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Find Jury List 101 Years Old
Submitted by: Arnetia Bannick Osborn
Taken from: Effingham Daily Record, Thursday, February 4, 1937

Court records which in some manner survived the courthouse fire of 1869 were found in an old file in the vault of Circuit Clerk, Fred Hardiek by the clerk and his deputy, Miss Clara Worman, Thursday morning.

Oldest of the outfit which was transferred from the original court house in Ewington then placed on file, uncatalogued, after the new court house was built in 1872, as a grand jury list for the March terms, 1836, one hundred and one years, ago. The Jurors included:

Norbert Follenburg
Abraham Howett
Pleasant Gordon
Alfred McCann
Roman Harrick
William Orender
Jonathan Lewis
John Galloway

Alexander Cunningham
John Furleigh
John Hunt
William Brockett
John McGuire
Sidney North
Reuben Browning
Leonard Lankford

William C. Clark
James Carpenter
James Turner
James Dorrip
William Tibbs
James Gallant
Stephen Austin

The list was made up of twenty-three names whereas modern grand jury lists are made of 30 names, and the jury, after six persons are excused, are dismissed sits with 24 members.

The list was drawn by William Hankins, circuit clerk, and was served on the prospective jurors who finally reported for duty on April 5, by William Foreman, deputy sheriff.

The fact that a new floor is being put in the clerk's vault and the files rearranged accounts for the old documents is brought to light.

Other rare court records found include a docket from 1839, and one from 1847, at which time the court officers included the Hon. G. Kerner, Judge F.B. Fouk, states attorney, John S. Kelly clerk and S.B. Parks Sheriff.

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