Index to my transcription of the 1880 Mortality Schedule
for the
Town of Lake, Cook County, Illinois

© 2003 Kimberly Torp


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Page of Schedule

??aha Maryne? 9/12 ED196, pg1
[Anglim] "Born dead"   ED195, pg2
[Anglim] "Twins" 12/30 ED195, pg2
[Benjamin] Henry 8/12 ED198, pg1
[Benjamin] Sophia 11 ED198, pg1
[Berg] Leonard 2 ED197, pg2
[Burke] James 1 ED195, pg1
[Burr] William 1 ED196, pg 2
[Cahill] James 3/12 ED197, pg2
[Diehl] Nettie 3 ED195, pg3
[Doolen] Mary 10/12 ED195, pg1
[Dotson] F.W. 3 ED197, pg2
[Dumigan] John 2 ED196, pg1
[Finnegan] Margret 3 ED196, pg1
[Gretzner] Johnnie 2 ED197, pg2
[Gretzner] Teresa 4 ED197, pg2
[Hackbane] Annie 8/12 ED195, pg1
[Hackbane] Mina 3/12 ED195, pg1
[Hart] John 8/12 (?) ED196, pg1
[Houser] Maud 7 ED196, pg1
[Houser] Maudie 7 ED197, pg2
[Jerdon] Kate 4/12 ED195, pg2
[Joice] Johanuah ED196, pg1
[Joice] James ED196, pg1
[Miller] Frederick 1 ED195, pg1
[Nelson] Baby   ED195, pg3
[Patter] Mary ED196, pg1
[Reath] Barbara 3 ED196, pg 2
[Reath] Emma 1 ED196, pg 2
[Ryan] Ellen 5 ED195, pg1
[Ryan] James 3 ED195, pg1
[Schultz] August 2 ED195, pg2
[Sullivan] Joseph 4 ED196, pg1
[Walther] Charles 6 ED195, pg1
[Walther] George 4/12 ED195, pg1
[Walther] William 3 ED195, pg1
Anderson Fredk. 9/12 ED195, pg2
Anglim Frank 3 ED195, pg2
Badie Otti 2/12 ED195, pg2
Baldwin Bridget 2 ED196, pg1
Barnum Wilford 5/12 ED196, pg1
Barry James 18 ED196, pg1
Barton Ann 53 ED196, pg1
Becker Fredk. 6/12 ED195, pg3
Becker Susan 37 ED195, pg4
Benjamin Emma 4 ED198, pg1
Benlin Elizabeth 80 ED198, pg1
Berg Josephina 5 ED197, pg2
Berg Meenfored 6 ED197, pg2
Berry William 10 ED198, pg1
Breakman Caroline 9 ED195, pg1
Brown (Baby) born dead ED195, pg3
Brown John 9/12 ED197, pg2
Burke Kate 2 ED195, pg1
Burns Patrick 51 ED195, pg2
Burr Frank 9 ED196, pg 2
Burrass Charles 6/12 ED196, pg1
Burrass Sarah 32 ED196, pg1
Cahill Annie E. 2 ED197, pg2
Camvin Eliza 74 ED198, pg1
Carmichael Daniel 9 ED195, pg2
Carmody Mary 16 ED196, pg 2
Carney Katie 2 ED196, pg1
Casey Dennis 12 ED196, pg1
Ceinn Martha 8/12 ED195, pg3
Cella Frank 5 ED196, pg 2
Chambers Charles 6/12 ED196, pg1
Clark Nathan 17 ED198, pg1
Clausen Mina 1 ED197, pg1
Claussen Anna 75 ED197, pg1
Collins Thomas 7/12 ED195, pg3
Conway John 33 ED195, pg1
Cornwell Mary 32 ED198, pg1
Craft Annie 6/12 ED195, pg1
Croane Minnie 1 ED195, pg3
Cummings Mary 26 ED197, pg2
Daker Maud 1 ED195, pg2
De Young(? very faint) Ellen 67 ED197, pg2
DeYoung Matthew 3 ED197, pg2
Diehl Hugo 6 ED195, pg3
Dietz Fredk. 9 ED195, pg3
Donevan Daniel 1 ED196, pg1
Doolen Michl. 17/30 ED195, pg1
Dotson Chas T. 5 ED197, pg2
Doyle Mary 3 ED195, pg1
Duffy Royal F. 2 ED198, pg1
Dumigan Maudie 4 ED196, pg1
Elliott Cara 6/12 ED196, pg 2
Emmerson Thomas 30 ED196, pg 2
Erickson   ED197, pg1
Fassnaht Emily 4 ED195, pg3
Finnegan James 3/12 ED196, pg1
Finnigan Mary Ann 1 ED195, pg2
Fitzgerald Mamie 3 ED195, pg1
Fitzimmons Maggie 1 ED197, pg2
Fitzsimmon Eliz'h 30 ED195, pg3
Flannigan Frank 1 5/12 ED196, pg1
Flannigan James 53 ED196, pg1
Foley Ellen   ED195, pg2
Forsythe Thomas. 1/12 ED196, pg 2
Foster Isabella 39 ED195, pg3
Gairns Isabella 78 ED195, pg3
Golden Kate 4 ED197, pg2
Gowsley Frank E. 6 ED198, pg1
Gretzner Carrie 6 ED197, pg2
Gudy John 1 ED196, pg1
Hackbane Wilhelmina 3/12 ED195, pg1
Hansan Edd 9/12 ED197, pg2
Hart Mary 1 1/4 ED196, pg1
Harwood Marion 25 ED197, pg2
Hayes Baby died at birth ED195, pg3
Heiden Charles 6/12 ED195, pg1
Hill [blank]   ED197, pg2
Hogan John E 3 ED195, pg1
Houser Matie 7 ED197, pg2
Houser May 7 ED196, pg1
Howe Edith 9/12 ED197, pg2
Hurley Ann 2 ED197, pg2
Huston Myrtie 12 ED195, pg3
Jerdon Anna May 1 ED195, pg2
Jernberg John O. 9/12 ED195, pg3
Joice Norah 7/12 ED196, pg1
Karffu [?] Frank 41 ED198, pg1
Keating Maggie 22 ED198, pg1
Keller Sophie 32 ED195, pg2
Kelly Patrick 85 ED197, pg2
Keneally John 7 ED195, pg3
Kenealy Margaret 2 ED195, pg2
Kenney George 2/12 ED198, pg1
Kerry Anna 1 ED198, pg1
Kotzenberg Ralph 40 ED196, pg 2
Kundit William 11/12 ED195, pg2
Larry Birdie 2 ED195, pg2
Lehmann Martin 5/12 ED195, pg1
Leming (?) Herman 35 ED195, pg2
Leopold Sophina   ED195, pg2
Liebig Frank 10/12 ED195, pg2
Long Willie 4/12 ED197, pg2
Lucht Antoine 1 ED198, pg1
Lusk Jenny 29 ED195, pg3
McCabe Julia 6 ED195, pg1
McCready Lulu 6/12 ED195, pg3
McDonald Grace 2 ED195, pg2
McDonald John O. 1 ED197, pg2
McEnalty John T. 1 ED195, pg2
Meredith Chas A. 3 ED197, pg2
Miller Augusta 3 ED195, pg1
Mulloy Eliz. 11/12 ED195, pg3
Murphy [blank] 2 hrs ED195, pg1
Murphy Alice 5/12 ED196, pg1
Murphy Charles M. 6/12 ED198, pg1
Murphy Fanny 1 ED195, pg3
Muschler Henry 1 ED195, pg2
Myrisol (?) George 77 ED198, pg1
Nelson Kate 21 ED195, pg3
Newberry Ella 3/12 ED195, pg3
Nolan Mary 1/12 ED195, pg3
Norton Michael 7 ED195, pg1
OBrien Margaret 2 ED195, pg3
O'Connor Alice 2 ED195, pg2
Oldfield Hattie 4 ED195, pg3
O'Neal Susan 61 ED196, pg 2
Orr Mary 7 ED198, pg1
Otley William H. 26 ED195, pg3
Patik Rudolph 2/12 ED195, pg3
Patter Joseph 65 ED196, pg1
Pierce Wm H. 36 ED198, pg1
Poppen Minnie 23 ED197, pg2
Quade Mary 50 ED195, pg3
Radcliff, Joseph G.   ED197, pg2
Rapus Infant 10 minutes ED195, pg2
Reagan Maggie 8/12 ED197, pg2
Reath Philip 9 ED196, pg 2
Regan Daniel   ED195, pg2
Rehm George (crossed out and no other info is written)   ED195, pg1
Rice Debora 3/12 ED196, pg1
Rickey Charles G. 3/12 ED195, pg1
Roach Michael 1 ED195, pg1
Rogers Died at Birth   ED195, pg1
Rollalory Rose Ann 1 ED195, pg2
Ross Ellsworth 1 ED197, pg1
Rubani Mary
("Vincent" is written above and then has a line drawn through it)
2 ED195, pg3
Ryan Cornelius 7 ED195, pg1
Scheidt Louis 2/12 ED195, pg3
Schmidt Amiel 2 ED196, pg 2
Schulean Jenny 9/12 ED195, pg2
Schultz William 4 ED195, pg2
Schwartz Lannie 1 ED195, pg2
Seneschal Napoleon 26 ED195, pg1
Shultz Louis 1/12 ED195, pg1
Simons Baby ("John" crossed out) 18/30 ED195, pg2
Smalls George 2 ED195, pg2
Smith Elisabeth 39 ED196, pg1
Snow Thomas C. 60 ED198, pg1
Stanger Alfred T. 4 ED197, pg2
Stebbin Amelia 40 ED196, pg1
Stevenson Elizabeth 43 ED197, pg2
Stocks Lavinia 1 ED195, pg3
Strot Emma 5 ED195, pg3
Studewirth Martha E. 26 ED197, pg2
Sullivan Lizie 7 ED196, pg1
Thomas John 1/12 ED197, pg2
Thomson Isabella 16 ED195, pg3
Toal Charles 1 ED195, pg2
Van Vorst Rosalie 1/12 ED195, pg3
Wade Mary 80 ED196, pg1
Wagner Katie 11/12 ED197, pg2
Walsh Lawrence 8 ED196, pg 2
Walther Emma 9 ED195, pg1
Wascher George 4 ED196, pg1
Webb Artie 3/12 ED198, pg1
Wendell Vidam (Viclum?) 10 ED198, pg1
Westcott Glenn 7 ED195, pg1
Wetsch 7/12? ED197, pg2
White Lucius 26 ED195, pg2
Williams Ada 6/12 ED195, pg3
Williams Ann 61 ED195, pg3
Williams Henry 48 ED195, pg1
Winkleman Theodore 2 ED196, pg1
Winter Frances 4/30 ED197, pg2
Wittey George 21 ED195, pg2
Wood Hary 4/12 ED196, pg1


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