The Senior Class
of the
Shumway High School

request your presence
at their
Graduating Exercises
to be held
Wednesday Evening, May Sixth
at eight o'clock
Metzler's Hall


1. Instrumental - New Spring
Lucy N. Smith

2. Invocation - Rev. A. C. Kress

3. Instrumental - Hearts and Flowers
Florence Phifer

4. Salutatory - The Ladder by which we Scale
Mamie Haumesser

5. Oration - Struggle for Freedom
George H. Laue

6. Oration - Perserverance and Industry
Lucy N. Smith

7. Vocal Solo - The Swallows
Louise M. Metzler

8. Oration - Washington
Frank M. Phifer

9. Oration - Spring Sprins Back the Flowers
Flossie Kelly

10. Class Prophecy - LeRoy H. Phifer

11. Valedictory - Aim of Life
Roy H. Kelly

12. Instrumental - Thoughts of the Dance
Mary B. Mann

13. Class Address - Prof. W. E. Lugenbeel

14. Conferring of Diplomas - J. L. Brummerstedt

15. Quartette - Auf Wiedersehn
Misses Anna and Bertha Brummerstedt
Messrs. Frank Miller and J. L. Brummerstedt

16. Benediction - Rev. A. C. Kress


Lucy N. Smith
Mamie Haumesser
Flossie Kelly
Le Roy H Phifer
George H. Laue
Roy H. Kelly
Frank M. Phifer

Valedictorian: Roy M. Kelly
Salutatorian: Mamie Haumesser
Class Officers: Le Roy H. Phifer, Pres.
Lucy N. Smith, Secy.

Class Motto: Reward is in the Doing
Class Flower: Marechal Niel Rose
Class Colors: Blue and White

no flowers

contributed by Lynn Keller

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