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The following is official from the records of the adjutant general's office at Washington, giving the ages and number of enlistments for the Union in the Civil war:

The number of 10 years and under: 25
The number of 11 years and under: 38
The number of 12 years and under: 225
The number of 13 years and under: 300
The number of 14 years and under: 1,523
The number of 15 years and under: 104,987
The number of 16 years and under: 231,051
The number of 17 years and under: 844,891
The number of 18 years and under: 1,151,438
The number of 21 years and under: 2,159,798
The number of 22 years and over: 618,511
The number of 25 years and over: 46,626
The number of 10 years and over: 16,071

When it is noted that 1,151,438 boys in blue of eighteen and under entered the field and served in the navy and out of nearly 3,000,000 recruits only 46,626 of them were over twenty-five years of age, the average of the soldier was a little under eighteen years. The now veterans were then really "boys" and they loyally and successfully wore the blue. There were eighteen boys of seventeen and under, to one man of twenty-Five or older, in this service.

Taken From History of DeWitt County, IL, Volume 1, Chicago Pioneer Publishing Company, 1910