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Albion School


1945 Albion School Board

Donated by Vickey Woodard



Harry Ile

W.J. Stallings

Ethel Fitch

Roy Hudson

John Kieser

Esther Kieser

Profiles of School Board

Harry Ile was born in Edwards County. He attended Gum Corner School. He married Lulu Bunting. They have one daughter Mary. He has been in trucking for several years. He has served the board three years.


Roy Hudson was born in Golden Gate. He attended the Golden Gate School. He married Berniece Leet. They have three children; Joyce, Imogene and Odes. He serves the community as a carpenter. He is the clerk of the Board.


Ethel Fitch was born in Oakwood vicinity. She attended the Oakwood School. She married George Fitch. Their daughter’s name is Hazel. She has taught several terms of school in Leech and Massilon Townships and has served our community as Postmaster almost sixteen years.



John H. Kieser - Principal of High School

W. J. Stallings - Upper grades teacher

Esther H. Kieser – Primary teacher

Albion School

Picture contributed by Michelle Abrajano, who says:

"My mother Hazel Balding is in this photo; however, she can not remember the name of the school. I know that mother did not move from Edwards til 4th grade and since she was born in 1926 this has to be Edwards Co School, however since I don't even know the names of the schools from that county I can't even suggest any names to mom to she if it might ring a bell. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks"

ANSWER! Tom Biehl recognizes the school to be the only school he knows of in Albion, the Albion School which was later turned into the House of Prayer church. The building was later torn down in the 1990’s. Thanks Tom!

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