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Probate Records

These were transcribed and submitted by Linda Hanabarger, Fayette County historian and genealogist.

The oldest records are from Probate Book A (the page number is cited when given)
The more recent records (1850's and up) are from the actual Probate Box and Pack Number.

AKINS, William, deceased. Inventory filed. A sale bill was also recorded in which a bay horse sold for $37.00. Probate Book F-1 page 79.

ALEXANDER, Joseph died 12 Feb 1844. Notice of death. Mary Ann ALEXANDER was administrator with William and Henry HINTON her securities, dated 29 Nov 1844. Widow's allowance included an 8-year old mare, a cow and calf, household furniture for herself and family, pork and bacon worth $30.00. Those who had claims against the estate were John HAWKINS, J.N. ELSBERY, F.H. STODDARD and Philip A. MOORE. Probate Book F-1 pages 20, 27. (Papers filed in Probate Box 156 pack 24)

ALEXANDER, Quentin C., died 27 Dec 1845. His wife, Elizabeth P. ALEXANDER and William M. BLACK were administrators. Inventory filed 17 Mar 1845 included 61 volumes of medical books, 2 syringes, jars and tincture bottles. (page 67). Sale was held and some who bought were Greenup BIRD, Fred REMANN, A.B. WEST and D.D. McKEE (page 70) Probate Book F-1 page 49.

ANDREWS, Lewis J., deceased. Elizabeth J. ANDREWS asked for William ALLEN to be guardian of minor heirs 25 Sep 1868. James M. CARROLL and William COLLIER went his bond. Heirs were John ANDREWS, age 18, on 1 Apr 1868; Sarah J. ANDREWS, age 14 on 13 May 1868; James M., age 12 on __ Sep1 868; William A., age 9 on __ June 1868 and Samuel R., age 5 on __ Jan 1869. Probate Box 136, Pack 12.

BAIL, Wickliffe, deceased. On 22 Mar 1874 Ann M. CONWELL asked that C.C. WAGNER be appointed guardian of Delemona Ohio BAIL, age 10 on 22 Mar 1874 minor child of Wickliffe BAIL. The minor had a pension coming from the government because her father died in the late war. There was about $1,000.00 coming to the minor heir. The petitioner was her mother. In 1874 James WILSON was appointed guardian in DeWitt Co. and WAGNER asked for his release in Fayette Co. 4 Nov 1874. W.L. PORTER was paid for his trouble and expense in securing a pension as per his agreement with the former guardian. Charles C. CONWELL was paid $640.00 for boarding and taking care of Delemona O. BAIL from 22 Aug 1867 to 22 Oct 1874 at $2.00 per week plus $20.00 for clothing, $15.00 for doctor's bills and $15.00 for school books furnished. Later Ann CONWELL was guardian. Probate Box 136, Pack 9.

BAILEY, Charles H., died 8 Dec 1876. Clarinda M. BAILEY was the widow. Administrator was his mother, Bersheba BAILEY. M. EASTERDAY went her bond. There was no sale. The administrator was discharged 19 Jan 1877 and assets turned over to the legally appointed guardian of the child, not named. Probate Box 177 Pack 12.

BAILEY, Samuel E., died 11 Feb 1870. He had about $1,000.00 in personal property and 160 acres of land, all in Vandalia Township. Widow was Bersheba BAILEY and children were: Charles Henry, Sarah Elizabeth, Emma J., Martha J., Mary Ann, Nancy B., Samuel C. and Addie May. There were several suits against the estate. One was by Albert MORSE, G. Prescott SHEPHARD, Lucien ROBINSON and Orlando H. ALFORD, partners, vs. William WATKINS, William HANKINS and Samuel E. BAILEY for money due on a sale of lands. A second was a bill from Mrs. DEAN that was appealed to the Supreme Court and Ada M. BAILEY and others vs. Mary Ann SMITH and others. There was a petition to sell real estate to pay debts. William CHANDLER cried the sale with George H. DIECKMANN, clerk. Some who bought were the widow, Dan EBERHART, Job BONE, Tod HARRIS, John WALLACE, Henry KASTEN, Charles WASHBURN, Thomas PILCHER, Charles RITTER and John McDONOUGH. Probate Box 177 Pack 11.

BALINGER, Israel, died at Danville, Kentucky, a soldier, 10 Oct 1862, leaving personal property valued at $500. Emeline B. BALINGER, the widow, and William Jefferson BALINGER, child, were heirs. The widow relinquished her right to administer the estate in favor of George F. MOORE, brother-in-law of the deceased. Widow was guardian of the child. Appraisers were William FARMER, Henry SMITH and John PRATT. Those who bought wt the sale were Alexander SMITH, Isaac GREEN, Robert WOODS, A. HOWELL, William SMITH, John GOODIN, John HAWKINS, William FOSTER and Robert WHITLEY. The estate was advertised in the ‘Fayette Democrat’, 16 Sep 1863. Probate Box 102 Pack 8.

, died 12 Aug 1864 leaving two minor heirs, only one named - William J. BALLINGER aged 8 years on 12 Jul 1870. Emeline BALLINGER was appointed guardian 31 Mar 1868 with George P. MOORE as her security. On 17 Apr 1877, Emeline WISHING, guardian made a report. Probate Box 136, Pack 11.

, died 8 July 1851, had personal property valued at $500.00 and 40 acres of land. Alexander BANNING, a brother, petitioned for administration of the estate 27 Aug 1851. Nicholas CHRISTY, William J. MILTON and William BANNING signed his bond. Appraisers of the estate were William PETTY, Mitchell RAIBOURN and Warren REED. ___ HOWELL was crier of the sale with Clark M. BANNING as clerk. There were four minor heirs: Joseph, Elizabeth, Henry and Alex. Joseph died 11 Mar 1854 and his share was divided between the others. Elizabeth came of age, date not given, and married Griffin TIPSWORD. Final distribution to the minor heirs was 11 Nov 1858. Some of those who bought at sale were Samuel ARNOLD, Isham JENNINGS, James MOUNT, Mitchel HANON, Charles BURRUS, Thomas BANNING, Richard HICKS, Elias BONE " four yards of jeans", Joseph WALLER, Alexander MILLER, Hardy WARREN, James REAVES and Isaac TIPSWORD. Probate Box 176 Pack 1.

BARRINGER, John M., died 4 Jul 1854. Albert LIVINGSTON of Montgomery County and Julius BARRINGER, son of deceased, were appointed administrators with Mathias FEHREN as their security. There was no widow and children were: Julius F., Sarah Ann, Edward S., Mary Jane, Caroline H. and John H. John BARRINGER, deceased, had been appointed guardian of these children at the August term of 1850. There were bills from G.W. MILLER who made the coffin, the store of POPE & STODDARD,, J.H. DODGE, physician, Salmon WASHBURN's store (at Ramsey), a bill from David SPURGEON for boarding "himself and son" for four months at four dollars per week. Those who bought at the same were David SPRINGER, Richard BURRIS, Whitmill LEIGH, James STOKS, Birton COOK, Adam HART and Thomas EDWARDS. Probate Box 176 Pack 2.

BAUER, Margaret, died at her residence in Lone Grove Twp., 2 Jul 1868. She had 80 acres in that township described as NE l/2 of NW 1/4 Section 34, T5N R2E. Only heir was a son, Henry F. BAUER who was appointed administrator. Edward RHEINER and Lewis GERKE signed the first bond then Charles HUMPELER. Estate was advertised in ‘Vandalia Union’, H.S. HUMPHREY, publisher. Final settlement was 16 Jul 1877. Asa S. COON was county clerk. Probate Box 102 Pack 6.

BEACH, David A., died 1 Dec 1858. Widow Martha relinquished her right to administer 11 Jan 1859. Letters granted to John F. MOREY. Appraisers were Samuel GRIFFITH, James M. BROWN and Hugh HANKINS. David A., Ervine E. and Rufus W. BEACH were brothers. The first two took care of the mother. Probate Box 177 Pack 9.

BECK, Elizabeth died 1856. She had about $200.00 personal property. William (X) LEE, her son, was appointed administrator 15 Sep 1856 with Guy BECK and James (X) MERRIMAN on his bond. No other papers in file. Probate Box 176 Pack 16.

BECK, Hiram, died 22 Dec 1852 leaving a will dated 19 Dec 1852. He left about $500 personal property and $700 real estate. Everything was left to his wife, Elizabeth, until son John, the youngest reached age 21. Sons were Joseph M., the oldest, who was to have 40 acres in Loudon Twp., James, Hiram and John. Land was not to be sold unless all agreed. James M. HENDERSON was guardian of Harriet BECK, a minor. John and Hiram BECK were his securities. Probate Box 176 Pack 10.

BECK, Paul O., died 11 Feb 1856 intestate leaving widow, Martha, and children, Augustus, Neomia, Nancy, Mahala and Jane, all minors under the age of 18. Martha died sometime after her husband and before the administration of the estate. Guy BECK was administrator, petition dated 15 Sep 1856. Appraisers of the estate were Washington W. SMITH, Richard NOWLIN and Adam HALL. Paul O. BECK had a land warrant #40,240 for 120 acres of land. There was a petition to sell real estate to pay debts. Those who bought at sale were Channy BECK, Samuel SHORT, Richard NOWLIN, George H. STAFFORD, John D. JACKSON, Thomas LOWREY, William BURRUS, Theodore BECK, Benton BECK, Ada HALL, James CARSON, Jacob AUSTIN and William CROCKER. Richard NOWLIN was guardian of the children. Probate Box 99 Pack 11.

BELL, Roderick D., died 24 Aug 1865 leaving widow, Esther D. BELL. Heirs were Polly FESSENGEN, Sarah HARTMAN, Jane MANNING, Diana BELL, Henry BELL, Horace D. BELL, Andrew J. BELL, children and William HUBBARD, grandson. Esther BELL was appointed administratrix 29 Sep 1865. Henry, Horace, Diana and William HUBBARD were minors and Robert C. LEWIS was appointed their guardian. Summons to defendants in petition to sell real estate to pay debts was returned not found in Fayette County by J.J. DONALDSON, sheriff with W.C. JARRETT, deputy. Notice to Effingham County has names of spouses, Miles FESSENDEN, Owen MANNING and Franklin HARTMAN. The sale was very large and some who bought were Jonathan UNDERWOOD, Stephen WELKER, Thomas DIVINE, John McKEEN, Francis M. GINGER, Alonzo MILS, Joseph ALBIN, I. ZEIGLER, O.S. FETHERLING, H.H. LOVETT, Gilbert STRAIT, David HOTT, Morticia and Harris CRAYMER, O.E. LOVETT, Charles TATE, Joseph ALLEN and A.J. WINKLE. Probate Box 176 Pack 12.

BENNET, Stephen died 13 Nov 1873. Delinda BENNET was widow and Joel and Miles C. BENNET, children. Joel BENNET, father of deceased, was administrator with the widow, David EBELMESSER and Robert BENNET on his bond. Delinda shared in the administration. Appraisers were I.M. LITTE, James PERRY and Benjamin BUCKMASTER. Personal property was paid to widow and administrators were discharged 4 Dec 1874. Probate Box 176 Pack 14.

BENTLEY, James. Petition for administration filed 15 Oct 1842. No widow or heirs listed. James MATTENLEE appointed administrator with Harrison MATTENLEE on his bond. Appraisers were Micajah SHARP, Thomas S. THOMPSON and James McBRIDE. In the inventory was a viollen (sic), clothes, lamp, salt, horse and saddle, 3 more viollens, 1 lot of bad corn and 1 lot of good corn. Those who bought at the sale were John COOK, John GEORGE, James CONNER (a Bible), Aaron GEORGE, John M. DONNELL, Jr., Beverly COOK, Chesley McGUIRE, Elisha WILLIAMS, a fur hat, James ANDREWS, a chest, John COLLIER, a violin, Wilson McINTURFF and Benjamin JEWETT each bought a violin, Jesse CURLEE, Drury ADCOCK and Stephen MILES. Isaac SNODGRASS collected $1.00 as his constable fee in a suit with ___ MATHEWES who owed BENTLEY money. James VanGORDEN had a bill for $3.25 for board at $1.00 per week and 50 cts. per week for the horse. VanGORDEN left the county and bill was not allowed in the final settlement, 15 Jul 1854. Probate Box 102 Pack 7.

BERRY, William, died intestate. Claibourn B. BERRY and James T.B. STAPP were appointed administrators, 5 Feb 1828. Fayette County Probate Book A.

BIGGS, Bennett. Widow was Mary who relinquished administration of the estate to William FARMER with John PRATT on his bond. He owned 291 acres in Sections 21 and 22 of T4N R1W (Pope Twp.). Akin EVANS was the tax collector. A sale was held 6 Dec 1859. Children were: Jonathan, Almey, wife of Elisha CASEY, Polly Ann SMITH who assigned her part of James COX, and minor heirs: Elizabeth, Bennett and Sary Ann BIGGS. The estate owned money on a note to William LAYTON, administrator of the estate of Abraham GRIDER, $10.00 to William LAYMAN for making coffin, Stephen HICKERSON for use of his horse, John B. KING for schooling, Joseph PHELPS and to KEYS & TUCKER’s store. Some who bought at the sale included: Able DICKE, James DUGIN, John A. MATHENY, Pomeroy EASTON, Samuel HINES, G.W. BROOKS, Daniel McCONNEL, John ALTOM, John DRAKE, Jane LIVERS, Milton JORAM, Culpepper MATHENY, Philip GATES, Lilburn BOWLES and Nelson TOMEY. Probate Box 99 Pack 5.

BILLS, John A., died 17 Aug 1857. Letters of administration issued to widow, Dorothy BILLS and son B.J. BILLS. Appraisers were Alexander ANDERSON, Salmon WASHBURN and Robert CHATHAM. Moses POLAND signed the administrator’s bond with Nathan W. MOULTON, Salmon WASHBURN and Alexander ANDERSON as sureties. The deceased owned 100 acres. Only bill in file was to Drs. STEARNS and JACKSON. No other papers in file. Probate Box 99 Pack 3.

BLACK, James deceased. John D. GORIN and J.T. ECCLES were administrators. Probate Book F-1 page 74.

BLANKENSHIP, Hezekiah, deceased. Rosannah BLANKENSHIP and Essex EPPERSON were administrators of the estate. Probate Book F-1 page 97.

BLANKENSHIP, Hezekiah. Petition for letters of administration is missing. Widow's selection made 3 Oct 1843. Rosanna BLANKENSHIP, widow, and Essex EPPERSON were appointed administrators. Estate was advertised in the "Baptist Helmet", KEELER & YOUNG, proprietors, 31 Jul 1845 and in the "Vandalia Free Press", James KENNEDY, proprietor, 6 Oct 1846. William FRAZIER was paid for making the coffin. Minor heirs were Bernard, Elizabeth, Rhody, Francis, Edward, John and Nancy BLANKENSHIP. They chose Rosanna and Essex EPPERSON as their guardians. On 11 Jul 1847 Rhody signed as Rhoda WEST. Some of those who bought at the sale besides the widow were Iredell MEADOW, B. Waurtis PHILLIPS, Samuel JONES, Patrick CLANAHAN, Augustus FINCH, Amos THORP, Hardy FOSTER, Asahel LEE, Moses GERRARD, B.W. THOMPSON, John LIST, Jane LAWRENCE and Hardy FOSTER. Probate Box 177 Pack 2.

BLANKENSHIP, Zadock, died 1 Oct 1861. G.W. BOLT and Henry BLANKENSHIP were administrators, appointed 8 Oct 1861. Their bond was for $2000.00. Widow's selection amounted to $1,200.00 (she not named). He had 375 acres of land. Payment was made to Sumner CLARK, physician. William GINGER cried the sale, clerk not listed. Those who bought: Elias BOLT, Alfred LOWLERS, John DEPEW, James JOHNSTON, Ewing AUSTIN, Steel MILLS, Calvin BOLT, James B. JONES, William MOUTRY, John DEEMS and the following BLANKENSHIPS; Henry, Lewis, B.J., Elisha, Zachariah, Benjamin F. and John. Probate Box 177 Pack 10.

BLOCKBERGER, Mary Elizabeth, town of Vandalia, died 28 Mar 1868. She left a will made 15 Jan 1858 in which her daughter, Mary Jennett BLOCKBERGER received "all right, title and interest in the estate of my father, John C. McCULLOM, late of McLean County. All in the estate of my brother, James McCULLOM, late of McLean County, all my property." If the daughter died before the estate was settled, her husband, Christian BLOCKBERGER, was to have all. Her husband was executor. H.H. HICKMAN and Sarah COX witnessed the will. Probate Box 176 Pack 8.

BOAZ, Bennet, 6 Jan 1858. Edmond BOAZ asked the court to appoint a guardian for Martha BOAZ, age 11 in 1857. Thomas and Daniel BOAZ, aged between 14 and 21 chose Frederick STODDARD as their guardian. H.W. GOODE was county clerk, Lewis GORIN, deputy. Heirs had $888.16 from estate of Bennet BOAZ. On 1 Apr 1868, Thomas received $340.00 as final payment. Taxes were paid to A. M. JERDEN, collector for Hurricane Twp. 22 Feb 1866, Martha (X) MALLOT signed for her portion, and Daniel receipted for a portion of his payment 30 Dec 1859 dated at Prairie Mound. Edmund BOAZ bought from Fred REMANN for Martha, 1 pr. shoes at $1.50; 8 yds of calico for $1.00; 1 rusche (sic) 10 cts.; 1 yd ribbon – 30cts; 1 l/2 yard gingham at 33cts. Probate Box 102 Pack 3,

BOAZ, Bennett, died 3 Sep 1856. He had a large personal estate and 20 acres of land in Section 2 Twp 7N R1E and the same in Section 3. He had a land warrant for 120 acres of land. Petition for Letters of Administration is missing. Appraisers were J.W. WATWOOD, Aaron DAVIS and Jacob CROTSER with A.P.H. DOYLE and John F. MITCHELL signing the bond. Heirs who receipted for their portion were: F.H. STODDARD as guardian for Daniel, Thomas and Martha BOAZ, minors; John BOAZ; Edmond BOAZ; Rhoda MALLOTTE; Sara BOAZ and Jane PATTERSON. Those who bought at the sale were: H. LEDBETTER; James MERRYMAN; William CHANDLER; James BOAZ; William PAYTON; E. STEARNS; S. HINDS; Daniel McKINNEY; James PETIT; James RAY; Gideon H. BUCKMASTER; I. WASHBURN; Charles GRIGG; S. BECK; M. LOOKINGBILL; Harvey RADCLIFF; American CRONK; Joseph LEMASTER; E. BASS and S. CONNER. A.P.H. DOYLE cried the sale with J.M. WATWOOD as clerk. Probate Box 102 Pack 4.

BOAZ, Edmond, died 27 May 1862. Widow was Lavinia and children were: Mary E. and Charles L. BOAZ. Charles GRAGG appointed administrator and E.M. NANCE was appointed guardian at the September term 1864. There was a petition to sell real estate to pay debts. He owned 40 acres of land in Sharon Twp. This was sold by the sheriff to Washington L. PORTER as assignee for Frederick REMANN, but was later redeemed. (Note: Edmond BOAZ served in Co. K, 54th Illinois Infantry, Civil War]. Probate Box 177 Pack 13.

BOAZ, Hutson, died 17 Nov 1864. James BOAZ was appointed administrator with John ALLEY and John H. BUCKMASTER as his securities. Widow was Harriet BOAZ and there was one child, Mary E. Appraisers were John H. BUCKMASTER, John ALLEY and David NOWLIN. Marcellus BAUGH cried with sale with John H. BUCKMASTER as clerk. Some who bought were Daniel J. DENYON, David RITTER, Henry NORTHAM, Moses and John PEARCE, John BANNON and H.C. DOYLE. Probate Box 176 Pack 4.

BOAZ, Hudson deceased. Harriet PEARCE petitioned for guardianship of her daughter, Mary Edith BOAZ, age 10 on 8 Apr 1873. The minor had $651.00 coming from former guardian, James A. WILLIAMS. On 19 Nov 1864 there was a claim from Harriet, late wife of Hudson BOAZ, payable at the pension office in Salem, Illinois. Petition stated that Hudson BOAZ left home in Fayette County, IL, 16 Oct A.D. 1864, arrived at Olney, Illinois, 18 October, joined Co. F, 2nd Regt. IL Cavalry under Capt. TOWNSEND and died at Nashville, Tennessee, 16 Nov 1864. On 28 Aug 1878 an inventory of the goods of Mrs. Harriet PEARCE, deceased, were taken with appraisers John JENKINS, Simeon PERKINS and Benjamin CAPPS. In the same pack is the division of lands of Hudson's father, James BOAZ who had died 27 Oct 1864. Named are Henderson BOAZ; Elizabeth MATHIAS, wife of Jesse MATHIAS; Ellen BOAZ; Mary Edith (also shown as Edna) BOAZ; Malinda CLINE, once the widow of James BOAZ. Probate Box 136, Pack 10.

BONE, George W., died at his residence 1 Sep 1876. Widow, Nancy Ann, relinquished her right to administer the estate in favor of John W. BONE. William ALLEN and A.J. BOWLES were on his bond. Children were Sarah C., Rosetta, Martha A., Eliza A., Burleigh and Elfe Edith BONE. There was a large personal estate, real estate not mentioned. Probate Box 176 Pack 5.'

BONE, Moses, deceased. Samuel A. HUNTER was appointed guardian 16 Oct 1866 for Henry BONE, age 16 in May 1867 and Frances BONE, age 14 in April 1867. Joseph M. BOWLES and J.W. CAUSEY went his bond. They had about $70.00. A report was made 25 Aug 1868. Probate Box 136, Pack 8.

BOVARD, Elihu, died 22 Sep 1869. Philip PARKER, administrator with John W. DURBIN and Felix McCRACKEN on his bond. Estate advertised in ‘Fayette Democrat’, Charles F. Smith, publisher. Widow was Mary Jane BOVARD and children were: Charles E., Orville E. and Frennie J. BOVARD. J.A. CARTER was indebted to the estate. The estate paid out to Henry FOUKE, David GRAY, Fred REMANN, B.T. WEBSTER, Joseph DUNBAR, J.T FRASER for coffin - $27.50, Zimri WEBSTER, J.N. McCORD & Bro., (drug store) and Dr. D.W. McKENZIE. A sale was held of items from the estate and some of those who bought included Mike MCDONALD, Conrad FIFER, John MILNOR, Nathan MAXFIELD, George EVANS, William SIDENER, Peter WHITSELL, Simpson FRY and B.W. McKENZIE. Probate Box 99 Pack 4.

BOWLES, Robert, died 3 Jan 1857, no widow. Samuel BOWLES, brother, administered the estate. Heir was daughter, Jane MARGE (MAINS?), late Jane BOWLES. Estate was advertised in the ‘Fayette Observer’, Tevis GREATHOUSE, proprietor. Henry WHITTENMEYER, M.S. JAMES and William HENNINGER were appraisers o f the estate, report not dated. John CHANDLER of Mulberry Grove cried the sale held 10 Jul 1857. He had 100 acres of land in Bear Grove Twp. Estate owed Johnson INMAN for horse hire, William J. MILLS for putting up gravestone, $15.00, John FRASER for making coffin $8.00, Augustus SNYDER, R. ELAM & Co., Mulberry Grove, VEST & ENLOE, Mulberry Grove, note to Thomas S. THOMPSON as guardian for infant children of Ethelred YARBROUGH made 3 Jan 1844, signed by Robert, James and John BOWLES. Probate Box 99 Pack 2.

BOWLES, Samuel died at his residence 17 May 1875. Widow asked that Andrew J. BOWLES be appointed administrator. Arthur S. STEWART and Alexander D. BUCHANAN were on the bond. Heirs listed were Keziah BOWLES, widow; Mary PUGH; Evaline

BOWLES; Catherine BOWLES; Kitturah BOWLES; Susan DANIELS; John Franklin BOWLES and Lewis BOWLES. The appraisers of the estate were John THOMPSON, James M. CARROLL and Horatio EVANS. The estate was published in ‘Vandalia Union’, Hector S. HUMPHREY, publisher. Sale was held 8 Aug 1876 with Andrew J. TAYLOR as crier and Curran BALDWIN, clerk. Those who bought beside the family were: John THOMPSON; ___ FRENCH; Horatio EVANS; William CATOBIUS and Henry PRATT. At the final statement, dated 1 Oct 1875, Kitturah signed as Kitturah HOPKINS and William COLLIER signed for William Franklin DANIELS, minor son of Susan. COLLIER was also guardian of minor heirs of R.D. TEDRICK who had rented 20 acres of land to Samuel BOAZ. Probate Box 102 Pack 5.

BRATCHER, Jonathan, died at his residence in Kaskaskia Twp., 28 Aug 1873 leaving a widow, Elizabeth and child, William E. BRATCHER. Name is spelled BLATCHER in the first records. John (X) SNYDER and Benjamin F. SHIPLEY were bondsmen for administratix. Appraisers were John COOK, Barton DANIEL and Wesley CONNER. No other papers in file. Probate Box 102 Pack 9.

BRAZLE, Valentine, died 8 Oct 1875, leaving $600.00 in personal property. Widow was Mary S. and children were Millie, Benjamin, George and Frederick. James M. GREER was appointed administrator with William BUCHANAN and H.S. ARNOLD on his bond. Deceased had 40 acres in Section 33, Bowling Green Twp. Appraisers were Martin DIVELEY, C.M. OWEN and Asa GREER. Bill for medical services paid to Joseph L. FRAZER. Administrator was discharged 27 Nov 1875. Probate Box 177 Pack 6.

BREEZE, Jacob, deceased. Phoebe BREEZE petitioned on 17 May 1875 for guardianship of minor heirs of Jacob BREEZE; she was the step-mother. Children were James J. age 16 on 7 Dec 1874, John, age 15 on 27 Dec 1874. The brothers chose James TINKER for their guardian, however on 29 May 1875, John M. HALEY was made guardian with James L. THOMPSON and Schuyler BASCOM on his bond. HALEY died and Thomas G. JOHNSON was then appointed guardian. John M. HALEY's widow was Cordelia and she paid over $16.86 to JOHNSON. The guardian made a report 29 Mar 1879 for John BREEZE only. Probate Box 136, Pack 7.

BRENNEN, Edward, late of Vandalia died 23 Nov 1868. Francis P. BRADLEY was administrator with Ferris FORMAN and William HANKINS on his bond. Petitioner was a creditor. Surviving widow, Ann BRENNAN, had remarried and removed from Vandalia with several children, names not known. Probate Box 176 Pack 15. [Note: Fayette County marriage records record the marriage of Ann BRENNAN and Thomas MAHER, 7 Jan 1869.)

BRINGARD, Peter, died 23 Nov 1865, intestate. Elizabeth BRINGARD waived her right to administer the estate. There were two children, Jules and George BRINGARD. Joseph BREEZE was appointed administrator with William HANKINS and B.W. HENRY as his securities. Deceased had 40 acres of land, no description given. Joseph BREEZE, the administrator, died 28 Apr 1869 and Nicholas PACATTE was issued letters of administration 21 Oct 1871 with John LABILLE and Fulgeon LABILLE on his bond. Payments were made to Mrs. John FRAZER for the coffin and C.K. BASSETT, doctor, Fulgeon H. LABILLE for money loaned, Charles HUMPLER for shingles for his farm home and a note to Jefferson LaFRANCE from Otego. Probate Box 177 Pack 8.

BRISTOW, Randel, died Nov 1865 had about 120 acres in Section 29, Bear Grove Twp. He left a will directing that funeral expenses were to be paid, and left to Jacob BRISTOW the "farm on which we now reside". Witnesses were William TERRY and James M. SMITH. Will was filed but there was no administration. Probate Box 176 Pack 8.

BROKAW, Jasper, Will made 24 Nov 1861, probated 26 Jan 1862. The deceased was age 24 and lived in Sefton Township. Everything was left to wife, Margaret, who was executor. He had over 300 acres of land plus 271 acres of "railroad land". In addition there were four lots in Loudon City, two of which were first sold to Benjamin BRAZLE. Joshua SHULL sued the estate and witnesses called were James SMITH, Samuel YOLTON and Cerretia RHODES. Probate Box 176 Pack 3.

BROWN, George W., died September 1865. First report was that there were no heirs. John T. DONALDSON was appointed administrator with Lewis S. ANDREWS and C.A. SONNEMAN on his bond. Later W.T. BLACKBURN and Martha PADGETT relinquished their right to administer the estate. William EDDINGS was a minor heir, Martha EDDINGS, his guardian. Sale was held 20 Jan 1866 with William GINGER, crier, L.H. STODDARD, clerk. Sale bill is missing from estate. Later paper refers to William J. EDDINGS, minor heir of James EDDINGS. Probate Box 176 Pack 13.

BROWN, Hezekiah, Will made 4 Nov 1845, proved 24 Jan 1848. Witnesses were Archibald L. and John F. MITCHELL. All land and property were to go to the widow, Delilah, for life. Remainder to be sold and divided among four daughters, Winney, Minerva, Jael and Elizabeth, son William's daughter, Sarah, Green MITCHEL's daughter, Aletha Ann, son Henry BROWN's daughter, Adeline. If either of wife's daughters died without issue, property was to be divided among the other three. Probate Box 177 Pack 4.

BROWN, James H., died 8 Dec 1864. Wife, Lucy, relinquished her right to administer the estate to John F. MOREY, 13 Jan 1866. Children were: Sarah A., Mary J. NANCE, Wilson, Benjamin B., Orlando C., Ross Illinois and James L. Appraisers were John J. TINKER, Wilson CAMPBELL and William C. STEARNS. James M. SEARS was paid $100.00. Probate Box 99 Pack 10.
BROWN, James M., died 22 Mar 1863. Elizabeth A. BROWN, J.L. ADAMSON petitioned for letters of administration. Children were: J.F.; Sidney A.; Mary J.; Aaron M. and Isaac F. BROWN. The deceased had bought land from the Illinois Central Railroad that was not all paid for. Inventory was filed 3 Aug 1863. Appraisers were William FARMER, John PRATT and Milton JACKSON. Some of those who bought at the sale were: Joseph BAITS, William ALTOM, Thomas BUTCHER, James LINTON, John COX, Abner GILLEY, Reubin UNDERWOOD, James LETT, A.T. DOTY, John B. HAWKINS, John STALL, G.W. PRATT and Stephen MATHENY. The estate paid out to: William A. FINCH, Daniel McCONNELL, G.W. BRATCHER, E.M. BEACH (physician), Basheba WALTER, J.B. HALL, G.W. BRATCHER, Joseph YARDLEY, Selina CASEY, Sterling WHITE, Sydney A. LINTON and Mary CHRISTIE. Probate Box 99 Pack 1.

BROWN, James J.,
died 14 Oct 1862 at Memphis, Tenn., had $300.00 personal property, left a widow, Sarah Ann, and two sons, John J. BROWN, age 5 years on 1 Nov 1863 and William L. BROWN, age 3 years, 1 Feb 1863. James M. BENNETT was appointed their guardian 22 Aug 1863. Property in Wilberton Twp. was sold for taxes, 28 June 1869. Payments were made to W.H. BENNETT for board and clothing for the boys. Probate Box 177 Pack 1.

BROWN, John A., died February 1865. The widow, now Mary HOLMES, asked that David J. McCORD be appointed guardian of the minor child, Martha J. BROWN born 13 Mar 1865. Probate Box 177 Pack 7.

BROWN, Larkin, died 9 Jan 1860. Widow, Catharine, relinquished her right to administer. James M. BROWN, a son, was appointed administrator 19 Jan 1860 with Amasa PHILLIPS and Akin EVANS on the bond. Other children were Maria TG. HELM, Harriett REESE, wife of George REESE, J.W. BROWN, Thomas I. , Falby, Henry C., Mary E., Lucinda, Charlotte and Mary BROWN. Probate Box 177 Pack 5.

BROWN, Oliver O., late of Cuyahoga County, New York, died 10 Sep 1859. Widow was Sarah G. and children were Mary BARNEY, or BONNEY, wife of Sidney, William H., Solomon O., Samuel S., James H., Harriet and Lucien BROWN. Harriet and Lucien were minors. Jacob FOUKE was appointed administrator in Illinois and James WILDS was appointed administrator of the estate in Ohio. The deceased had 160 acres of land in Vandalia township. There was a petition to sell real estate dated 10 Oct 1859. Probate Box 177 Pack 14.

BROWNING, Harmon, died 5 Dec 1865, intestate. He had about $300 personal property. Widow, Jane, relinquished her right to administer in favor of Wallace BROWNING, brother of the deceased. Edmundson M. WILLIAMS was security for the administrator. Children were: George, James, Alexander, Sarah, Louisa, Elvira, Martha, Anderson and Allen BROWNING. Administrator was to perfect titles to lands contracted by Harmon from the Illinois Central Railroad. Probate Box 176 Pack 9.

BRYAN, William A., died 20 Mar 1878. Widow was Martha who administered the estate. Heirs were Francis Douglas and Charles T. BRYAN. Appraisers were A.J. HARRISON, William ROW and James G. McFARLAND. Sale bill not in pack. Probate Box 99 Pack 6.

BRYAN, Willis H., died 18 June 1869. Widow, Mary E., and children, William A., Malinda R., Hardin, Elvina RULON, Peggy A., Mary J. CLAVINS, Matilda C. and Lilly A. BRYAN were heirs. Appraisers were John SHIRLEY, R.B. MITCHELL and Raford B. REEVES. Those who bought at sale besides above were William STEARNS, D. EMERICK, William INMAN, J.B. WINNINGHAM, William STEWART, S.L. MANNING and Hiram REVIS. Final report was made June 1876. Probate Box 99 Pack 7.

BUCKMASTER, Gideon. Will dated 13 Feb 1864 dated at ‘Town of Sharon’, filed 16 Feb 1866. Witnesses were Frederick M. BEDUR (?) and Elizabeth A. CLEAR. Son, Benjamin, was to be executor. He to receive the farm on which the deceased resided and all the rest of the real estate and personal property. $1.00 each to son, John Hillary, daughter, Harriet RAY, daughter Maria WREN and grandchildren: Margaret A. RAY; Harriett HEYATT, Franklin, George M. and Alexander McCURLEY. Probate Box 99 Pack 9.

BUCK, Lyman, died in Dakota Territory 20 Aug 1865, leaving no widow or children. He had 120 acres of land in Section 33 T8N R2E (Bowling Green Twp.). Petition for administration granted to B.W. HENRY, a creditor, 23 Oct 1865. Later heirs were listed as Mrs. Hepsey HOWLAND, wife of Riley HOWLAND, mother of the deceased and Henry BUCK. Probate Box 177 Pack 3.

BUSHEE, Isaac, died 25 Mar 1871. He had $400.00 in personal property, real estate not mentioned. Widow, Rebecca J., relinquished her right to administer in favor of Samuel CASEY. Heirs were children: Martha Ann SLEETE, James, Alvah, Catharine DEFENBAUGH, Isaac N., Susan E. STONE, William A. BUSHEE and grandchildren, Samuel A. and Alvah McWILLIAMS. Money was paid to Henry HINTON, to C.W. FRICK of Ramsey who made the coffin, to CLARK & CASS for medical attention and to Henry O'BRIEN for store goods. Probate Box 176 Pack 6.

BUTLER, Calvin J., died 3 May 1871, had land and household goods. Widow was Cynthia and children were: Aaron G., E.R., Mary E. SANDERS, Joel, Harriet MERRYMAN, Jane COFFEE, Malinda, Irving, Martha, Alta J. BUTLER and grandson, Oliver, son of Elijah BUTLER. Henry LEWIS was appointed guardian of the minor children. There was a petition to sell real estate to pay debts, 30 Oct 1873. Mary E. SANDERS and her husband, Benjamin, were non-residents of Illinois exact whereabouts unknown, had gone to Kansas. Joel A. was living at Henson Station, Kentucky. Richard H. GRAY bought all of the real estate. A. LANCASTER, the undertaker was paid $14.00 for the coffin. Probate Box 99 Pack 8.

CARRUTHERS, George W., died. William LINN sued estate for a claim, not dated. Filed August or September 1828. Fayette County Probate Book A, page 63.

CARSON, James, non-cuputative will made 15 Mar 1835. His wife, Betsy to receive $100.00. Enough property was to be sold to make the bequest. Isaac RENFRO and Jonathan ANDERSON, sons-in-law to have $1.00 each. Rest of property to sons, Isaac, John, James and son-in-law, Henry LORTON. Property to be sold if they cannot make an equal division. Son, John CARSON, to be administrator. Witnesses to the will were William A. PETTY and Hezekiah GOODMAN. Will proved 28 Mar 1835. John GOFF swore that James CARSON died 21 Mar 1835. Probate Book A p 142.

CARSON, John died 9 Dec 1844, Margaret administratix petition signed by Isham JENNINGS, bond signed by James S. CARSON and Henry LORTON. Appraisers were Samuel LORTON and John GUFFEY. Taxes were paid on 277 acres. Estate was advertised in ‘The Olive Leaf’ E.M. LATHROP, publisher. Will copied in Book F page 318 of Wills and Testaments. On 19 Aug 1850 James S. CARSON was administrator. Thoms NANCE cried the sale with John McKEE, clerk. The estate paid out to Dickerson BURRUS, April 1846, note to Henry LORTON, note to Isaac Denton SIDWELL, 3 July 1844, note to Clark BANNING. Some who bought at the sale were A.J. LUCE, Mitchel CREWIN, Mitchel McCLANAHAN, R. Richard WEEKS, Isaac CARSON, James HOPPER, Hiram CROCKER, Adam HALL, Nancy CARSON, David RIGDON, Ransom WEBBER, Amanda CALL, Urana CROCKER, Ransom MOCHTLER and Urandy HENDERSON. Probate Box 101 Pack 5.

CARSON, John, died 18 Nov 1844 intestate. Administrator was Marge CARSON with James S. CARSON and Henry LORTON on her bond. Probate Book F-1 page 19.

CASE, Zachariah, deceased. John JORDAN, administrator filed appraisement 19 Feb 1831. A sale was held that brought in $249.50 ¾. R.H. PEEPLES had a bill against the estate (PEEPLES was an early doctor in Vandalia) Probate Book A p 93.

CASE, Zachariah, died intestate. John JORDAN “one of his principal creditors” was made administrator, 15 Oct 1830. Sureties were Joseph ENOS, James WHITLOCK and Peter SMITH. Appraisers were Silas SMITH, John STOKES and Daniel RAWSON. He was either a shoemaker or tanner as estate consisted mostly of leather. Fayette County Probate Book A.

CASEBEER, Christian died 15 Oct 1849 “a resident of Fayette County but absent in California on business”. John W. KNOWLES, administrator, petition signed by Rose Ann (X) CASEBEER and A.P.H. DOYLE. No list of heirs. Allowance to widow 19 Jul 1851 by Gideon BUCKMASTER, Allen CRAIG and Robert R. LARIMORE. Probate Box 101 Pack 4.

CHAMBERLAIN, P.C., died 8 Mar 1856. Widow Euphemia and brother, Samuel CHAMBERLAIN asked for administration of estate. Bond signed by George SIDENER and William HANKINS. Inventory was filed 4 Sep 1856. Sale of personal property held 7 May 1856 with John BROWN, crier and Levi IREY, clerk. Appraisers were George SIDENER, Levi IREY and Henry S. LOVETT. Some who bought at the sale were William H.SIDENER, George UNDERWOOD, Samuel SHOUP, Dr. T. McKENZIE, Jacob EYESTONE, John HAMILTON, Coonrod PIPER, T.P. CURTIS, J.N. McGEEHON, T.P. CURTIS, James MAZRARE and John HAMILTON. Estate was indebted to M.W. GOODE, John F. MOREY (doctor), John FOGLER, Levi GREGG, J.L. YOUNG, Solomon PARKS and Jacob IDLEMAN. Widow took a large dictionary. Probate Box 101 Pack 8.

CHANDLER, Abraham died 1 Aug 1854. Listed sons, Samuel and John. Samuel was administrator, petition signed by R.B. REEVES, Joshua PIGG and James HARTMAN. Administrator’s bond signed by William B. GREENUP and William TERRY, 11 Nov 1854. R.B. REEVES cried the sale with William A. HOUSTON, clerk. Some who bought at the sale were James BOWLES, Jonathan DUNCAN, Garret VORIS, Mima Ann CHANDLER (tea pot, pans and other household equipment), Charles HARNICK, Chris. INMAN, Akin EVANS. Mima Ann CHANDLER got the family Bible. Claims against estate were Mrs. FRASER, $8.00 for making the coffin, McLEAN & DONNELL for lumber, J.W. VEST for hardware, Dr. T.B. HALLER, $1.28 taxes paid in Bond County. Probate Box 101 Pack 3.

CLOW, Nelson died at Louisville, 21 Mar 1863. (Was this Louisville, IL in Clay County?) Petition for administration filed by widow, Elizabeth. He had $5,000 in property. Bond signed by J.W. ROSS. Children were Edward, Lucy A., Euphemia. Petition to sell real estate mentioned minor defendants, Edward, Lucy A. and Euphemia CLARY. Had note to John FLEMMING and notes to Joseph BLANKENSHIP, Emanuel IRELAND, W.C. and H.C. CLARISTON, John KENT, J. MITCHELL, T. BUCKMASTER, John FREED, John SHUTT and J.C. JONES. Probate Box 101 Pack 10.

COLE, Francis died 26 Mar 1870. Widow was Nancy and children were Lucy Ann and Henry M., at home. William FARMER was administrator with bond signed by Francis W. BLANKENSHIP and Henry HOCHDAFFER. Appraisers were John PRATT, John COX and William JACKSON. Some who bought at the sale held 2 May 1870, were F.W. ARNOLD, John MORRIS, William D. WEBER, Pomeroy EASTON, John WADKINS, John BRATCHER, Joseph WALLS, William COX and John D. COX. Estate was indebted to GRAY & WILSON, Canada, Louis J. NEWMAN, $10.00 for making the coffin, Samuel MORTON, goods and William CHAPMAN, doctor. Probate Box 101 Pack 11.

COLE, John, guardianship of minor heirs. Alfred COLE, uncle, petitioned for guardianship of Ruth Catherine WILLIAMS, age 10, Jeannette DAVENPORT, age 9 and George W. WILLIAMS, age 7 on 11 Mar 1869. Jeannette DAVENPORT was in Montgomery Co., IL. John FISH and Levi SEARS and were on his bond. On 2 June 1873 COLE was ordered to appear at the next term or court to report. On 14 Apr 1877 there was a petition from M.G. WILLLIAMS, father, for guardianship of Ruth and George WILLIAMS, both over the age of 14, from Panola Co., TX. On 28 Jan 1881 Nettie DAVENPORT gave receipt from Walshville, IL. Probate Box 136, Pack 6.

COLE, Leander died 20 Feb 1856. B.F. LEE appointed administrator, his petition signed by Samuel A. WILLETT and William HENNINGER. Appraisers were Stephen D. PERRY, Samuel D. POWERS and Ebenezer DAGGETT. Bought at sale 12 Apr 1856, E. TUCKER, F.J. BROWN, Benjamin W. THOMPSON, Alexander ANDERSON, James E. LAWRANCE. Sarah Ann (X) WASHBURN and Mrs. Lottie (X) DAGGETT each had claims against the estate. No list of heirs in the estate papers. Probate Box 101 Pack 12.

COLE, Marinda, died 31 Mar 1865, left surviving husband, William COLE and minor daughter, Nancy A. EASTON. John F. DUNLAOP was guardian for Nancy Ann who was under 14. William FARMER was appointed administrator with bond signed by A.T. DAVIDSON and M.W. FARMER. 50 acres of land sold to William MORRIS 28 Apr 1868. Estate was published in Vandalia Union, 10 Nov 1867, A. HUMPHREY, publisher. Probate Box 101 Pack 9.

COLE, Rainey B., died 21 Dec 1872. Widow was Martha and children were: James F., Amanda, Wollard, Thomas A., Genette, Mary Docia, Luke S., Annabell and Sidney B. Petition for administration dated 11 Jan 1873. John J. COLE was administrator with Alfred (X) COLE and McComan (X) RHODES on his bond. Paid out attorney fee to E.M. ASHCRAFT, William M. POPE, A.H. WING, MILLS & THOMPSON, J.K.P. BLANKENSHIP, a grocer at Ramsey, Levi SEARS, J.M.B. HALFORD, Calvin FISH, the doctor, and JONES and DUFFY, physicians. There was a note to McComas RHODES, cosigned by William C. COLE, 1869. At April term 1874 was petition to sell real estate vs. widow and heirs above. Amanda LAW, Martha M. (widow) and James J. COLE were in Montgomery County. Probate Box 101 Pack 7.

CRAIG, Allen, no death date. Robert CRAIG appointed administrator, co-signed by William CRAIG, 1856. Money received from Jacob POLAND, W.B. FORBIS, John CASEY, administrator of John POLAND, 9 Apr 1860. N.M. McCORD made claim 1 Apr 1860. William CRAIG was paid $96.00. Final report 19 June 1861, other papers missing. . Probate Box 101 Pack 2.

CROUCH, William, deceased, date of death not given. On 24 Jan 1861, George W. McKINNEY was appointed administrator with D.C. McCORD on his bond. Widow was Rosanna “since intermarried with John PAYTON, 1 child, him now deceased”. Petition made to sell real estate. Advertised in the “Fayette Weekly Democrat”, CARMAN & FLYNN, publishers. John FULTON, sheriff. Estate paid out to the estate of J.B. BUCKMASTER, D.H. MABRY, John FRASER (coffin), Elijah B. CUNNINGHAM, William HALL and John PADON, 27 June 1862. Probate Box 101 Pack 6.

CROUSE, William, no death date. George McKINNEY, administrator. Inventory filed 10 Feb 1860 included 2 small kettles, 1 pan, 1 pick, 1 jug, 1 hatchet, 1 coffee boiler, 1 cow bell, 1 oven, 1 pair of scales, 3 chairs, 1 table, 1 stand, 14 head hogs, 1 looking glass, 1 cupboard and the undivided half of a steer. Paid to Elijah B. CUNNINGHAM, bill for flour and pork, to Gilbert HALL, bill for one iron wedge, potatoes, pork, ‘clabbard’, dated 1 May 1860. Rest of file missing. Probate Box 101 Pack 1.

CUMMINS, Roderick, died intestate. Administration granted to Roderick JENKINS with William Lee D. EWING as his security, 20 Apr 1830. Appraisers were Robert FORTENBERRY, Andrew MARTIN and William PUGH. JENKINS filed the inventory and appraisement 6 Sep 1830 which included two fur hats, (valued at $6.50), wearing apparel, 50 bushels of corn and money owed him by William STEPHENS for two days work. There was a report of the sale held 17 Sep. John TRAPP had a bill for $2.43 ¾. Fayette County Probate Book A.

CUMMINS, Roderick died and Roderick JENKINS was appointed administrator. JENKINS filed an appraisement and sale bill 1 May 1831. Estate was settled 17 Dec 1831 and included were 14 vouchers for money paid out from estate. Probate Book A p 95.

CUNNINGHAM, Harvey deceased. Will made 29 June 1834 and produced in probate court by widow, Nancy. Three children in the house were not his legal heirs, Levi, Charles and Nelly REED. Levi was to have his roan horse and gun. Joab CUNNINGHAM to have colt, saddle and gun. Charles REED to have a colt from the mare. Nelly to have bed, 1 colt which is what his own girls were to receive. Evan LAWLER stated that CUNNINGHAM said the three REED children were to be equal to his own. Harvey CUNNINGHAM died 2 Jul 1835. The widow asked that her brother, Levi LOWRY, be appointed administrator with will annexed 31 Aug 1835. Bon was $3,000.00. Probate Book A p 155.

DANIELS, Robert. Petition of Larkin ROBERTS for guardianship of Barton and David DANIELS, minor children of Robert DANIELS, 16 Mar 1863. C.W. JENKS was county clerk. David DANIEL was age 19 and Barton, age 14, in 1862, no father living. They had about $50.00 in personal property. Milas WALKER co-signed the bond of ROBERTS, both by their mark. David received his final share 16 Apr 1866 and Barton 16 Feb 1858, from Larkin ROBERTS “my late guardian”. Probate Box 102 Pack 1.

DAVIS, Calvin from Marion County died 11 Nov 1844. Appraisal of estate filed on page 34.Probate Book F-1 page 32.

DEFENBAUGH, John, died 23 Dec 1853, intestate. There was a note that James KELLY and John DEFENBAUGH were found dead 23 Dec 1853, killed by the falling of a burch (sic) tree. Henry G. HABICH was the county coroner. DEFENBAUGH had a personal estate of about $75.00 and KELLY about $15.00. Samuel SPENCE, public administrator, was appointed 7 Apr 1854. John FRASER signed as security. Ludwig HAUSMANN was paid $8.85 for making the coffin. No other papers in file. Probate Box 102 Pack 2.

DEPEW, John, Sr., deceased. Frances E. KALEY was appointed guardian of James A. DEPEW, age 2 years on 9 Feb 1863. He had about $400.00 from the estate of his father and $25.00 per quarter in a Civil War pension. Daniel McKINNEY, William HANKINS and Edward MILES signed her bond. Probate Box 135, Pack 10.

EARNEST, Orlando died at his home 23 Apr 1864, intestate. Naoma ERNEST petitioned for administration of estate with John W. SAGE on her bond. Children were Mary J., age about 13 and Sara E., age about 13 months. C.W. JENKS was County Clerk. Appraisers were Hiram ALLEN, Adam DUNBAR and John W. SAGE. Payment made to Dr. F. WALLACE for medical attention. Probate box 103 Pack 12.

EDMONDSON, J.W.F., died 10 June 1849, left surviving wife, Melinda D. EDMONDSON and children, James W. and Mildred, both minors. Administrators bond signed by Wyatt S. BERRY. Petition to sell real estate was published in the 'Fayette Yeoman', James KENNEDY, proprietor, 21 Sep 1850. Widow bought the real estate, lots 1-7 in Square 7, town of Vandalia for $1250.00. Appraisers, F. GILL, Akin EVANS and Martin WELCH appointed 1 Oct 1849. James W. BERRY was guardian for children, resigned 17 June 1856 and suggested Michael G. DALE as his replacement. Payments were made to Ludwig HOUSEMAN for making coffin, N.M. McCURDY for cover for coffin, David SHERT for mending shoes and books, $4.75. Some of those who bought at the sale were: Andrew J. HICKERSON, Sampson CONNER, Christian SONNEMAN, John YERKER, John McVICKERS, Thomas S. THOMPSON, Jonathan WARD, Abner ELLISON, American CRONK, J.G. GORDEN, Raford CARROLL, Mark E. JONES and James HAN. Probate box 103 Pack 16.

EDWARDS, Young, deceased. Guardianship for minor heirs granted to John EDWARDS 8 Jan 1858. They were: Mary, Abraham and Young T. EDWARDS. The children received money from the estate of Mary HARTMAN, 20 May 1863. Money was paid to Mary LINTON, heir of Young EDWARDS, signed by Thomas LINTON. Probate Box 103 Pack 2.

EGNEW, George died intestate. Petition of James ALLEN to administer the estate was granted 27 Dec 1827 with James BLACK and George LEIDIG as his securities. Inventory and sale bill were filed 25 Feb 1828. Sale amounted to $170.18 ¾. Fayette County Probate Book A.

ELAM, James H., guardianship of minor heirs, Nancy Jane ELAM, age 13, Martha F. ELAM, age 10, Amanda ELAM, age 8, Cornelius ELAM, age 4 and Mary ELAM, age 3. Reps ELAM was administrator with Hiram MOREY and Charles STAHL on his bond, August term 1852. Probate Box 103 Pack 4.

ELAM, Josephus, late of Bond County. Guardianship of minor heirs awarded to William FREEMAN with Hiram ELMORE, Daniel FREEMAN and John WALKER on his bond. Heirs were Daniel A. FREEMAN, age 10 years on 17 Jan 1869 and Ida I. FREEMAN, age 8 years on __ May 1869. They had about $100.00 each coming from estate of Josephus ELAM. Probate Box 103 Pack 3.

ELAM, William died 13 Mar 1854. Letters of administration granted to Reps ELAM of Bond County. Widow and heirs not named. Inventory was filed 2 Apr 1856. Amounts paid out were to STURGIS & MORGAN, George McLAUGHLIN, C.M. JENKS (County Clerk), J. MATTINGLY (physician), Beverly HENRY (attorney) and James O. SPRADLING. Sale was held and some who bought were James McADAMS, Alexander ELAM, William T. ELAM, William CHURCHMAN, William MILLS, Riall MERRYMAN, William DANIEL, Hiram ELMORE, Samuel ELAM, Hiram MULLIGAN and William POWELL. Probate Box 103 Pack 1.

ELDRIDGE, Chauncey, deceased. His minor heirs, George W. ELDRIDGE, age 16 on 23 Nov 1874 and William R., age 14 on 24 Jul 1874 had a pension from the U.S. Government because of the death of their father and remarriage of their mother. In 1875 a note for $28.00 was received from the master in chancery from Jackson Co., IL. Probate Box 134, Pack 14.

ELLER, Joseph, deceased. On 18 Mar 1868 Mary A. ELAM asked for guardianship of minor heirs of Henry ELLER. They had $37.88 coming to them from the estate of Joseph ELLER, an uncle in Ohio. Edward ELAM went her bond. The heirs were: William H. ELLER, age 19 on 27 Dec 1868; James W., age 16 on 16 Sep 1868; Mary E., age 14 on 3 Apr 1868; Margaret A., age 13 on 11 Sep 1868; John C., age 11 on 26 Dec 1868; Isaac N., age 8 on 7 June 1867 and Sarah E. ELLER age 6 on 29 Aug 1868. No other papers in file. Probate Box 134, Pack 13.

ELLSWORTH, William, late of Bond County. Guardianship of his grandson, James Henry ELLSWORTH, age 17 years on 18 Jan 1871, desired Daniel G. TAYLOR be appointed guardian. Receipts in the pack are from William ELLSWORTH, administrator to William McGUIRE for burial expenses 18 Dec 1858, a note on William TERRY and to W.C. DANIEL. $10.35 was paid in court expenses. James ELLSWORTH receipted for his part in full, 18 Jan 1875. Probate Box 103 Pack 6.

ELMORE, Lucy, guardianship of grandchildren of deceased granted to John SMITH, petition filed 21 Dec 1865. Children were Lucy SMITH, age 10 on 16 Nov 1865 and Eliza SMITH, age 9 on 15 Oct 1865. Petitioner was their father. The children had $88.00 coming from their grandmother’s estate. Probate Box 103 Pack 6.

ELMORE, Thomas, guardianship of minor child, Thomas J. ELMORE, age 11 on 3 Jan 1869. He had a pension of $96.00 per year on account of his father, deceased. William HANKINS was appointed guardian. On 20 Mar 1878 HANKINS was paid $15.00 for securing the pension. Richard T. HIGGINS (doctor) had a bill for $6.86 dated 3 Jan 1876. HANKINS paid him $2.00 and issued a promissory note for $4.86. Probate Box 103 Pack 8.

ELMORE, Wiley, died 1 Apr 1866, intestate leaving Louisa ELMORE, his widow and children, James Henry ELMORE, age about 7 years, Mary Ellen ELMORE age about 3 years. Wesley McINTURFF was appointed administrator with William HENNINGER on his bond. The deceased had the east l/2 of Section 28 Bear Grove Twp. mortgaged to the full amount. John BENNET was crier at the sale with Daniel B. LYASS (?) clerk. Bills owed were to BROUSE & REDDING of Mulberry Grove, a note for $80.00 to Peggy BOWLES, co-signed by Wiley ELMORE to Joseph M. BOWLES for harvest work, Dr. G.W. BASSETT and Dr. J. MATTINGLY in his last illness. Probate Box 103 Pack 9.

ELROD, Fantly H., died in Marion Co., IL, 22 Mar 1873. Petition for administration by Susan M. ELROD with Silas JARRETT on her bond. He had a horse and wagon, 75 bushels of corn, 400 lbs. of meat, household utensils, etc. Children were William, James and Samuel ELROD. Appraisers were William GARRETT, Jackson RICHARD and William COOK. M.W. JACKSON took the place of COOK. Only bill was to A.H. JENYN of Patoka, $8.00 for burial expenses. Probate box 103 Pack 11.

ENOS, Joseph, deceased. Freelove ENOS and L.O. SHRADER, administrators gave bond 29 Jul 1833. Appraisers were Robert BLACKWELL, James W. BERRY and George S. WILLIS, appointed 26 Jul 1833. Inventory was filed 26 Aug 1834 in Book B, pages 72, 73. He had a house and lot in the town of Vandalia, Lot 6 on Square 35; one house on l/4 of Lot in square 43 and another l/4 lot plus 100 acres in the Illinois Military Bounty Tract. Those who bought at sale were William LINN, T. GATEWOOD, Simeon EVANS, who bought a trunk and books, John CHARTERS, B. Ward THOMPSON and Mr. ROBERTS. Bills paid out were to Joseph ENOS, to Stuart ECCLES for tuition for two scholars, one quarter each $6.00 “for the benefit of W.K. STEWART” and a bill to Augustus ROSEMIRE for fixing a wagon and log chains $7.57. Probate Box 103 Pack 7.

ERNST, Ferdinand died intestate and the widow relinquished the right to administer the estate in favor of Frederick HOLLMAN, William H. BROWN and Elijah C. BERRY, September 1822. Bond was $6.000.00 and sureties were William BERRY and George F. STOLLE. William H. BROWN, administrator, filed the inventory 6 Sep 1824, amounting to $3,467.68 and notes $250.00. The estate owed $3,657.68. Fayette County Probate Book A. The administrators settled the estate 1 Feb 1830 by selling Lot 1 Block 35 in Vandalia to ENOCHS and WARNOCK for $40.00 less the cost of recording the deed. Only a small amount was left in the estate the largest share going to the administrators. Fayette County Probate Book B.

ESTES, Micajah, will dated November 5, 1834. His wife was not named and his son to have the farm where he lives during lifetime. Other land, 80 acres, described as SWl/4 Section 25, T7N R1W (Shafter Twp.) to go to son, Micajah ESTES. The following were to get $5.00 each: Stephen ESTES; Jesse ESTES; Olive BROWN; Polly MORELL; Elizabeth CROSS; Anny CARTER; Labon ESTES; Rhody BECKHAM; Micajah ESTES and Thursa ESTES, all children. In addition, son, Micajah was to have a mare and colt and a pair of steers. Thurza was to have a cow and calf, bed and furniture. Wife, Nancy, was to have all the rest of the personal property. If son, Micajah, died before wife, and without heirs, the property to be divided equally. Witnesses to the will were: Elias DENTON, Evan LAWLER and Harvey CUNNINGHAM. John LAWLER was the executor of the estate and filed an inventory of real and personal property March 2, 1835. Probate Book A p 134.

EVANS, Horatio, deceased. Anson WOOD was administrator of the estate and gave a bond of $500.00. James BLACK, George S. WILLIS and C.B. BERRY were sureties. Appraisers were: James T.B. STAPP, Allen McPHAIL and John A. McCLAN, appointed 9 Mar 1835. The administrator filed inventory and sale bill of personal property 17 June 1835. Probate Book A p 140 and 152.

EVANS, John M., died 25 Oct 1860. Widow was Mariah C. EVANS. Children: Charles B. Mary E. and Amanda EVANS. Wesley McINTURFF petitioned for letters of administration with John HENNINGER on his bond. HENNINGER along with William HENNINGER and Raford B. REEVES appraised the estate. John H. SNYDER was appointed guardian of minor children in 1873. In the petition to sell real estate 1 Dec 1875 all three children are listed. On the next document, 3 Dec 1875, Amanda is crossed out. Land was bought by Robert ROSS and William STEWART, both of whom gave a promissory note. Estate paid out to John EAKIN, Moses ELAM, Mary FRASER (coffin), Dr. HALLER, Dr. G.W. BASSETT, Amelia SNYDER and James L. MITCHELL. Probate box 103 Pack 15.

EVANS, Martha, deceased. John H. SNYDER asked for guardianship of Charles B. EVANS, aged 16 on 13 Apr 1873 and Mary E., age 13 on 18 Sep 1872. They had an interest in 65 acres of land belonging to their father's estate and $200.00 coming from the estate of their aunt, Martha EVANS. Guardianship papers dated 3 May 1877. Probate Box 134, Pack 15.

EVANS, Robert W., died 15 Feb 1853 intestate. James B. EVANS applied for letters of administration 21 Feb 1853. Dower of widow, Eliza Jane EVANS amounted to $251.54. Estate was published in the "Age of Steam", H.P. BROMWELL, publisher. James CARSON paid the estate rent. Appraisers were John SHIRLEY, R.B. REEVES and William HENNINGER. Akin EVANS cried the sale with William C. HOUSTON, clerk. Those who bought were M.J. HICKERSON, William CAUSEY, H.B. REEVES, J.W. CAUSEY, W. SMITH, John McINTURFF, Isaac McADAMS, Joseph H. BOWLES, Horatio EVANS, Alexander ROSENBURY, Wesley McINTURFF, Thomas BONE, Lee YARBROUGH, Elisha SATTERLEE, Thomas THEMAN, Michael SMITH, M. and P. MUNDIS, George McLAUGHLIN and Peter McADAMS. Probate Box 103 Pack 14.

EVANS, Robert W., deceased. James B. EVANS, petitioned for guardianship of Jeremiah EVANS, minor heir of Robert W. who is without a guardian, dated 20 Mar 1855. Bond was $225.00, signed by Akin EVANS and Frederick REMANN. Probate box 103 Pack 13.

EZELL, Archibald, died intestate. Heirs relinquished to right to administer the estate. Administration awarded to Lee YARBROUGH. Robert K. McLAUGHLIN and John YARBROUGH were his securities with Bond set at $360.00. Filed 11 Dec 1824. YARBROUGH filed the inventory 4 Apr 1824. A sale was held which brought in $198.08. Fayette County Probate Book A.

FARMER, Benjamin died. William FARMER was appointed administrator. Probate Book F-1 page 28.

FINNEY, Thomas D., died 13 June 1867, left widow, Susannah, children, Mary Belle, Sarah J. and Anna Gertrude, the last two minors. Martin WELCH was their guardian. S.E. RODE was given letters of administration with J.N. McCORD and Fred REMANN on his bond, 24 June 1867. He had four lots in the town of Avena and two in the town of Howard's Point. Petition to sell real estate was advertised in the 'Vandalia Union'. Estate paid out to Samuel SUMMERS, W.H. McGEEHON, Benjamin STOKES of Brownstown, Thomas J. SMYTHE, Michael KELLY, Ebenezer CAPPS, John WELKER, Mathias FEHREN, Jonas KEPNER, Abraham COCHRAN, Acey SEVERNS, George FLETCHER, John FRASIER and J.A. YOUNG. Probate Box 104 Pack 4.

FLACK, Abner, deceased. The widow, Vilet (X) FLACK relinquished her right to administer 21 Apr 1842. James HANKINS was given letters of administration 2 May 1842 with James M. FULTON and William GUY on his bond. (Abner FLACK owned and operated the Flack Hotel which stood at the corner of Fourth and Gallatin streets.) Milton FLACK, a son, was mentioned. He had borrowed money, quite substantial sums at a time, but neither he nor the father kept any account of what he owed. Milton was a non-resident. FLACK owed quite a lot of money, small amounts, and much was owed to him by people all over the county. Some who owed the estate were George LEIDIG, M. LOCKWOOD, N.H. CHASE, Daniel CROTSER, F. PIPPIN, Laban GALION, James VERNON, Thomas ELAM, A. PILCHER, Margaret HENAGER, Joseph LOGSTON, Anson WOOD, Harrison THOMPSON, Michael LYNCH and Thomas A. GATEWOOD. Among the bills against the estate was one for beef from Samuel HOUSTON at Effingham. Several people were called to testify in the suits, listed were James B. BUNYARD, Joseph SAWYER, William AKINS, John LAWLER, Henry C. WATERMAN and Frederick GRIFFITH. Probate Box 104 Pack 1.

FLACK, Abner, deceased. James HANKINS was administrator and filed a report, filed Probate Book F-1 page 42.

FLEMING, William, deceased. On 1 Mar 1877 Basil TINKER petitioned for guardianship of James FLEMING, age 6 on 27 Dec 1876 and George FLEMING, age 4 on 17 Apr 1877. They had $170.00 coming from the estate of their father, due from the estate o f Samuel ARNOLD, deceased. Probate Box 134, Pack 16.

FLETCHER, John D., died 25 July 1868, leaving $1500.00 in personal property. Widow was Mary A. who relinquished her right to administer to her son Granville V. FLETCHER. There were 375 acres of land, all in Avena and Loudon Twp. The estate paid out to Nathan W. MOULTON, HALLER & HIGGINS (physicians), William SURDEMAN, J.P. VanDORSTEN, R.D. NOLEMAN (minister), H.P. COLLINS and William CHANDLER (deputy). Sale of personal property was held 28 Oct 1869 with W.H. SHAFFER, crier. Some who bought were, W.F. WILKINS, John HOAR, E.M. WILLIAMS, John CUNNINGHAM, Charles BROCKLESBY, Amon SCOLES, Nathan MAXFIELD, John KITCHEN and E. BARNES, Jr. Probate Box 104 Pack 3.

FLOWERS, Samuel died 20 Sep 1865. He had about $200.00 in personal property and real estate in Section 6, T7N R3E (Avena Twp.). Heirs were William FLOWERS, a brother, George FLOWERS, same, Elizabeth FLOWERS married to Richard MORRISON and Sarah FLOWERS married to Benjamin BRASEL, sisters. Also were four children of a deceased brother, Thomas FLOWERS: Julia A. DIAL, Ellen, Francis and Elizabeth FLOWERS, all minors. John H. DOUGLAS was guardian of the minors. Benjamin BACKENSTO was given letters of administration. William FLOWERS claimed the personal property as his and bought the real estate. Daniel TOWNSEND, John WIREMAN and George GREEN were called as witnesses. Probate Box 104 Pack 2.

FORBIS, Jehu, deceased. W.B. FORBIS, guardian of Elizabeth and Jehu FORBIS, infant heirs of Jehu FORBIS filed for guardianship 31 Dec 1844. Probate Book F-1 page 40.

FORBIS, Jemima, estate. Elizabeth and Jehu FORBIS had a share in the estate of Jemima (Gemima) FORBIS amounting to $107.05. Probate Book F-1 page 40.

FORSEMAN, Johnethan, deceased. Abraham SWISHER was administrator for the estate and guardian for minor heir, Johnethan FORSEMAN. Probate Book F-1 page 59, 60.

FRASER, John, died 18 Dec 1867. Widow was Matilda and children were Lizzie FRASER, of legal age; William L. FRASER, age 18 on 20 June 1871, (he died in Omaha, Nebraska before 20 Nov 1871); John age 15 on 14 Feb 1871 and Anna FRASER, age 12 on 30 Mar 1871. Matilda petitioned for guardianship 31 Aug 1871 with J.N. McCORD and Dennis CULLITY on her bond. Probate Box 134, Pack 16.

GALLION, Labon died 1 June 1845 and administrator was Sarah GALLION. Probate Book F-1 page 94.

GALTNEY, Martha died 4 Oct 1873, Kaskaskia Twp. She had ca $700.00 in personal property, mostly in notes. William FARMER was appointed administrator. The estate owed to BEACH & LIVESAY, John GALTNEY $40.00 for her care, Louis W. WEAVER, $25.00 for coffin and case, B.F. ROGERS for medical attention $80.00, KESNER & TANNER store at Patoka, Squire FARMER, GRAY & WILLIAMS store, E.M. BEACH, C.H. MATHENY, WAGNER & WAHL, Vandalia and William J. KNAPP. Probate Box 105 Pack 5.

GENSLER, Joseph died 27 Oct 1873. Widow, Rebecca, relinquished the right to administer and John J. TINKER was appointed 24 Oct 1874. Burke B. CRICKMAN and Alfred GRIFFITH were on his bond. List of heirs was taken from the petition to sell the real estate: Henry W., Mary, Joseph D., who bought the land, James R., Agnes R., Elizabeth (a minor), Amanda (a minor) and John W. OGLESBY, grandson, under age. Probate Box 105 Pack 4.

GEORGE, David, died 12 May 1865 leaving widow, Nancy E. GEORGE and daughter, Dora GEORGE. The widow was appointed administrator with Beverly W. HENRY on her bond. Probate Box 105 Pack 12.

GINGER, Archibald died. Henry GINGER, Jr. was administrator and filed the appraisement and sale bill 8 Sep 1831. Appraisers were Samuel HOUSTON, Jesse JAMES and Joseph H. GILLESPIE. Henry GINGER, Lewis GINGER and William GINGER made bond on the estate of Archibald GINGER. Probate Book A p 94.

GIRE, Margaret, died 5 Sep 1868 leaving a personal estate of about $500.00. She left a husband, John GIRE and children, Matilda and John F. GIRE. There was a payment to Samuel SUMMERS for his "time, trouble and expense" in collecting from John LAHMAN moneys due from John McCLELLAN. The estate was published in the 'Fayette County Democrat', Charles G. Smith, proprietor. Probate Box 105 Pack 10.

GOODBRAKE, John C., died 6 Sep 1870 leaving widow, Jemima and children, John, Catharine, Solomon F., Joseph S., William W. and Maria Jane, the last two minors. William W. was aged 20 on September 22, 1872 and Maria J. was aged 17 on 19 July 1877. Deceased had bought land from the Illinois Central Railroad and from George SAGE which he had improved. Son Solomon F. was administrator with Joseph STEVENSON and R.F. MABRY on his bond, 1 Oct 1870. Some who bought at the sale besides the family were Samuel SEFTON, William SMITH, Hiram HOLLINGSHEAD, E.R. TURNEY, Richard SCHOLES, John WILLIAMS, Henry SEFTON and Marion DICUS. No one bid on the books. Probate Box 105 Pack 3.

died 7 Oct 1852. Wife, Anne GOSSER, and William FARMER were administrators. Heirs were John and Elizabeth McCONNELL and Robert GOSSER, a minor. Col. ADAMSON was paid for making the coffin. Those who bought at the same included Middleton BLY, Essie EPPERSON, Isaac McCONNER, Green L. PORTER, Frank BROWN, Nancy WILSON, Ebenezer DAGGETT, Montgomery McCONNELL, Alexander ANDERSON, Martin MEADOR, Nimrod DUNN, James ALBERT, Elizabeth GOWER, Iredill MEADOR, John HARBOR, Polly MATTHEWS, John SANDERS, Elizabeth, Anne and Robert GOSSER. In Pack 9 of the same probate box, Anne GOSSER was appointed guardian of the minor child, Robert, who was also an heir in the estate of Francis MASTERSON. Probate Box 105 Pack 8.

GOTHON, Patrick died 15 Dec 1853 leaving no widow or next of kin. Joshua W. ROSS was appointed administrator with Akin EVANS as security. Personal property was $363.45 including five stacks of prairie hay and 740 fence rails. There was a large bill from the S.L. TUTTLE & Brother store. The coroner was allowed $5.00 for holding a hearing. Probate Box 105 Pack 1.

GRAY, John, died 6 Aug 1876 in Warrenton, Missouri. He had no widow or children; the only heir listed was a sister, Catherine G. LYNCH. Estate consisted of a house and 2 lots in Oconee (Shelby County) valued at about $300.00. A trunk, watches and notes due him for about $150.00. Barney LYNCH was appointed administrator with Roger LIES on his bond. Appraisers were George W. BOLT, Solomon R. MORRISON and Henry L. THIELE. Probate Box 105 Pack 11.

GREATHOUSE, Tevis, died 21 Jul 1871 leaving books, notes and accounts worth about $2000.00, along with many parcels of land some in Chicago. First administrator was Jacob FOUKE, a brother in law. The wife, Julia P. GREATHOUSE died 5 Aug 1871 leaving one daughter, Adele. Her guardian was H.C. DOUGLAS of Chicago. On 20 Sep 1871, Edward S. WAHL and Matthias FEHREN were appointed administrators. At the sale were many lots of law books. Probate Box 105 Pack 6.

GREEN, Ruth KING, of White Creek, County of Washington, State of New York, deceased. Andrew H. MOTT was trustee for John and Grace MOTT, infants of said Andrew MOTT and legatees under the Will of Ruth GREEN of New York. Each had $200.00 coming to them. Probate Box 134, Pack 9.

GREEN, Sarah A. Most of the papers are missing from this file. The final report is dated 28 Oct 1867 indicating that William A. GREEN was administrator. The estate paid out a bill for 'shrouding', and two bills for $5.35 and $3.65 to A.H. DIECKMANN, Vandalia. Tevis GREATHOUSE was paid for publishing the estate notice. Probate Box 105 Pack 13.

GREENE, John, deceased and Henry B. ROBERTS granted letters of administration 15 Feb 1834. Claiborn B. BERRY and George S. WILLS were his sureties. Appraisers appointed: William RUSSELL, William E. McKENON and Nathaniel D. CHAMBERLAIN. ROBERTS filed a partial inventory $47.95 from Bond County, Illinois and a check from Honorable W. CASEY drawn on the U.S. Branch at St. Louis for $40.32. He also filed a sale bill, part in Bond County. Probate Book A p 119 and 122.

GROTTS, Joseph, died 2 Dec 1875. He had personal property of about $400.00, no real estate. Widow was Sarah P., and she was appointed administrator with James M. CARROLL, Joel C. STONE and William SEGREST on her bond. Children were Amanda M., Joseph O., Sarah F. and Emma V. GROTTS. Probate Box 105 Pack 2.

HALEY, Edward, deceased. Mahala HALEY and James HANKINS were administrators of the estate. Probate Book F-1 page 45.

HALL, Henry, died intestate. Widow, Elizabeth HALL, was administratrix, dated 18 Apr 1825. Aaron WILLIAMS and Peter SMITH were securities. Fayette County Probate Book A.

HAMMELL, Mary, deceased, daughter of Jacob PETERS, deceased. On 19 Aug 1867 Simon HAMMELL was appointed guardian of Elizabeth HAMMELL, age 16 on 3 Feb 1867 and Sarah C. HAMMELL, age 10 on 13 May 1867, minor heirs of Mary HAMELL. They had about $30.00 coming from the estate of their mother. Petitioner was a brother. On 1 Mar 1873 a summons was issued for Simon to report. He had not reported since 21 Sep 1868. He was not found in the county. Probate Box 134, Pack 11.

HANKINS, John, deceased. William and Jefferson C. HANKINS applied for administration of estate, 20 Oct 1832. Sureties were Harvey LEE, William I. HOCKETT, Joel THOMAS and Samuel HOUSTON. Bond was $1,000.00. Jefferson HANKINS filed inventory of estate, 21 Jan 1833. Calvert ROBERTS had a claim against the estate for $25.56, allowed. Robert BLACKWELL had two notes against John HANKINS in 4th class. LEIDIG and REMANN had a note against HANKINS. Constable, Abram BUNKER allowed claim in estate of John HANKINS. Probate Book A p 103.

HANRAHAM, Peter, died 23 Mar 1865. Margaret HANRAHAN was appointed administratix 19 Mar 1866. Wilson CAMPBELL was Clerk of the Court and Martin HICKMAN, deputy. No other papers in file. Probate Box 100 Pack 1.

HATHAWAY, Elijah, will dated 31 Jul 1844. He desired to be decently buried in a walnut coffin at Holt's Graveyard by Rody PUGH or Elizabeth HATHAWAY. To his eldest son, Simeon, he left $50.00, to eldest daughter, Elizabeth, $50.00. Remainder to his wife during her widowhood then divided between Nancy J., R.S. and M.A. HATHAWAY. Elizabeth (X) HATHAWAY and Jesse ADAMSON were executors. Some who bought at sale were J.N. RAYNOLDS, James MORRIS, James LINTON, J. ADAMSON (a pewter plate), A. GRIDER (Bible) and Daniel STRICKLER. By 2 Dec 1844 the widow was Elizabeth BRACHER. She was allowed $137.00 widow's allowance. Probate Book F-1 page 7, 8; sale bill on page 21.

HEALD, William died September 1821 intestate, had no relatives in county or state. Also shown as HEILD. Stephen JOHNSON was appointed administrator with George SHIPMAN and Abner MORRILL, sureties. Their bond was $600.00. Dated 1 Oct 1821. The administrator filed an inventory of his goods which amounted to $759.57. Bond was increased to $1000.00. The administrator made a report 30 Aug 1822 that a sale was held that netted $24.18 3/4. Report was made by JOHNSON that the estate was paid to father of deceased, Arba HEALD, July 1, 1823. Fayette County Probate Book A.

HENINGER, William. Will dated 3 Mar 1833. Wife Margaret was to have half of estate during her lifetime, and, at her death to be divided among their seven children. Wants half of estate equally divided between his five children and Nancy and Sally CORBET, his two step-daughters, they to pay in the interest on $70.00 he held from their father's estate. Wife to be the executor. Witnesses to the will were John SNODGRASS, William JAMESON and John HENINGER. On 4 Nov 1833 William JAMESON swears to the will and to the handwriting of John SNODGRASS as a witness. Probate Book A p 130.

HICKS, ____, deceased. Guardianship of minor heirs. Thomas HICKS was appointed guardian for William A. and James A. HICKS, 24 Apr 1873. Final settlement was made to William A. 21 Dec 1877. The estate had been settled 24 Jul 1866. Probate Box 136, Pack 6.

HIGGINS, Thomas, died intestate. Seth BLANCHARD and Moses PHILLIPS each had a note against the estate. March 1837. Fayette County Probate Book A, page 60.

HINDS, Simeon, deceased. On 17 Oct 1860 Jerome J. HINDS, oldest brother was made guardian of Jasper M. HINDS, age 19 in Feb 1860, Adolphus L. HINDS, age 15 in Feb 1860, Emily L. HINDS, age 13 in Apr 1860, Ada D. HINDS, age 8 in Jan 1860, Albert M. HINDS age 11 in 1860 and Ferris L. HINDS age 5 in Oct 1860. Jerome, John V. and Joseph M. were over 14 in 1858 and chose their mother as guardian. In 1861 John HALL stated that the guardian, Jerome, should be removed or he wished to be taken from the bond. The young man was spending recklessly. 18 Feb 1861 Jane HINDS, the mother, asked for the above minor heirs of Simeon HINDS. On 5 Oct 1870 she signed her name as Jane A. KNIGHT. Probate Box 134, Pack 12.

HINTON, Ransom, deceased. John DEATON was appointed guardian of Hardy and John HINTON, both over the age of 14, heirs of Ransom HINTON, deceased. He was also the guardian for Polly, Levi, Lucinda and Henry HINTON all under the age of 14 years. Probate Book F-1 page 80.

HOPKINS, Stephen died 4 Aug 1844, intestate. Administrators bond to John HOPKINS, Martin WADKINS of Marion Co., IL and John A. MATHENY of Fayette Co., IL. Appraisers report dated 7 Sep 1844 totaled $237.50. Some who bought at the sale were Aaron, George, John and Jesse HOPKINS, John TEDRICK, Archer ELAM, Columbus TAYLOR, Beverly COOK, Henderson MATHEWS and Raford CARROLL. Probate Book F-1 pages 3 and 15-16.

HOPKINS, Thomas, died intestate, no relatives in county or state. James L. DORRIS was appointed administrator with A.G. MARTIN and John FOLEY as securities. Bond was fixed at $300.00, 22 Oct 1821. Hew had goods amounting to $77.50. Firm of DORRIS and HOPKINS had a claim against the estate. Fayette County Probate Book A.

HYNES, Daniel, deceased. Accounts against the estate of deceased filed 1 Oct 1833, included bills from Q.C. ALEXANDER (doctor), Robert LARIMORE, J.C. STORMER, Frederick REMANN (merchant), David F. FOREMAN, John F. MEADOR and George S. WILLIS. L.O. SHRADER was paid for crying the sale. William HODGE, G.S. WILLIS and Milton FLACK paid for appraising the estate. A.P.H. FIELD was probate judge and received $20.00. Estate paid our $526.44. Probate Book A p 112.

JACKSON, Albert, no death date. George W. PHELPS appointed guardian of minor children, not named, 25 June 1875. Guardian stated there was no personal estate, only money paid out was for taxes, improvements on the place and raising the children. Guardian would take no fee. Probate Box 100 Pack 6.

JACKSON, Thomas died 28 Nov 1844, leaving a will. It provided if Norris JACKSON should die, Elsa would have $10.00 a year for her support. Land to be sold when the youngest child should come of age. Inventory of his estate dated 20 Dec 1844 had it valued at $371.00. Probate Book F-1 pages 26, 35.

JOHNSON, Charles, died 18 Jan 1864. Sarah JOHNSON, his widow, was appointed guardian for their son, Charles L. JOHNSON, born 12 Dec 1858. J.W. ROSS and C.H. SONNEMANN were on her bond. Probate Box 134, Pack 10.

KELLOGG, Azor, died and John C. KELLOGG filed an appraisal of his estate 19 June 1822. He had $84.50 of which $41.50 was owed to the administrator. Fayette County Probate Book A.

KELLY, James, died intestate. Letters of Administration granted to William Lee D. EWING with Abner FIELD as security, 14 July 1823. Bond was $500.00. Fayette County Probate Book A.

KESTERTON, Polly, deceased. Administration granted to Asa LEDBETTER and John HALEY. Securities were Robert K. McLAUGHLIN and Charles PRENTICE, dated 12 Jan 1826. On 11 Apr 1826 the administrators filed the inventory and sale bill which brought in $164.87 1/2. Fayette County Probate Book A.

KING, George, deceased. Jane KING was granted letters of administration, 27 Nov 1834, with Philip LUSTER as her surety on bond of $800.00. Appraisers of the estate were Henry GINGER, Lewis GINGER and William GINGER. Widow filed personal inventory and sale bill 1 Dec 834. Probate Book A p 131.

KIRK, Nicholas died 4 Aug 1845. Robert T. KIRK was administrator with Thomas WHITTEN and Joseph B. KIRK on his bond. Probate Book F-1 page 105.

KROHNE, William died intestate 24 Jan 1876. He had 90 acres of land, livestock and farm equipment valued at $250.00. Widow, Elizabeth, was appointed administrator with Henry KROHNE and Frederick SCHEER on her bond. Children were William, Henry, Lizzie, Mina, Frank and Mary KROHNE. The children were all minors and B.H. CHAPMAN was appointed guardian ad litem. At the final report Louise LAHMON was administrator. August HANAN bid in the property which was sold to pay debts. Probate Box 135, Pack 9.

KURTZ, Phillip died 24 Jul 1844 intestate. He had goods and chattels worth about $183.31. Included was leather and skins - hogs, horse, deer, raccoon and ground hog. George WILDIN and William H. MARTIN were on the administrator's bond dated 26 Jul 1844. Michael STEINHAUER was appointed guardian of Catherine Margerett KURTZ. Probate Journal F-1 page 1-2.


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