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[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed "AS IS" - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure some are ours.

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Driscoll, Thomas, helper, (I. C. R. R.), r. 661 Clark
Driscoll, Thomas, helper, (I. C. C. shops), r. 165 DeKoven
Driscoll, Timothy H., foreman, (R. A. Loveland & Co.), r. 159 Butterfield
Driscoll & Pfirshing, (D. D. Driscoll and Joseph Pfirshing), lawyers, 94 Washington
Drisilling Charles, clk, r. 182 W. Jackson
Drislain, Denis, watchman, (C. C. R. W. stables), r. 185 21st
Drisler, T., driver, (C. C. R. R.)
Drissen, Constantine, clk, (Henry Arnold), r. 170 Michigan
Dritz, George, tinner, (William Fitzgerald), r. 183 State
Dritzmaker, Charles, carpenter, r. 1030 S. Halsted
Driver, Andrew, carpenter, bds. 155 4th av.
Driver, E. A., (Spear & Driver), r. 365 W. Adams
Driver, George, carpenter, r. 43 DePuyster
Driver, G. C., corresponding clerk, (Pinkerton's National Detective Agency), r. 165 S. Green
Driver, John, lab, (Farson, Brayton & Co.), r. 183 S. Peoria
Driver, Peter, machinehand, (Guilbert & Dufour Bro.), r. 155 4th av.
Driver, Thomas, graindealer, r. 263 W. Adams
Drmit, John, watchman, bds. 63 W. Monroe
Drocklein, Menson, gardener, r. 351 Kossuth
Droege, August, clerk, (Wm. Matthei), bds, 39 Blue Island av.
Droege, William, cabinetmaker, (Thayer & Tobey Furniture Co.), r. 205 W. Lake
Droegemiller, William, shoemaker, 108 Wells, r. same
Droegen, Catherine, wid. Nicholas, r. 483 Wells
Droeger, Henry, foreman, (Mears, Bates & Co.)
Droegkamp, John, coppersmith, (Conrad Kattentidt), r. 534 Sedgwick
Drognitz, Gotlob, carpenter, r. 68 Bauwan
Droll, Frank, wks, (Palmer, Fuller & Co.)
Droll, Ignatz, wks, (Palmer, Fuller & Co.)
Droney, Lawrence, lab, r. 262 N. Franklin
Drooyes, James, carpenter, bds. 146 12th
Dros, Christian, lab, r. 392 Maxwell
Droschinski, Casimir, shoemaker, (Bullock Bros.), r. 32 Crossing
Droseo, Bertram, lab, r. 561 Mitchell
Drouchberg, Chris, painter, r. 279 Blackhawk
Drouchberg, John, cooper, r. 279 Blackhawk
Drouchberg, Peter, cooper, r. 279 Blackhawk
Drouin, Henry, carpenter, r. 128 Liberty
Droun, Martin, lab, r. 18 Dussold
Drown, Oscar, conductor, r. 134 W. Adams
Druce, S. C., wks, (N. C. C. R. W. Co.)
Druegkamp, Carl, blacksmith, r. 129 Orchard
Druehl, Frank, clerk, (Ernest Matthaei), bds. 13 Blue Island av.
Druehl, Louis G., clerk, (Saehn Bros.), bds, 223 Kinzie
Drueth, Jacob, cigarmaker, r. 635 N. Wells
Drueth, Louis, cigar mnfr., r. 474 Larrabee
Drummer, J. Mrs., r. 112 N. Dearborn
Drummond, Adam, ship carpenter, r. 161 1/2 W. Polk
Drummond, Andrew, physician, room 3, 43 Clark, r. same
Drummond, A. H., machinist, (P. W. Gates & Co.), r. 178 Sedgwick
Drummond, D., machinist, (Eagle Works Mnfr. Co.)
Drummond, E. A., asst. clerk, (U. S. Dist. Circuit Court), bds. Clifton House
Drummond, Robert, machinist, (P. W. Gates & Co.), r. 229 Rumsey, cor. Emily
Drummond, R. jr., machinist, (Eagle Works Mnfg. Co.)
Drummond, Thomas, judge, (U. S. Circuit Court), r. Winfield, Ill.
Drummond, Thomas, pres. (International Life Ins. Co.), 128 LaSalle, r. Wheaton, Ill.
Drunningan, Gottlieb, finisher, (Chicago Iron Works)
Drunitz, Frank, lab, r. 353 Kossuth
Drury, Edwin, (City Collector's Office), r. 47 Lombard blk.
Drury, James C., policeman, (1st precinct), r. 207 W. Van Buren
Drury, John, lab, bds. 183 S. Market
Drury, John T., bds. 187 Walnut
Drury, J. H., artist, (room 40 Crosby Opera House)
Drury, L. H., assessor, (W. Division, Court House), r. 22 Loomis
Drury, Thomas, shoemaker, r. 230 Huron
Drury, William, builder, r. 213 Oak
Drury, William R., clerk, 105 Lake, r. 187 Walnut
Drutchman, Moritz, blacksmith, r. rear 122 Fry
Dryden, Eliza J. Mrs., r. 148 W. Washington
Dryer, Edward S., realestate agt., bds. 175 N. Dearborn
Dryer, Fred, fireman, r. 147 Mitchell
Dryer, John, wks, (Doig & Van Duser), r. 147 Mitchell
Dryer, John T., realestate agt., r. 150 W. Monroe
Dryluss, Bernard, fruitdealer, r. 275 N. Wells
Dryke, William, musician, r. 100 N. LaSalle
Dryme, Robert, paperhanger, bds. 143 W. Randolph
Drysdale, Andrew, (Prickett & Drysdale), r. 56 Warren av.
Drysdale, D. A., (Prickett & Drysdale), r. 41 Fry
Drysdale, George, (Prickett & Drysdale), r. 42 Mark
Drysdale, Thomas, (Prickett & Drysdale), r. Fulton, nr Ann
Dryson, P. M., coppersmith, (L. Wolff), r. 358 Centre av.
Duane, Alice, wid. William, r. 219 Jackson
Duane, Thomas, lab, r. 219 Jackson
Duasmann, William, carpenter, r. 220 Church
Dub, Peter, housemover, r. 262 21st
Dubach, Andrew, carpenter, r. 104 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Antoine, machinist, r. 104 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Frank, machinist, r. 104 Wentworth av.
Dubach, Nicholas, fireman, (Fire Engine Economy, No. 8), r. 179 Arnold
Dubar, A., carpenter, (I. C. car works)
Dubbert, Max, upholsterer, 73 Randolph, r. 106 Sedgwick
Dubeistein, Albert, tailor, bds. 146 12th
Dubettz, Samuel, grocer, 390 State, r. same
Dubeul, Cyriac, patternmkr., (John B. Gavin), r. 144 W. Water
Dubia, H. F., clerk, (W. D. R. W. Co.)
Dubie, I., machinist, (I. C. car shops)
Dubois, Anson N., cooper, r. 119 N. Green


Dunn, Robert, painter, r. 212 Adams
Dunn, R. C., carpenter, r. 327 Centre av.
Dunn, S. E. Mrs., dressmaker, 176 N. Dearborn
Dunn, Thomas, bricklayer, r. 1 Kansas
Dunn, Thomas, carpenter, r. 263 N. Market
Dunn, Thomas, carpenter, r. 408 S. Morgan
Dunn, Thomas, lab, r. 62 Deering
Dunn, Thomas, lab, (M. S. & L. S. freight depot), r. 289 3rd av.
Dunn, Thomas, stairbuilder, r. 356 S. May
Dunn, Thomas B., clerk, (Wilmanns & Pasdeloup), r. 263 N. Market
Dunn, T. J., painter, r. 255 4th av.
Dunn, Walter R., news depot, 234 State, r. same
Dunn, William, joiner, r. 149 S. Desplaines
Dunn, William, plumber, bds. 245 Chicago av.
Dunn, William, saloon, 392 State, r. same
Dunn, William P., lab. r. 213 DeKoven
Dunn, Winfield, circulator, r. ns. 30th, bet. Burnside and Butterfield
Dunn, W. H., bookkeeper, (T. S. Sperry), r. 169 S. Peoria
Dunn. see also Dunne and Dun
Dunnberry, John, lab, r. Market sq. nr. Archer av.
Dunne, Charles, printing office, (Military Div. of the Missouri), bds, 217 S. Desplaines
Dunne, Edmund, wood and coal, 1624 State, r. 83 Shurtleff av.
Dunne, Edward, student, bds. ws. North Branch, nr. Division
Dunne, James, gen. news agt., r. 402 N. Wells
Dunne, James, lawyer, 154 Washington, r. 132 Throop
Dunne, James, switchman, bds. 95 N. Sangamon
Dunne, John, lab, r. 899 State
Dunne, John, wagonwasher, (Am. M. U. Ex. Co. stables)
Dunne, Keiren, tailor, r. 56 William
Dunne, Maurice, wood and coal dealer, 897 12 State and 343 Archer av., r. 81 26th
Dunne, Michael, lab, r. ns. Blue Island av. bet. 22d and Steele
Dunne, Michael J., (Humphreville & Dunne)
Dunne, Patrick, carpenter, r. 129 Sampson
Dunne, Patrick, wks. (O. B. Green)
Dunne, Richard, foreman, (O. B. Green), r. ws. North Branch, nr. Division
Dunne, Thomas, carpenter, (Neagle & Milne), r. 408 S. Morgan
Dunne, Thomas, lab, r. rear 107 Maxwell
Dunne, Thomas, lab, r. 289 3rd av.
Dunne, William, dentist, room 9, 123 Lake
Dunne, William, lab, r. ns Blue Island av. bet. 22d and Steele
Dunne, William P., saloon, 22d, nw. cor. Throop, r. same
Dunne, W. P., physician, 162 W. Harrison, r. 105 W. Adams
Dunne. see also Dunn and Dun
Dunnebacke, John, foreman, (Eliel & Co.), r. 141 Cornell
Dunning, Charles W. r. 777 W. Adams
Dunning, Cephas, r. 104 W. Adams
Dunning, Cyrus, r. 50 Price pl.
Dunning, Gerard, blacksmith, 126 E. Kinzie, r. Waukegan
Dunning, Louise M. Miss, teacher, (Franklin School), bds. Ohio, nr. Dearborn
Dunning, S. M. (Dunning & Easton), 101 Dearborn
Dunning, S. Wright, editor, (Railway Gazette), 99 and 101 Washington, r. 5 Washington
Dunning, William C., salesman, (A. & H. Kohn & Co.), r. 777 W. Adams
Dunning & Easton, (S. M. Dunning and Charles L. Easton), lawyers, 101 Dearborn
Dunnivan, Jeremiah, fireman, r. rear 493 Wells
Dunnivan, Michael, lab, r. 898 Clark
Dunnivant, G. F., printer, (Evening Journal), r. 256 N. Wells
Dunphey, George, messenger, (Union Steamboat Co.)
Dunphey, George W., butcher, r. 653 W. Lake
Dunphy, John, builder, r. 845 W. Lake
Dunphy, John, lab, bds. 493 Wells
Dunphy, Luke, lab, r. 375 Polk
Dunphy, Michael, lab, r. 493 Wells
Dunphy, William, clerk, r. rear 85 Sigel
Dunproff, Pankratz, lab, r. 495 Wood
Dunsen, Henry, boot and shoemaker, bds, 636 S. Union
Dunshields, Dan, lab, r. Lancaster av. bet. Fox and Benson
Dunster, Sarah, wid. Asaph, r. 241 Warren
Dunting, Georgie, wid. Albert, r. 481 W. Kinzie
Dunton, George B., (Wight, Dunton & Co.), r. 49 Pine
Dunton, Thomas F., salesman, (Wight, Dunton & Co.), r. 283 Fulton
Duokwitz, Ernst, blacksmith, r. 151 Quincy
Dupage House, (John Kessel, proprietor), 190 and 192 W. Randolph
Dupee, Charles A. (Hitchcock, Dupee & Evarts), 165 W. Washington
Dupee, Charles B., (C. B. Dupee & Co.), r. Kenwood
Dupee, C. B. & Co. (Charles B. Dupee and ------), ham curers, S. Water, nw. cor. State
Dupee, Horace M., (H. M. Dupee & Co.), r. 602 Wabash av.
Dupee, H. M. & Co., (H. M. Dupee and Asa Worster), provision dealers, 124 S. Water
Dupee, John jr., (Harris & Dupee), r. 222 Park av.
Duple, Marcus W., clerk, r. 23 S. Desplaines
Duplissey, C., prof. of French, English, German and Classical School, 144 White
Dupont, Charles, barber, r. 16 Dunn
Dupont, George, saloon, 396 Clark, r. same
DUPONT POWDER CO. (Edward C. Page, agt.), 29 S. Water
Dupp, August, engineer, r. 367 W. Chicago av.
Dupre, Edmond, scrollsawyer, r. 76 Mather
Dupre, M. W., salesman, (C. W. & E. Pardridge & Co.)
Dupsky, Anton, cooper, r. 376 Maxwell
Dupuis, Achills, cook, r. 36 Sigel
Dupuis, Etienne, painter, r. 220 Centre av.
Dupuis, Fred, yardmaster, (P. C. & St. L. freight depot), 269 W. Indiana
Dupuy, Henry, clerk, (Recorder's office), r. 160 W. Market
Dupuy, ------, painter, r. 28 Willard pl.
Duquett, Julian T., gardener, bds, 686 S. Canal
Duquette, Louis, salesman, (Webster Bros.), r. 404 Blue Island av.
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Thompson, W. J., machinist, (R. T. Crane & Co.), r. 128 N. Ashland av.
Thompson, ------, carpenter, r. 144 N. Desplaines
Thompson, ------, clk, bds. 178 Adams
Thompson, ------, bds. 286 Illinois
Thompson, ------, r. 208 Clybourn av.
Thompson & Bishop, (John H. Thompson and Henry W. Bishop, jr.), lawyers, 78 Dearborn
Thompson & Edwards, (William N. Thompson and Henry J. Edwards), com. mers. and mnfrs.,
-----bone fertilizers, 116 LaSalle
THOMPSON & STEELE, (D. S. Thompson and Charles R. Steele), mnfrs., baking powders, 51 W. Lake
Thoms, A. P., trav. agt., r 228 W. Indiana
Thoms, Charles, lab, r. 60 Wesson
Thoms, Lewis, driver, (Wadhams & Willard), r. 298 3r av.
Thoms, William, (Hetzel & Co.), r. 37 Front
Thomsen, Andrew, ship carpenter, (Miller Bros.)
Thomsen, C., butcher, 566 W. Madison, r. same
Thomsen, John, lab, r. 267 Sangamon
Thomsen, Julius, bookkeeper, (Marine Co. of Chicago), bds. 265 Wabash av.
Thomsen, Ole, mason, r. 51 W. Oak
Thomsen, Paul, carpenter, r. 78 Bremer
Thomsen, Peter, carpenter, r. 45 Phillips
Thomsen, Peter, lab, r. 102 Bremer
Thomsen, Thomas, lab, r. 143 W. Erie
Thomsen, Thomas, machinist, (Streeter & Eddy), bds. 81 Huron
Thomsen, Thomas, sailor, r. 140 Wesson
Thomson, Alex, lather, r. 422 Hubbard
Thomson, Andrew, sailor, r. rear 220 Chicago av.
Thomson, A. M., coffee and spice mills, 29 S. Canal, r. 680 W. Washington
Thomson, Charles, carpenter, (S. I. Russell), r. 69 4th
Thomson, George, bookkeeper, r. 25 Bauwans
Thomson, George, lab, r. 187 Rucker
Thomson, George, lake captain, r. 165 N. Morgan
Thomson, Henry, cooper, r. 66 Larrabee
Thomson, Henry E., bartender, r. 315 S. Halsted
Thomson, L., cabinetmkr, (Taft, Schwamb & Co.), r. 30 Alexander
Thomson, James, (col'd), waiter, (Sherman House)
Thomson, James, r. 141 N. Wells
Thomson, James K., bookkeeper, (W. T. Noble & Co.) bds. 42 Franklin
Thomson, John, carpenter, r. rear 231 W. Erie
Thomson, John, file agt., r. 122 Augusta
Thomson, K., organmkr, (R. Burdett & Co.), r. 78 Superior
Thomson, Margaret, wid. James, r. 315 S. Halsted
Thomson, Mary, wid. Thomas, r. 43 Phillips
Thomson, Niels, tailor, r. rear 231 W. Erie
Thomson, Ola, sailor, r. 166 N. Green
Thomson, Paul, organmaker, (R. Burdett & Co.), r. 78 Bremer
Thomson, Peter, painter, (Herhold, Johnson & Co.), r. 187 Townsend
Thomson, Peter, watchmaker, r. 39 Elston rd.
Thomson, Peter, r. 199 W. Erie
Thomson, Robert H., com. mer., r. 18 Seely av.
Thomson & Templeton, (Summerville Thomson and Hugh Templeton), bankers, 206 Randolph
Thomson, see also Thompson and Tompson
Thon, Frank, wks, (Phillips & Liebenstein)
Thon, William, wks, (Phillips & Liebenstein)
Thonander, John, bookkeeper, r. 78 W. Erie
Thoomey, Mary Mrs., r. 306 S. Canal
Thopson, H., paperhanger, (R. F. Chase & Walker)
Thorban, John, broker, bds. 38 N. Peoria
Thoresen, Johan, r. 129 W. Indiana
Thoresen, Thomas, upholster, (McDonough, Price & Co.)
Thorman, Henry, carpenter, r. 350 12th
Thormann, Max, lab, (J. F. Temple & Sons), r 194 Ewing
Thorn, Edward, graindealer, bds. 280 W. Washington
Thorn, Edwin, (Platt, Thorn & Maynard), r. 218 Washington
Thorn, Eliza Miss, forewoman, (Hollister & Phelps), r 137 N. Elizabeth
Thorn, Frederick, shipping clerk, (Platt, Thorn & Maynard), r. 9 N. Canal
Thorn, George, boardinghouse, 652 N. LaSalle
Thorn, H. S., physician, 945 W. Lake, r. same
Thorn, Jacob, carpenter, r. 598 Cottage Grove av.
Thorn, John, (James S. Kirk & Co.)
Thorn, J. E., trav. salesman, (H. Scovil), bds. 134 Wabash av.
Thorn, Richard, r. 349 Calumet av.
Thorn, William, cigars and tobacco, 345 E. Division, r. same
Thorn, William, clk., r. 234 Morgan
Thornbush, Charles, printer, (Jameson & Morse), r. 535 N. Ashland av.
Thornby, Thomas, painter, r. 106 Quincy
Thorndike, J. Prince, clerk, r. 1733 State
Thorne, Charles H., salesman, (Seymour, Carter & Co.), r. 934 W. Lake
Thorne, George, carpenter, (C. B. Brown & Co.), r 269 Blackhawk
Thorne, George R. (Cobb & Thorne), r. 337 Ohio
Thorne, Henry, flour and feed, 187 18th, r. same
Thorne, Richard F., clerk, (Tourtelot Bros.), bds. 349 Calumet av.
Thorne, Stephen, bookkeeper, r. 984 W. Lake
Thorne, William K., whol. wine dealer, r. 7 Eldridge court
Thorne, W. S., ticket agt., (P., Ft. W. & C. and C., A. & St. L. R. R.'s)
Thornly, James, machinist, r. 95 Williams
Thornquest, Frank Edward, carriagemkr., (Lock & Thornquest), bds. 170 Illinois
Thornquest, John F., (Lock & Thornquest), r. 71 N. Wells
Thornton, Abraham, lab, r. 207 Bushnell
Thornton, Charles, brass moulder, (O. Owens)
Thornton, David, saloon, Monroe, cor. Dearborn, r. 135 Adams
Thornton, Elisa, dressmaker, 181 W. Adams, r. same
Thornton, E. B., clerk, (E. P. Dwyer & Co.)
Thornton, F. Louis, clk., (City Hotel), bds. same
Thornton, Harriet, wid. William, r. 341 Hubbard
Thornton, Henry H., carpenter, r. 341 Hubbard
Thornton, H. B., operator, (W. U. Telegraph Co.), bds. Massasoit House
Thornton, James, boilermkr., (Carlile Mason & Co.), r. 451 4th
Thornton, James, carpenter, r. 575 S. Jefferson
Thornton, Michael, lab, r. 195 Johnson
Thornton, N., lab, (W. D. R. R. Co.)
Thornton, Richard, cabinetmkr, R. 153 Market
Thornton, Samuel, ------
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Transcribed by Judy Anderson