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Browning Hill Cemetery

Rend City, Browning Township
Franklin County, Illinois

Located on 2 acres in the middle of a cow pasture, owned by the Browning Family.
Directions:Take Route 148 (north of Christopher-south of Sesser)to Park St. road turning East.
Go down to the last house on the right before the stop sign.
Located on their property, thru a barb wire fence, in the field.
Be sure to get permission from the home owner first.
I believe her name is:Virginia Browning Stoffel, one of the remaing decendents of
John Browning and Nancy Kitchen of which are buried here.

Sign erected between the graves of Nancy and John BROWNING
"Browning Hill settled by John and Nancy Browning A.D. 1812"
John Browning, May 19, 1781 - June 13, 1857, aged 76yrs.21days
In Memory of Nancy, wife of John Browning, Oct. 12, 1783 - Oct. 7, 1855

The first house built in Franklin County was standing at the Browning Hill Cemetery

Christopher Progress August 11, 1971
Browning Hill Cemetery

Peacefully located atop a hill near the old site of Rend City is the
Browning Hill Cemetery. While standing in the graveyard, one can look
out to the east,west and south to view picturesque countryside.
Neighboring fields of grain help to create a tranquil overshadowing
effect on this vestige from the past.
Two of the graves situated on the hill belong to the founders of
Browning Hill, John and Nancy Browning. It was there in 1812 that 31
year old John and his 29 year old wife, Nancy decided to settle down to
live. They both enjoyed a long and eventful life and were buried side
by side on Browning Hill.
Another noteworth person entombed in the cemetery is Moses Buckner, the
man who was responsible for the changing of Sefronia or Soffrona to
Buckner in the late 1800's or very early 1900's. Buckner died in 1882
and is buried along with his wife, Emeline. Inscribed upon his tombstone
are the words, "COC 15th ILLINOIS CALVARY, DISCHARGED OCT. 14, 1862,
Probably the most unique and decidely conspicuous tombstone I
encountered in researching this story is located on Browning Hill. It
marks the final resting place of a man named W. Jones who passed away in
1926. The stone is about eight feet in height and is formed perfectly
into the shape of a tree trunk with a scroll attached to it. Whoever
constructed the stone went into great detail by also adding hand-carved
ferns and vines of ivy on its surface. In total, the marker has a very
distinct West appeal to it.
Piled randomly beneath a tall, old Christmas tree growning in the
cemetery are several broken tombstones. Apparently through the years
the stones broke in two or weathered away and were placed together under
the tree. One of the stones marks the repose of "Nancy" wife of Levi
Browning." Still others were so badly worn that their inscriptions could
no longer be determined.
The most intriguing epitaph established on Browning Hill belongs to the
grave of Mary, wife of J.L. Buckner who died in 1838.
[this date is
incorrect. The actual date of death of Mary Tabitha Hammons Buckner, wife
of John Logan Buckner was 1898]

It reads, "One cannot tell who next may fall
beneath thy chastning rod. One must first but let us all prepare to meet our

The oldest grave I located on Browning Hill had only the last name of
LUKE discernable on it. And, the date of death in 1829 were the only
two writings that could be read.
An unusual etching of a weeping willow tree with a casket beneath it is
imbedded on the tombstone of Chamberlain Hutson who was born in 1779. A
similar stone just had the weeping willow tree etched on its face.

Last Name First Middle Birth Death Other Info.
BLAIR Mary Emily (SAMPLE) 1 Jun 1859 5 Apr 1925 w/o (1st)Lafayette BROWN m:17 Aug 1882 (2nd)Thomas H. BLAIR m: 4 Dec 1884; d/o Joseph M. & Mary Frances(HILL)SAMPLE BROWNING Alice 7 Mar 1871 22 Mar 1966 BROWNING Cordelia A 15y 11m 26d 5 Oct 1862 BROWNING E W 14 May 1830 23 Oct 1913 BROWNING Emaline 8 Jun 1861 5 Oct 1867 d/o Thomas K & Rebecca BROWNING; Double stone:Thomas K. BROWNING & Emaline BROWNING BROWNING Fannie 15y 8m 21d 17 Dec 1901 d/o John A & Ellen C.(MADDOX)BROWNING, Triple stone:BROWNING-John A.,Otho & Fannie BROWNING Fanny 27 Mar 1832 13 Mar 1855 w/o Levi Browning, "In memory of"; Double stone:BROWNING-Fanny & Quincy H. BROWNING Florence May age 4 yrs 30 Jul 1861 d/o Levi & Tabitha(LAYMAN)BROWNING m:26 Oct 1856 BROWNING J B 19y 10m 17d 1 Nov 1878 BROWNING Rev.John 17 May 1781 13 Jun 1857 h/o Nancy KITCHEN m:abt.1802-TENN.; s/o John & Mollie(JORDAN)BROWNING; he was a Baptist Minister; ****birth & death dates can't be right, years are correct, but b:23 May 1781(76y 21d)would be more accurate; also have b:17 May 1781 d:17 Jun 1857 & also show Levi as being his Father. BROWNING John A (46y 8d)28 Feb 1851 8 Mar 1897 h/o Ellen C. Maddox m:8 Aug 1883-d/o Richard MADDOX & Nancy AKIN, s/o Jonathan Browning & Leanore "Luany" "Leanna" JOHNSON, Triple stone:BROWNING-John A.,Otho & Fannie BROWNING Jonathan (47y 21d)2 Dec 1822 28 Dec 1869 h/o (1st)Rebecca WILLIAMS m:11 Sep 1845 (2nd)Leanore "Luany" "Leanna"JOHNSON m:26 Aug 1848 (3rd)Louisa (ALLEN) BROOKS PAYNE m:9 May 1866; s/o John & Nancy (KITCHEN)BROWNING; Born of a triplet birth-Jonathan,Joseph, & Joab. BROWNING Joseph 2 Dec 1822 20 Dec 1876 h/o (1st)Catherine AKIN m:18 Nov 1841 (2nd)Jemima E ALLEN m:12 Feb 1865; s/o John & Nancy(KITCHEN)BROWNING BROWNING Leanor "Luany" "Leanna"(JOHNSON)25 May 1837 25 Nov 1865 28y 6m; w/o Jonathan BROWNING m:26 Aug 1848; d/o Stephen & Rebecca (WEBB)ALLEN BROWNING Luke 22 Feb 1809 11 Aug 1829 s/o John & Nancy(KITCHEN)BROWNING, "In Memory of"; FIRST PERSON BURIED IN THE CEMETERY BROWNING Mary C 29 Sep 1831 8 Nov 1914 BROWNING Mary Jane (RHODES) 18-- 25 Oct 1899 w/o Oliver BROWNING m:26 Jul 1853 BROWNING Nancy (19y 6m 14d)28 Feb 1843 11 Sep 1862 d/o Jonathan & Leanore "Luany" "Leanna"(JOHNSON)BROWNING, "departed this life" BROWNING Nancy (KITCHEN) 12 Oct 1783 07 Oct 1855 w/o John BROWNING m:abt.1802-TENN; d/o James & Morning KITCHEN BROWNING Oliver 18-- unknown h/o Mary Jane RHODES m:26 Jul 1853 BROWNING Otho (17y 4m 23d)30 Jan 1884 23 May 1901 s/o John A & Ellen C.(MADDOX)BROWNING, Triple stone:BROWNING-John A.,Otho & Fannie BROWNING Ross 25 Jan 1892 8 Nov 1894 s/o Carroll Allen & Mary Theresa(WILDERMAN)BROWNING BROWNING Solomon S unknown 19 Mar 1891 h/o (1st)Sarah Jane BINNION m:29 Sep 1860 (2nd)Lucinda BIGGS m:16 Jul 1869 BROWNING Stanley 5 Jan 1891 5 Jan 1891 s/o Carroll Allen & Mary Theresa(WILDERMAN)BROWNING BROWNING Thomas K (68y 7m 29d) 28 Dec 1810 27 Aug 1879 h/o Rebecca (?); Double stone:Thomas K. BROWNING & Emaline BROWNING-Erected by his wife Rebecca BROWNING Quincy H 1 Sep 1854 27 Feb 1855 s/o Levi & Fanny BROWNING; Double stone:BROWNING-Fanny & Quincy H. BROWNING William R (55y 6m 6d) 23 Dec 1810 29 Jun 1866 s/o John & Nancy(KITCHEN)BROWNING; twin of [James K.BROWNING-the first white child born in Franklin County] BUCKNER Edward B 8 Mar 1876 8 Mar 1876 s/o Moses & Emaline BUCKNER BUCKNER Elva 1 Sep 1893 13 Feb 1909 d/o Jonathan "John" Logan & Mary Tabitha (HAMMONS)BUCKNER BUCKNER Emaline (HAYSE)ROGERS 10 Sep 1839 10 Jan 1892 w/o Moses BUCKNER m:27 Sep 1866, "his wife" BUCKNER Frances M 11m Aug 1853 d/o Moses & Margaret E.(CRAFT)BUCKNER; On one stone:BUCKNER-Margaret E, Frances M, Sarah BUCKNER Infant 8 Dec 1926 8 Dec 1926 s/o J L & M BUCKNER BUCKNER Jonathan "John" Logan 8 Aug 1868 16 Aug 1930 h/o Mary Tabitha HAMMONS m:4 Feb 1891; Double stone:BUCKNER-J.L.& Elvia BUCKNER Joseph 18 May 1882 31 Dec 1882 BUCKNER Margaret E (CRAFT) 31y 1m 5d 21 Nov 1865 w/o Moses BUCKNER m:12 Nov 1851; On one stone:BUCKNER-Margaret E, Frances M, Sarah BUCKNER Mary A 13m 5d 10 Oct 1855 d/o Moses & Margaret E.(CRAFT)BUCKNER BUCKNER Mary Tabitha(HAMMONS)28y 9m 25d 17 Dec 1898 w/o Jonathan "John" Logan BUCKNER m:4 Feb 1891 BUCKNER Moses 21y 6m 20d 8 Mar 1881 BUCKNER Moses 11 Feb 1827 17 Apr 1882 h/o (1st)Margaret E. CRAFT m:12 Nov 1851 (2nd)Emeline(HAYSE)ROGERS m:27 Sep 1866; Co.C 15th Illinois Calvary, discharged 14 Oct 1862, wounds. BUCKNER Oliver F 11 Nov 1871 6 Apr 1874 2y 4m 22d BUCKNER Sarah 4m 7d 15 Nov 1856 d/o Moses & Margaret E.(CRAFT)BUCKNER; On one stone:BUCKNER-Margaret E, Frances M, Sarah BUCKNER William C 21 y 10 22d 8 Mar 1888 s/o Moses BUCKNER CARR Leonard unknown 11 Oct 1920 CRAWFORD Marcissa 16 May 1835 6 May 1857 w/o D.T. CRAWFORD CROSSNOE George T 50y 9m 11 May 1893 h/o Lydia OVERTURF m:7 Jan 1866; Co.F 110th Ill Inf. EUBANKS Mary Ann(BROWNING) 18?? w/o George Washington EUBANKS m:22 Jan 1847; d/o John & Nancy(KITCHEN)BROWNING GOESMANN John G 6 Jan 1818 17 May 1857 h/o Lusany BENNETT m:23 Mar 1851; from Germany, was an editor at the Benton Standard in 1850 HAMMONS John L 25 9m 19d 27 Sep 1895 s/o Joe & Nancy (JONES)?BROWNING? HAMMONS; killed while brakeman of: C.S.T.R.R. at DuQuoin,IL. HAMMONS Joseph 54y 4m 25d 23 Feb 1897/90 h/o Nancy JONES m:13 Mar 1862 HAMMONS Nancy B (JONES) 50y 23d 14 Jan 1896 w/o Joseph HAMMONS m:13 Mar 1862 HUTSON Annie 81/87y 11m 17d 2 May 1866 w/o Chamberlain HUTSON; "mother" HUTSON Chamberlain 15 Sep 1779 3 Dec 1858 79y 18d; h/o Annie (?) JOHNSON Perlina/Paulina (JONES) 34y 4m 23d 4 Oct 1865 w/o Thaddeus "Thads" W. JOHNSON m:7 Sep 1859 JONES Barbara A (TINER) 55/35y 5m 3d 14 Aug 1888 w/o James S JONES m:27 Aug 1876 JONES Calvin 35y 8m 28 Dec 1847 h/o Martha "Patsy" BROWNING m:8 Apr 1827 JONES Delilia Jane (HOUSE) 7 Aug 1838 19 Nov 1926 w/o William C. JONES m: 25 Dec 1855 JONES Hazel 5 Nov 1902 9 Jul 1903 d/o Samuel W. & Lucy B (LAMBERT)JONES JONES I S 28 Jul 1858 5 Feb 1881 JONES James S 47y 15d 17 Jul 1878 h/o Barbara A. TINER m:27 Aug 1876 JONES Jasper N 85y, 1857 25 Jun 1942 Pvt. JONES John 56y 12d 27 Mar 1867/64 "In memory of our beloved father" JONES John R 25 Mar 1838 10 Oct 1924 h/o Sarah KEEN m:2 Apr 1863; age 84yrs; brother of William C JONES JONES Minney S 12 Jan 1867 13 Mar 1881 JONES Martha "Patsy"(BROWNING)81y 6m 28d 5 Apr 1893 w/o (1st)Calvin JONES m:8 Apr 1827 (2nd)Robert C.MOORE m:10 Nov 1850; d/o John & Nancy(KITCHEN)BROWNING JONES Mattie May Bell 23 Nov 1874 17 Sep 1881 d/o John R. & Sarah(KEEN)JONES, age 6y 9m 25d JONES Pete Mar 1909 JONES Sarah (KEEN) 34y 2m 28d 2 May 1877 w/o John R. Jones m:2 Apr 1863 JONES W 1926 JONES Whiteman 13 Dec 1901 2 Feb 1905 s/o Samuel W. & Lucy B(LAMBERT)JONES JONES William C 10 Feb 1836 15 Feb 1915 h/o Delilia Jane HOUSE m:25 Dec 1855; died of pneumonia KING Andrew J./W. 55y 11m 26d 22/28 Jun 1874 h/o Mary (?) KING Baker 14 days 17 Nov 1861 KING Frances M 2y 3m 2d 1 Aug 1855 s/o John S. & M. KING; Triple stone:KING:John, Joseph, Frances M. KING Hanna M 1y 3m 6d 26 Sep 1866 d/o A.J. KING KING Jane abt.63y 18 Jan 1847/42 w/o William KING KING John S 45/48y 8m 4d 23 Sep 1855 h/o Elizabeth Ann BROWNING m:15 Mar 1830; "Mason"; Triple stone:KING:John, Joseph, Frances M. KING Joseph C 1y 9m 10d 30 Aug 1833 s/o John S. & Elizabeth Ann(BROWNING)KING; Triple stone:KING:John, Joseph, Frances M. LEFLER Mary J unknown unknown LEWIS Louie E 20 Jul 1893 7 Sep 1968 h/o Flora Agnes OVERTURF m:26 Jul 1911; s/o Adam Franklin & Louisiana Elizabeth (GALLOWAY)LEWIS MCCARTY Guy 5m 1902 s/o William T & Tabitha Ella (BUCKNER)MCCARTY MCCARTY Tabitha Ella (BUCKNER) 22 Nov 1874 17 Feb 1902 w/o William T MCCARTY m:22 Nov 1892; d/o Moses & Emaline (HAYSE)ROGERS BUCKNER MCCARTY William 18?? h/o Tabitha Ella BUCKNER m:22 Nov 1892; s/o Israel & Mary J.(THOMAS)McCARTY MCCARTY William Guy 9d 9 Sep 1902 MCFATRIDGE Wm J 3 Jul 1857 5 Sep 1858 s/o Samuel & J. McFatridge ??Sidney KING m:25nov1852 MEEK Asbury G 18?? 4 Feb 1897 h/o Samantha Lydia CROSSNO m:14 Aug 1884; s/o John & Mary (MULKEY) MEEKS; Double stone:MEEK-A.G. & Lydia MEEK Samantha Lydia 76y? 10 Jan 1921 d/o George Thomas & Lydia (OVERTURF)CROSSNO; Double stone:MEEK-A.G. & Lydia MILLER G G 80y 10m 10d 8 Nov 1870 ODUM Dempsey 60y 6m 14d 30 Apr 1861 OVERTURF Eli 7/17 May 1815 23 Jan 1888 h/o Rachel BLACKON m: 7 Mar 1839; Double stone:OVERTURF-Eli & Rachel; "his wife" OVERTURF John 21y 4m 31 Jul 1865 Co.C 110 Ill Vol. Inf. OVERTURF Rachel (BLACKON) 18 Dec 1819 29 Dec 1866 w/o Eli OVERTURF m: 7 Mar 1839; Double stone:OVERTURF-Eli & Rachel PIPKIN Nancy Elizabeth Susan(WALKER) 1833 1872 REA Christopher 19y 4m 26d 26 Mar 1869 s/o Abner & Mary REA REA Evaline (KING) 23 Jul 1833 23 Nov 1870 w/o Franklin L. REA m:24 Aug 1851 REA Franklin L 18?? h/o (1st)Evaline KING m:24 Aug 1851 (2nd)Mary M GREGORY m:10 Sep 1871 VISE Lydia Margaret(BROWNING) 83y 6m 20d 28 Mar 1908 w/o (1st)B.F. HARRISON m:23 Sep 1873 (2nd)Hosea H VISE m:26 Jun 1888

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