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Veterans Memorial Cemetery

aka Memorial Park
aka Old Benton

aka Old City Cemetery
Benton Township, Benton
Franklin County, Illinois

Photo taken by: Nanette Riley

Established in 1868
Veteran Memorial Cemetery is located in the 300 block on First Street
in Benton, Illinois. The Cemetery is maintained by the Benton VFW.
Several graves reinterred to the Benton Masonic Oddfellows Cemetery.

Last Name First Middle Birth Death Other Info.
BAYS Lillian 1y 1m 28 May 1902 burial #1224/page 96/entry 2 BENNETT Emery 1864 Cival War, Pvt. Co. K 13th IL Calvary BURK William 38y 11m 10d 7 Apr 1902 burial #1175/page 92/entry 5 CARDWELL Cora Amer(ica) 27y 7m 7d 8 Jun 1902 burial #1219/page 95/entry 10 CARDWELL infant unnamed female 1/4 d 28 Apr 1902 d/o Lee, burial #1179/page 92/entry 9 CLARK O C Cival War Corp. Co. C 15th IL Calvary DENNING Miller H 1841 Cival War Co. C 18th IL Infantry DILLON William Jeff 1833 1862 Cival War, killed Shilo, TN Capt. Co 18 IL INF. DOLLINS James Jackson 1832 1863 Cival War, killed Vicksburg. MS Col 81st IL Regiment DREW Daniel C 1830 20 Apr 1864 Cival War Pvt Co. I 31 IL Infantry, s/o James & Nancy FEATHERSTONE Sarah 55y 14 Jul 1902 burial #1130/page 88/entry 12 HAWKINS Thaddeus Coristine Sanford 60/61y 11m 27d 2 May 1902 burial #1206 & #1222/page 94 & 95/entry 10 & 13 HOOK Charles 68y 10m 24d 1 Apr 1902 burial #1177/page 92/entry 7 JORDAN Jemima (Moberly) 1810 22 Nov 1879 69Y 8M 12D, w/o Moses Jordan, died of Congestive Chills JORDAN Moses 1799 12 Nov 1875 Black Hawk War-Sgt Major-Capt George PBoyer's 1st Brigade 2nd Regiment IL Mta., h/o Jemima Moberly, s/o Elias & Rachel Jordan LEAGAN(LIGON) Alvin 7m 27d 14 Apr 1902 burial #1176/page 92/entry 6 MACASLIN William C 1879 Cival War Co. K 3rd Regiment IL Volunteers MALONE Edwin 79y 4m 23d 12 Mar 1903 burial #1421/page 111/entry 5 MCKEMMIE Ollie 6m 5d 11 Jan 1903 burial #1373/page 107/entry 8 MOONEYHAM Lonella 40y 8m 24d 11 May 1902 burial #1209/page 94/entry 13 MOORE Della 33y 10m 06 Jan 1903 burial #1367/page 107/entry 2 MUNDELL Ula Jimmy 2y 7m 12d 23 Apr 1902 burial #1183/page 92/entry 13 NOONER Jashenay 1833 1878 Cival War Confederate Soldier PARRISH Braxton 24 Oct 1795 1815 Hon.Judge and Rev. PRIMM Elijah Willis 1840 Cival War Union Roll of Honor RESSLER John K 1883 Cival War Pvt Co. C 110 IL Infantry SCARBOROUGH John 1762 1846 Revolutionary War Veteran, Virginia PVT in Col. A.W. Whites Regiment SKEEN Viola 29y 5m 16d 16 Apr 1902 burial #1192/page 93/entry 9 STARR Paulie 11m 24d 6 Nov 1902 burial #1327/page 104/entry 1 SUMMERS Charles Thomas 19 Nov 1926 12 Apr 1996 h/o Charlotte Winner m: 7 Dec 1946, s/o Guy & Grace Ethel(Harris) SUMMERS SUMMERS Jewel M 1908 1948 h/o Katherine SWOFFORD Minnie E 26y 10m 17d 21 Mar 1902 burial #1145/page 90/entry 1 UPCHURCH R B 1862 Cival War Co. B 18th IL Infantry WARD John 78y 2m 22d 1 May 1902 burial #1207/page 94/entry 11 WILBURN Warner J 72y 4m 9d 7 Mar 1903 burial #1417/page 111/entry 1 WILLIAMS Osham 1820 1864 Cival War Co.B 89th Infantry WINN James A 1838 1881 Cival War Confederate Soldier

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