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1860 Mortality Index
Effingham County

Persons who died during the year ending 1st. June- 1860 State of ILLNOIS, County of EFFINGHAM.















  FUNKHOUSER, B.F. 20 M       Ill July      Clerk Typhoid Fever 14
  CARBER, Charles 27 M     M Ill Jun        Bilious Pneumonia  4
  McCLAIN, Nancy 1/12  F       Arkansas? Jan        Unknown 2
  HOLMES, Willis N. 7/12 M     M Ill  Sep        Congestion brain 10
  GAMBLE, John 17 M       Ohio Feb     Farm Laborer Consumption 15
  GILLENWATERS, George 26 M     M Ill May       Disease of Heart & Brain 2
  HUGHES, Davis (?) M. 6/12 M       Ill Oct     Farmer Chills and Fever 60
  JACOBS, John 47 M     M Ohio Jun     Farmer Lungs 6
  FAITHDROP, Mary 37 F     M  Germany Aug      Domestic Mania a Potic 6
  BLUEBOUGH, Hannah 29 F     M Ind Oct     Domestic Child bed fever 60
  EVERLAND, W. P. 2 M        Ill Aug         Flux 21
  FOREE, Elizabeth E. 20 F     M Ohio Nov     Domestic Mania a Potic 4
  PETRO, Ivy E. 4 F       Ill Oct       Flux 20
  STE_HENSON, H.E. 1 M       Ohio Nov       Lung Fever 10
  BRICKER, Mary J. 1 F       Ohio Aug       Flux 15
  KAPLER, John W. 1 M       Ill  Feb       Unknown 1
  ALLSOP, W.H. 1/12 M       Ill May       Convulsions 1
  STRONG, Benj. 6/12 M       Ind Sept       Unknown 6
  BISHOP, Benj. F 1 M       Ill Jul       Diarrhea 12
  AGNES, Anning O.
52 M        NJ Oct      Stone Mason Dropsy 52
  ATKINS, Jonathan 70 M     M  Ohio Aug      Farmer Consumption  365?
  GRUBB, Mary 2/12 F        Ill Jany?       Diarrhoea  2
  MCCULLOGH, Molly A. 14 F       Ind Feb       Consumption 365
  WILSON, Wm. A. 83 M     W  Vir Oct       Appolexy 1
  WILSON, Joseph S. 25 M     M Vir Jun       Typhoid Fever 30
  MASH, Sarah C. 1 F       Ill Aug       Bilious Fever ?
  WESTON, Mary C. 18 F        Penn Jun      Domestic  Typhoid Fever  11
  GREEN, McDaniel 1 M        Ill Sep        Cholera infantum 8
  WHITE, Elizabeth 6 F       Ill Mar       Pneumonia 6
  MERRY, Sarah J. 1 F       Ill Aug       Inflam Brain 2
  PERKINS, Simeon 1/12 M       Ill Oct       Cholera Infantum 13
  PERKINS, Amanda J. 2 F       Ill Oct       Measles 10
  PERKINS, Milly 28 F     M KY May     Domestic Lung Fever 8
  JACOBS, Allie F. 1 F       Ill Jan       Pneumonia 1
  EVANS, John W. 2 M       Ill Aug       Croup 1
  HULL, Jonathan 1 M       Ill         Cancer Stomach  
  ALLEN, Alice F 27 F       Ill Oct     Domestic Inflam Stomach  
  HARRISON, E_ine 38 F     M Ohio Sept     Domestic Unknown  
  ELLIOTT, Nancy A. 20 F     M Ky Mar     Domestic Pneumonia  
  ELLIOTT, George 2? M       Ill Jan       Chronic Ogue  
  ELLIOTT Emily ?/12 F       Ill May       Convulaiona  
  ??FISHBECK, Lucy ? F       Ill July     Domestic Typhoid Pneumonia  
  HISHNER, Jeremiah 9 M       Ky         Lung Disease  
  DUBOLT, Fanny ? F       Ohio June     Domestic Convulsions  
  WECHMAN, ?arreta ?/12 F                 Brain Fever  
  WOOLEY, Angeline 1 F       Ill         Unknown  
  McBROOM, Isaac 60 M     M   Mar     Farmer Lung Fever  
  HAND, Wm. 1 M       Ill Jan       Unknown  
  DINERAUER, Richard 85 M     W Ger Aug     Farmer    
  WHITE, James ? M       Ind         Killed by  
  ROBINSON, John E. 6/12 M       Ill May       Inflam Brain  
  NEWELL, James ?/12 M       Ill         Unknown  
  SKINKLE, Mary E. 1 F       Ill            
  WESTON, Catherine 16 F       Tenn       Domestic Typhoid Fever  
  BROWN, Elmer ?/12 M                 Inflam Brain  
  HILLIS, Britte 3 F       Ill         Scarlet Fever  
  WILDERS, John S.   M       Ill Oct       Brain Fever  
  WELCHING, Michael 25 M     M Ire Aug     Farm Labor Run Over by A Wagon  
  LIBE, Elizabeth 37 F     M Ger Sept     Domestic Erysipelas  
  HILLENBECK, Wm. 23 M     M Unknown Apr     Farmer Consumption  
  KIRBY, Faraby 20 F     M Ill May     Domestic Tonsillitis  
  O'DONNELL, Bridget 1/12 F       Ill Apr       Pneumonia  
  CONWAY, Thomas 45 M       Fr         Frozen ????  
  MARTIN, 419 M       Ill Oct     Farm laborer    
  MARTIN, James 67 M     M   Feb     Farmer Typhoid Fever  
  REYNOLDS, John 28 M         Aug     Farmer Typhoid Fever  
  KOELLAR, John W. 22 M       Ohio Mar       _______ Brain  
  WRIGHT, Eugene 11/12 M       Ill Aug       Dysentery  
  LEE, Lucia 1 F       Ill            
  MASSON,   F       Ill Mar       Liver Disease  
  McCARALE, Julia 4 F       Ill Oct       Inflam. Brain  
  BURCH, Isa 16 F       Ind Mar       Neuralgia  
  HUGHES, 1 M       Ill         Inflam. Infantum  
  [The records of this county were almost impossible to transcribe.]


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