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S.A.N., St. Elmo, Ill.:  "Would you kindly state in your next paper what could be done to a man who often comes home in an inebriated condition, and uses very abusive language to his wife?"
We would suggest that he could be enticed into a dark alley some dark night and pounded with a club, or his head could be held under a pump, and some cold water pumped down the back of his neck.  Lots of things we might suggest that you could do for him, but we would advise you to let him alone, for if you interfere with him his much injured wife may suddenly become very much devoted to the scoundrel, and make it very hot for you.  [Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, MA), Friday, December 15, 1882; transcribed by A. Newell.]

F. J. Bussard, for the past five years agent for the Vandalia railroad at Plymouth, has been named as agent for the company to succeed Isaac Zent, recently named postmaster there.
[Fort Wayne News (Fort Wayne, Indiana) February 16, 1910 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

Mrs. J. Zent and daughter Mae, who came here last fall to make an extended visit with Postmaster I. M. Zent, the former's son, will return to Vandalia, Ill., within a few days.
[Fort Wayne News (Fort Wayne, Indiana) March 1, 1913 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]


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