap and candle maker, Mich., bet LaSalle and Wells [died October 31, 1889, aged 81-10]
Faller, V., watchmaker. Dearborn, near Tremont House
Falley, R. S., carpenter, South Canal, 3d Ward
Farewell, James, cigar maker, A. B. Wheeler
Faris, James, sailor, North Water, bet Franklin and N. Branch bridge
Farmers' Exchange, s.-w. cor Lake and Wabash, Peleg A. Barker, prop
Farnsworth, George, lumber merchant
Farrell, Thomas, laborer, Michigan ave [died June 17, 1870, aged 67]
Farwell, Chas. Benjamin [arrived Jan. 10, 1844, clerk, J. B. F. Russell]
Fearing, George B., captain Maria Hilliard, bds Washington Hall
Felker, Samuel R., merchant tailor, 143 Lake, res same [died October 1, 1879, aged 72.]
Fellman, J. Francis, chairmaker, John B. Weir, res North Water
Fennerty, James, dry goods and groceries, 100 Lake, res Dearborn
Fennerty, James, res Lake, bet State and Wabash ave
Fennerty, John, dry goods and groceries, 100 Lake
Fennerty, Peter, auctioneer, h bet Lake and Wabash
Fennimore, Richard, wheelwright, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle
Fenton, William (Perkins & F.). bds Chicago Temperance House
Fergus, Robert (Ellis & F.), printer, res 179 State, Lot 6, Block 3. Sec. 15: [born, Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 4, 1815; arrived July 1, 1839]
Ferguson, Andrew, drayman, Luther Nichols, boards same [died, Geneva Lake, Wis., May 14, 1884, aged 84]
Ferguson, William, laborer, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Ferns, John Porter, sailor, Rush, bet Indiana and Ohio [died March 5. 1884. aged 68-10-5]
Ferras, --- , laborer, res bet N. Water and Kinzie, near Franklin
Ferris, Arthur, tailor, res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells
Fetter, John, blacksmith, Ithream Taylor
Field, Francis, teacher public school 1, district 3
Field, John Anderson, carpenter, res cor W. Madison and Halsted
Field, Joseph Benj., carpenter, res s.-w. cor W. Madison and Halsted [died June 1, 1848, aged 26.]
Fillmore, P. P., engineer, res cor N. Clark and Illinois
Finey, Uriah, res South Water
Finley, Edward, laborer, res 4th Ward
Fischbene, Joseph, merchant, bds Washington Hall
Fischer, C, wood turner, Franklin bet Lake and Randolph, bds same
Fischer, Francis Joseph, Catholic priest, res Wabash ave
Fischer, Peter H., turner, Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph
Fish, James, carpenter [died August 18, 1881.
Fish. James P., carpenter, res. Kinzie, east of Rush
Fish, John P., teamster, West Lake, bet W. Water and Canal
Fitch, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Fittz, Caleb Draper, upholsterer. [died Dec. 30, 1890. aged 82]
Fitzgerald, Thomas, laborer, res West Water near Lake
Fitzgibbons, John, res Michigan ave
Fitzgibbons, Patrick, drayman, res 40 South Water [d. 1845. a. 45]
Fitzsimmons, James, clerk, recorder's office, bds Dr. William B. Egan [died. Wisconsin]
Fitzsimmons, Michael, drayman, res Adams, west of Clark
Fitzsimmons, John, teamster, res Michigan ave cor VanBuren
Flahaven, John, brickmaker, Wood & Ogden
Fleming, William, merchant tailor, n.e. cor N. Water and Dearborn [died 1850]
Fletcher, Archibald, auctioneer. Horatio Buell
Fletcher, George, carpenter, bds New York House
Flint, Mrs., res West Adams, bet Clinton and Jefferson
Flood, John, teamster, res Wabash ave
Flood, Peter Findley. sailor. [died January 7, 1888, aged 72.]
Florida, Hughes, brickmaker. Wood & Ogden
Fogal, Michael, butcher, Absalom Funk
Follansbee, Alanson. dry goods and groceries. 112 Lake, res 139 State [died,Milwaukee, Wis., April 15, 1809, aged 57¼]
Follansbee, Charles, dry goods and groceries. 88 Lake, res 165 State [died June 14, 1887, aged 76 2/3
Foot, Starr, teamster, 180 Clark, cor Monroe [died June, 1862. a 62.]
Foot, David P., blacksmith, res Wabash ave
Foote, Lucius H., clerk, Tuthill King, bds same
Forbes, John, drayman, res State
Forbes, William, bds Chicago Temperance House
Ford, Alexander, blacksmith. Solomon Gowey, bds Wells
Ford, Christopher, carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Ford, David M.. [foundryman. d. Ishpeming, Mich. Jan. 21,1891. a. 57.]
Ford, Martin Munson. tanner and currier, Gurnee & Matteson [died 1857]
Fordham, Jared, tanner and currier, res Randolph
Forrest, Joseph King Cummins, law student, Scammon & Judd. "reader"' of the New Jerusalem Society, bds City Hotel [the "Old Timer" of the Daily News; died June 23,1896. a. 75-6-27.]
Forrest, Philip Ryder, clerk [died Orange, Los Angeles, Cal.. March 24, 1888. aged 62.]
Forrest, Thos. Lawrence, clerk. H. Norton & Co., bds City Eating House
Fort Dearborn, at junction of Michigan ave and River st, vacated by troops-  Cos. A and B. 5th U.S. Infty. Capt. St. Clair Denny, comdg -  Dec. 29, 1836; now occupied by government employes at work on the harbor
Foss & Brothers, planing-mill, Market street, bet Washington and Madison. On the River.
Foss, John Peaslee, Foss & Brothers' planing-mill
Foss, Robert Harris, Foss & Brothers' planing-mill [died, Dover, N.H., July 28, 1893, aged 79]
Foss, Sam'l Titcomb, Foss & Bros.' planing-mill [d.Mar. 28,1870, a. 59].
Foss, William Ham, Foss & Brothers' planing-mill [died, Portsmouth, N.H., September 1858, aged 50]
Foster, A. H. (Jennings & F.), bds American Temperance House
Foster, Edward, laborer, s.e. cor Pine and Illinois [died, 1458 North Clark St.. Lake View. February 28,1888. aged 80.]
Foster, George Franklin (F. & Robb). bds John B. Mitchell [died August 19, 1877, aged 66.]
Foster, Dr. John Herbert, capitalist, 207 Lake, res same [died May 18. 1874, aged 78.]
Foster & Robb, ship chandlers and sail makers, 100 South Water
Foster, ---, Frink, Walker & Co., bds American Temperance House
Fournmer, Bazil. grocery. North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Fox, Alvin, wagon maker, E. Granger, res Illinois, bet Clark and LaSalle
Fox, George, laborer, res Jefferson, bet Washington and Madison
Foyce, William, sailor, bds Henry Howard
Frank, John, cabinet maker, John B. Weir
Frank, Henry, mason, res W. Monroe, bet Canal and Clinton
Frank, A., house painter, Nathaniel S. dishing, bds same
Franks, Joseph Wilson, tailor. 219½ Lake. s. e. cor Franklin [died, on farm, Centralia, Nemaha Co. Kas., May 8, 1876, aged 73.]
Franks, jr., Joseph Wilson, printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds J. W. Franks [now at Peoria, Ill.]
Frazier, Alfred B., tailor, res bet Clark and State
Frazier, Andrew, tailor, Elmer Tyler, bds same
Free, G. W., draper and tailor, 139 Lake
Freeman, Vincent H, brick maker. North Branch
Freer & DeWolf, attorneys at law, 53 Clark
Freer, Lemuel Covell Paine (F. & DeWolf), res Monroe, bet Clark and LaSalle [died April 14. 1892. aged 78-6-26].
Freer, Miss V. C, teacher public school 2. district 2.
Freestone, Thomas, laborer, near Chicago ave, 5th Ward
Frey, Philip, drug clerk, Leroy M. Boyce, bds Daniel B. Heartt
Frink, John (F., Walker & Co.), stage proprietor, res 117 Randolph [died Sunday p.m.. May 23. 1858, aged 63.
Frink, John S.. clerk, bds John Frink
Frink, Harvey B., clerk, bds John Frink [died, California. Jan. 18.1859]
Frink, Walker & Co., stage proprietors, office 95 Lake, s,-w. cor Dearborn, stables and repair-shops, 45-55 Wabash ave
Frisbie, Augustus [died March 7. 1896, aged 78]
Frost, George, bds Michigan ave
Fulleger, Samuel, butcher, Fulton Market
Fuller, Andrew E., clerk, William Lock & Co., bds William Lock
Fuller, Asa (F. & Squires), res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Fuller, [Judge] Henry, res Dearborn, bet Randolph and Washington [died June 22, 1879. aged 76.]
Fuller, Nelson W., printer, Ellis & Fergus
Fuller & Squires, coopers, South Branch, west side
Fullerton, Alexander Nathaniel, attorney at law, res 90 Dearborn [died, Chester, Vt, September 23, 1880, aged 76].
Fulton, Henry L., carpenter and millwright, res State
Fulton Market, s.-w. cor Lake and Dearborn. C. P. Albee, prop.
Funk, Absalom, butcher, Fulton and Boston Markets, res Wells, bet Washington and Randolph [died September 4, 1851, aged 63.]
Furlong, Michael, bootmaker, Solomon Taylor, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market
Fussey, John, sawyer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward

- G - Surnames
Gaffney, Bernard, leather dresser, Gurnee & Matteson, res 3d Ward, bet W. Randolph and Washington
Gage, E. D., daguerrotype artist, 90 Lake
Gage, Jared, flour dealer, John Gage, res Madison, bet Clark and LaSalle [died March 31, 1880, aged 75]
Gage, John, prop, steam flour-mill, South Branch, west side, res cor Canal and Second [died, Vineland, N.J., Dec. 29, 1890, aged 89]
Gale, Abram, butcher, 22 Clark, bds 163 Lake [died, Oak Park, 111., April 4, 1889, aged 92]
Gale, Mrs. Abram, milliner, etc., 163 Lake, res same
Gale, Stephen F. & Co. (A. H. Burley), books and stationery, 106 Lake
Gale, Stephen Francis (S. F. Gale & Co.), 103 Dearborn
Gallagher, Francis, laborer, res Madison, west of Franklin
Gallagher, Wm. (Hood & G.), res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Galvin, Michael, sailor, res 185 Washington
Galvin, Mrs., res Washington, bet Franklin and Market
Galvin, William, sailor, res Wells, bet Madison and Monroe
Ganar, Austin, gardener, res Dutch Settlement
Garkin, Henry [''Dutch Henry''], laborer, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush [died July 14, 1878, aged 90.]
Garrett, Augustus (G. & Seaman), bds Sauganash Hotel, mayor (6th), president of Board of Health - [died, Sherman House, November 30, 1848, aged 47]
Garrett & Seaman, merchants and insurance agents, 147 South Water
Garrity, Patrick, shoemaker, N. Water, bet N. Clark and Dearborn
Gart, Peter, brewer, Lill & Diversev's, bds same [died, Bowmanville, Ill, March 30, 1892, aged 75]
Garvey, Tim., brickmaker, Wood & Ogden, res N. Water, near North Branch bridge
Gates, Edwin L., blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res Randolph, bet State & Dearborn [died]
Gates, John, carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Gates, Philetus Woodworth (Scoville & G.), res W. Randolph nr Canal [died December 1, 1888, aged 71]
Gates, Ralph, iron founder, Scoville & Gates
Gauch. Jacob P., brewer, Indiana, bet Pine and Sand, res same [died September 9, 1893, aged 68]
Gaugler, Morris, cabinet maker, res Dutch Settlement
Gavin, Edward W., carpenter, res Cass near Kinzie
Gay, John, sailor, res South Water, bet State and Wabash ave
Gebel, Peter, laborer, res. cor. Cass and Pearson [died June 18, 1887, aged 73½]
Gekler, Henry, blacksmith, res LaSalle, bet Lake and South Water
George, Thomas, tin and coppersmith, 197 Lake
Gerome, Samuel, sailor.
Getzler, Anton, hats, caps, and furs, 151 Lake, res same, county assessor and treasurer [died, Wyandotte, Kas., April 2, 1859, aged 55.]
Getzler, Frederick, clerk, Bracken & Tuller, bds Sauganash Hotel
Gherkin, Henry [Dutch Henry, first grave-digger of Chicago, died July, 1877, aged 90.]
Gibbs, George Augustin [died December 8, 1865, aged 54.]
Gilbert & Co., Ashley, dry goods and groceries. South Water
Gilbert, Ashley (A. G. & Co.), bds City Hotel [died]
Gilbert, Edw'd A., med. stud't, Dr. Dan'l Brainard, bds Sam. H. Gilbert
Gilbert, Sam. H., clerk, Dyer & Chapin, res Mich., bet Clark and Dearb. [died December 29, 1879, aged 75]
Gilbert, Sherod, drayman, res Ohio, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died September 25, 1868. aged 73]
Giles, William, gardener. West Lake, 4th Ward [died before May 24. 1850]
Gill, Charles, harness-maker, bds Ed. Gill
Gill, Edmund, tailor, 212 Indiana, res same [Chicago's first ice-man - died, Bowmanville, Ill., August 17, 1867, aged 62½]
Gill, Henry F., teamster, bds Edmund Gill
Gillen, Jacob, tailor, res Dutch Settlement
Gillis, Alexander, carpenter, Alex. Loyd, res 251 Clark
Gilmore, William, laborer, res North Branch near river
Gilson, Hiram L. (Kent & G.), bds City Hotel
Gilson, P., clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Gilson, Stephen R., lumberman, George W. Snow
Gilson, William, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Glansman. John, butcher, Western Market, cor N. Water and Clark
Gleason, Michael, cooper, alley bet Dearborn and Water
Godard, H. B., clerk, Ruel Ambrose, bds same
Goldan, John, stone mason, North Water, bet Clark and LaSalle
Goodman, Fred, tailor, res alley bet LaSalle and Wells
Goodman, Leonard, shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res alley bet LaSalle and Wells
Goodrich, Grant (Spring & G.), res 269 Illinois near Rush [died March 15, 1889, aged 77 1/3]
Goodrich, Timothy Watson, clerk, T. B. Carter, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson
Goodrich, Willard, tinsmith, William Wheeler
Goodsell, L. B., dry goods, etc., 21 Dearborn, res 42 Randolph
Goodwin. Francis P., planemaker, res W. Lake, bet Water and Canal
Goold, Nathaniel (G. & Dodge), res n.e. cor N. Dearborn and Michigan [died February 9, 1887, aged 72.]
Goold & Dodge, saloon, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Goss, John (S. W. G. & Co.), Sylvester Marsh, bds City Refectory
Goss, Samuel W. & Co., dry goods and groceries, 98 Lake
Goss, Samuel W. (Sam. W. G. & Co.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Gould, Ambrose B., sailor, res Indiana, bet Pine and St. Clair
Goulet, Gabriel, boarding-house and grocery, Canada Home, N. Water
Govro, John, cooper, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Gowey, Solomon, blacksmith, res State [died, Gardner, Ill., February 3, 1893, aged 83.]
Graff, Jacob, farmer, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush
Graff. Peter, carpenter, res Monroe, bet Clark and State [died March 5, 1884, aged 39]
Graham, Hugh, teamster, North Water, bet Franklin and Wells
Graham, W., hostler. Western Hotel
Granger, Elihu. iron founder (G. & VanOsdel), res North Water, bet LaSalle and Wells
Granger & VanOsdel, iron foundry, N. Water, bet LaSalle and Wells
Grannis, Amos, carpenter, Edina place
Grannis, Samuel Johnson, boot and shoemaker, 150 Lake, bds American Temperance House [died December 14, 1864, aged 79¾. ]
Grannis, Samuel Willis, hatter, Lucian P. Sanger
Graves, Dexter, livery stable, alley 46 State, res 42 State [died April 29, 1845, aged 55.]
Graves, Henry, livery stable, alley 46 State, bds Dexter Graves
Graves, Lorin, horse dealer, res " The Cottage," 3 miles south shore [died September 11, 1852, aged 39.]
Graves, Peter, butcher, res 6th Ward
Graves, Sheldon, woodenware, at H. Norton & Co., bds Tremont [died February 13. 1895, aged 81.]
Gray & Butler, livery stable, n.e. cor Dearborn and Randolph
Gray, Chas. McNeill, grain-cradle maker, 80 Dearborn, res 82 Dearborn [12th mayor, died October 17, 1885, aged 78¾.
Gray, Franklin D., clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Ethan Walter
Gray, George Morris, with Chas. M. Gray, bds 82 Dearborn, [a resident of Milwaukee from Sept., 1840, to Sept., 1846 [d. June 1.1895, a. 77]
Gray, John (G. & Butler), res 86 Randolph [died, Grayland. Ill., July 6, 1889, aged 78-7-27.]
Gray, John L., grocer, n.e. cor N. Water and N. Clark [died December 23, 1856.]
Gray, Jos. Henry, groceries & provisions, 83 S. Water, bds E. Manierre
Gray, William B. H., clerk, Joseph H. Gray, bds Columbian House [died August 13, 1885, aged 4?]
Gregg, David R, carpenter, N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Gregory, Edward M., prop. Western Hotel, W. Randolph, s.e. cor Canal
Gregory, William F., printer, bds Western Hotel
Green, Mark T., clerk, Stevens & Carpenter, bds Mrs. Green
Green, Mrs. Margaret, boarding-house, n.e. cor Clark and Washington
Green, Russell, clerk, John M. Underwood [died, Geneva Lake, Wis., May 15, 1880, aged 71¾.]
Green, William, clerk, Charles Buhl, bds Mrs. Green
Greenwood, John, teamster, William Lill, res 284 Kinzie, east of Rush
Greenwood, Theophilus, clerk, James E. Bishop, res Ontario, bet Wolcott and Dearborn
Greer, Samuel, carpenter, res North Water, bet Clark and Franklin. alderman 5th ward
Greuel, Geo., blacksmith, W. N. Humphrey [died before Feb. 20, 1850.]
Grey, Charles, laborer, 2d Ward
Gridley, George W., auction and commission, 85 Lake
Griffin, Charles, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Griffin & Vincent, brokers, South Water, bet Dearborn and State
Griswold, Charles E., clerk, Gurdon S. Hubbard, bds Dan. S. Griswold
Griswold, Daniel S., attorney, res 249 Kinzie, near Wolcott
Griswold, David Dunham, writer, bds Daniel S. Griswold
Griswold, Henry A., clerk, Augustus Garrett, bds Sauganash Hotel
Grose, Jacob, teamster, alley bet W. Washington and W. Madison and Jefferson and Clinton
Grose, John, miller, John Gage, res Jackson, 2d Ward
Gross, Michael, tanner [died April 6, 1882, aged 69¾.]
Gross, Sarah, res Madison
Gruel, George, blacksmith, LaSalle, res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells [died before February 11, 1851.]
Guenther, Heinrich Christin Diederich, sailor, res cor Michigan and Cass [died March 17, 1884, aged 84-11-16]
Guild, Albert H., (went to St. Louis in 1840)
Gumperston, John, waiter, City Hotel
Gurley, Jason, hatter, Lorenzo P. Sanger [died April 19, 1865, a. 58.]
Gurnee, Walter Smith (G. & Matteson), city treas'r, res 47-9 Dearborn, 11th mayor
Gurnee & Matteson, groceries, hardware, and leather, 116 Lake

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