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Name of Soldier:
Richard Boyd Huss
Born 6/25/1836 in Hocking County, Ohio to Jacob Huss and Ellen Boyd
Died 11/11/1890 in Gardner Illinois, he is buried in the Braceville-Gardner Cemetery

Regiment and Rank:
146 Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, Company D; Private

Date of Enlistment, Date of Discharge:
Enlisted 9/8/1864 in Springfield Illinois
Discharged Honorably 7/8/1865 at Camp Butler, Springfield Illinois

Place of Residence:
Gardner Illinois

Wifes name, marriage date, etc
1st wife Rachel A Crumley married 9/21/1856; she died 6/16/1872 in Gardner, Ill
2nd wife Mary Francis Huss Watters married 6/20/1873; she died 3/4/1854 in Joliet Ill

Dependent children:
Richard and Rachel:
Ellen (Nellie) Huss: b.1858, Newark Illinois, Kendall County
Huldah A Huss: b. 1861, Newark Illinois, Kendall County
Harriet (Hattie) J Huss: b.1861, Newark Illinois, Kendall County
Nora E Huss: b. 1866
Cora Huss: b. 1868
William Huss" 1872
Richard and Mary Francis:
Maggie Irene Huss: b. 3/1874,
Howard Huss: b. 12/1874,
Erwin Huss: b. 8/22/1884,
Edith Huss: b. 7/12/1886
Edele Huss: b. 8/18/1886, Gardner Illinois
Richard B. Huss: 5/25/1891, Gardner Illinois

Previous marriages for either soldier or spouse
Rachel was a previous wife for Richard; Rachel and Mary Francis were only married once

Diseases and/or invalid?
measles and a resulting disease of the eyes

Witnesses who filed on behalf of pensioner, their residence, date and any pertinent information they might have regarding the soldier:
Thompson Martin
Matthew Rogert
Benjamin Laforce
Louis Germain
Charles Green
BJ Fennel
Lucy Milbourn
Nancy Bookwalter
W. McMann MD
Edward L Sutton
Mary Gallager
Richards widow, Mary Francis Huss, filed for benefits and the above filled out statements attesting to their knowledge of the existence of Richards dependent children, their residence and the financial situation of Mrs Huss.

Date Pension was filed:

Date Pension was granted and amount of pension per month:
$8 per month plus an additional $8 a month for children

Date pension ended:
9/24/1926 due to the death of the recipient, the widow Mary Francis Huss

Any pertinent correspondence in the file:
There are copies of Richards death certificate, and 2nd marriage certificate.

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