Graduates of Woman's Medical College

[of Chicago]

Source: "Illinois in the Eighteenth Century"
Chicago: Fergus Print. Co., 1881

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

 The School's name was later changed to "Woman's Hospital Medical College of Chicago"

For a brief history of the school, view our
Chicago Institutions webpage

Julia A. Cole
Augusta Kent
Linda Miller

Mary Ellen Bennett
Rosa H. Engert
Sarah Jane Finch
Margaret Ellen Holland
Pheba A. Sprague
Charlotte Moore Wedgewood

Lucinda Corr
Lettie A. Mason
Ellen Partridge
Sarah Hackett Stevenson
C.T.F. Stringer
Milla C. Savanoe
Jane E. Walton

Sarah A. Brown
Lottie E. Calkins
Julia N. Marsh
Edith A. Root
Elizabeth Darr Shelton
M.P. Travers Wagstaff
Delight J. Wolf

Adelia Barlow
M.A. Bowen
Eva Bickford
Margaret Caldwell
Harriet E. Garrison
Louisa M. Grouard
A.M. Hale
Lois Fitch Mansfield
H.C. Russell
Amanda M. Ranslow

Blanche O. Burroughs
Louise M. Dawson
Ellen Von Rolshausen
Jennie E. Tarbox

L. Anna Ballard
Helen B. Bodelson
Lida Green
A.M. Hyacinth  (Auguste Max Hyacinth)
Clara R. Normington
Elenore Stallard
N.A. Stephens  (Nanny Stephens)

Kate C. Bushnell
Marie J. Mergler
C.A. McMahan
Julia A. Moss
Catherine B. Slater

Further information on Anna Ballard's career (class of 1878) as the first woman doctor in Lansing, Michigan can be read here

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