Chicago Illinois St. Anne's School of Nursing
Class of 1924


[Transcribed by Shauna Williams for Genealogy Trails]


(Loretto Burrill, Rosalia Daniels, Florence Spivey, Lolita Burns, Helen Machold, Katherine Stehle, Lucy Patin, Helena Walderbach, Edna Bergin, Lucille Crouse, Theressa Mulvey, Josephine Thome, Alphild Hockstad, Virginia Welch & Mary Casserly.)



*Lucy M. Patin-Sand Lake, Michigan ME 6-2425 Did private duty for awhile, then retired and returned to farm in 1938 to raise her brother's orphaned children.

*Helen Machold Sommer-5016 Wellington Ave. Chicago Ill. Worked several yeas doing private duty. Is married and has one daughter and five grandchildren. After daughter was raised returned to private duty. Expects to retire soon and move to Florida.

*Virginia M. Welch-135 Weatherford Way Corvallis, Oregon. PL 3-8125 Took a position in 1938 as Night Supervisor in Minnesota. Became Director of Nurses and Asst' Administrator. Attended courses at the University of Minnesota. Moved to Oregon in 1938 as Superintendent of Nurses in Good Samaritan Hospital and became Administrator of the Hospital in 1950, the position she now holds. In 1954 was made Benton County Citizen of the Year (first woman) and in 1956 was made honorary member of Theta Sigma Phi. Is a member of the American College of Hospital Administrators by examination. Was very ill recently but at present is doing very well.

*Mary Casserly-1434 N. Lawler Ave. Chicago, Ill. Although ambition was to specialize in anesthesia or laboratory, was unable to due to may illnesses. Did private duty up until retirement in 1962.

*Lolita Burns Herlihy-1117 Pal St. Ottawa, Ill. HE 3-2267 Only worked on and one half years after graduation. Married in 1962. Husband is civil engineer. Had five children, four sons who all suffered from muscular dystrophy and died in their early twenties. Daughter Patricia is a graduate this year of St. Francis Hospital, Evanston. Is active in Easter Seal Drives and church work.

*Edna Bergin Eckerson-Deceased

*Lucille Crouse Martin-P.O. Box 245. White Springs, Fla. Did private duty for a short time, then graduated as an anesthetist. Took course in Hospital Administration. Since husband's death has opened her own nursing home.

*Josephine Thome-Cameron Wisconsin. Did private duty until retirement in 1960. Then moved to Cameron

*Rosalia Daniels Butler-5909 W. Augusta Blvd. Chicago. Did private duty. Married and has three children. Is now a grandmother.

*Theresa Mulvey Simmons-500 S.E. 21st St. Cove Beach Club Deerfield Beach, Fla. Married and has one daughter. Is now a grandmother.

*Alphid Hoghstad Corcoran-Deceased December 1933.

*Florence Spivey Bodin-Deceased August 1936

*Katherine Stehle Hannon-Deceased

*Loretta Burrill Thorsell-No Information


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