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From a 1950's letter signed by JANE PRATHER and sent to Obed Leslie BOLT, Sr.
Contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by his grand-daughter, Margaret Ann Bolt Wood (gpw@eosinc.com)

Moses Poland married Jane Boaz. Their children included two daughters (one was Sally), and James, John and Jacob. He next married Elizabeth Sperry and they had one daughter, Dolly Poland who married Bill Roberts.

Son, James Poland married Elizabeth Matney. (I do not know of any children.)

Son, John Poland married Mary Jane Nance. (Clarence Nance's mother). Their children included Charles Poland, Frank Poland, and Sarah Jane Poland, (your mother). (= Obed Leslie Bolt's mother)
John next married Mary Jane Sickles. Their children included Fred Poland, Marion Poland, and Grace Poland.

Son, Jacob Poland married Sarah (Richardson or Paterson I think.). Their children included Oscar Poland, Ora Poland and Mary Ellen Poland.

Two of Moses' Poland daughters married Jerome B. Daniels. First daughter (name lost) had a son George Daniels.
When she died Jerome Daniels married a second daughter, Sally Poland and their children included Ollie Daniels, Charles Daniels and Jane Daniels.

Sarah Jane Poland married Thomas Leroy Bolt son of James and Emily Austin Bolt on October 6, 1889. They were members of Union Christian Church. Their children included you, Obed Leslie Bolt, one son deceased, Ottie Daisy Bolt Nichols, and Elta Jane Bolt Hedgepeth. Wife, Sarah Jane died June 19, l908. Thomas Bolt was a Democrat and for years was Road Commissioner in Carson Township. He owned land
in Carson Township including some bottom land on the Kaskaskia River.

After Sarah Jane died Thomas Leroy Bolt, next married Minnie Martin on September 26, l909 and their children included Allene Bolt Greer Berner, Irene Bolt Burrus, and Marvin E. Bolt. Thomas Leroy died on July 1, l951 at the age of 85 years 2 months and 7 days.

Jacob (?) Poland and Moses Poland were brothers. Jane Boaz and Polly Boaz were sisters.

Jacob (?) Poland married Polly Boaz. Their children included Nancy Poland, Jane Poland, Elizabeth Poland, John Poland, Bennett Poland and Sally Poland. Nancy married a Middleton, Jane married Eli Foster, Elizabeth never married, and John Poland married Nancy Mary Jackson (my mother).

He was my stepfather, Bennett Poland married Jane Short and Sally Poland married Charles Merriman.

I have written enough so that you can trace the record further if you choose. I am not sure of its complete accuracy but it is almost correct.
(Typed by Margaret Bolt Wood from original prepared for her grandfather O. L. Bolt, Sr.)

Margaret's Note:
My grandfather gave this to me in the form of a typed copy prepared by his cousin, Jane Prather. He was Obed Leslie Bolt and his mother was
Sarah Jane Poland. Let me know if I can help in any other way. I live in Springfield, Illinois but I was born in Ramsey in 1938. My parents and all four of my grandparents plus numerous aunts, uncles and cousins are buried in the Ramsey cemetery where I also hope to be laid to rest someday in the not too distant future. Some of my early ancestors are in the Bolt cemetery in rural Fayette County.

Sincerely, Margaret Ann Bolt Wood


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