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Directory of the city of Chicago, Illinois for 1843
Chicago: Fergus Print. Co., 1896

From August to December, 1843
Transcribed by K. Torp, ©2007
Remarks.—It has been the design to include in this Directory the names of all persons and all firms in the City; to arrange them alphabetically; and in every instance to give the correct spelling. There may be cases, however, where names may have been accidentially inserted in the wrong connection, and cases also of incorrect orthography. Abbreviations, which occur only in a very few words, will readily be understood: bet stands for between; res for residence; bds for boards; Rand for Randolph; Mad for Madison; Wash for Washington; etc. The word street in most instances is omitted. The place of business uniformly precedes the residence.
Very few of the buildings were numbered, except Lake Street; the numbers now given are those of the present, (1896).
The deaths in most cases, except as otherwise stated, occurred in Chicago.

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P Surnames
Packard, Robert, teamster, res Randolph, bet State and Dearborn
Page, Francis, carpenter, Sturges & Stubbs, bds City Refectory
Page, Peter, mason builder, bds William L. Church [died August 1, 1880, aged 66.]
Page, Thomas, clerk, Chicago Post-Office
Paine, James Sparks, saddler and harness maker, 13 Dearborn [died. Linn Co., Kan., October 22, 1866, aged 65-8-23]
Paine, Seth, dry goods merchant [died June 6, 1872, aged 56]
Paintor, Jos., tailor, Scott Benedik, res Chapman's bldg, s.-w. cor Wells
Paintor, Mathias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement Palm, John, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Palmer, A. H., painter, North Clark, cor Illinois, res same
Palmeter, David, res South Water
Pardee, Theron, commission merchant, North Water s.e. cor Kinzie [died August 19, 1888, aged 72½]
Parker, John (P. & Dodge), res 113 Dearborn [died 1890.]
Parker & Dodge, auctioneers and commission merchants, 6 Clark
Parry, Samuel (Johnson & P.), res cor Ohio and Cass
Parsons, Edward (Clark, Haines & Co.), bds Daniel B. Heartt - [died January 18, 1875, aged 65]
Parsons, Samuel M., book-keeper, John B. F. Russell, bds Farmers' Exchange
Pattee, David, provision packer, Sylvester Marsh
Patten, James, carpenter, res alley bet Wells and Franklin
Pattent, --- , bds Mrs. Green
Patterson, John, porter, Mansion House
Patterson, John Gibson, clerk, Horace Butler [died, Libertyville, Ill., October 3, 1887. aged 70]
Patterson, Robert Wilson, Presby. minister, res State near Randolph [died, Evanston, Ill., March 28, 1894, aged 7?]
Peacoard, Joseph, cooper, res N. Water, bet Wolcott and Dearborn
Peacock, Elijah, watchmaker and jeweler, 195 Lake, res Madison near Wells [died August 25, 1889, aged 71]
Peacock, Joseph (P. & Thatcher), res Madison. Ibet Clark and Wells [died May 13, 1886, aged 72¾]
Peacock & Thatcher, gunsmiths, 155½ Lake
Pearson, George Tiffany, [died, Springfield, Ill., June 21, 1862. a. 33]
Pearson, Parker H., clerk, Ruel Ambrose, bds same
Pearsons, Hiram, speculator, bds Tremont House [died, Almeda, Cal, August 11, 1868. aged 57]
Pease, Simeon, butcher, Fulton Market
Peck, Azel, carpenter and builder, res S. Clinton, bet Washington and Madison, alderman 3d ward [died, Delavan. Wis.. Oct. 1, 1849. age 51]
Peck, Charles Edwin, saddler & harness maker, 164 Lake, res LaSulle. n.-w. cor Washington
Peck, David, medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard, bds Mrs. Post
Peck, David, bds Mrs. Waggoner, Lake, west of Wells
Peck, Philip Ferdinand Wheeler, capitalist, res 248 Clark, n.-w. cor Jackson [died October 23, 1871, aged 62¾] Peck, Sheldon Whittlesey (P. & Boyce), bds Cyrenius Beers [resides at Beloit, Ill.]
Peck & Boyce, linseed-oil factory, 286-8 Madison
Pelton, Elias S., mason, bds Washington Hall, North Clark
Penny, Arthur John, brick maker, bds John Penny [died, unmarried, August 12, 1849, aged 26-0-8]
Penny, George William, brick maker, bds John Penny [died September 11, 1868, aged 43-11-7]
Penny, John, brick maker, near North Branch, 5th Ward [died August 11. 1851, aged 58-10-29.
Penton, David Russel, clerk, Dr. John Brinckerhoff, bds same [died, Melbourne, Australia, 1854, aged 29]
Penton, Thomas B., clerk, Clarke & Co., bds Dr. John Brinckerhoff
Periolat, Clemens, grocer, 223 Lake, res same
Periolat, F. A., soap and candle maker, N. Franklin near Indiana
Perkins, A., clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds Orin Sherman
Perkins, Daniel (P. & Fenton), bds Chicago Temperance House
Perkins & Fenton, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 141 Randolph
Perrior, William, jailer, Jail, Randolph, s.e. cor LaSalle [died before May 4, 1852.]
Perry, Abijah S., barber, ex-justice of peace, res Governm't Reservation [died September 9, 1849]
Peterman, John (John Hettinger & Co.), res North Water Peterson, George, captain schooner St. Joseph, res Canal, bet W. Washington and Madison
Petitt, William, harness maker, C. E. Peck [died]
Petrie, Philip, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor, res N. Dearborn, 6th Ward [died November 30. 1890. aged 76]
Pfeifer, Kasper, shoemaker, Thomas Melvin, bds same
Pfund, John (Pfund & Co.), res 14 Clark [died Feb. 14. 1872, a. 65]
Pfund & Co. (Frederick Weiss), bread and cracker bakers. 14 Clark
Phelps, Pallas, attorney. Dearborn, res cor Dearborn and Washington
Philipp, Solomon, merchant, bds Washington Hall
Phillips, John, wood turner, 27 Franklin, n.e. cor Lake, res same [died December 11, 1869, aged 75]
Phillips, John, jr., wood turner, bds John Phillips [died November 10. 1880, aged 53]
Phillips, William, wood turner, bds John Phillips [died May 20, 1870. aged 54¾
Pierce, Asahel, blacksmith, 20 Market, bet Lake and Randolph, res West Lake [died December 13, 1887, aged 75½]
Pierce (Asahel) & Witbeck (Henry), blacksmiths, Market, bet Lake and Randolph
Pierce, John, sailor, res Dearborn, 1st Ward
Pierce, Royal, cooper
Pierce, Smith Dyer.
Pike, Daniel, laborer, res North Water near Franklin
Pike, jr., Thomas, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin. bds William L. Church
Pinkerton, Allan, cooper, res Jackson near Pacific ave [died July 1, 1884. aged 65]
Pitkin, Nathaniel (Sherman & P.). res 77 Clark near Randolph
Pitney, Aaron, homoeopathic physician, 100 Lake, res Kinzie near Clark [died January 7, 1865, aged 72].
Pitt, William, sawyer, West Water, bet Lake and Randolph
Plagge, George, shoemaker, North Water, res same [died December 28. 1872]
Poole, Jasper W., sailor [died January 24, 1883. aged 78½]
Pomeroy, T. S.. bds City Hotel
Pope, John, butcher, Eri Reynolds, res State
Porter, Augustine, lumber [d., Oak Park, Ill., Apr. 10,1880. a. 82-7-20.]
Porter, Hibbard (Bristol & P.), res 208 Clark, n.-w. cor Adams [died May 30, 1879, aged 72]
Post, E. J., clerk, Bowen & Cole, bds Mrs. Post
Post, Frederick L., bds Mrs. Post
Post, Mrs., boarding-house, 79 Clark, bet Randolph and Washington
Post-office, 37 Chirk, near Lake, William Stuart, postmaster
Pottgieser, Giesbert, [died August 17, 1887, aged 73]
Poussard, Joseph, shipcarpenter, res North Branch, 4th Ward
Powell, I. N., editor and publisher Northwestern Baptist, 124 Lake
Powell, John P., cabinet maker, John B. Weir
Power, Richard, stonemason, bds Charles McDonnell
Powless, John, shoemaker, Joseph E. Ware
Prairie Farmer, John S.Wright, prop.. John S.Wright, J. A.Wight, and John Gage, editors, 112 Lake
Praler, Adam, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Pratt, John, ass't-foreman, Foss Bros., planing-mill, res Market
Pratt, Moses Griswold, carpenter, res W. Water, cor Kinzie, 4th Ward [died October 20, 1887, aged. 83-4.]
Pratt, Wm., foreman Foss Bros., planing-mill, res Market near Rand.
Prescott, Eli Sherburne, canal-agent, 35-7 Cass, n.e. cor Illinois [died, Waukegan, January 3, 1879, aged 69] Preston, John B., clerk, Ogden & Jones
Price, Abner, bricklayer, bds Cornelius Price
Price, Cornelius, bricklayer, [died, Libertyville, Ill.]
Price, Cornelius, jr., bricklayer, Alson S. Sherman
Price, Jeremiah, res South Water, bet LaSalle and Wells, member board of health [died July 12, 1854]
Price, John Maloy, bricklayer [died, Libertyville, Ill.. January 4, 1879, aged 64]
Price, William, bricklayer, [died December 31, 1884, aged 63-2.
Price, William, sash factory, South Water, west of Clark [died. Isthmus of Panama, en route to California, 1849, aged 45.]
Prindiville, John, sailor, bds Maurice Prindiville
Prindiville, Maurice, laborer, res Chicago ave, n.-w. cor. Wolcott
Prindiville, Redmond, sailor, bds Maurice Prindiville
Prindiville, Thos. J., bds Maurice Prindiville [died Jan. 18,1870, a. 38]
Protine, Francis, cooper, res N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie

Q Surnames
Quarters, Walter, Catholic priest, bds 114 Michigan ave
Quarters, William, first Catholic bishop of Chicago, 114 Michigan ave, n.-w. cor Madison [died April 10, 1848, aged 42.]
Quick, John, shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis

R Surnames
Raber, John, harness maker, S. B. Cobb, bds same
Raber, Philip, laborer, 338 State, opp. Congress [died January 27, 1865, aged 71]
Ransom, J. W., dry goods merchant, res 179 Clark, s.e. cor Monroe
Rantz, Henry, laborer, res Michigan, bet LaSalle and Wells
Rappee, P., laborer, res Lake Shore, 1st Ward
Raskupp, John, laborer, Silas B. Cobb
Rathbone, Ward, groceries, fruits, etc., 141 Lake [died, Geneva, Ill.]
Rattle & Co. (Sam. Rattle), Francis, boots, shoes, and leather, 133 Lake
Rattle, Francis (R. & Co.), [died August 19, 1859]
Rattle, Samuel (F. R. & Co.), bds Tremont
Ravencraft, William, bds Henry Howard
Ray, Thomas, mason, res South Branch near Washington
Raymond & Co., Benjamin W., staple dry goods and groceries, 81
South Water, s.-w. cor State, office, 122 Lake, upstairs
Raymond, Benjamin Wright (B. W. R. & Co.), res 120 Washington [Chicago's 3d mayor, died April 5, 1883, aged 82]
Raymond, George Wright, clerk, B. W. R. & Co., 122 Lake [died, Barfield, Ark., November 1, 1871, aged 54]
Reading Room (Y. M. A.), 37 Clark, 2d story, C. R. Larrabee, librarian
Receiver's office, U.-S., 98 Lake, upstairs, Geo. L. Ward, receiver
Recorder's office, Court-House, s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph
Reed, Frederick, porter, City Hotel
Reed, Robert, mason, res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph
Reed, Stilman O., laborer, bds John Davlin
Reed, William, carpenter, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson [died January 9, 1891, aged 83-8-15]
Rees, James Hollingshead, surveyor, Ogden & Jones, bds Mrs. Haight [died September 20, 1880, aged 67¼]
Rees, Thomas, house painter, Alex. White
Register's office, U.-S., 92 Lake, upstairs, John H. Kinzie, register
Rehm, Jacob, laborer, res n.e. cor Hinsdale and Rush [died January 28, 1870, aged 69.]
Rehm, Jacob, jr., teamster, res Jacob Rehm
Reis, Jacob Nicholas, harness maker, bds 175 State [died, Frankfort, Tenn., April 3, 1896, aged 70]
Reis, John Mathias, shoemaker, bds 175 State [d. May 8,1884, a. 62]
Reis, John Peter, retired, 175 State
Reis, John Peter, jr., shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis, bds 175 State [died January 2, 1881, aged 50]
Reis, Nicholas, water carrier, bds 175 State [died April 13,1874]
Reis, Peter, water carrier, res 171 State [d. March 2. 1870, aged 54]
Render, Daniel, tailor, res Ohio, bet Cass and Rush
Revenue office, 38 Clark, Seth Johnson, deputy-collector
Rew, Norman (R. & Russell), res State
Rew & Russell, grocery and ball-alley, 77 South Water
Reynolds, Eri, butcher and packer, South Branch, res Dearborn [died April 15, 1851]
Reynolds, E. G., clerk, bds 145 Clark
Reynolds, George W., clerk, Eri Reynolds
Rhines, Henry, carpenter, deputy sheriff, police constable, res 46 LaSalle [died August 20, 1852, aged 45]
Rice, Joseph, Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
Rich, Michael, mason, west of Clark and south of First
Richards, John James, clerk, Ashley Gilbert, res Mrs. Coffin [died, Kankakee, Ill., January 29, 1891, aged 65]
Rider, Eli A., clerk, Charles L. P. Hogan [went to Aurora, Ill.]
Riley, John, laborer, Michigan, bet Rush and Pine
Ritchie, Alexander, blacksmith, Asahel Pierce
Robb, George Augustus (Foster & R.), bds John B. Mitchell [died, Havana, Cuba. 1857]
Robb, Thomas Patten, clerk, bds John B. Mitchell [died near Glenwood, CaL, April 19, 1895, aged 67]
Roberts, Alexander, butcher, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died September 3, 1876, aged 70]
Roberts, David Lewis, Chicago Temperance House, 17-19 LaSalle [died, Jefferson, Ill., December 30, 1864. aged 63]
Roberts, Henry Lewis, shoemaker, South Water, res North Water
Roberts, James S., chair painter, John B. Weir
Roberts, John T., drover, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison
Robertson, Cyrus C, clerk, Horace H. Yates
Robertson, David, Sauganash Hotel
Robertson, James, shipcarpenter, res cor North Water and Rush
Robinson, Alexander, farmer, res South Branch, 3d Ward [died April 23, 1872]
Robinson, George, printer, Ellis & Fergus
Robinson, James, carpenter, res West Monroe, 3d ward
Robinson, John, housemover, res Adams, bet Clark and State
Robinson, P. P., bootmaker, 139 Lake
Robinson, S. S., grocer, 184 Lake, res same
Rochester, James H., commission merchant
Rockwell, James, boarding-house, Clark, bet Washington and Madison
Roden, James, laborer, bds Charles McDonnell
Roder, John, blacksmith, James O. Humphrey
Rodgers, John, forwarding and storage, North Water, east of N. State
Rofinot, Peter Francois
Rogers, Edward Kendall (Horace Norton & Co.), res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died, Eastman, Ga., May 2, 1883, aged 70]
Rogers, George A., book-keeper, Horace Norton & Co.
Rogers, George W.. prop. Chicago Hotel, West Lake, n.e. cor Canal [died February 4, 1867, aged 63]
Rogers, John, lard-oil maker, res North Water [died April 3, 1849]
Rooney, O., laborer, res South Canal, bet Lake and Randolph
Rooney, William, blacksmith, [died May 5, 1885, aged 71 1/8
Root, Josiah Sackett, carpenter, res Dearborn, bet Madison and Monroe [died, Buffalo, N.Y., April 28, 1884]
Rose, Freeman, wagon-maker, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Rose, John, clerk, Murray & Brand
Rose, Russell
Ross, George, blacksmith, William Otis Snell
Rossetter, Asher. dry goods and groceries, 92 Lake, bds Cyprian C. Norton [died before May 14, 1858]
Rossiter, Gilbert, clerk, Norton & Case, bds Cyprian C. Norton
Rossiter, Luther, lumber merchant, res Newton Rossiter [died. Lake Forest, Ill., October 3, 1888, aged 74-8-14.] Rossiter, Newton, lumber merchant, office S. Water, res 15 Franklin, yard, west side of Franklin, bet Lake and South Water [died May 24, 1850, aged 62-1-5]
Row, Jonathan, sawyer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward
Rowlatt, William, Bethel clergyman, bds Henry Smith
Rowlatt, Mrs. William A., teacher of French, bds Henry Smith
Rowley, Aldrich, shoemaker, res Market
Rowley, Thomas E., teamster, Absolom Funk
Rucker, Edward A., law student, H. L. Rucker [d. June 19,1872. a. 61]
Rucker, Henry L., justice of the peace, 41 Clark, res same [died January 7, 1867, aged 57-0-28]
Rue, John Campbell, carpenter, 156 Clark, res same [died, Elgin, Ill., June 11, 1892, aged 83]
Rumsey, Geo. Frederick, clerk, Newberry & Dole, bds Geo. W. Dole [died June 17, 1881, aged 60½]
Rumsey, Julian Sidney, clerk, Newberry & Dole, res Geo. W. Dole [18th mayor, died April 20, 1886, aged 63-0-17]
Russ, John, teamster and vet. surgeon, res cor S. Clinton and Madison
Russell. Chester G. (Rew & R.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Russell, Francis C, bds Mrs. Green
Russell, Jacob, proprietor City Hotel, 58-66 Clark, n.-w. cor Randolph [died April 4, 1860, aged 60½]
Russell, Col. John Benj. Frazier, land and insurance agent, notary, 38 Clark, res 261 Indiana, near Wolcott [died Jan. 3, 1861]
Russell, Martin, sailor, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie [lost in Lake Michigan, November, 1845]
Rutledge, Thomas, laborer, res West Lake, bet Water and Canal
Ryan, Edward, laborer, res Franklin, bet Randolph and Washington.
Ryan, John, boarding-house, 42 South Water
Ryer, George (George R. & Co.), bds City Hotel
Ryer & Co., George, merchant tailors, 48 Clark
Ryerson, Joseph Turner (R. & Blaikie), bds Tremont House [died March 9, 1883, aged 70]
Ryerson & Blaikie, iron, nails, etc., dry goods and groceries, 74 Lake

S Surnames
Salisbury, T. W., dry goods and groceries, South Water near Clark
Saltonstall, Francis G., clerk, Parker & Dodge, res Wm.W. Saltonstall
Saltonstall, Wm., fish dealer, res W. Madison, bet Clinton and Jefferson [died August 13, 1886, aged 77¾]
Saltonstall, Wm. Wanton, assignee in bankruptcy, res 238 Madison [died March 18, 1862, aged 69]
Sammons, Benjamin, cooper, bds Frederick Sammons
Sammons, E. W., cooper, res Adams
Sammons, Frederick, cooper, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [frozen to death at Calumet, December, 1848] Sammons, Joel, cooper, Adams near Clark
Sammons, Joseph H., cooper, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson
Samuel, William, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward
Sandusky, Michael, chairmaker, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin
Sanger, James Young (L. P. Sanger & Co.), bds Mrs. Green [died July 3, 1867, aged 53¼]
Sanger, Lorenzo P. (L. P. S. & Co.), [died March 23, 1875]
Sanger, Lucian P., contractor, [died, Ottawa, Ill.]
Sanger & Co. (J. Y. Sanger), Lorenzo P., hats, caps, and furs, 110 Lake
Satterlee, Merrit Lawrence, dry goods and groceries, South Water, bds Tremont House [died January 27, 1894, aged 79.]
Sauganash Hotel, east side Market, north of alley, s.e. cor Lake, Levi M. Ousterhoudt, prop. [The Republican Wigwam, where Lincoln was nominated in 1860, occupied its site.]
Sauter, Charles (Charles & Jacob S.), res 212 Lake, alderman 2d ward [died, Blue Island, Ill., May 18, 1877, aged 66½]
Sauter, Jacob (Charles & Jacob S.), res 212 Lake [died March 10, 1865, aged 48]
Sauter, Charles & Jacob, boot and shoemakers, 212 Lake
Savage, Maurice
Sawyer, Nathaniel, clerk, Sidney Sawyer [died, Lake Forest, Ill., November 13, 1890, aged 67]
Sawyer, Sidney, drugs, medicines, groceries, etc., 124 Lake, bds City Hotel [died July 12, 1894, aged 83]
Sawyer, Wm. Henry, butcher, [died May 7, 1888, aged 66-10]
Scales, Charles Rich, clerk, Ward Rathbone, bds same
Scammon, Jonathan Young (S. & Judd), reporter supreme court, res 91 Michigan ave [died March 17, 1890, aged 77½]
Scammon & Judd, attorneys, 123 Lake
Schall, Andre, boarding-house and saloon, 207-9 Randolph [died May 5, 1872]
Schaller, Andrew, family grocery, 209 Lake, res same [died, Elgin, Ill., September 7, 1863, aged 49 8-1]
Schank, Lewis G., currier, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Schenk, Henry, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Schernerman, Michael, baker, Pfund & Co.
Schlatter, Charles L., U.-S. government agent, res Fort Dearborn
Schmidt, Mathias, carpenter, res Dutch Settlement
Schular, Mathias, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor
Schuttler, Christian, laborer, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair
Schuttler, Peter, wagonmaker, 224 Randolph, s.e. cor Franklin, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair [died January 16, 1865, aged 53]
Scorgie, William, lumber merchant, 204 Lake
Scott, James Howie, sashmaker, s.e. cor W. Madison and Canal, res Jefferson, nr 12th [died, Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 23, 1880, a. 76]
Scott, John, carpenter, res South Canal, 3d Ward [died, Oswego, N.Y., 1870, aged 68.]
Scott, Dr. Robert, [died, Oswego, N.Y., April 5, 1882, aged 67-9-22.
Scott, Stephen J. [died en route to California, Sept., 1852; buried on the Peninsula; his wid. died, Naperville, Ill., Sept., 1859.]
Scott, William, shoemaker, bds Jacob S. Curtis .
Scougale, A., wagonmaker, near cor State and Lake
Scoville, Charles Foot
Scoville, Hiram Henry, apprentice, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville
Scoville, Hiram Huff (S. & Gates), res s. w. cor Randolph and West Water [died March 26, 1879, aged 84]
Scoville, Ives, blacksmith, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville
Scoville, Jas. Addison, bookkeeper, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville
Scoville, William H., machinist [died May 24, 1884, aged 61]
Scoville & Gates, machinists, millwrights, blacksmiths, and founders, s.-w. cor West Washington and West Water Scranton, Abner R., with N. Scranton [died, Lake Bluff, Ill., August 5, 1885, aged 56]
Scranton, Noah, block, pump, and spar maker, Wolcott, s.e. cor North Water [died April, 1860
Scranton, Noah, jr., with N. Scranton [died July 8, 1875, aged 53]
Scruder, Marcus, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson
Sealey, George, grocer, South Water, west of State
Seaman, jr., Willett, clerk, Bracken & Tuller, bds Sauganash Hotel
Searles, Samuel V., machinist
Seaton, Israel, carpenter, Washingtpn, bet Wells and Franklin
Seebor, Christopher, agent Kelley's patent pump, Theron Pardee's warehouse
Seeley, Rufus R., hats and caps, 225 Lake
Seger Joseph, water carrier, res Dutch Settlement
Sensor, John Washington (Cruver & S.), res s.-w. cor North Clark and Michigan [died, Hawkeye, Ia., November 27, 1885, aged 73]
Sergeant, S. H., bartender, New York House
Serry, Edward P., blacksmith, William Otis Snell, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush
Sexton, Stephen, carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush [died April 7, 1861, aged 51]
Seybold, F. E., blacksmith, Randolph near Wells
Shaddle, Miss Ellen, teacher, 120 Clark
Shaddle, Peter, upholsterer, 45 Clark, res south of First [died, Evanston, Ill., February 1, 1883, aged 84]
Shapley, Morgan L., ship-carpenter, res Government Reservation
Sharer, George, tailor, John H. Hodgson, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison
Shaw, Isaiah, clerk, Charles Follansbee
Shaw, John O. (Clarke & Co.), bds City Hotel
Shaw, Joseph, carpenter, res cor Jefferson and West Washington
Shay, John, laborer, John Dennis
Shay, Michael, res N. Wells, bet North Water and Kinzie [died "from neglect," August 23, 1850]
Shelby, Daniel, sailor captain, res 47 Adams [died Dec. 3,1852, a. 40.]
Sheldon, C. P., clerk, Philo C. Sheldon
Sheldon, Philo C, groceries and provisions, 254 Lake, junction of S. Water and Lake, res Franklin
Shepherd, Hiram, mason, res Market, bet Randolph and Washington
Shepherd, Rob't, carpenter and builder, res Cass, bet Indiana and Ohio [died February 4, 1872, aged 64 2/3.
Shepherd, Thomas J., mason, res Market
Shergold, Thomas, house and sign painter, bds H. H. Husted [died May 5, 18170, aged 56]
Sheriff, John, book-keeper, Jas. P. Allen, cor W. Canal and W. Water
Sherman, Alson Smith, builder, (Johonnett, Wells & Co.), res W.Washington near Clinton [7th mayor]
Sherman, Benj. F., dry goods and groceries, cor Lake and Clark [died, Buffalo, N.Y., April 19, 1885, aged 70.]
Sherman, Ezra Lewis (Ballentine & S.), bds City Hotel [died Riverside, Cook Co., Ill., Feb. 14, 1881, aged 63.]
Sherman, Francis Cornwall, brickmaker and builder, res Michigan ave, county commissioner [5th mayor, died November 7, 1870, aged 65]
Sherman, Francis Trowbridge, clerk, H. H. Husted, bds F. C. Sherman
Sherman, jr., Nathaniel, dry goods and groceries, 158 Lake, res LaSalle near Lake [died September 25, 1852, aged 34½]
Sherman, Oren (S. & Pitkin), res 79 Clark
Sherman, Robert D., agent, Benj. F. Sherman, res Clark, bet Madison and Monroe
Sherman, Silas Wooster, [elected sheriff Cook County in 1834 and 1836 died, Chocolate Bayou, Texas, August 15, 1852, aged 61]
Sherman, Wm. George, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds Oren Sherman [died September 7, 1867, aged 41½.]
Sherman [Oren] & Pitkin [Nath'l], dry goods and groceries, 107 Lake
Sherry, Thomas, clerk, Ira B. Eddy & Bro. [died, Bloomington, Ill., October 17, 1860]
Sherwood, R. W., teacher of penmanship, bds Mrs. Post
Sherwood, Smith Jones, jeweler and watchmaker, 144 Lake, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison
Sherwood, jr., William, jeweler, Smith J. Sherwood, bds same
Shinnager, Joseph, res cor N. LaSalle and Ohio
Shitz, Peter, wagonmaker
Shoemaker, Conrad, sailor, res near N. Water, bet Dearb. and Wolcott
Shoemaker, Joseph, mason, res 5th Ward
Short, Jacob, farmer, res near Franklin and South Water
Short, Mrs., res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells
Shrigley, John
Shubart (Scott), Benedict, merchant tailor, 183 Lake, res same [died April 1, 1854, aged 42]
Shurr, William (Hatch & S.), res South Water near Dearborn
Sicar & Co., groceries and boarding-house, N. Water near Dearborn
Simons, Edward, butcher, res Jefferson [died Aug. 30, 1876, a. 60½]
Simpson, Andrew, mason, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson
Simpson, John, mason, res S. Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [died before May 12,1851]
Sinclair, Lewis George, painter, 47 LaSalle [died, St. Charles, Ill., September 26,1860, aged 60]
Skinner, Charles (S. & Smith), Mansion House
Skinner, Mark (Beaumont & S.), master-in-chancery, res Illinois, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died, Manchester, NH., Sept. 16, 1887, a. 74]
Skinner & Smith, proprietors Mansion House, 86-8 Lake
Slater, J. E., warehouseman, Newberry & Dole [murdered by Indians, Rogue River, Cal., August 27, 1851.]
Slaton, John L., farmer, res , bet Wells and Franklin
Sleuinan, W. H., shoemaker, Charles & Jacob Sauter
Sloan, Edward, soap-maker, at J. Johnston's [died Oct. 31,1889, a. 85]
Slocum, Edward L., druggist, bds Henry B. Clarke
Smale, William, carpenter, res W. Monroe, 3d Ward
Small, William, blacksmith, North Water
Smith, Abial, printer, Democrat office, bds Lake Street House [died, Lockport, Ill., January 25,1889, aged 80.]
Smith, Andrew, lumber merchant, Market near Lake, res Clark, bet Monroe and Adams [died October 28,1851]
Smith, Barney, butcher, res Michigan ave, rear n.-w. cor of Madison [died at sea off Ireland before 1860]
Smith, Benjamin, tailor, cor Clark and Lake, res 145 Clark [died January 10, 1891, aged 76]
Smith, Charles A., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman
Smith, Charles Billings, Baptist clergyman, bds Mrs. Merriam [died, Grand Rapids, Mich., September 17, 1890, aged 76]
Smith, Christie, teamster, cowherd, res Adams, west of Clark [died October 14,1893, aged 80]
Smith, C. D., clerk, Gurdon S. Hubbard, res Dearborn
Smith, David Sheppard, homoeopathist, office Clark, res 118 LaSalle [died April 29, 1891, aged 75-0-9.]
Smith, Elijah (Henry & Elijah S.), res Ohio, bet Dearb. and Wolcott [died July 15, 1879, aged 70.
Smith, George (George Smith & Co.), bds City Hotel Smith & Co., George, bankers and exchange brokers, 1 LaSalle
Smith, Henry (Henry & Elijah S.), res Ohio, bet Dearb. and Wolcott [died December 26,1866, aged 69]
Smith, Henry & Elijah, dry goods and groceries, 146 Lake
Smith, Hiram B., tinsmith, Wm. Wheeler & Co., res cor Lake and Wells
Smith, James, shoemaker, David Jay
Smith, James Ayer, clerk, L, P. Sanger & Co,, res Lake [died July 22, 1875, aged 68]
Smith, John E,, clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman
Smith, John L,, clerk, Humphreys & Winslow
Smith, John M., hatter, L, P, Sanger & Co,, res Clark
Smith, John T,, auctioneer, John Bates, jr., bds same
Smith, Joseph Flint (Skinner & S,), Mansion House
Smith, -- , shoemaker, John B. Mitchell
Smith, Michael, laborer, west of Clark, south of VanBuren
Smith, Michael, harness maker, Silas B. Cobb
Smith, Miss M., teacher public school 3, district 4
Smith, Nicholas, laborer, res 2d Ward
Smith, Orson, city collector, marshal, street commissioner, and health officer, res 181 Wabash ave [died January 29, 1863, aged 61¾]
Smith, Samuel Lisle, attorney at law, 268 Michigan, s.-w. cor Rush [died July 30, 1854, aged 37]
Smith, Samuel P,, clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, bds Mrs. Haight [died, Bureau Co,, Ill., October 2, 1862, aged 46] Smith, Theophilus Washington, attorney (S. & Ballingall), 6 Clark [died May 6, 1846, aged 60]
Smith, Thomas, teamster, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington [died before August 27, 1856]
Smith, Waldo Wait, clerk, Samuel J, Surdam [died, Jefferson, Ill., May 25, 1882, aged 63]
Smith, William, carpenter, bds Mrs, Post [died 1853]
Smith & Ballingall, attorneys at law, 6 Clark
Snell, William Otis, blacksmith, North Water near Wolcott [died September 3, 1865, aged 53]
Snider, Jacob, currier, Gurnee & Matteson
Snook, Samuel, carpenter, res Dearborn, 1st Ward
Snow, George Washington, lumber merchant, S, Water, res 244-6 State. s.-w. cor Jackson [died, en route to Philadelphia, at Altoona, Pa., July 29, 1870, aged 72-10-13]
Snow, Ira, teamster
Snowhook, William Bergen [Snow's O'Hook], grocer, 10 Clark, res Kinzie, 6th Ward [died May 5, 1882, aged 80]
Soden, Dr. Wm. Hill, res s.-w. cor LaSalle and Ontario [died July 12, 1850, aged 41]
Sofftje, Charles, music teacher, bds John H. Kinzie
Sollitt, John, carpenter and builder, res W. Adams near Jefferson [died April 5, 1895, aged 81-4-16]
Soper, Palmer, sawyer, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington
Soraghan, John, teamster, res Michigan, bet N. Clark and LaSalle
Southern Hotel, n.-w. cor State and 12th, G. M. Jackson, prop.
Spahn, William, shoemaker, [died April —, 1890]
Spar, Andrew, stonemason, res near Rush and Chicago ave
Spaulding, C, carpenter, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison
Spear, Hugh S., caterer, Washington Coffee House, 89 Lake [died, Kenosha, Wis., January 22, 1886, aged 74]
Speer, Isaac, watch and clockmaker, 36 Dearborn, res Monroe, opp. Dearborn [died September 20, 1879, aged 69¾]
Speer, Thomas, tailor, Elijah Smith, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison [died June 6, 1887, aged 72]
Spence, John C, hatter, Israel Cyrus Stephens
Spencer, A. P., printer, Better Covenant office, Randolph
Sperry, Anson, law student, Beaumont & Skinner [died, Marengo, Ill., August 24, 1889, aged 65]
Spring, Giles (S. & Goodrich), res 62 Adams near State [died May 14, 1851, aged 41¾.]
Spring & Goodrich, attorneys, 124 Lake
Spry, John, laborer, [died February 5, 1891, aged 62-5-22]
Squires, Nathan (Fuller & S), res N, Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
St. Palais, James Mary Maurice d'Hassac, Catholic priest, res 114 Michigan ave, n.-w. cor Madison [died, St. Mary's, near Terre Haute, Ind., June 28, 1877, aged 66]
Staffen, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement
Stage-Office, 95 Lake, s.-w. cor Dearborn, Ephraim C, Stowell, agent
Stains, William F,, barber, Henry Knight
Stanton, Charles T., auctioneer, bds United States Hotel [killed and eaten by his companions, en route to California, 1849]
Stanton, Daniel D., merchant, Ashley Gilbert, bds Mrs, John K. Boyer [died, Mystic, Conn., April 23, 1887, aged 71]
Starkweather, Charles Robert, assistant postmaster, res 120 State [died August 27, 1867, aged 51¼]
Stead, Francis, city drug store, 76 Lake [absconded]
Stearns, L., clerk, L, B, Goodsell
Stearns, Marcus [Tullius] Cicero, dry goods and groceries, 136 Lake [suicide, April 8, 1890, aged 73¾]
Stearns, William, mate, propeller Independence
Steel, J, H., res West Lake, bet West Water and Canal
Steele, Jonathan William, proprietor City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died November 13, 1881, aged 74]
Stein, Charles (Strausel & S,), res LaSalle near Lake [died, Blue Island, Ill., May 9, 1882]
Stephens, Israel Cyrus, hats, caps, and furs, 108 Lake, bds . [died, Henry, Ill., September 6, 1854]
Steth, Joseph, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor, bds same
Steven, Christian S., tailor, Clark, north of Lake
Stevens, E. C.
Stevens, Geo. E., clerk, A. Garrett, bds Sauganash [res Rushford, Minn]
Stevens, Geo. F., warehouseman, Bristol & Porter, bds Wm, Stevens
Stevens, George G., clerk, Stevens & Carpenter
Stevens, Henry (S. & Carpenter), bds Sauganash [res Winona, Minn]
Stevens, S., tailor, Clark, 4 doors north of Lake
Stevens, William, late lighthouse keeper, res 2 River, U.S. light-house
Stevens, William B., blacksmith, Randolph near Clark, res same
Stevens & Carpenter, dry goods and groceries, 166 Lake
Stewart, E, A., watchmaker, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn
Stewart, Ephraim T., dry goods and groceries, 85 Lake [died Decatur, Ill., February 22, 1855]
Stewart, Hart L., dry goods, res State, bet Randolph and Washington [died May 23, 1883, aged 79 2/3.
Stoce, Clemens, family grocer, 149 Lake, res same [died, San Francisco, Cal., October 18, 1881, 83d year] Stockton, John, carpenter, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair
Stone, Horatio Odel, dry goods and groceries, 114 Lake, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died July 20, 1877, aged 66 ½]
Stone, Ira (S. & Doolittle), res Columbian House
Stow, Alfred (Dimmock & S.) res Randolph, 2d ward
Stow, Henry M,, iron foundry, North Canal, store 11 Clark
Stow, William H,, iron foundry, North Canal, bds Western Hotel [died August 18, 1881, aged 72.]
Stowell, Ephraim C, clerk, stage-coach office, 95 Lake, res Adams near State
Strail, Isaac, dry goods and groceries, Clark, bet S, Water and Lake
Strang, G,, shoemaker, res West Lake, 4th Ward
Strausel, Martin (S. & Stein), res 40 LaSalle [d., Elgin, Ill., Jan. 6,1880]
Strausel & Stein, bootmakers, 40 LaSalle, bet Lake and Randolph
Strode, James M,, attorney, 37 Clark, res 84 Randolph [died, Crystal Lake, Ill.]
Stuart, Alexander, clerk, post-office, bds William Stuart [died, Binghamton, N.Y., November 1, 1884, aged 68.] Stuart, John Jay, physician, 59 Clark, res Indiana near Wolcott [died August 15, 1850, aged 40.]
Stuart, William, postmaster, res Ontario, bet Cass and Wolcott [died, Binghamton, N.Y., June 20, 1878, aged 67½] Stubbs, T. R,, carpenter Sturges, B, R,, carpenter, bds Western Hotel
Sturtevant, Austin Dwight, school teacher, dist. 2, bds J. M, Underwood
Sturtevant, Noah, painter, John I. Dow, res Market [died July 20, 1862, aged 42.]
Sullivan, Anthony, laborer, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Sullivan, Eugene, sailor, [died May 10, 1885, aged 73.]
Sullivan, Jeremiah H,, constable, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearb, [died January 19, 1855, aged 71]
Sullivan, Martin, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Sullivan, Michael, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [d. Oct. 7, 1871, a. 82]
Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, North Water near Franklin
Sulzer, Conrad, brewer [died December 24, 1873]
Summers, James, laborer, res Kinzie, bet Clark and Dearborn
Sunriker, Peter, tailor, P. Newburgh
Surdam, Duane (Cook & S.), res American Temperance House
Surdain, Samuel Johnson, tinware, stoves, etc., 132 Lake [died September 16, 1893, aged 76]
Swain, Philip, tinsmith, William Wheeler
Sweet, Charles, family grocer, North Water near Wolcott Sweet, (S. & Doolittle)
Sweet & Doolittle, props. Columbian House, 11-3 Wells, near s.e. cor South Water
Swenser, Even, laborer, John B. Weir
Swift, Elijah, pawnbroker, 102 Lake, res Dearborn near Lake
Swift, Richard Kellogg, pawnbroker, 102 Lake, res 195 Wabash ave [died, Lawrence County, Mo., September 28, 1883, aged 70.]
Swinson, Edwin, laborer, res North Water near Franklin

T Surnames
Tague, Edward, laborer, first st, near Michigan ave
Talley, Alfred Maurice, printer, Democrat office, res 224 State, s.w. cor Quincy [died. South Bend, Ind., Nov. 28, 1870, aged 64¾.]
Tallmadge, Samuel Wires, shoemaker, W. H. Adams & Co., res Clark [died August 18, 1845, aged 32 2]
Taplin, Michael L., [died March 25, 1891, aged 82.]
Tarbox. C. F., clerk, Orrington Lunt, bds John B. Mitchell
Taylor, Augustine Deodat, carpenter and builder, res Michigan ave, bet Lake and Randolph [died March 31, 1891, aged 94-11-3.]
Taylor, Charles, merchant tailor, 42 Clark, res Canal, bet Wash, and Mad., alderman 3d ward [d., Indianola, Tex., Sept. 28, 1867, a. 65 5/8
Taylor, Charles H., currier, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Taylor, Daniel, boots and shoes, 120 Lake
Taylor, [Col.] Ezra, coffee-house, South Water, west of Clark [died Oct. 25, 1885, aged 71]
Taylor, Francis Horace, tailor, res South Canal, 3d Ward [died, Niles, Mich., March 5, 1889, aged 92.]
Taylor, jr., Francis H., tailor, bds Francis H. Taylor
Taylor, H., saddler and harness maker, Silas B. Cobb
Taylor, Ithraem, blacksmith, 141 Randolph, res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph [died June 7, 1868, aged 55.]
Taylor, John O., clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, res Monroe near Clark
Taylor, Matthias, tailor, 131 Lake, res cor Lake and Dearborn
Taylor, Reuben, teamster, West Lake near Randolph [died May 7,1884, aged 86]
Taylor, Solomon, boot and shoemaker, 152¾ Lake, res West Water, bet Randolph and Washington
Taylor, William Hartt, agent, Dan. Taylor, 120 Lake
Temple, John Taylor, physician, 218 Lake [died, St. Louis, Mo., February 24, 1877, aged 73]
Teshner, Charles, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck
Tew, George C, prof, phrenology, res rear of n.-w. cor Cass and Illinois
Thatcher, David Cunningham (Peacock & T.), res cor Lake and Franklin [died, Thatcher, Cook Co., Ill., March 22, 1869, aged 55.]
Thirds, Wm., carpenter and builder, S. Water [died Jan. 12,1870, a. 60]
Thomas, Benj. Walden, clerk, Loyd, Blakesley & Co., bds Alex. Loyd
Thomas, Elihu B., printer, Ellis & Fergus [now at St. Louis, Mo., an M.D.]
Thomas, Gerhard Henri (H. & G. H.), res N. Dearborn and Division [died, Palatine, Ill., April 17, 1888, aged 83 1/8.]
Thomas, Henry (H. & G. H.), res N. Dearborn and Division [died aged 50]
Thomas, Henry & Gerhard Henri, botanical and vegetable gardeners, n.e. cor North Dearborn and Division Thomas, Hiram J., printer, Western Citizen office
Thomas, Jerry (T. & Wheelock), Washington Coffee House
Thomas & Wheelock, proprietors Washington Coffee House, 87 Lake
Thompson, George C, Stow's foundry, bds Western Hotel
Thompson, Joseph, caulker, res Adams, bet Clark and LaSalle
Thompson, Leonard W., carpenter, res 3d Ward, south of Jackson
Thompson, Thos. C, shipcarpenter, res Monroe, bet Clark and LaSalle
Thompson, W. G, clerk, Nelson & Fred'k Tuttle, bds Tremont House
Thompson, William, laborer, res North Water, west of N. Clark
Thrall, E. L., clerk, Charles Walker & Co.
Throop, Amos Gager, lumber merchant, cor Washington and Market [died, Pasadena, Cal., March 22, 1894, aged 82.]
Tiernan, Hugh, waiter, Mansion House
Tilden, Joel, bds Mrs. Luke Lambert
Tillotson, Humphrey & Co. (B. F. Hadduck. agent), stage-coach proprietors, 43 Dearborn
Timoney, Patrick, brewer, James Carney
Tingley, Michael, teamster, Alson S. Sherman
Tinkham, Edward Ilslay, teller, George Smith & Co., bds City Hotel [died December 2, 1873.]
Tinkham, Richard H., salesman, Willis King, bds Washington Hall
Tisdel, Guttorm Rolandson, laborer [died, Lincoln, Winneshick Co., Iowa, Feb. 24, 1885, aged 78]
Todd, Lewis H., carpenter, Cruver & Senser
Toner, John, [died July 18, 1885, aged 80.]
Toohy, Dennis, laborer, 'res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Towner, Norman Kellogg, clerk, Ballentine & Sherman.
Townsend, E. H., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman
Tracy, Elisha Winslow, attorney, 123 Lake, bds Lake House [died, Hampshire, Kane Co., February 6, 1860]
Tremont House, s.e. cor Lake and Dearborn, Ira Couch, prop.
Tripp, [Dr.] Robinson, carpenter, res 119 Clark
Truesdell, George W., clothier, res Cass, bet Illinois and Indiana
Tucker, Henry, book-keeper [died September 21, 1871, aged 56]
Tucker, Philo, stage driver, Frink, Walker & Co.
Tucker, Thomas E., cooper, 149 S. Water, res Madison, end of Franklin
Tuckerman, Lucius (Norton & T.)
Tuckerman & Co. (Geo. M. Higginson), lumber, successors to Norton & Tuckerman
Tuley, Murray Floyd, law-student, bds Rich. J. Hamilton
Tuller, William G. (Bracken & T.), bds Sauganash Hotel
Tupper, Chester, housemover, res 88 Washington [died, Brooklin, Almeda Co., Cal., Jan. 4, 1861, aged 64]
Turner, Charles (R. L. & C. Turner), res Wolcott
Turner, John (J. & L. T.), res Wolcott, n.-w. cor Kinzie [died February 17, 1892, aged 76-7-7]
Turner, John Bice, contractor, bds Tremont House [died February 26, 1871, aged 72]
Turner, John & Leighton, livery stable, 16 Wolcott near North Water
Turner, John McLeod, capt. propeller Independence, res Franklin [died November 27, 1884, aged 77]
Turner, Leighton (J. & L. Turner), res Wolcott near Kinzie [died, Evanston, Ill., February 11, 1895, aged 80]
Turner, Robert Leigh (R. L. & C), res 12 North State, near Kinzie
Turner, R. L. & C, wheelwrights, 4 and 6 Wolcott near North Water
Turner, Voluntine C, bds J. B. Turner
Turner, William, butcher, Sylvester Marsh, res 28 North State [died suddenly, en route to McHenry Co., Ill., May 4, 1875, age 68]
Tuttle, Frederick (N. & F. T.), bds Amer. Temp. House [died November 10, 1890, aged 82]
Tuttle, Lucius Griswold, clerk, post-office, bds Mrs. Green [died July 5, 1879, aged 56]
Tuttle, Nelson (N. & F.), bds Tremont House [died April 21, 1877, aged 63]
Tuttle, N. & F., dry goods and groceries, 68 Lake
Tyler, Elmer, draper and tailor, s.-w. cor Lake and State [died February 11, 1877, aged 63½]

U Surnames
Underbill, E. R., wagon maker, Perkins & Fenton
Underwood, John Milton, lumber, cor Lake and W. Water, res Canal, bet Wash, and Madison [died, Danvers, Mass., Feb. 16, 1888, a. 76]
United-States Hotel, n.-w. corner W. Water and W. Randolph, John Murphy, prop.
Updike, Peter Lewis, carpenter and builder, res and shop, 104 Randolph [died, Philadelphia, Pa., December 19, 1850, aged 45½.]

V Surnames
Vandercook, Charles Raney, clerk, Botsford & Beers, bds City Hotel
Vandreuzer, E., Eagle Saloon, 10 Dearborn
Vangaasbeck, T. L., clerk, Horatio O. Stone
Vanosdel, Jesse Redifer, carpenter, John M. Vanosdel [died May 20, 1887, aged 69]
Vanosdel, John Mills, carpenter (Granger & V.), res Indiana, bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott [died December 21, 1891, aged 80 1/3]
Vanosdel, William C, carpenter, re's N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie [died December 17, 1867, aged 53] Vansickle, James H., tailor, Scott Benedik
Vanvlack, Egbert B., carpenter, res Wells, bet Randolph and Wash'gton
Vanwattenwylle, C. A. F., physician, 210 Lake, res same
Vaughn, Edward, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Velvershet, Irton, cabinet maker, 1st Ward
Vette, John Diedrich, blacksmith, M. Mooney, bds same [resides Ottawa, Ill.]
Vial, Samuel, laborer, Sylvester Marsh
Vincent, Aiken (Griffin & Y.), res Randolph, bet Dearborn and State [died October 11, 1881, aged 63.]

W Surnames
Waddington, John, laborer, Gurnee & Matteson
Wadhams, Seth, clerk, Ryerson & Blaikie, bds Tremont House [died, San Diego, Cal., February 6, 1888, aged 75].
Wadsworth, Elisha Strong (E. S. & J.), res 36 Washington [died, Clifton Springs, N.Y., November 25, 1890, aged 77½]
Wadsworth, Julius (E. S. & J.), bds City Hotel [died, Middletown, Conn., May 28, 1887, aged 74.]
Wadsworth, Elisha S. & Julius, dry goods and groceries, 103 Lake
Waggoner, Harmon, carriage painter, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Wagner, Mrs. Susan, res cor Wells and Randolph
Wahl, Frederick, clergyman, German Evangelical Church, Wabash ave
Wait, John, blacksmith, H. Chapman, bds New York House
Wait, George Washington, laborer, Ephraim A. Stewart
Waldie, William, carpenter, North Water near Franklin
Waldron, Hiram, wagon maker, William H. Howard
Walker, Almon (Charles Walker & Co.) [died Feb. 23, 1854, a. 46.]
Walker, Amos E., watchmaker [died Aug. 7, 1886, aged 67 4.
Walker, Charles (C. W. & Co.), [died June 28, 1869, aged 67 1/3]
Walker, Curran (Frink, Walker & Co.), [died Nov. 21, 1862, a. 51¼].
Walker, Doliver, saddler and harness maker, 79 Lake, res State nr Lake [died May 12, 1862]
Walker & Co., Charles, dry goods, groceries, leather, etc., 69 S. Water
Walker, Martin Otis (Frink, W. & Co.), res: 97 State, n.e. cor Washington [died May 28, 1874, aged 65.]
Walker, Samuel Bent, dry goods and groceries, 148 Lake, res west side Wabash ave, bet Madison and Monroe [died Feb. 26, 1887, aged 80.]
Walker, William Frederick, rector St. James' Church, bds City Hotel
Wallace, Edward Q., carpenter, bds Horatio N. Cooke
Walter, Ethan, merchant, res 41 Monroe, east of State [d. July 13, 1854, a. 51; d., W. Northfield, Ill., Aug. 8,1867. a. 94.]
Walter, Casper, grocer, Clark, bet Lake and South Water, res same
Walter, Joel Clarke (Horace Norton & Co.), bds Ethan Walter [died March 14, 1891, aged 80]
Walter & Keilman, tailors, Clark
Walters --, , clerk, Thomas Church
Walton, Nelson C, merchant, South Water, res Kinzie, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died, California]
Walton, J. W., dry goods and groceries, South Water
Wandall, John, baker, res State
Ward, B. C, clerk, Moseley & McCord
Ward, Mrs. Bernard [nee Ruth H. Marshall], Chicago ave, n. of and near North-Branch bridge
Ward, Geo. L.. receiver U. S. land office, 98½ Lake, bds City Hotel [died 1888]
Ward, Hugh, mason [died January 30, 1859]
Ward, James, mason, res West Randolph, bet Peoria and Sangamon [died July 6, 1881,aged 67]
Ward, James M., harness maker, Dennison Horton
Ware, Joseph E., boot and shoemaker, 40 Clark
Wariner, Wells, clerk, John Gage, flour store
Warner, George, blacksmith, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie
Warner, Herman, dry goods and groceries, cor Lake and Wells
Warner, Mrs. Mary E., teacher public school 2, district 4, basement St. James' Episcopal Church, 32 Cass
Warner, Samuel M., carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush Warner, Seth Porter, blacksmith, 42 Randolph near State [died June 12, 1892, aged 81]
Warner, Spencer, carpenter, s.-w. cor Wabash ave and Adams [died January 1, 1882, aged 85]
Warner, Wm. S., fanning-mill maker, N. Canal, bet W. Lake and Water
Warren, --- , shoemaker, bds Henry Howard
Warring, Elias, teamster, res bet Wells and Franklin
Warrington, Henry, machinist, Scoville & Gates, res cor Jeffer. & Mad.
Washington Coffee-House, 87 Lake, Thomas & Wheelock (Chas.), props.
Washington Hall, s.e. cor N. Clark and N. Water, John Anderson, prop.
Waters, Benjamin, carpenter, 179 Wabash ave [died, Palatine, Ill., May 27, 1881, aged 67]
Watson, Alanson, carpenter and builder, res W. Adams, bet Canal and Clinton [died April 29, 1879, aged 69½]
Watson, Elias Doughty, teamster, [died April 1, 1883, aged 61¾]
Watson, Nathan Whitney, mason builder, 54th and East-End ave [died September 17, 1849, aged 58-0-12]. Wayman, James B., painter, res 56 Franklin, south of Lake
Wayman, Samuel, painter, [died March 25, 1891, aged 79-7-24].
Wayman, William, wagon maker, 253 Randolph [died April 23, 1892, aged 74-10-6]
Waughop, John Wesley, tailor, Benjamin Smith, bds James Rockwell
Weber, Henry, teamster, res Dutch Settlement
Weber, Ignace, clerk, John B. Busch, 18 Clark
Webster, Hugh, carpenter, res Clark, 1st ward
Webster, [Gen.] Joseph Dana, captain U.-S. army, bds Mrs. S. Johnson [died March 12, 1876, aged 64½].
Webster, Thomas, carpenter, res State near Jackson
Weeks, John, chemist, res 207½ Lake
Weeks, John S., brickmaker, Wood & Ogden
Wehrli, Rudolph, butcher [died Sept, 13, 1889, aged 70¾]
Weir, John Brinkley, cabinet maker, 186 Lake, res same [died, New York, May 11, 1874, aged 63.]
Weiss, Fred"k (John Pfund & Co.), res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells
Welch, John, res south of Jackson, 1st ward
Welch, Thomas, laborer [died February 11, 1891, aged 70].
Welch, William, laborer, res N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie
Weller, George, butcher, res north of Dutch Settlement
Weller, George, teamster, res Dutch Settlement
Weller, John, teamster, res Dutch Settlement [died September, 1890, aged 76-11]
Weller, John J., res north of Dutch Settlement, Hiram Pearsons' house
Welles, Henry Woolsey, ag't, Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank of Detroit, 122 Lake, bds City Hotel [d., Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 21,1860, a. 42.]
Wells, Andrew S. (Johonnett, W. & Co.), res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells
Wells, Elisha, carpenter, cor Wolcott and Kinzie, res Illinois
Wells, Henry Gould, clerk, Wm. Wheeler & Co., res Lake, bet Franklin and Market [died December 2,. 1876, aged 65.
Wentworth, Geo. Wallingford, M.D., assist, editor Chicago Democrat, bds United States Hotel [died August 14, 1850, aged 30.]
Wentworth, John, editor, prop., and publisher Chicago Democrat, member of congress, 107 Lake, 3d floor, bds City Hotel [16th mayor, died, Sherman House, October 16, 1888, aged 73½]
Wescott, --, (W. & Steele), bds Western Coffee House
Wescott & Steele, Western Coffee House, s.-w. cor Dearborn and 113 South Water
Wesencraft, Charles, carpenter and wagon maker, cor S. Clinton and W. Monroe [died March 28, 1855, aged 63]
Wesencraft, William, painter, police constable, cor S. Clinton and W. Monroe [died April 22, 1862, aged 47.]
Western Hotel, s.e. cor W. Randolph and Canal, Edward M. Gregory, prop.; [torn down, May, 1889]
Western Citizen, 124 Lake, Z. Eastman and Asa B. Brown, editors
Western Coffee-House, s.-w. cor S. Water and Dearborn, Wescott & Steele, props.
Wheeler, Andrew Beach, tobacconist and cigarmaker, Dearborn nr Lake [died July 2, 1874, aged 68.]
Wheeler, John E., printer, Ellis & Fergus
Wheeler, William (William Wheeler & Co.), res 147 Lake [died November 10,1878, aged 69.]
Wheeler, William, boot and shoemaker, Clark near n.-w. cor Lake
Wheeler & Co. [Edward Jackson, Toronto, Canada], William, hardware, tinsmith, stoves, 145 Lake
Wheelock, Charles (Thomas & W.), Washington Coff. Ho., res 77 Lake
White, Alex., house and sign painter, 165 Lake, res 83 Wells [died. Lake Forest, Ill., March 18, 1872, aged 57.]
White, " Black George," city-cryer
White, Christopher, hostler, Turners' livery stable
White, Isaac, butcher, Eri Reynolds
White, Marcus L., grocery, (Hamilton & W.)
White, Michael, coachman, J. B. F. Russell
White, Patrick, laborer, res Randolph
Whiting, J. Tallman (Whiting, Magill & Co.), bds Wm. L. Whiting [died, Detroit, Mich., February 22, 1893, aged 73]
Whiting, William L. (Whiting, Magill & Co.), res Ontario, bet Cass and Rush [died August 17, 1850, aged 55]
Whiting, Magill & Co., forwarding and commission merchants, North Water, cor Kinzie
Whitlock, Thomas, boots and shoes, 104 Lake, res n.e. cor Wells and Madison [died October 13, 1853, aged 53]
Whitmarsh, Thomas Cranmer, compositor, Western Citizen, 124 Lake [died, Hyde Park, October 10, 1885, aged 63]
Whitmore, Jacob, printer, Western Citizen, res State
Wicker, Charles Gustavus, (Charles G. Wicker & Co.), bds Tremont [died, Tallahassee, Fla., December 26, 1889, aged 69 2/3].
Wicker, Joel Hoxie (Charles G. Wicker & Co.), res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison died, St. Joseph, Mich., April 21, 1888, aged 78]
Wicker & Co., C. G., dry goods and groceries, 94 Lake
Wiggins, William, carpenter, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie
Wight, (Rev.) Jay Ambrose, assistant-editor Prairie Farmer, bds Mrs. John Wright [died, Bay City, Mich., Nov. 12, 1889, a. 78.]
Wight, Sabin, shoemaker, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush Wilcox, Aaron S., dentist
Wilcox, Cyrus S., carpenter, P. L. Updike [d. Apr. 22, 1890, a. 73 2/3].
Wilcox, Erastus, carpenter, [d., Highland Park, Ill., Apr. 24,1890, a. 91.]
Wilcox, Franklin, res E. Wilcox [d., Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1849]
Wilcox, Sextus N., lumber merchant, res E. Wilcox [drowned in Lake Superior, June 15, 1881, aged 55]
Wilcox, Theodore B., book-keeper, res E. Wilcox
Wild, Joseph, carpenter, res cor West Monroe and Desplaines
Wilder, Alden G., teacher Puublic school 1, district 4 [died December 13, 1871]
Wilder, Benjamin, contractor, Clark near and south of Twelfth [died, Rockford, Ill., March 13, 1877, aged 82]
Wilder, John, clerk, res State
Wilder, Nathaniel Patten, clerk, John King, jr., bds Mrs. Green
Willard, Alonzo Joseph, general utility, City Refectory, 17 Dearborn
Willard, Elisha Wheeler, clerk U.S. receiver's office, res 90 Michigan ave
Willard, Dr. Silvester, [died, Auburn, N.Y., Mch. 12, 1886, aged 88]
Willemin, Joseph, teamster, res n.-w. cor Green Bay and Hinsdale [died, Ahnapee, Wis., February 8, 1885, aged 84]
Williams, Charles, cooper, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott
Williams, Charles, laborer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton
Williams, Eli B., merchant, res Washington, bet State and Dearborn [died, Paris, France, March 24, 1881, 83d year] Williams, [Judge] Erastus Smith, law-student, Butterfield & Collins [died February 24, 1884, aged 63]
Williams, John C, clerk, Benjamin W. Raymond, South Water [died December 12, 1865]
Willis, Joseph, blacksmith, William Otis Snell
Willis, Samuel, hatter, res Clark, 1st ward
Wills, Solomon, Circuit Court clerk's office, res 187 State
Wilson, jr., Adam, blacksmith. South Branch, W. Jackson, 3d ward
Wilson, Benjamin, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard
Wilson, Daniel T., cook, Samuel Jackson, res Fort Dearborn
Wilson, John Lush, merchant, 174 Lake, bds Tremont House [died April 13, 1888, aged 75½]
Wilson, John C, carpenter, res North Water near Franklin
Wilson, Joseph, milk dealer, res West Lake near Union Park [died March 19, 1893, aged 83]
Wilson, James D., bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died June 8, 1863, a. 60]
Wilson, Matthew, shipcarpenter, res Washingt'n, bet Wells and Franklin
Wilson, Thomas, millwright, S. Branch, south of Jackson, 3d ward
Winegar, Samuel (John F. Lessey & Co.), bds City Refectory
Winship, James, baker, bds Joseph Winship [died, Englewood, Ill.., November 28, 1888, aged 63-7-3.]
Winship, Joseph, bread and cracker baker, 71 South Water [died, Norwood Park, Cook Co., Ill., January 18, 1871, aged 76½]
Winship, Moses Day, clerk, Sidney Sawyer, bds Joseph Winship
Winslow, Hezekiah J. (Humphreys & W.), bds City Hotel
Wischemeyer, Henry, lumberman, John M. Underwood
Wischemeyer, William, lumberman, John M. Underwood
Witbeck, Henry, (Pierce & W.), res West Water [died April 12, 1891, aged 77-6-12]
Wolcott, Alex., surveyor, bds H. Wolcott [died Aug. 11,l884, a. 69].
Wolcott, Edward, clerk, Leroy M. Boyce, bds Henry Wolcott [died, Nice, France, February 12, 1884, aged 62]
Wolcott, Henry, clerk, post-office, res n.e. cor Wolcott and Kinzie [died April 5, 1846, aged 58]
Wolcott, Henry Huntington, clerk, Humphreys & Winslow, bds City Hotel [died, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1890, aged 74].
Wolfinger, Thomas [one of the John Stone jury]
Wood, Alonzo Church, mason builder, res Cass, bet Indiana and Ohio [died March 18, 1892, aged 80-8-14]
Wood (Alonzo C.) & Ogden's (Wm. B.) brickyard
Wood, Daniel T., lumber salesman [died May 28, 1883, aged 73½]
Wood, James, carpenter, res S. Clinton, bet Washington and Madison
Wood, James L., cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan
Wood, Lawrence D., cabinet maker, Lake
Woods, Charles, groceries, 81 South Water
Woodbury, Adoniram Judson, clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds Monroe
Woodbury, Hiram, clerk, T. W. Salisbury, bds Mrs. C. Woodbury [died, Kimball, Dak., April 2, 1887, aged 59] Woodbury, Mrs. C, res Clark, bet Harrison and Polk
Woodruff, Joseph, shingle maker, 5th ward
Woodville, Nelson Delevan, printer, bds Western Hotel
Woodworth, Hiram P., contractor [d. Hennepin, Ill., 1851, a. 57]
Woodworth, James Hutchinson, merchant [10th mayor, died, Highland Park, Ill., March 26, 1869, aged 64¼] Woodworth, Robert J., merchant, res Clark near Randolph
Wooster, David N. (W. & Harmon), res 185 Wabash ave [died, Avon, Mo., 1854, aged 43]
Wooster & Harmon, dry goods and groceries, 111 South Water
Worcester, D. L., clerk, Horace Norton & Co., res Wabash ave
Worthingham, William, mason, res 99 Adams, near Clark [removed about 1850 to St. Paul, Minn., and died there] Wraight, Thomas, gardener, near West Washington, 3d ward
Wright, Edward, law-student, bds Mrs. Hulda Wright, Michigan ave [suicide, December 24, 1873, aged 47]
Wright, John Stephen,, editor and proprietor Prairie Farmer [died, Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 26, 1874, aged 59] Wright, Mrs. Hulda, wid. of John, 116 Michigan ave, s.-w. cor Madison [died April 13, 1854, aged 67]
Wright, P. R., carpenter, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Washington
Wright, Timothy, bds Mrs. John Wright [lives New York City]
Wright, Walter, attorney at law, 112 Lake, bds Mrs. John Wright [died October 25, 1876, aged 57]
Wurts, Alfred Pettit, res Michigan ave [died, Beloit, Wis., August 5, 1879, aged 68 ¼]
Wurts, Maurice (M. & M. A. W.), bds A. P. Wurts
Wurts, Maurice A. (M. & M. A. W.), bds A. P. Wurts
Wurts, M. & M. A., dry goods and groceries, 99 Lake

Y Surnames
Yard, Archibald Pierson, tailor, Chas. Taylor, bds Samuel H. Gilbert [resides Waukegan, Ill]
Yarno, John, shipcarpenter, res Dearborn, south of Madison [died, Sauk City, Minn., December 24, 1881, aged 70]
Yates, Horace Harris, family grocer, 39 Clark, res Clark, bet Madison and Monroe
Yoe, Peter Lynch, book-keeper, Gurnee & Matteson
Yook, Peter, laborer, res south of Jackson
Young, A. W., medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard
Young, Elisha (William & Elisha Y.), res South Water
Young, Hugh, carpenter, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin
Young Men's Association, library and reading-room, 37 Clark, 2d floor C. R. Larrabee, librarian
Young, William (William & Elisha Y.)
Young, William & Elisha, South Water

Z Surnames
Ziegler, Isaac, pedler, bds Washington Hall [died Oct. 10,1893, a. 85]

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