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Franklin County, IL
1820 Census
Large Families 
by Sheila Cadwalader

10 people in household:
Conger      John                    Crawford    John
Browning    John                    Farris      John
King        William                 Waller      Richard
Shannon     Charles                 Penington   Riggs
Estes       Absolum                 Estes       Joseph
Ammermon    Stephen                 Rawlings    Michael
Dorety      Dennis                  Damron      John
McDaniel    Walter                  Stilly      Davis
McElyea     William                 Hill        John

11 people in household:
Tippy       Abram                   Norris      John
Crane       Spencer                 Russell     Phillip
Wily        Equiller                Pace        Joel	
Jordan      Francis                 Yost        Henry

12 people in household:
Miller      John                    Eubanks     William
Blakenship  John                    Hickum      William
Youngblood  Aaron                   Cantrell    Richard
Rea         Wilson                  Crawford    Mason
Gaily       Isaac	

13 people in household:
Webb        Lazarus

14 people in household:
Rice        William                  Spiller     William

16 people in household:
Tiner       Joshua	

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