Crawford County, Illinois
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Allen Cemetery 385344N 0873641W  
Baker Cemetery 385406N 0873338W  
Ball Cemetery 390650N 0874206W  
Barbee Cemetery 390240N 0874035W  
Bartmess Cemetery 385546N 0873240W  
Beckwith Cemetery 385641N 0874110W  
Bradbury Cemetery 391011N 0873948W  
Cecedar Cemetery 385410N 0874252W  
Cox Cemetery 391010N 0874640W  
Dickerson Cemetery 385347N 0873734W  
Draper Cemetery 390853N 0874017W  
East Union Cemetery 385727N 0873505W  
Ford Cemetery 385303N 0873837W  
Fuller Cemetery 385443N 0873508W  
Ganies Cemetery 385406N 0873541W  
Goodhope Cemetery 385355N 0874213W  
Green Cemetery 385908N 0873640W  
Guyer Cemetery 390851N 0874241W  
Hale Cemetery 385118N 0873621W  
Hardinville Cemetery 385435N 0875014W  
Higgins Cemetery 385815N 0873748W  
Hix Family Cemetery     Section 8, Twp. 5 N, Range 12 West in Honey Creek twp
Johnson Cemetery 385302N 0873527W  
Jones Cemetery 385321N 0874044W  
Jones Cemetery 385429N 0874856W  
Keplinger Cemetery 385210N 0875226W  
Kitchell Cemetery



Off of W. Harrison Street
Lackey Cemetery 385632N 0873416W  
Lindley Cemetery 390937N 0874043W  
Minnick Cemetery 385812N 0874213W  
Morea Cemetery 385534N 0873721W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 390626N 0874928W  
Musgrave Cemetery 390756N 0874051W  
Neathery Cemetery 385822N 0873807W  
New Hebron Cemetery      
Newlin Cemetery 390345N 0874352W  
Norton Cemetery 385202N 0873414W  
Nuttle Cemetery 385156N 0874155W  
Oak Grove Cemetery     Located in Palestine, IL
Palestine Cemetery      
Port Jackson Cemetery 385152N 0874719W  
Randolph Cemetery 390443N 0875556W  
Rich Cemetery 385515N 0874127W  
Richart Cemetery 385503N 0874817W  
Robinson Cemetery (NEW) 390015N 0874318W  
Robinson Cemetery OLD 390037N 0874402W  
Seaney Cemetery 385603N 0873848W  
Sears Cemetery 385533N 0874642W  
Tobey Cemetery 385226N 0873410W  
Tohill Cemetery 385506N 0874245W  
Waggoner Cemetery 385102N 0875215W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery      
Wesner Cemetery      


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