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John Sears and wife Hannah [Johnson] Sears both died August 11, 1864. They were shot down in their home and killed by the same bullet. The tombstone says they were killed by soldiers of the 111th regt, 111 vols. They were buried on the farm - son Joseph in the same plot. Decendents say that the soldiers demanded horses, and some say that they demanded money, and when John Sears refused, he was shot. When his wife tried to intervene she was behind him and was killed by the same bullet. Francis Landers, a young girl who later married John Sears jr., was in the house at the same time. After the incident, it is said that the soldiers sat down at the table and ate the food that was being prepared for the Sears to eat. John Sears was also a southern sympathizer which might have contributed to his death.
[Fayette County Genealogy Society, Vol 3, contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by SearsDarlene56 at hotmail.com who says: my Great Aunt Annis has the chest that the bullet went into]

John Sears [born in North Carolina, Sept 24, 1795]. His Fayette County tombstone reads:

"died Aug 11, 1864 aged 68 years, 10 mo, 17 days"

He and his wife were killed in doorway of their own home by Union soldiers.
Anna Sears, his wife, died Aug 11, 1864 aged 75 years, 8 months, 8 days.


"The soldiers of the 41st regiment who went into the disaffected vicinity last week, succeded in arresting three of the parties implicated. They called upon the citizens for horses and saddles, as they came without these, they came to the house of old Mr. Sears, father of the notorious "Tom Sears" in Fayette County, and requested the use of a saddle, the old man replied by discharging his gun. In returning the fire, the old man was killed, as also unfortunately was his wife who was at the house at the time. Although a sad affair, the conduct of the soldiers in this matter according to the best accounts was not to be condemmed. Some excesses are reported to have been committed by them in other respects, if so they should be dealt with promptly." [
From the "Union Monitor", in Hillsboro, Illinois - contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by SearsDarlene56 at hotmail.com]

John Sears m. Hannah "Anna" Johnson [born December 03, 1788 in South Carolina] 29 Dec 1817 in Warren Co Ky.; they had at least 9 children. John served in the War of 1812 and was under General Jackson at New Orleans on 8 Jan 1813.

Their children:

Elizabeth Sears [b. 19 Oct 1818; d. 28 Feb 1883, Fayette Co Ill, burial Casey Cemetery]
Levi Sears [b. 27 Nov 1818 Warren Co Ky; d. 22 Dec 1891 Fayette Co Ill, burial Liberty Cemetery]
John Sears Jr [b. 25 Oct 1825; ]
Cynthia Sears [b. 1Apr 1824; d. 19 Dec 1884 Fayette Co Ill, burial Vandalia Cemetery]
Joseph Sears [b. ca. 1826; d. 25 Apr 1855]
Caroline Sears [b. 1828; d. 24 Dec 1875]
Thomas Sears [b. 30 Mar 1830 Fayette Co Ill; d. 23 Dec 1875 Hillsboro Montgomery, Ill, burial Harris Cemetery at Filmore]
Sarah Sears [b. 1832; ]
Johnson Sears
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