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Thanks to Dolly Hauf (source #47) for the "N" transcriptions

[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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D.B.Cooke & Co's
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Neubarth Theodore, draughtsman, 162 Lake, h 369 Ohio
Neuberg Hubbard, vinegar mnfg, 148 Kinzie
Neuberger Charles, bookkeeper, JacobAlshuler, h 112 S. Jackson
Neuberger Hugo, h n s Hinsdale e of Greenbay
Neubert August, fireman, h e s Arnold bet Cross and Bridge
Neuburger Emile, land agt, bds Cleveland House
Neuburger Marsh, coachman, bds c s Cottage Grove av nr Ringold
Neuburger Raphael, land agt, bds cleveland House
Neuffer Christopher, boilermkr, h n s Wright bet Jefferson and Union
Neugin John, lab, h w s Reuben nr River
Neuhaus August, clerk, h 492 State
Neuhaus Henry, woodsawer, s s Gurley foot of Silver
Neumann Joseph, machinist, bds 121 Ohio
Neumaster George, saloon, 169 Rush h same
Neumeier Franz, cooper, h 26 Green Bay
Neuner John, engineer, h e s Sedgwick nr Green
Neurenberry Margaret, wid Peter, h e s Church bet Wisconsin and Linden
Neuroth Anton, lab, h n s New nr Old
Nevel Lawrence. lab, h w s Dunn bet Cook and W. Kinzie
Neven Patrick, stonecutter, h 152 W. Harrison
Nevian John, coachman, h 184 Ohio
Neville Thomas, saloon, 247 S. Canal h same
Nevin John, stonecutter, bds 144 Griswold
Nevin James, mariner, h Broadway nr Cottage Grove av
Nevin Thomas, lab, h Broadway nr Cottage Grove av
New England Car Spring Co., Charles L Noble agt, 126 S. Clark
New England Church (Cong), Indiana cor Wolcott
New England Insurance Co. of Hartford Conn. Hubbard & Hunt, agts 1 Loomis
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co of Boston, Mass., C.N. Holden, agt 128
New World Insurance Co. of N.Y., Mason & Co., agts, 8 S. Clark
New York Central Railroad Office, Richmond & Co., agts , 1 S. Clark
New York House, Joseph Smith, propr, 227 and 229 Randolf
New York Life Insurance Co of N.Y., John A. Nichols, agt, 1 Masonic Temple
Newaygo Lumber Co., (Wood, Henderson & Cornwall) S Clark cor Twelfth
Newberg Peter, porter, New York House
Newberger Henry, salesman, Henry Liebenstein, bds 23 S. Halsted
Newberger Henrietta, wid Martin, milliner, 72 N Clark h same
Newberger Jacob, h 93 S. Jefferson
Newberry Edgar L., (L. Newberry & Co.) h Cottage Grove
Newberry Edwin O., (L. Newberry & Co.) h Cottage Grove
Newberry Lucius, (L. Newberry & Co.) h Cottage Grove
Newhause August, clerk, h 492 State
Newhouse John, salesman, M.J. Richards, h 248 Lake
Newhouse John S, wood & coal, w Market, bet Randolf and Washington, Office 1 Pardees Bldg. h 434 Wabash
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©2004 Transcribed by Kim Torp and Judy Anderson
©2006 With additional information added by Dolly Hauf