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Hedrick Family

In the fall of 1830 Adam Hedrick his brother George Hedrick and brother Solomon Hedrick moved to West Salem. They had land just north of where the town is now. They were farmers and came from Rowan CO., NC, they dressed hogs and took them by wagon to Evansville, IN. From there they were shipped by flat boat to New Orleans. They received $2.00 -- $2.50 per 100 for meat and hides; when they got $50.00 they went to In federal land bank and bought another 40 acres. the land was 1.25 per acre.

In 1844 their father George died an they went by horse back to NC. to get their inheritance.

Adam had 11 children 6 being born in West Salem - Solomon was never married and George (Jr.) had 13 children, 11 growing to adulthood - 10 were born in West Salem.
Below is list of Children and their spouses
Elvira - Jacob Hinkle
Albertine - Dr. Herman Schaefer
Nancy Adeline - John Clodfelter
John Addison - Sarah Rothreck
Mary Ann - Doc Burcham
Susannah - Harrison Hinkle
Catherine died 8 yrs old
George F. - Fannie Grubb
Andrew L. (Lafe) - Lucinda Ridgley 2nd wife Fannie Roby Libke
Anderson died at birth
Gideon - Isabelle Danford
Emma Louise - James Ridgley
Ellen Eliza - William Wood

Obituary of Andrew Hedrick
View burials in West Salem Moravian Cemetery

Submitted by Lawrence Hedrick

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