Education in Effingham County

Various information on the Education school in Effingham County, including lists of some of the teachers who taught in the Effingham schools, along with the years they taught.

[Thanks to Billie Trail for this information.]

German Catholic Schools

The following is the corps of Sisters, who taught since 1874:  

Sr. Mr. Leonissa, from 1874-1876
Sr. Sixta. from 1874-1878
Sr. Tolentine, from 1877-1879
Sr. Mathiasa, from 1878-1879
Sr. Bernarda, from 1876-1877
Sr. Castula, from 1878- 1883
Sr. Zenonis, from 1879-1882
Sr. Pionina, from 1879-1889
Sr. Leonarda, from 1882-1888
Sr. Gelasia, from 1883- 1891
Sr. Columbana, from 1888-1902
Sr. Vita, from 1889-1890
Sr. Norbertine, from 1890-1891
Sr. Paulette, from 1891-1893
Sr. Paul, from 1893- 1894
Sr. Serapia, from 1894-1898
Sr. Leona, from 1894 only

The superiors during this time were the following:

Sr. M. Leonissa, from 1874-1876 (she also taught)

Sr. M. Bernarda, from 1876-1877

Sr. M. Basilla, the ever memorable, from October 5, 1877, til she died suddenly, during a visit to Tuetopolis, July 26, 1891

Sr.M. Regis, the plous, from August 29, 1891, till she died July 12, 1898

The present teachers are:
Sr. M. Gottharda-superior (1898)
Sr. Gaudine (1891)
Sr. Antonine (1902)
Jos H. Prost (1879)

In 1895 another department was added, including seventh and eighth grades, and in 1906, the ninth grade, taught by Rev. S.P. Hoffmann, was instituted. The course of studies in this grade consists of Stenography (Greggs), Type Writing, Book-keeping, General Business Forms, German and Latin. The present (c. 1907?) teachers are:

Rev. S.P. Hoffman - 9th grade
Jos H. Probst - 7th and 8th grades
Sr. M. Sillentia - 6,7,8 grades
Sr. M. Gaudine - 4 and 5 grades
Sr. M. Olivia - 3 and 4 grades
Sr. M. Antonine - 1 and 2 grades

A list of Students who deserve special mention at St. Anthony's School
Johanna Rebel, Mary Weisman, Martie Mertz, Julia Willenborg, Celestia Rickelman, Rosa Kreke, Mamie Jacobs, Minnie Bachman, Mary Hoefliger, Dr. Ewers, Lawerence Nolte, Fr. Nolte, Jos. Feldhake, Charles Worman, John Thies, Harry Rickelman, Theodore Gravenhorst, John Gravenhorst, Otto Reutlinger, Rudd Flugge, Joseph Mussman, Chas. Bachman, Bernard Mussman,Chas. Boos, Chas. Ewers, John Purtill, Ben Wolters, Harry Underreiner, Henry Boos, Paul Partridge, Alois Osthoff, and Anton Lange.

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