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MEXICAN WAR - Company F Volunteers
War was declared with Mexico in May, 1846, and Illinois under the call for volunteers was entitled to three regiments. E. D. Ehker, then a prominent man of Illinois, through the influence of Hon. O. B. Ficklin, a congressman at the time, prevailed on President Polk to allow him to raise a fourth regiment from Illinois, and by this means the De Witt county men entered the service. Mr. Baker was elected colonel, Lieutenant Governor Moore was chosen lieutenant colonel, and Thomas Harris was elected major. They were ordered into the service of the United States from the 30th of April, 1846, to the 28th of May, 1847. The company was mustered into service July 18, 1846, by Colonel Churchill. The following is a list of volunteers in Company F. Those marked with asterisk preceding their names were present at the muster of the company.

Newcomb, Daniel Captain  
Murphy, Richard First Lieutenant  
Howard, Benjarnin Second Lieutenant  
Maltby, Charles Third Lieutenant  
Lowry, William Orderly Sergeant Left sick at Jalapa 7 May 1847
Bennett, G.E. Second Sergeant  
Venson, John Third Sergeant  
Hamilton, Absalom Fourth Sergeant  
Davenport, Isaiah First Corporal  
Alsop, William Second Corporal  
Kinney, William Third Corporal Hospital attendant at Jalapa 7 May 1847
Davis, William Fourth Corporal  
Mason, John Musician  
Alsop, William    
Benson, Charles H.   Left sick at Matamoras 9 October 1846
Brown, Samuel J.   Left sick at Matamoras 9 October 1846
Boyer, George M.   Left sick at Jalapa 7 May 1847
Beebe, David    
Bennett, Gabriel E    
Belford, Owen    
Butler, William    
Brock, Elias    
Brown, James    
Clifton, William    
Coppenbarger, Joseph    
Chack, Adam    
Chapman, J.F.   Left sick at Matamoras 9 October 1846
Connell, Samuel    
Clifton, William    
Clifton, Joseph    
Carlock, Andrew    
Davis, Remus.    
Davenport, Isaiah    
Dawson, James    
Farris, Benjamin   Left sick at Matamoras 9 October 1846
Glenn, Samuel P    
Glenn, Darby    
Hite, Levi   Was sergeant till 6 December 1846 when appointed to the quartermaster's department
Hill, Egbert O.   Left sick at Matamoras 9 October 1846
Hutchins, Thomas   Killed in battle
Harp, William    
Henry, James    
Halsey, Solomon    
Inrnan, James   Left sick at Matamoras 14 December 1846
Lugan, James A    
McDeed, John    
Martin, James    
Martin, Benjamin    
Murphy, Richard   Killed in battle
Purdy, William    
Purdy, John H    
Price, John    
Perryman, James.    
Russell, Lowe Z    
Richards, Isaac    
Slatten, Joseph    
Star, Conrad.    
Stram, Isaac H.    
Skidmore, Reuben    
Sherk, Adam    
Scroggins, Anderson    
Sawyer, Selick    
Smith, James   Left sick at Matamoras 14 December 1846
Thornley, Leroy   Died from wounds Jalapa 7 May 1847
Tenery, Thomas   Died from wounds Jalapa 7 May 1847
Turner, James R    
Van Nolt, Isaac    
Webb, Richard D    
Wright, William    
Willis, Isaac W    

The following were discharged on surgeon's certificate
Hutchins, John Camp Patterson 22 August 1846
Williams, Jerry Camp Patterson 22 August 1846
Richards, Evan Matamoras 13 October 1846
Pomeroy, Franklin Matamoras 13 October 1846
Halsey, Solomon Matamoras 13 October 1846
King, Daniel Matamoras 13 October 1846
Dawson, James B. Matamoras 13 October 1846
Linton, James Matamoras 13 October 1846
Brock, Elias Matamoras 13 October 1846
Brock, Andrew Discharged Matarnoras 13 October 1846
E-ngland, Thomas Discharged Matamoras 13 October 1846
Harp, Thomas Discharged Matarnoras 13 October 1846
McCuddy, Isaac Discharged Camargo 10 November 1846
Hammitt, Joseph Discharged Vera Cruz 8 May 1847

The following died in service:
McPherson, Jesse Camp Patterson 25 August 1846
Richards, Isaac N. Camp Patterson 8 September 1846
Payne, Calvin Camp Patterson 10 September 1846
Blankenship, Jesse Matarnoras 5 October 1846
Wallace, William Carnargo 3 November 1846
Keimey, Ambrose Camargo 11 November 1846
Beebe, Daniel Camargo 14 November 1846
Johnson, Theophilus Camargo 8 November 1846
Clifton, Job Camargo 18 November 1846
Butler, William Camargo 23 December 1847
Belford, Owen Tampico 14 February 1847
Murphy, Richard Rio Del Plan 21 April 1847
Jackson, Joshua E. Cerro Gordo 21 April 1847

Taken From History of DeWitt County, IL, Volume 1, Chicago Pioneer Publishing Company, 1910