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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Business Directory

PAGE 218

List, Frederick, tanner, h 104 Townsend
Lister, William, tailor, h 43 N Union
Liston, Robert, lake capt, h 292 N Franklin
Litchfield, H. G., clerk, (P O)
Litchfield, Helen C., teacher, (Scammon school,) h 48 S Morgan
Liting, John, moulder, bds 204 S DesPlaines
Liton, William, caulker, h 238 Fulton
Little, A. Eugene, auditor, (C & M R R,) h 68 Oak
Little, Francis, carpenter, bds Burnet House
Little, George W., salesman, (D. B. Fish,) bds 68 Oak
Little, Henry A., engineer, (C & M R R,) bds 53 N Halsted
Little, Jacob H., (Wood, Reno & Little,) h Fulton s e cor N Wood
Little, James, lab, h 52 N Union
Little, Joseph, lab, h 241 Edina pl
Little, William, (William Little & Co.,) h 188 W Washington
Little, William H., bookkeeper, (G. & C. W. Church & Cady,) h 188 W Washington
Little, William & Co., (William Little, Merril Ladd and George S. Williams,) whol grocers and com mers,
-----129 S. Water
Littlefield, Augustus, bookkeeper, (A. Pinkerton,) bds 266 S Jefferson
Littlefield, Joseph Q., clerk, (Rufus Blanchard,) bds 75 S Sangamon
Livengood, Jacob D., clerk, bds 100 Eric
Livergreen, John, h 19 Larrabee
Livermore, Rev. Daniel Pp., editor (
Covenant,) 174 Clark, h 263 W Madison
Liversidge, Amos, carpenter, h 483 S Halsted
Livesey, John, moulder, bds 290 S DesPlaines
Livesey, John K., moulder, h 290 S DesPlaines
Livesey, Joseph, moulder, h 290 S DesPlaines
Livesey, Joseph, jr, patternmkr, h 290 S DesPlaines
Livingston, Benjamin F., h 223 W Randolph
Livingston, Horace C., (H. C. Livingston & Co.,) h 379 Ontario
Livingston, Isaac, flour and feed, 348 State, bds 353 State
Livingston, Jacob, bookkeeper, (Greenebaum Sons,) bds 252 Clark
Livingston, James, millwright, h 42 W Washington
Livingston, Robert, carpenter, h 179 S Halsted
Livingston, Samuel, drygoods, 255 Clark
Livingston, Simon, (Livingston & Bassett,) h Hubbard cor Wood
Livingston, Solomon, h 135 Buffalo
Livingston, Thomas, carpenter, bds 48 Sherman
LIVINGSTON, H. C. & CO., (Horace C. Livingston and William Mason,) com mers 181 S Water
Livingston & Bassett, (Simon Livingston and James S. Bassett,) gasfitters, 122 Monroe
Lloyd, Alfred, clerk, (H. W. Landreth,) bds 28 Edina pl
Lloyd, Byron V., shipping clerk, (Downs & Co.,)
Lloyd, David, sailor, h 300 N Wells
Lloyd, Horace, lab, (Sturges, Buckingham & Co.,)
Lloyd, James, h s s Chicago av bet Nevins and Roberts
Lloyd, John A., printer, bds W Monroe corner S Morgan
Lloyd, Maria, boarding, 116 Adams
Lloyd, Thomas, lab, (Sturges, Buckingham & Co.,)
Lloyd, Thompson, lab, (Sturges, Buckingham & Co.,)
Lloyd's Building, Randolph n w cor Wells
Loban, John, bookkeeper, (L. Kennedy,) h 207 Chicago av
Loban, Mary, grocer, 205 Chicago av
Loberg, Fritz, blacksmith, h s s North av near Sedgwick
Loberg, Nelson P., wood, N Canal n e corner Carroll
Lobke, Henry, lab, h Wolcott s e cor Grand Haven slip
L'Observateur de Chicago, office 130 Clark
Lobstedt, Frank, carpenter, (Lange, Brown & Co.)
Loehluhler, Ulrich, h 165 W Randolph
Lockman, wid Conrad, h e s Orchard nr Willow
Lochner, Leonhardt, cooper, 310 W Madison
Lochorr, Wm., marblepolisher, h 194 Edina pl
Lock, Benjamin, (Lock & Thornquest,) h 84 Des Plaines
Lock, Lois R., wid Samuel, h 88 Adams
Lock, S. A., student (Sloan's Com. College)
Lock, William, (Dodd & Lock,) h 258 Michigan av
Lock & Thornquest, (Benjamin Lock and Frederick Thornquest,) carriagemakers, 83 and 85 Franklin
Locke, Benjamin W., clerk, (Huntington & Wadsworth,) h Van Buren op Plymouth Church
Locke, Rev. Clinton, rector Grace Church (Epis.,) h 316 Michigan av
Locke, Sidney E., (Locke & Co.,) bds 3 Van Buren
Locke & Co., (Sidney E. Locke and ------ ------,) com mers, 5 Board of Trade Blk
Lockey, Isaac, grocer, 329 Milwaukee av
Locks, Morgan, policeman, 3rd district, h 152 Quincy
Lockwood, ------, clerk, (P. Palmer,) h 84 Van Buren
Lockwood, Daniel E., messenger, (U. S. Ex. Co.,) bds Briggs House
Lockwood, Isaac B., boots and shoes, 66 W Randolph, bds 227 W Lake
Locus, Louis, pedlar, h 92 Blue I. av
Lodding, Charles, watchman, h S Union corner Cramer
Lodding, Frederick, lab, h S Union nr Cramer
Loder, George, brushmaker, h s s W Tyler w of Robey
Lodin, Peter, tailor, h e s Church nr Linden
Loeb, Adolph, (Loeb & Rahm,) h 126 Edina pl
Loeb, Jacob, h 126 Edina pl
Loeb, Moritz, dry goods, 285 Clark, h 126 Edina pl
Loeb, Moses, hardware, 215 and 217 N Clark
Loeb, William, clerk, (M. Loeb,) h 126 Edina pl
Loeb & Rahm, (Adolph Loeb and Albert Rahm,) money brokers, 7 Metropolitan blk
Loeber, John, expressman, h s s Rees nr Clybourn av
Loewe, George, (Wright's saloon,) h 196 Adams
Loewe, Ludwig, (Degenhardt, Loewe & Co.,) h 177 Monroe
Loft, James W., brassfinisher, h 331 W Jackson
Loft, William, machinist, (I C carwork,) h Douglas av bet Rio Grande and Hardin pl
Loftus, James, lab, bds 158 Michigan
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PAGE 238

Marsh, Norman B., lightning rod maker, bds 356 N La Salle
Marsh, Oliver, carpenter, h 103 Van Buren
Marsh, Samuel A.W., (Marsh Bros) h 42 Adams
MARSH, SYLVESTER, calorie grain dryer, elevator and mill
Marsh, Thomas E. (Marsh & Bros) bds 42 Adams
Marsh, Van Buren B. (H.G. March & Bros), bds Union House
Marsh, William D., salesman parsons, Pitkin & Hankey, bds 83 Michigan av
Marsh, William H., machinist, bds 65 Washington
Marsh, Wisner S., h W Madison third from Reuben
Marsh, H.F. & Co (Hollister F. Marsh and William H. Bush, lumber, Kingsbury bet Ontario and Erie
Marsh, H.G. & Bro (Hudson G. and Van Buren B.) mattrass mnfs, 15 N Canal
Marsh Bros., (Thomas E and Samuel A.W.,) furniture, 106 Lake
Marshall, A.P., billiards, 79 Dearborn, h New York City
Marshall, Celia, wid John, h 351 Clark
Marshall, David, lab, h 222 N Sangamon
Marshall, George B., foreman IC car shop, bds Douglas av nr Car Works
Marshall, Henry, carriage painter, G. Pennoyer
Marshall, Henry, lab, h 113 Hubbard
Marshall, Henry C., check clerk, C B & Q R R freight depot, bds 88 Michigan av
Marshall, James, harnessmkr, bds 233 Huron
Marshall, James, lab, bds 126 Cass
Marshall, James A., auctioneer and real estate broker, 3 McCormick's bldg, h 679 State
Marshall, James D., (Grey, Marshall & Co) h 67 Third
Marshall, James M., real estate broker, 8 Larmon's blk, h 25 Edina pl
Marshall, John, lab, h 150 W Polk
Marshall, John, lab, h 274 Wolcott
Marshall, Joseph, salesman W.M. Ross & Co., bds Briggs House
Marshall, Joseph, clerk, bds Metropolitan Hotel
Marshall, Lewis, carpenter, h 68 Blue Is av
Marshall, Lydia, h 32 Foster
Marshall, Nicholas R., clerk Alexander B. Bryan, bds 80 W Madison
Marshall, Samuel, sailor, h Ashley bet Wood and Lincoln
Marshall, Thomas, stone cutter, h 260 Buffalo
Marshall, Thomas E., real estate broker, 8 Larmon's blk, bds 239 Michigan av
Marshall, William, carpenter, h 45 Chicago av
Marston, Robie D., clerk frt office C & N W R R
Martan, Paul, cabinetmkr, h W Twelfth nr S May
Martell, Charles (Laberge & Martell) h 235 Clark
Martester, John B., fruits, etc., 129 Clark, h 134 Clark
Marther, Jacobus, lab, h 51 Foster
Martin, Angus, saloon, 275 N Water
Martin, Arthur, clerk Sherman & Hall, h 355 Indiana
Martin, Augustus, com mer, 73 W Lake, h 120 W Kinzie
Martin, Bernard, lab, h Whitney cor Green Bay
Martin, Charles, bricklayer, h 126 W Polk
Martin, Charles, cabinetmkr, h s s Archer rd nr Clark
Martin, Charles, saloon, 95 Dearborn
Martin, E.D., bookkeeper Booth & Co., h 160 Adams
Martin, Edward (Burnham & Martin) h Cottage Grove
Martin, Edward, (Cragin & Co) h New York
Martin, Edward, carpenter, h 95 W Monroe
Martin, Edward, lab, h 164 N Union
Martin, Ellen, wid Edward, grocer, 227 Franklin
Martin, George, drayman, h 104 W Van Buren
Martin, George, sailor, h S Union bet Cramer and O'Brien
Martin, George, tailor, h r e s Arnold nr Cross
Martin, Hennike, locksmith, h r 146 W Madison
Martin, Henry, asst frt agt, h Wabash av nr Old
Martin, Henry, carpenter, h 200 W Adams
Martin, Henrg, grocer, n s High nr N LaSalle
Martin, James, teamster, h Bunker nr Loomis
Martin, James E., gilder, bds 90 Monroe
Martin, John, h N Ann cor Fulton
Martin, John, clerk, bds 196 Kinzie
Martin, John W., cooper, 265 W Lake, h 265 W Randolph
Martin, K., tinner, bds DuPage House
Martin, Lewis H., gold pen maker W Trelesven
Martin, Mary, cigars, 359 Wells
Martin, Mary, wid Richard, h W Madison nr Lincoln
Martin, Matthew, carpenter, h Wright nr S Canal
Martin, Michael, lab, h Indiana av nr R R crossing
Martin, Michael, lab, h 50 N Union
Martin, Michael, teamster, h s s Hastings bet Loomis and Throop
Martin, Margaret, dressmaker and costumer, 163 Clark
Martin, Neal K., painter, h 458 S Halsted
Martin, Patrick, drayman, h s s W Twelfth bet Laflin and Reuben
Martin, Patrick, lab, h Myrick av nr Hardin pl
Martin, Patrick, shoemkr, Sholto nr W Polk
Martin, Peter, engineer, h Palo Alto bet Douglas and Calumet av
Martin, Peter, plasterer, h 208 W Randolph
Martin, Philip, carpenter, h 34 Ewing
Martin, Robert porter Huntington, Bro's & Vogell
Martin, Theodore, shoemkr, S Canal nr Wright
Martin, Thomas, carpenter, h r 161 N Halsted
Martin, Thomas S., lab, h Douglas av nr Hardin pl
Martin, Wesley W., millwright, bds 181 Washington

PAGE 239

Martin, William, blacksmith, h Michigan av nr Twelfth
Martin, William, freight agt, h Wabash av nr North
Martin, William, lab, h w s N Market bet Indiana and Ohio
Martine, Frederick, woodsawer, h n s Rees bet Clybourn av and N Halsted
Marvin, Hiram F., baker, 244½ Clark
Marwedel, Frederick, cabinetmkr, h s s Schiller bet N Franklin and Sedgwick
Marwedell, Henry, (Fries & Marwedell) h 96 Townsend
Marx, Cecelia, intelligence, 260 Clark
Marx, Henry, h 211 Milwaukee av
Marx, Jacob, clerk Julius Mohr, bds 49 Franklin
Marx, James, carriagemkr, h 202 Sherman
Marx, Matthew, lawyer, h w s North Wells bet Granger and Goethe
Marx, Nicholas, lab, h Cedar cor Wolcott
Maskell, Henry, painter, h 184 N Green
Mason, Andrew, builder, h 317 State
Mason, Benjamin, bds 65 Pearson
Mason, Carlisle, ironworks, Carroll bet N Clinton and N Canal, h 340 W Lake
Mason, Edward G., law student with Hoyne, Miller & Lewis, bds 300 Michigan av
Mason, Elizabeth, h 208 Jackson
Mason, Handley, clerk P. Palmer & Co, h 69 W Lake
Mason, Henry, expressman, 230 Madison
Mason, Ira J., printer, h Silver bet Gurley and W Harrison
Mason, James, boarding, 116 Madison
Mason, James, machinist, h 65 Third
Mason, James, trunkmkr, h 15 S Halsted
Mason, John, bricklayer, h n s North av nr N Franklin
Mason, John, engineer, h 154 N Curtis
Mason, John, lawyer, 1 N Clark, h 123 Superior
Mason, John N., printer, h 387 W Lake
Mason, Michael, lab, h r 167 S Halsted
MASON, MRS M.J., millinery, 68 Lake
Mason, R.B. brakeman ICRR, bds Dearborn House
Mason, R.B., gen supt St. L A & C R R office, 15 Dickey's bldg, h 300 Michigan av, nr Twelfth
Mason, Richard, lumber, Market s w cor Monroe, bds 205 N Peoria
Mason, Roswell H., clerk supts office St L A & C R R bds 300 Michigan av
Mason, Samuel, boarding, 55 W Van Buren
Mason, T.A. policeman, bds Clarendon House
Mason, Thomas, cigarmkr John H. Meyer
Mason, Warren C., (W.C. Mason & Co) bds Metropolitan Hotel
Mason, W.C. & Co. (Warren C. Mason and 000) agt Sloat's sewing machines, 54 Clark
Masonic Temple, e s Dearborn bet Randolph and Washington
Mass, Augustus, h Woodstock cor Schiller
Mass, William, lab Van Etta, Friedman & Co
MASSASOIT HOUSE, Wm Cox propr, Central av s w cor S Water
Masseene, Thomas, driver F Parmelee & Co
Massena, Thomas, saloon, 75 W Kinzie
Massey, Alfred, machinist, h 144 N Jefferson

PAGE 224

McCann, James, bds 126 W Madison
McCann, Jemima,nurse, h 22 W Madison
McCann, John, blacksmith, h 34 Mather
McCann, John, lab, h 209 Sherman
McCann, John, ,machinist, h Myrick av bet Hardin and Ridgeley pl
McCann, Patrick, driver, h 293 Clark
McCann, Stephen,, porter Baker & Spafford
McCardel House, 17 and 19 Dearborn
McCardell, George, fireman, bds Drover's Hotel
McCarney, John, lab, h W Water nr Second
McCarroll, John, stonecutter, bds 167 Van Buren
McCarther, Alexander, sailor, h 83 W Indiana
McCartey, William, type founder S.P. Rounds
McCarthy, Benjamin F., bridge tender, bds 77 W Madison
McCarthy, Bernard, clerk P.O., h 103 Sedgwick
McCarthy, Charles, lab, h 126 W Harrison
McCarthy, Daniel, clerk billiard hall Briggs House
McCarthy, Daniel, lab, h Ewing nr Sholto
Daniel, lab, h 27 Bremer av
McCarthy, David, clerk PO
McCarthy, Dennis, boarding, 249 S Canal
McCarthy, Dennis, cooper, bds 22 Cook
McCarthy, Dennis, lab, h 151 Townsend
McCarthy, Dennis, lab, h 207 N Green
McCarthy, Dennis, lab, h 362 S Des Plaines
McCarthy, Dennis, lab, h Calumet av bet Palo Alto and Monterey
McCarthy, Dennis, lab, h Clark bet Liberty and North
McCarthy, Florence, lab, h 126 Illinois
McCarthy, Florence, saloon, 117 Market
James, blacksmith, h 117 Hubbard
McCarthy, James, lab, h 52 Eldrige ct
McCarthy, James, moulder, bds Cottage Grove av bet Buena Vista and Rio Grande
McCarthy, James, nailmkr, h 108 S Jefferson
McCarthy, Jeremiah F., grocer, 2 and 4 Milwaukee av
McCarthy, Johnanna, wid Dennis, h 27 Pearson
McCarthy, John, bds 204 N Franklin
McCarthy, John, lab, h 136 Ewing
McCarthy, John, lab, h Dearborn nr B R R crossing
McCarthy, John, lab, h N Halsted bet W Chicago av and Front
McCarthy, Lawrence, lab, h n s Dusolt nr S Jefferson
McCarthy, Michael, h 177 Illinois
McCarthy, Owen, h 204 N Franklin
McCarthy, Owen, lab, h S Reuben nr Bridgeport
McCarthy, Patrick, lab, h e s Pleasant nr Vedder
McCarthy, Thomas, carpenter, h Meagher bet S Canal and S Jefferson
McCarthy, Thomas, ship carpenter, h 177 Illinois
McCarthy, Timothy, clerk Briggs House
McCarthy, Timothy, lab, h s s Wright nr S Union
McCarthy, Timothy, lab Sturges, Buckingham & Co
McCarthy, William, grocer, S Canal cor Catharine
McCarty, Bernard, h 198 Superior
McCarty, Catharine, wid Patrick, h 71 Washington
McCarty, Daniel, h 11 Pearce
McCarty, Dennis, lab, h w s Butterfield bet New and North
McCarty, Dennis, lab, h 141 Dearborn
McCarty, Dennis, saloon, 7 N Wells, h 141 Dearborn
McCarty, James, drayman, h s s Coolidge third e of Loomis
McCarty, James, plasterer, h 290 State
McCarty, James, sailor, bds 192 Monroe
McCarty, James, watchman, h S Halsted cor W Polk
McCarty, James J., rec'g teller E.I. Tinkham & Co., h 71 Washington
McCarty, John, blacksmith, h 248 N Clark
McCarty, John, lab, h 190 W Harrison
McCarty, John, lab h 143 Franklin
McCarty, John, mason, h W Polk nr Sholto
McCarty, Martin, saloon, 183 Market
McCarty, Mary, wid Michael, bds Judd bet S Clinton and S Jefferson
McCarty, Michael, bricklayer, h Judd bet S Clinton and S Jefferson
McCarty, Michael, teamster, h n s Sebor nr S Canal
McCarty, Patrick, lab, h 209 Adams
McCarty, Patrick, lab, h Center bet S Des Plaines and S Union
McCarty, Patrick, lab, h e s Clybourn av nr N Halsted
McCarty, Peter, h 353 Chicago av
McCarty, Thomas, h Sebor nr S Clinton
McCarty, Thomas, lab, h r 146 W Washington
McCarty, Timothy, lab, h s s W Kinzie bet N Jefferson and N DesPlaines
McCarty, William, machinist, 160 N Halsted
McCarty's bldg, Dearborn n e cor Washington
McCauley, Anthony, drayman, h Front bet N Green and N Halsted
McCauley, Hugh, grocer, 35 W Kinzie
McCauley, Mrs, wid James, h Cottage Grove av nr Hardin pl
McCaverty, James, lab, h S Halsted bet W Polk and Ewing
McChesney, Hiram (McChesney, Clark & Co) h 71 Edina pl
McChesney, Robert, prod com mer, h 2 Pardee's bldg, h 324 Wabash av
McChesney, Clark & Co (Hiram McChesney, Robert R. Clark and A. de Belloy) wood dealers, Market s w cor -----Van Buren
McClain, Thomas, lab, h 335 Chicago av
McClean, Daniel, machinist, h 344 W Van Buren
McClelland, Andrew, h 239 Blue Island av
McClelland, George, bds 87 Hubbard
McClelland, Hugh, wagonmkr, 448 State
McClelland, James, carpenter, h Stewart av nr Maxwell
McClelland, Ralph, tinner, h 20 S Union
McClelland, Robert, dredging, h s s Sampson bet Throop and Loomis
McClelland, Robert, h 239 Blue Is av
McClelland, Thomas, grocer, 239 Blue Is av

PAGE 225

McClelland, Thomas A., clerk Wm. D. Harris
McClevey, Richard, h 49 Edina pl
McClevey, Richard, gas fitter, h 155 Dearborn
McClevey, Smith, who liquors, 155 Dearborn
McClintock, Dorrance, broommkr, bds Sedgwick cor Greene
McClooney, Jeremiah, driver F. Parmelle & Co
McCloud, Eben C., grain insp, h 178 Ohio
McClure, Alexander W., law student with Williams, Woodbridge & Grant
McClure, D.H., painter, bds Farmers Hotel
McClure, J.J., brakeman, bds Drover's Hotel
McClure, William A. (Wright & McClure) bds 210 Randolph
McClurg, Alexander C., salesman S.C. Griggs & Co
McCluskey, Elizabeth, wid James, h 162½ N Franklin
McCluskey, James, shoemkr, h 163 N Franklin
McCluskey, Owen, h 18 Griswold
McCluskey, Samuel, cutter, h 19 S Des Plaines
McCole, James, machinist, h 162 N Market
McCollough, John, lab, h Ewing bet S Canal and Beach
McComas, Elisha W., lawyer, h 85 Jackson
McComas, Henry, printer, bds 85 Jackson
McComb, John, engineer, h Indiana av nr R R Crossing
McCondy, Andrew, clerk, h Archer rd nr Stewart av
McConley, Arthur, lab, h 450 S Jefferson
McConnell, Edward, agt, h 318 W Harrison
McConnell H., sewing machines, bds Metropolitan Hotel
McConnell, James, engineer, G & C U R R, bds 183 W Kinzie
McConnell, John, engineer, h 95 Prairie
McConnell, Joseph B., salesman, bds 102 Huron
McConnell, Luther W., bookkeeper T.B. Carter, h 88 Huron
McCord, Charles, lab, h Quincy cor Franklin
McCord, Jason, bds Tremont House
McCormack, John, lab, h w s Cherry nr North branch water
McCormick, Ann, wid Bernard, h 108 W Taylor
McCormick, Cyrus H., (C.H. McCormick & Co) and (C.H. McCormick & Bros) h 230 N Dearborn
McCormick, Hugh, marble cutter, Chicago Marble Co
McCormick, John, lab, h w s N Hubbard nr Linden
McCormick, John, painter, h 135 N Market
McCormick, John, tailor, 145 Lake, h Wabash av nr Twelfth
McCormick, Leander J., (C.H. McCormick & Bros) and (C.H. McCormick & Co) h 293 Indiana
McCormick, Michael, saloon,s s Sebor nr Beach
McCormick, Patrick, blacksmith, h 192 N Sangamon
McCormick, Patrick, engineer, h s s Dusolt nr S Halsted
McCormick, Thomas, lab, h 8 White
McCormick, William, clothing, 145 Lake, h State nr Hardin pl
McCormick, , William S (C.H. McCormick & Bros) and (C.H. McCormick & Co) h 365 Huron
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PAGE 345

Thomson, Solomon H., dining rooms, 53 Dearborn, h 604 W Lake
Thomson, Somerville, clerk, (Thomson & Kennedy,) bds 483 State
Thomson, Thomas, (Thomson & Kennedy,) h 483 State
Thomson, William, physician, 239 Lake
Thomson, William, jr., physician, 239 Lake
Thomson & Alston, (James Thomson and John Alston,) paints, oils and glass, 181 Randolph
Thomson & Kennedy, (Thomas Thomson and George Kennedy,) bakers, 17 Clark and 483 State
Thon, Eckhart, shoemkr, h W Chicago av bet Johnson and William
THORN, JOHN, (J. S. Kirk & Co.,) h Utica, N. Y.
Thorn, William, agt, (Joseph Barton,) h 69 Buffalo
Thornton, James, carpenter, h S Jefferson bet Wright and Barber
Thornton, Mary, wid William, h Tyler nr S Rucker
Thornton, N., clerk, bds Clarendon House
Thornquest, Frederick, (Lock & Thornquest,) h 204 N Union
Thorp, Alfred P., (A. P. Thorp & Co.,) h Judd bet S Clinton and S Jefferson
Thorp, Charles, brakeman, (G & C U R R,) h 118 Milwaukee av
Thorp, David, salesman, (W. M. Ross & Co.)
Thorp, David L., clerk, h 54 N May
Thorp, William B., saddler, (Horton & Kidder)
Thorp, Alfred P., & Co., (Alfred P. Thorp and Samuel R. Jefferson,) candy mnfrs, S S Jefferson
Thorson, Charles I., engnr, (Eagle stove works)
Thrall, Charles, brakeman, h 149 Illinois
Thrall, William A., clerk, (gen ticket office I C R R,) bds Tremont House
Threadgold, Thomas, saloon, 44 Wells
Threadwell, Frederick, sailor, bds 167 Van Buren
Throop, Amos G., office, 78 Dearborn, h 49 S Sangamon
Throop, Gardner E., h 156 S Sangamon
Throop, George, clerk, bds 49 S Sangamon
Throop, John E., (Throop & Learned,) h 99 S Des Plaines
Throop & Learned, (John E. Throop and Samuel J. Learned,) lumber, W Charles nr W Van Buren
Thrumston, William, saloon, 144 Wells
Thuerles, John, tailor, h 256 Wolcott
Thul, Dominick, teamster, h W Washington bet Robey and Hoyne
Thulen, John, grocer, 400 W Polk
Thullen, Peter, chairmkr, 288 Edina pl
Thumser, Christian, butcher, W Madison bet Wood and Paulina
Thurmes, John, grocer, 256 Wolcott
Thurston, Charles, stove mounter, h 200 S Pearce
Thurston, George L., bookkeeper, (Amour, Dole & Co.,) h LaSalle bet Randolph and Washington
Thruston, R. H., clerk, (freight office C & R I R R,) bds 38 Franklin
Thurston, Robert, bds 42 Franklin
Thurstonson, Erick, lather, h s s Hubbard bet N Rucker and N May
Thwing, William N., patternmkr, h Fulton nr Paulina
Tibbals, Charles M., (Vincent, Tibbals, Shirk & Co.,) h Erie, Pa
Tibitt, Charles, (Morgan & Tibitt,) h N Clark cor Huron
Tickotter, Henry, carpenter, h e s Orchard nr Vedder
Tiduce, Nicholas, tanner, h William cor Clarina
Tiernan, Michael, lab, bds w s Sedgwick nr Linden
Tiernan, Michael, real estate agt, 20 Telegraph bldg, h 75 Rush
Tiernay, James, lab, h w s N Market bet Erie and Ontario
Tierney, Martin, lab, h 194 Sherman
Tierney, Thomas, clerk, h Wells cor Monroe
Tierny, Timothy, lab, h McGregor nr Wallace
Tietz, William, tailor, 210 Milwaukee av
Tieven, Thomas, teamster, h Lydia nr Union
Tiffany, Alexander, sailor, h 51 Wesson
Tiffany, George L., conductor, (N W R R,) h 21 Washington
Tiffany, Joseph H., h 201 State
Tiffany, Lysander, stables, r Tremont House and Wabash av cor Couch pl, h W Madison av Union Park
Tiffany, Rev. Otis H., pastor, (first M E Church,) h 12 Van Buren
Tiffey, Patsey, wid Thomas, h e s N Halsted nr Fourth
Tighe, Matthew, bartender, h 132 Michigan
Tight, Patrick, lab, h 42 W Harrison
Tigtmeir, Christopher, teamster, h Canalport av cor S Union
Tilan, Peter, tailor, bds 455 N Dearborn
Tillinghast, Clark, salesman, (L. C. and H. C. Tillinghast,) h 249 S Clinton
Tillinghast, Daniel W., (John Clough & Co.,) h 249 S Clinton
Tillinghast, Henry C., (L. C. & H. C. Tillinghast,) h 193 S Clinton
Tillinghast, Lucian C., (L. C. & H. C. Tillinghast,) h 249 S Clinton
Tillinghast, William, prof music, 57 Edina pl
TILLINGHAST, L. C. & H. C., (Lucian C. and Henry C.,) hides, pelts, wool and seed, 143 Kinzie
Tillman, Mathias, willowwaremkr, h 108 Townsend
Tillotson, Diamie, bds 162 Madison
Tilton, Asa S., clerk, (Smith, Pollard & Co.,) h 63 Edina pl
Tilton, George W., machinist, h 123 N Peoria
TILTON, JOSIAH S., clerk, (Tremont House)
Tim D., lab, h w s Larrabee nr North av
Tim, William, lab, e s N Halsted nr Centre
Timlin, Jasper J., shoemkr, bds 60 Sherman
Timme, George E., (Timme & Schloesser,) h 54 W Randolph
Timme, William, hairdresser, 188 1/2 Clark
Timme & Schloesser, (George E. Timme and Henry L. Schloesser,) drygoods, 84 W Randolph
Timmons, Elizabeth, wid Peter, h r State cor South
Tingle, William, drover, h S Canal bet Mitchell and Wright
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Werner, Henry, 364 Clark
Wilcox & Ballard, State nr Archer rd
Wood, Robert S., Archer rd nr Dyer av

Gulliver, Edward, 222 Lake
HOLLISTER & WILKINS, 135 and 137 Lake, up stairs
Laraway, N. M., 139 Lake
Mackey, B. P., 164 Lake
West, Joseph, 111 Lake

(See also Carriage Hardware)
HALL, E. G., KIMBARK & CO., 193 & 195 S Water

Barton, Edward S., 31 N Dearborn
Beal, Richard R., 142 W Madison
Bohanan, George W., 50 & 52 W Madison
Coan & Ten Broeke, 43 Randolph
Dow, Edward, Cottage Grove av bet Buena Vista and Rio Grande
Kehler, Balsar, 10 N Clinton
Kimman, Malefyt & Doyle, W Madison cor S Green
Kline, John H., 55 N Jefferson
Lock & Thornquest, 83 and 85 Franklin
McFarlane, Alexander, 282 State
Mendsen, J. F. & Co., W Randolph n w cor Ann
Miller, Methusalah B., w s N Market nr Kinzie
Moninger, Christopher, Court pl nr LaSalle
Pennoyer, George, 44 Adams
Preston, Henry D., 46 N Franklin
Shelton & Tuttle, Market bet Madison and Washington
Willets, Henry, 581 State
Wright, John J., State nr Liberty

HALL, E. G., KIMBARK & CO., S Water
Perry, James, r 150 Wells

Stow, Nelson L., 76 W Randolph

Condiet, Woolley & Co., 52 Lake
Hayden, Kay & Co., 238 Randolph

Blankenzee, John, 40 Foster
BROWN, ANDREW, 143 Ontario
Cumberland, William, 207 Edina pl

PAGE 397

Gloekler, John, n s Granger nr N Wells
Mattern, Ernst, 311 State
POWER, EDWARD J., 200 State
Woessner, Louis E., S Halsted cor Mitchell


Haggard, Samuel R., 242 Randolph

HUBBARD, GILBERT & CO., 205 and 207 S Water (See advt p 176)

(See also Cabinet Maker, also Furniture Manufacturers.)
BABCOCK & PEEK, 171 Randolph (
See advt page 126)
BURNS, JOHN H., 205 Randolph (
See advt page 26)
FREDIN, AUGUST, 109 Dearborn (
See advt page 124)
HALE, ALBERT L., 9 and 10 N Canal
MORGAN, C., 169 Randolph (
See advt page 242)
Phillips, John, N Green cor Third
STRONG, W. W., 203 Randolph (
See advt page 336)
Thullen, Peter, 228 Edina pl
Walker, Washburn & Co., Mather cor Beach

See also Lamps, Girandoles, etc.)
POPE & SLOCUM, 122 Clark (
See advt page 282)

BOGARDUS, S. & SON., 89 W Water
Dow & Co., 199 S Water

Blaney, J. V. Z., 117 Lake

Kievlan & Turner, 333 S Canal
PEUGEOT, EDWARD F., 111 Randolph

Blommert, William, 37 Wells
BOWEN BROS., 72 Lake
Byrn, Thomas P., 170 Lake
Cinde, Giovanni, 192 1/2 Clark
Crawford, Sharp & co., 105 Lake
Fagan, Patrick S., 321 Clark
Jaeger, A. & Co., 103 Lake
McSweeny, John, 315 Clark
RANKIN, JOHN, 177 Randolph
Schultze, George L., 134 N Clark

Adler, Elias, 187 Clark
Acman, David, 74 N Clark
Bergolth, Peter, 406 Clark
Berry, William D., 126 Randolph
Betzold, Charles, 91 Milwaukee av
Biehl, Lorenz, 372 Clark
Bodenschatz, C., 119 W Madison
Bodenschatz, Conrad, 157 W Randolph
Bodenschatz, Thomas, 177 W Randolph
Boetner, Francis, 332 State
Brachvogel, Louis W., 28 W Randolph
Charlie, Peter, 72 Blue Is av
Cohn, Louis, 151 Clark
Corbin, Daniel W., agt, 65 Clark
Culmsee, Jacob L., 135 Milwaukee av
Danenbaum, Lyman, 37 W Kinzie
Daniels, William Y., 60 Clark and Randolph cor Dearborn
Dresher, John, 90 W Van Buren
DUFFY, JAMES, 3 Tremont blk and 37 Clark (
See adv outside cover)
Dundt, Frederick, 109 Green Bay
Elseser, Jacob, 200 N Clark
Falk, Philip, 70 Griswold
Finkler, Peter, 37 Chicago av
Finkler & Co., 45 Wells
Frank, Adolph, 330 Clark
Frank, Henry, 13 1/2 N Wells
Gesdbracht, Herman, 41 N Clark
Glukert, Christopher, w s N Wells nr Division
Gund, John, 181 Chicago av
Haller, Jacob, 400 State
Hansen, William, 7 N Clark
Heller, Seligman, 185 N Clark
Hoffman & Marcus, 117 Clark
Hopp, John, 152 N Clark
Houf, John, 230 Randolph
HUNT, CHARLES J., 94 State
Jeggle, Aloys, 387 Clark
Johnson, J. Henry, 64 and 66 Randolph and 66 and 68 State
Kaestner, Herman, 88 Wells
Kiessling, Frederick, 164 Randolph
Klingner, Theodore, 554 State
Koch, Henry, 37 1/2 W Randolph
Krausman, Philip, 204 Clark
Krausmann, Andrew, 24 W Randolph
Krugel, Charles W. 520 State
Kunreuther, Ignatz, 275 Clark
Lang, Louis, 151 W Randolph
Larrissen, Meribeh C., 6 custom house pl
Leuf & Benner, 117 Wells
Lienk, Thomas, 204 W Lake
McDonald, Alexander, 58 Dearborn
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