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Carlock Cemetery

Transcribed by Linda Brandau from document published in Fayette County Genealogy Quarterly
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(Also and currently known as Carlock Cemetery)

Location: NE ¼ Section 17, South Hurricane Twp., back in field.
Copied 1971 by Mrs. B.J. Cearlock, Moweaqua, Ill. And compared to list of Mrs. Hoffman.

Elias G. 1875-1951
Charity E 1874-1953 (wife of Elias G.)
Albert M. (Monroe)1855-1943
Cassander I. (Cassander Isabelle nee Davidson)1854-1939 (Wife of Albert Monroe)
Homer, Apr. 13, 1903-Jan. 6, 1935
Saul, Jan. 16, 1894-Feb. 9, 1908
Mary J. (Jane nee Newcome)wife of John T. d. Apr. 19, 1883? Aged 32ys 7ms
Isaac d. May 6, 1868 aged 68ys * (*this death date has to be a stonecutter's error. It was copied correctly. Isaac was alive in 1870.)
Ludinda D. wife of Isaac, b. Oct. 18, 1817, d. Sept. 14, 1893
Abraham, d. Aug 3, 1856, aged 47ys, 3ms, 21ds
Sinthy, (Syntha nee Landers) wife Abraham, b. June 2, 1812 (Photograph of memorial stone shows last name as Cearlock)
Theresy, wife of John H. d. Mar. 15, 1859, aged 29ys, 5ms, 28ds (Photograph of memorial stone shows last name as Cearlock)
Elias, b. Sept. 20, 1844-d. Jan. 27, 1891
Martha, wife of Elias, b. Jan 26, 1847-d. Oct. 22, 1822
Jesse, Ill. Pvt. 1st Class QM Corps May 17, 1941

George J. d. Aug. 25, 1866, aged 32ys, 8ms, 19ds (photograph of memorial stone shows d. day is 23, 1866)
Sarah L. (Lusetta) d. Nov. 5, 1882, aged 19ys, 6ms

Iva M. dau G.M. & M.V. d. Aug. 16, 1879, aged 1yr, 11ms, 2ds
Mahala, (nee Carlock)wife of G.M. d. May 9, 1879 aged 27ys, 6ms, 8ds
Luc y F. dau G.M.& M.V. d. May 9, 1879, aged 5ys, 8ms, 25ds

John J. 1850-1929
Nancy L. 1866-1947

Dica, wife of Thos. D. Oct. 12, 1883 aged 41ys, 1m, 2ds
Eliza,(nee Carlock) wife of H.F. d. Apr 4, 1874 aged 20ys, 1m, 13ds

John d. Apr. 11, 1849, aged 24ys, 4ms, 2ds
Robert, son of J. & C. d. July 16, 1848 aged 2ys (from photograph of memorial stone aged 3ys, 4ms & 4 ds)

Flora Ellen (nee Carlock), wife of Walter, b. Nov. 29, 1879-d. Jan 14, 1904
Walter, b. Feb. 11, 1873-d. Dec. 29, 1928

Mary, d. Aug. 25, 1883, aged 18ys, 9ms

Cynthia C. d. Dec.3, 1882, aged 21ys, 4ms,3ds

Lydia, dau J. & N. - no dates

John W. Sept. 28, 1846-May 29, 1907
Mary J. his wife, Feb. 5, 1852-Nov. 23, 1917

Otis - stone illegible

(Photographs of two memorial stones show that there are two Isaac Carlock burials in this cemetery which could be the source of confusion. The second, not recorded above, from a photograph of his memorial stone: Isaac G. Carlock d. May 6, 1876 aged 89ys.)

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