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Pease, Anson, notions 56 N. Leavitt
Pease, Benjamin L., loans 8,142 Dearborn, house 371 Park Ave.
Pease, Betsy M., wid. Noah, house 373 Park Av.
Pease, Edwin B., real est. 8, 142 Dearborn, house 373 Park Ave.
Pease, George, house 48 W. Randolph
Pease, George D., loans 8, 142 Dearborn, house 718 W. Washington
Pease, Ira A., fireman, house 38 N. Paulina
Pease, James M., (Pease & Tochie) Diversey Av. cor. Seminary Av.
Pease, Laura S., Mrs. house 9 Crenshaw
Pease, Louis A., manager 217 Madison, boards 1630 Indiana Av.
Pease, Loring A., salesman 72 Madison, house 197 Dearborn
Pease, Orlando, teamster, house 835 W. Indiana
Pease, O, A., clk. 217 Madison, boards 1630 Indiana Av.
Pease R. L., carp. boards 282 Michigan
Pease, Samuel W., real est. 23, 92 Lasalle, house 258 State
Pease, Sara E., Miss, matron House correction S. California Av. cor. W. 26th
Pease, thomas H. lawyer 52 Ashland blk. house 296 W. Monroe
Pease & Tochie (James M. Pease and Thomas Tochie), painters Diversey Av. cor. Seminary av.
Pease ---, shipper Union stk. yds. house 476, 38th
Peaslee, Thomas J., machinist, boards 157 Aberdeen
Peasler, Gill W., boards Clarendon house
Peasley, Annie E., wid. Augustus, dressmakr. 419 Douglas Av.
Peasley, Maria H., wid. George, artist 11 N. Clark
Peasley, May Miss, dressmakr. 419 Douglas Av.
Peat, James, cook, house 931 N. Clark
Peatch, Henry, plasterer, house 340 Larrabee
Peatee, Thomas S., clerk 108 State, boards 42, 37th
Peatie, John, machinist, house 83 W. Pearson
Peatie, John C., machinist 60 Michigan, house 181 Lincoln Av.
Peattie, Robert B., clerk Times, house 83 Pearson
Peats, William H., salesman 95 South Water, house Lake View
Pebsh, Emma, wid. August, H. 709 Milwaukee av.

Peceny, Joseph, carp. house 123 W. 19th
Peceny, Vaclav, lab. house 123 W. 19th
Pech, Albert, cutter, house 197 Chestnut
Pech, Frank, painter rear 152 Forquer
Pech, John, carp. house 152 Forquer
Pech, Joseph, carriage painter 10 Clayton
Pech, Joseph, cutter, house 152 Forquer
Pech, Mary Mrs., hair goods 10 Clayton
Pech, Stphen, foreman, house 565 Loomis
Pecha, John, sawyer, house 13 McMullen ct.
Pecha, Martin, shoemkr. house 13 McMullen ct.
Pecher, Henry A., vinegar, house 33 Newberry Ave.
Pecher, John, butcher, boards 323 Aberdeen
Pecher, Joseph, lab. house 323 Aberdeen
Pecher, Joseph jr., cabinetmaker. boards 323 Aberdeen
Pechel, George, mer. tailor 1256 State
Pechopa, Franklin, tailor, house 396 W. 18th
Pecival, Anton, meatmkt. 212 W. 20th
Pecival, Francis, meat 599 Centre av.
Pecival, John, meatmkt. 702 S. May
Pecival, Joseph, butcher, house 27 Canalport av.
Peck, Allen S., ins. agt. house 88. Mariaana nr. Lincoln av.
Peck, Amos M., bkpr. 157 south Water, house 30 Western av.
Peck, Andrew, painter house 53, 25th
Peck, Arthur S., ins. adjuster 172 Lasalle
Peck, Arthur S., coal 536 W. Lake
Peck, A. W., agt. 172 Lasalle, house Jefferson
Peck, Benjamin F., milier, house 430 Park av.
Peck, Bronson jr., sec. and treas. Liebert mnfg. co. 205 Lake, house 9 Congress
Peck, B. Charles, gen manager C & G.T.R.R. 1, 108 Washington, house Port Huron

Peck, Ford, W., 4, 5, 6 and 7 Lakeside bldg., house 2259 Wabash Av.
Peck, Frank, painter, house 152 Forquer
Peck, Frank B., miller, house 439 Park Av.
Peck, Franklin G., bkpr. foot N. May, house 894 W. Lake
Peck, Frederick, carp. house 115, 18th pl.
Peck, Frederick L., clerk P.C.& St. L.R.R. house 461 Carroll av.
Peck, George G., engineer, house 109 Newberry av.
Peck, George H., house 720 W. Monroe
Peck, George H., milk, house 209 Hubbard
Peck, George T., clerk 11 Clark, boards 213 Ohio
Peck, Hammond W., boarding 699 W. 22d
Peck, Hannah Mrs., boarding 406 Wabash av.
Peck, Harold S., 4, 5, 6 and 7 Lakeside bldg. house 2447 Michigan av.
Peck, Harriet, wid. Henry, house 72 W. Monroe
Peck, Hattie P., teacher, house 720 W. Monroe
Peck, H. H., lawyer 28, 96 Lasalle
Peck, H. S., agt. Waterbury clock co. 68 Washington
Peck, James, truckman, house 875 Hubbard
Peck, James C. (James C. Peck & Co.), 288 Monroe, house 293, 34th
Peck, James C. & Co. (James C. Peck) dry goods 288 Monroe
Peck, Jacob, lab. house 227 Dayton
Peck, James W., salesman 251 Madison, house 3848 Johnson pl.
Peck, Jerome T. salesman 256 Monroe, house 608 W. Indiana
Peck, John A., sec. Union knife co. 3, 78 Monroe, house 18 N. Throop
Peck, John J. F., salesman 220 Monroe
Peck, John L., (Peck & Bausher), 2, 157 Washington, house 655 (old no.) Michigan av.
Peck, Joseph, painter, house 92 N. Wells
Peck, Joseph, tailor, house 170 Bunker
Peck, J. C. (J.C. Peck & Co.), 360 S. Canal, h. 22 Keith
Peck, J. C. & Co. (J. C. Peck and C. Bhohme) oils 360 S. Canal
Peck, L. Taylor, steamftr. house 92 N. Wells
Peck, Mary, wid. Fred, house 167 Lubeck
Peck, Mary K., wid P.F.W., house 2254 Michigan av.
Peck, Matthew, postal clerk, house 207 Superior
Peck, Milo C., conductor, house 1045 W. Monroe
Peck, Morris, grocer 254 S. Desplaines
Peck, Nathan, carriagetrimmer house 30 Diller
Peck, Nathan S., coal, house 534 W. lake
Peck, Nicholas, teamster, house 227 Dayton
Peck, Oliver D., mnfr. house 2967 Indiana av.
Peck, Orlin A. tobacco 53 South Water, house 216 S. Leavitt
Peck, Philip, shoemkr. 216 Henry
Peck, Phoebe C. wid Dennis, house 243 Huron
Peck, P.F.W., estate of 4, 5, 6 and 7 Lakeside bldg.
Peck, Samuel, machinist house 473 State
Peck, Samuel B., salesman 102 Wabash av. house 12 S. Peoria
Peck, Timothy S., bkpr. 220 Washington, house 102 Michigan
Peck, Walter L., 4,5,6 and 7 Lakeside bldg. house 2254 Michigan av.
Peck, Welmar, porter, boards 508 State
Peck, Wesley H., news agt. boards 109 Newberry av.
Peck, William E., clerk 126 State, h. 202 S. Aberdeen
Peck, William H., engineer, house 293 S. Jefferson

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