Meharry Cemetery
Patton Township
(burials prior to 1964)

This was a hand-typed, hand-bound book which did not bear a copyright date, but was probably compiled by the Governor Thomas E. Ford Chapter of the DAR c. 1963. Many thanks to Gail Hahn Hutchcraft [] for finding and transcribing this document for the benefit and free use of all Ford County, Illinois researchers.

The names in the book were presented in "close-to" alphabetical order, meaning they were placed within the proper letter group. I've gone a step further and alphabetized the whole list. There are burials listed here.


Meharry Cemetery is located on Section 10, in Patton Twp, Ford County, near Perdueville, Il. The present location is described as one mile north of Route 9 and one-half mile east of Route 115 on the south side of the road.
The first church building to be erected in Ford County was the Meharry Chapel in 1864 at a cost of $1400. Robert Blackstock and F. Meharry contributed much of the cost as well as the land for the site of the church and the cemetery across the road to the south. The cemetery was sadly neglected for half a century, until Patton Twp voted a cemetery tax in April 1956. Since that time Meharry Cemetery as well as other country cemeteries in the township have been fairly well cleaned of weeds, brambles and trees. The first burials in the cemetery were those of Sarah, daughter of W. & M. Haw in October 1858, Agie Haw, August 1860, age three years; children of John and Emmagene Keisey, both on Sept. 21, 1861. The latest burial was in 1890. Meharry Church was moved into Perdueville around 1935 and used for several years for storage but has since been torn down and the lumber was sold.

Anderson, Dottie May   1886
Anderson, James R.   1883 - 1885
Anderson, Robert R.   1842 - 1904
Bell, Milton A. s/o S. & I. 7-27-1869 - 2-15-1871
Bombarger, Adaline C. d/o Christ & Jams  
Fitsimons, Abigail Celia   6-1826 - 3-1900
Haw, Agie d/o W. & M. Aug 1860 3 yr 11 da
Haw, Sarah d/o W. & M. 10-15-1858 2 mo
Iler, Salen   6-29-1873 7 yr
Keisey, Edward   3-10-1848 - 2-23-1873
Keisey, Emma Gene unreadable  
Keisey, John H.   11-6-1845 - 9-22-1861
Keisey, John H. s/o Jas. 9-21-1861; l yr
Lewison, Knudt   3-17-1890 18 yr 11 mo
Lytle, Freddie s/o W & Mary 6-20-1880 4 yr 7 mo
Lytle, George s/o Wm. & Mary 10-29-1881 2 yr 1 mo
Lytle, Mary Maria w/o Wm. 11-3-1881 26 yr 10 mo
Parvis, Guessford   4-1-1860 5 yr
Patton, Elizabeth w/o W.H. 11-23-1864 31 yr 6 mo
Schull, Mary w/o Samuel 5-15-1885 43 yr 8 mo
Sgovell, Ellen H.   11-19-1861
Sgovell, Willie H.   11-11-1861
Snyder, son age 7 mo
Snyder, Jane   March 1883 80 yr
Snyder, Mary A. w/o S.S. 5-18-1872
Stoner, Daniel G.   9-21-1882 73 yr 9 mo
Stoner, Joseph P. s/o D. & D. 4-5-1863 3 yr 9 mo
Stoner, Susan w/o D.A. 3-6-1882 68 yr 9 mo
Tierney, Patrick   3-1862 28 yr
Torpey, Hannah w/o P. 1-24-1875 38 yr
Torpey, Maggie d/o P. & H. 1-10-1872 2 yr
Torpey, Patrick   12-14-1890 65 yr
Ullum, Mary d/o L. & H. 6-22-1881 3 yr 11 mo
Wunder, Johnie s/o Ed & Pearl 5-2-1887 1 yr 4 mo
Wunder, Verna d/o Ed & Pearl 7-4-1890 6 mo 7 da

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