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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Badonschatz, Thomas, grocer, h 177 W. Randolph
Bader, Adolf, (Bader & Bro.), h 229 Wells
Bader, Boniface, lith printer, (Western Bank Note Engraving Co.)
Bader, Emil, (Bader & Bro.), h 229
Bader, John, lab, h 151 Johnson
Bader, Emil & Bro., (Emil and Adolf Bader), barbers, 229 Wells
Badger, A. C., telegraph operator, bds 95 Desplaines
Badger, Alpheus C., (A. C. & O. F. Badger), h 401 Wabash av.
Badger, Charles A., bkpr, (Tremont House)
Badger, Horace H., messenger, (A. C. & O. F. Badger, bds cor Reuben and Tyler
Badger, Leonidas, bkpr, (A. C. & O. F. Badger), h 219 Reuben
Badger, Octavius F., (A. C. & O. F. Badger), bds 401 Wabash av
Badger, A. C. & O. F., (Alpheus C. and Octavius F. Badger), bankers, 51 Dearborn
Baduin, August, lab, h 676 Morgan
Baecht, Louis, wk., (C. B. & Q. R. R. frt dep), h 81 Meagher
Baeder, Gotleib, foreman lumber yard, h 17 Seward
BAEDER & ADAMSON, glue mnfrs, New York, Chicago office, 57 W. Randolph (see card p 60)
Baehringer, Carl, blacksmith, 484 Larrabee, h 20 Howe
Baer, A., porter, (Taylor & Wright), h 595 N. Clark
Baer, Adam, grocer, h 111 Chicago av
Baer, Charles A., clk, 104 Lake, h 237 N. Clark
Baer, F., wks, 391 State, h 221 Blue Island av
Baer, Frederick, asst foreman, (Gillett & King), h 17 Seward
Baer, Frederick, (E. Walther & Co.), h Patterson, N. J.
Baer, Frederick, lab, (C. & St. L. R. R. round house)
Baer, Herman R., importer of wine and liquors, 233 Randolph, h same
Baer, Jacob, silver plater, (Heul & Collins), h 237 N. Clark
Baer, Joseph, tinner, h 314 N. State
Baer, Julius, harnessmkr, bds 112 W. Lake
Baer, Lorenz, h 237 N. Clark
Baer, Philip, h 17 Desplaines
Baer, Sampson, painter, bds 436 W. Madison
Baer, Samuel, wks, (Alexander Wemberg), bds 436 W. Madison
Baer, William, Boot and shoe maker, 101 Wells, h 201 Wells
Baertschie, Ulrich, harnesmkr, h Waukegan
Baeslan, William F., clk, h 294 Chicago av
Baettger, Adam, mason, h 466 Milwaukee av
Baeuerle, Leonard, (Baeuerle & Bielenbergh), h 592 W. Indiana
Baeuerle & Bielenbergh, woodturners, 606 W. Indiana
Baffenbach, William, housemover, h 864 Clark
Bagart, Frederick, hostler, (Am. Ex.), bds 215 State
Bagg, Frank S., accountant, (Paymaster's office), M. O. Bldg.
Bagg, H. G. I., saloon, 383 State, h same
Baggerly, Charles, barkeeper, (Adams House), bds same
Baggerman, Henry, stonesawer, h 130 Barber
Baggeson, Abraham, shoemaker, h alley r 44 W. Indiana
Baggeson, Hans, carpenter, h 24 N. Sangamon
Baggeson, Hans, carpenter, h r 44 W. Indiana
Baggett, James, lab, h 92 Indiana
Bagget, Larry, lab, h 115 Market
Baggott, Edward, (E. Baggott & Co.), h cor Taylor and Center av
Baggott, Edward, gas fitter, h 390 Halsted
Baggott, J. E., propertyman, (McVicker's Theatre), h 277 State
BAGGOTT, E. & CO., (E. Baggott and Miles Almey), gas fixtures and plumbers material, 127 Clark
Baggs, C. Tower, h 716 Wabash av
Baglan, Mary, saloon, 82 Kinzie, h same
Bagley, C. H., bkpr, (Chicago Union Lime Works), bds 346 W. Monroe
Bagley, Thomas, boat builder, 1 W. Randolph
Bagley, Thomas, sailor, bds 179 Market
Bagnall, George, paper hanger, bds 14 Third avenue
Bagnell, John, agent, bds 27 Michigan av
Bagnell, Thomas A., check clk, (A. E. Goodrich)
Bagnell, William, lab, h 93½ N. Market
Bagwell, George M., printer, (Post), h 88½ Van Buren
Bah, Ferdinand, expressman, h 105 W. Kinzie
Bahan, Patrick, bds 251 Canal
Bahde, John, scalemkr, 37 and 39 Canal, h 181 W. Randolph
Bahe, Henry, conductor, h 400 W. Harrison
Bahe, Henry, policeman, h 402 W. Harrison
Bahel, William P., bds 215 State
Bahen, Edmund, lab, h 102 Maxwell
Bahen, Garritt, lab, h 11 Wright
Bahen, John, lab, h 67 Stewart av
Baher, Henry, clk, bds 17 N. Clinton
Bahes, Fritz, lab, h 41 Hurlbut
Bahill, Michael, marble cutter, (Volk, Moore & Co.)
Bahl, William C., tender, bds 304 W. Twenty-second
Bahm, George, drayman, h 36 Oakwood
Bahm, Jacob, lab, bds 36 Oakwood
Bahm, John, wagonmkr, 256 Blue Island av
Bahm, Marquis, lab, h 567 Mitchell
Bahm, Mary, wid, h 407 Chicago av
Bahr, Julius, harnessmkr, h 112 W. Lake
Bahrdt, Matthias, saloon, Canal, cor Twelfth
Bahring, Simon, tailor, h Cornelia
Baid, Charles W., salesman, 116 Lake, bds Raymond block
Baid, J., saddlemkr, 209 Lake
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Drogan, John, lab, h 5 Beach.
Drognitz, Gottlieb, carpenter, h 68 Bauwans.
Drolet, Peter, carpenter, h 10 Elias.
Droll, F., wks Palmer, Fuller & Co.
Droller, Deitrich, plasterer, h 125 Fry.
Drom, George E., clk, (William W. Bingham,) bds 38 Franklin.
Dromm, Jerome, tender, bds 301 W. Twenty-second.
Drommer, C. F., h 446 N. Clark.
Droojops, August, lab, bds 80 Rees.
Droojops, John, lab, h 80 Rees.
Drost, John, watchman, (Milwaukee av Ry stables,) h 17 Cornell.
Droster, William, machinist, bds 592 Canal.
Drotzlour, John, lab, h 279 Blackhawk.
Drover's Hotel, (C. F. Freeke, propr,) 600 Canal.
Drown, Oscar, conductor, (P. Ft. W. & C. Ry.,) bds 640 Canal.
Drse, Martin, lab, h 116 Wesson.
Druckrei, Friederich, cabinetmkr, h 130 Augusta.
Druddiss, John, wks(I. C. R. R.,) h w s Kankakee av, 4 n Egan av.
Druehl, Charles, news carrier, h 266 N. Carpenter.
Druid's Hall, n s S. Water, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Drukker, Morris, whol com mer, h 10 Third avenue.
Druly, Anna, servant, (Barnes House,) bds same.
Drum, Patrick, carriage painter, bds 413 Halsted.
Drummond, Andrew, physician, 43 Clark.
Drummond, Edward A., ass't clk, (U. S. Circuit Court,) bds Clifton House.
Drummond, Elizabeth, milliner, bds 142 W. Lake.
Drummond, Frank, bkpr, (Marine Co.,) h 155 N. Dearborn.
Drummond, Thomas, (U. S. District judge,) h 155 N. Dearborn.
Drun, Patrick, painter, (Coan & Ten Broeke Carriage Mnfg. Co.).
Druney, Owen, drayman, h s s Polk, 5 c Sholto.
Drury, Bridget, wid Daniel, h r 216 1/2 Sherman.
Drury, David A., foreman, (C. M. Henderson & Co.,) 4, 6 and 8 Lake.
Drury, E. B., blk (Hamlin & Co.,) bds 292 W. Adams.
Drury, E. B., surveyor, (16 Court House,) bds 370 State.
Drury, Edwin, clk, (14 Court House,) bds 632 W. Washington.
Drury, Horace, carpenter, bds 826 Michigan avenue.
Drury, James C., policeman.
Drury, John H., artist, (room 40, Crosby's Opera House,) bds 53 Carpenter.
Drury, Louis H., (J. W. Hobbs & Co.,) h 22 Loomis.
Drus, Edward, cutter, (Edward Ely,) h 56 Mohawk.
Drusco, Michael, porter, (Huntington Bros.).
Drusher, John, lab, h 232 Burnside.
Druskey, William, teamster, h 237 W. Division.
Dryer, F., wiper, (P. Ft. W. & C. Ry.).
Dryer, Webster, clk, (F. E. Rigby & Co.).
Drycott, Charles, upholsterer, h 188 Peoria.
Drycott, Edward, upholster, h 138 Peoria.
Dryling, Lawrence, wks, (Union Rolling Mills).
Dryme, Wayman, lab, h 417 Arnold.
Drynen, David, stone cutter, h 64 W. Madison.
Drysdale, Andrew, (Prickett & Drysdale,) h 80 Monroe.
Drysdale, George, engineer, h 39 Hunt.
Duade, David, carpenter, h 205 Forquer.
Duane, Michael, lab, h Ontario nr Glass factory.
Duane, Patrick, lab, h 163 De Koven.
Duat, Nicholas, blksmith, bds 187 W. Division.
Dubach, Andrew, carpenter, h 104 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Francis, machinist, h 104 Wentworth avenue.
Dubach, Nicholas, fireman, (Steamer Economy,) h 179 Arnold.
Dubbert, Charles, wks 111 Kinzie, bds 23 Reuben.
Dubetz, Samuel, grocer, h 372 State.
Dubia, Frank, conductor, (W. C. C. Ry.).
Dubisson, D., watchman, (round house G. & C. Ry.,) h 793 Indiana av.
Dubitz, S., grocer 372 State, h same.
Dubner, Christian, barber shop, 171 N. Clark, h 189 Superior.
Duboir, Julius, bootmkr, h 329 Halsted.
Du Bois, Charles L., saloon, 148 Dearborn.
Dubois, H. M., Mrs., gent's furnishing goods, 148 Dearborn, h same.
Dubois, John, cigarmkr, wks 82 W. Madison.
Dubois, John, foreman, (Soap Factory,) h 131 N. Wells.
Du Bois, John J., wks, (J. Hook & Co.,) h 138 N. Wells.
Dubois, Stafford A., brass finisher, bds 123 W. Harrison.
Dubois, William B., (Dubois, Miller & Co.,) bds 226 W. Monroe.
Dubois, Miller & Co., (William B. Dubois, F. A. Miller, J. E. Gay,) vinegar mnfrs, 52 and 54 N. Clinton.
Duborsy, Peter, painter, h 106 N. Wood.
Dubreuil, Pierre, (Dubreuil & Feauteur,) h 412 State.
Dubreuil & Feauteur, (Pierre Dubreuil, Eugene Feauteur,) saloon, 412 State.
Dubrock, Augustus, receiving teller, (A. C. & O. F. Badger,) h 81 Goethe.
Dubuer, Henry, barber, h 156 N. Dearborn.
Duby, Peter, silver burnisher, 120 Desplaines.
Ducap, Joseph, brickmkr, bds 895 Halsted.
Ducat, Arthur C., underwriter, (La Salle s w cor Randolph, h 733 W. Washington.

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Dunnagan, James, fireman, h 234 Burnside.
Dunnagin, Patrick, drayman, h r 176 Wright.
Dunnahan, Michael, lab, bds 567 Clark, cor Twelfth.
Dunne, Dennis, (Very Rev. D. D. V. G.,) pastor, St. Patrick's Church.
Dunne, David, teamster, h Scott, nr the Lake.
Dunne, Edward, carpenter, h 105 W. Adams.
Dunne, Edmond, (M. & E. Dunne,) h 23 Stewart av.
Dunne, James, h 101 Polk.
Dunne, James, lab, h 740 Indiana av.
Dunne, Maurice, (M. & E. Dunne,) h 7 Archer av.
Dunne, Michael, bartender, bds 567 Clark.
Dunne, Michael, lab, h 88 Indiana.
Dunne, Michael J., (Humphreville & Dunne,) h 38 Sixteenth.
Dunne, Nicholas, tailor, 24 W. Madison, h same.
Dunne, P. C., traveling agt, h 90 Indiana.
Dunne, Peter, shipcarpenter, h 109 W. Adams.
Dunne, Richard, shipcarpenter, h 27 Grace.
Dunne, Thomas, carpenter, h 20 Newberry.
Dunne, W. P., physician, bds 105 W. Adams.
Dunne, William, porter, (P. O'Neill).
Dunne, William, wks Palmer, Fuller & Co.
Dunne M. & E., (M. and E. Dunne,) wood and coal, office and docks South Branch Archer av.
Dunnebacke, John, foreman, (Eliel & Co.,) h 141 Cornell.
Dunnekan, Mary, dressmkr, bds r 135 Blue Island av.
Dunnen, Michael, grocer, 190 N. Clark, h same.
Dunnent, Daniel, turner, h 269 Morgan.
Dunney, William, wks A. M. Van Horne & Co.
Dunnie, J. F., with Arlington's minstrels, 124 Washington.
Dunnigan, Frank, salesman, 24 N. Clark, bds 221 Indiana.
Dunnigan, Patrick, lab, h 603 Taylor.
Dunning, Cephas, physician, bds 100 W. Jackson.
Dunning, Cyrus A., city wood inspector, h 73 1/2 W. Monroe.
Dunning, John, lab, (Chicago Gas Light & Coke Co.).
Dunning, Louisa M., teacher, (Skinner School).
Dunning, S. W., (Evening Post), bds 87 Green.
Dunning, Seth M., atty at law, office 12 Smith & Nixon's building, h 87 Green.
Dunning, William C., salesman, (Kohn, Steiner & Co.), h 237 Park av.
Dunnivan, James, lab, h Burnside cor Twenty-first.
Dunnovan, Jerry, lab, h r 493 Wells.
Dunnivant, George F., printer, h 53 W. Pearson.
Dunnohue, Thomas, (Merchant's Despatch), bds 257 Canal.
Dunphe, Halah, forgeman, bds 345 Stewart av.
Dunphey, George W., engineer, h 652 W. Lake.
Dunphy, Andrew, carpenter, h 549 Twenty-sixth.
Dunphy, John, mason, h 845 W. Lake.
Dunphy, Luke, lab, h 378 W. Polk.
Dunphy, Thomas, porter, (Thorn & Mannings), h 387 Division.
Dunphy, William, salesman, h 355 N. Market.
Dunsing, Henry, patternmkr, h 87 Whiting.
Dunster, Asaph, mason, h 59 N. May.
Dunton, G. B., (Wight & Dunton).
Dunton, Georgiana, h 100 N. May.
Dunton, L. B., bkpr, 84 LaSalle, h 157 Third avenue.
Dunton, Rufus S., salesman, 73 Wabash av, bds 162 State.
Dunton, Thomas F., salesman, (Wight & Dunton), h 43 N. Carpenter.
Duntzer, John, teamster, 470 N. State, h 466 N. State.
Dunzen, Henry, wks Slater & Teghtmyer, bds Gabriel Warner.
Dunwell, S. A., weighmaster, (Chicago Rolling Mills), h Coventry near Wabash av.
Dunwell, William C., engraver, (T. J. Day), bds 67 W. Washington.
Dupage House, Otto Dehling, proprietor, 190 and 192 W. Randolph.
Dupas, John, proprietor saloon, 102 Madison, h 285 Clinton.
Dupe, Peter, house mover, h r 262 Twenty-first.
Dupee, C. F., porter, (George W. King & Co.,) h Hyde Park.
Dupee, Charles A., (Hitchcock & Dupee,) h 1157 Indiana av.
Dupee, Charles B., whol provision, cor S. Water and State, h Hyde Park.
Dupee, Frederick, porter, 37 River.
Dupee, Horace M., (H. M. Dupee & Co.,) h 602 Wabash av.
Dupee, John, com mer, bds 772 W. Lake.
Dupee, John, Jr., (J. W. Pottle & Co.,) h 772 W. Lake.
Dupee, H. M. & Co., (Horace M. Dupee and Asa Worsten,) provision dealers, 124 S. Water.
Dupont, George, saloon, 396 Clark, h same.
DUPONT POWDER CO., C. D. Austin, agt, 81 and 83 S. Water.
Dupos, John, saloon, h 285 Clinton.
Dupre, Catherine, wid Victor, h 171 N. Clark.
Dupre, Charles, cigar mkr, bds 171 N. Clark.
Dupre, Julius, actor, bds 171 N. Clark.
Dupuis, Achille, boarding 255 Blue Island av.
Dupuis, Frederick, engineer, (C. & St. L. R. R.,) h 47 W. Polk.
Dupuis, P. G., carpenter, h 47 W. Polk.
Dupuy, Henry M., clk, (Shortall & Hoard,) h 160 N. Market.
Dupuy, Virginia Y., teacher, (Franklin School,) h 160 N. Market.
DuQuette, Louis, clk, (Ross & Gossage,) h 471 Mitchell.
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Marsh, J. P. & Co., (James P. Marsh, George M. Davis), propts, Chicago Steam Gauge Works,
-----190 and 192 Washington
Marsh, V. A. & Co., (Volney A. Marsh, Jacob S. Curtiss), mdze brokers, 47 S. Water
Marsh & Foss, (Alexander Marsh, Samuel F. Foss), lumber dealers, Van Buren cor Canal
Marsh & Goodridge, (G. A. Marsh, M. H. Goodridge), com mers, 256 W. Water
Marsh & Southwick, (Edwin D. Marsh, S. H. Southwick), genl agts, Hartford Live Stock Ins.,
-----C. 49 LaSalle
Marshall, ------, wid, h 229 DeKoven
Marshall, A. J., Mrs., dressmaker, h 193 W. Washington
Marshall, Albert, fancy dry goods, h 193 W. Washington
Marshall, Andrew, teamster, h 51 Huron
Marshall, Ann, dressmaker, h 424 North av.
Marshall, Benjamin, wks, (Coan & TenBroeke, Carriage Mnfg Co.), h 43 Myrick av.
Marshall, Benjamin, (S. & B. Marshall), h 199 State
Marshall, Caleb H., clk, bds 12 Green
Marshall, Charles, salesman, (H. L. Blakeslee), h 193 Washington
Marshall, David, machinist, (Galena Div. C. & N. W. Ry. shop), h 192 Centre av.
Marshall, F. E, agt, (F. Parmelee Co.), bds 136 N. Jefferson
Marshall, Frank, Lieut., (Regular Army), bds 51 Carpenter
Marshall, George C., machinist, (I. C. Car Works), h 93 Twenty-fifth
Marshall, George E., clk, (Clarke & Co.), bds 193 W. Washington
Marshall, H., machinist, (Eagle Works)
Marshall, Henry, lab, h 324 Catherine
Marshall, Henry, teamster, h 120 Kingsbury
Marshall, J. Fred, clk, bds, 163 W. Indiana
Marshall, James, lab, 173 Cologne
Marshall, James, teamster, bds 56 Huron
Marshall, James A., real estate agt, Reynold's blk., h 163 W. Indiana
Marshall, James D., (C. T. Grey & Co.), h 67 W. Erie
Marshall, James M., real estate broker, 97 Clark, h 930 Indiana av.
Marshall, Jefferson, lab, bds 67 Chicago av.
Marshall, John, nailer, (N. W. Horse Nail Co.), bds 108 W. Washington
Marshall, John, porter, 116 Lake
Marshall, Jon, wks, (Wheeler & Co.)
Marshall, John H., clk, (John Clark), h Belden av nr Clark
Marshall, John P., bds Godfrey House
Marshall, L. H., invoice clk, (Hibbard & Spencer)
Marshall, Louis, carpenter, h 791 State
Marshall, Louis, wagon mkr, bds 1145 Milwaukee av.
Marshall, Pike, boarding 75 Canal
Marshall, R. C., (col'd), waiter, bds 414 State
Marshall, Robert, lab, bds 727 Chicago av.
Marshall, Samuel, captain vessel, h 589 W. Indiana
Marshall, Squire, (S. & B. Marshall), h 1081 State
Marshall, Thomas, stonecutter, (H. Furst), h 260 Fourth av.
Marshall, Thomas D., omnibus agt, 50 Randolph
Marshall, W. F., salesman, (Field, Leiter & Co.), h 4 Park Row
Marshall, W. S., bds St. Cloud House
Marshall, William, clk, (Am. Ex.)
Marshall, William, com mer, h 424 North av.
Marshall, William, lab, h 15 Mohawk
Marshall, William, machinist, h 189 Fourth
Marshall, William H., (Davis & Marshall), h 93½ Green
Marshall, S. & B., (Squire and Benjamin Marshall), retail grocers, 199 Clark
Marshaus, John, lab, (C. R. M. Co.)
Marstadt, Henry, clk, bds 11 W. Lake
Marston, A., confectioner, bds 253 Laflin
Marston, George, salesman, (Cupples, Marston & Peck), h 1049 Indiana av.
Marston, James, conductor, (Am. Ex. Co.), bds 75 Canal
Marston, Robert, traveling salesman, (Reid, Murdoch & Fischer), bds Richmond House
Marston, S. C., tinsmith, 438 N. Wells, h same
Marston, Thomas, Jr., (Cupples, Marston & Peck), h 592 Wabash av.
Mart, F., wks, (Palmer, Fuller & Co.)
Martaes, Fritz, h 365 N. Larrabee
Martain, Edward, lawyer office, 17 Fullerton blk Dearborn, h Ellis av. 2 n Egan av.
Martain, George, painter, h 12 Fourth av.
Martain, Joseph H., (Runnion & Martain), h 155 Dearborn
Martal, John, baker, h 49 Ewing
Marte, Emanuel, baker, bds 607 Archer av.
Martee, John, wks (Palmer, Fuller & Co.)
Martell, Charles, confectionery, 249 N. Clark, h same
Martell, Emand, lab, h 34 Elizabeth
Martell, John, porter, bds cor Franklin and Michigan
Marten, Ann, wid George, h 184 Jefferson
Marten, Charles, lab, (Rolling Mill), h 766 Milwaukee av cor Wood
Marten, Lewis, machinist, (Eagle Works)
Marten, Peter, watchman, (Fox & Howard), h 272 N. Franklin
Martens, Frederick, clk, (I. C. Borcherdt), bds 699 W. Madison
Martens, Frederick, lab, h 573 N. Halsted
Martensen, Niels, lab, h 13 W. White
Martenson, Christian, blksmith, bds 71 Illinois
Martenus, George, (col'd), barber, h 123 Fourth avenue
Marteos, L., wks cor State and Twenty-second, h 45 Archer av.
Marteos, P., wks cor State and Twenty-second, h 45 Archer av.
Marth, Henry, lab, h 51 Finnell
Marth, Peter, baker, 28 Willow, h same
Martha, John, carpenter, (R. J. Rundell & Bro.), h 268 Morgan
Marthall, Andrew, painter, (Greenman & Co.), bds 245 Monroe
Marthu, M., shoemkr, (A. & R. Chapin & Co.)
Martin, ------, (Brophy & Co.), res St. Charles, Illinois

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Martin, ------, wid George, h r 123 Gurley
Martin, A. J., student, (BRYANT & STRATTON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE), office ne cor
-----Washington and Clark
Martin, A. J., clk, (J. M. W. Jones), bds 20 Adams
Martin, Angus, cooper, h 68 N. Desplaines
Martin, Archibald, ship carpenter, bds 67 Chicago av
Martin, Anthony, lab, h 60 Ohio
Martin, Arthur, produce dealer, 169 Kinzie, h 0 Hinsdale
Martin, August, com mer, 19 Wells
Martin, Bernard, lab, (I. C. R. R. shops), h 716 Indiana av
Martin, C., lab, (Chicago Rolling Mill Co.)
Martin, Charles, wks, (Whitney Bros. & Co.), bds 282 Larrabee
Martin, David, engineer, h 132 Cologne
Martin, Daniel, sailor, bds r 73 Ontario
Martin E., (Freilaender & Co.), h 46 N. State
Martin, Edward, gas fitter, h 89 E. White
Martin, Edward, lawyer, room 17 Fullerton blk, h 136 Ellis av
Martin, Edward, (Williams & Martin), h 181 Morgan
Martin, Edward, wks, (Union Rolling Mills)
Martin, Edward F., bkpr, (O. B. Green), bds 267 N. Wells
Martin, Edwin, Jr., (Cragin & Co.), res New York
Martin, Ellen, wid Benjamin, h 235 Canal
Martin, Ezra H., carpenter, h 456 Milwaukee avenue
Martin, Florence, milliner, 539 State, h same
Martin, Francis, wks, (Daniel Joseph's Gallery), bds 237 Franklin
Martin, Frederick, lab, h 75 Walsh
Martin, Frederick, watchman, (Crosby's Distillery), h Hawthorn av
Martin, Frederick R., conductor, (C. C. Ry.), h 27 Vine
Martin, George, carpenter, bds 226 Kankakee avenue
Martin, George, (col'd), whitewasher, h 123 Fourth av
Martin, George G., printer, bds 138 W. Washington
Martin, George, tailorshop, 86 Archer av, h same
Martin, George H., clk, (Howe & Dalton), bds 368 Michigan av
Martin, Henry, carpenter, bds 456 Milwaukee av
Martin, Henry, grocer, h 531 N. Wells
Martin, Henry, (Haskin, Martin & Wheeler), h 368 Michigan av
Martin, Henry, musician, h 50 Hinsdale
Martin, Henry, wks, (N. W. Glass Co.), cor Centre av and Twenty-second
Martin, Henry G., show case mnfr, wks 227 Lake, h 202 W. Adams
Martin, Hugh, wood dealer, h 202 Hubbard
Martin, J. B., (Weitzel, Martin & Co.), res Marshall county
Martin, J. L., telegraph operator, M. C. bldg, bds Massasoit House
Martin, Jacob, lab, bds 1080 Indiana av
Martin, James, wks, (Union Rolling Mills)
Martin, James, coachman, h 330 Michigan av
Martin, James, lab, h 58 Damen
Martin, James, lab, bds 37 Bremer
Martin, James, teamster, h 79 Carroll
Martin, James, teamster, h 52 Nebraska
Martin, James A., mason, h 145 Cottage Grove avenue
Martin, James K., packer, h 137 Archer av
Martin, John, blacksmith, h 274 Blackhawk
Martin, John, boilermkr, h 91 Forquer
Martin, John, carpenter, h 129 Meagher
Martin, John, clk, h r 123 W. Indiana
Martin, John, currier, h 191 Illinois
Martin, John, lab, h alley between Wentworh av and Twenty-first
Martin, John, lab, (Chicago Ale and Malt Co.)
Martin, John, lab, (C. R. M. Co.), h 428 Elston road
Martin, John, lab, (Hutchinson & Sons), bds 8 N. Peoria
Martin, John, wks, (C. R. M. Co.), h 23 McHenry
Martin, John, wks, (C. R. M. Co.), h 161 Coventry
Martin, John, wks, (David Goodwillie & Co.), 112 Ohio
Martin, John, varnisher, bds 157 Indiana
Martin, John H., carpenter, h 49 Fourth
Martin, Joseph, blacksmith, h 201 W. Polk
Martin, Joseph, cooper, (G. H. Young), h 235 Canal
Martin, L. Mrs., h 108½ W. Randolph
Martin, L. A., clk, with (A. R. & G. H. Miller), 55 State
Martin,L. F., machinist, bds 137 Archer av
Martin, Lewis, lab, bds Hanover House
Martin, Lewis, teamster, wks 48 N. Wells, h 21 Kinzie
Martin, M., wks, (P. Schuttler)
Martin, Malvina, tailoress, bds 123 VanBuren
Martin, Margaret, wid Philip, h r 446 Clinton
Martin, Martin, lab, h 207 Deering
Martin, Mary, h 13 Tyler
Martin, Medore, teamster, h 539 State
Martin, Medore I., clk, (Field, Leiter & Co.), bds 539 State
Martin, Michael, teamster, h 46 N. Union
Martin, Minnie, dressmkr, 139 Blue Island av, h same
Martin, Nicholas, carpenter, h 155 Meagher
Martin, Nicholas, lake captain, h 295 Main
Martin, Norris, carpenter, bds 456 Milwaukee avenue
Martin, P. L., (Ketchum,Redfield & Co.), h New York City
Martin, Patrick, lab, 207 Deering
Martin, Patrick, lab, h 16 Penn
Martin, Patrick, shoemkr, h 87 Sholto
Martin, Patrick, teamster, h 189 Coolidge
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Transcribed by Judy Anderson