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North Park is a Chicago neighborhood located north of Albany Park and below Sauganash, 13.9 miles northwest of the Loop. It is bordered by the North Shore Channel on the east, the Chicago River's North Branch and Foster Avenue on the south, Cicero Avenue on the west and Devon Avenue on the north.

Originally a Swedish community and later a stronghold of Orthodox Jews, it more recently has been adopted by American newcomers, from Latinos to Middle Easterners, Koreans and Eastern Europeans. It is part of the 60625 zip code, which is known as one of the most diverse areas in the entire country.


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1855: Originally part of Jefferson Township, North Park was platted in 1855. The early residents were German and Swedish farmers who grew vegetables in fields laid out along the south bank of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

1877: The Bohemian National Cemetery was opened, attracting Czechs into the northwestern corner of the area. Most began to move out of the area around 1900.

1893: The Swedish University Association of the Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant purchased a large acreage in the area and donated about 8½ acres along the river in the southeastern corner of North Park for establishment of a college. Construction at North Park College began in 1894 and the surrounding acreage was subdivided for homes. Within the next few years streets were laid out, sewer lines put in place, and board sidewalks installed.

c. 1900: The Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium is built at the intersection of Pulaski and Bryn Mawr

1910: Population numbered only 478.


Chicago's only waterfall (about four feet high) appears where the North Branch of the Chicago River tumbles into the North Shore Channel.

Bohemian National Cemetery is located here.

North Park University is located here

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