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BUCKNER, MOSES - widow Emeline
Enlisted: 10 Aug 1861 as a Pvt. in Co. C., 15th Reft. Il. Cav.
Discharged: 14 Oct 1862, Jackson, Tennessee
Married:(1st) Margaret E. (Elizabeth) CRAFT
(2nd) Emeline HAY (HAYSE, HAYES), 27 Sep 1866.

Emeline HAY BUCKNER states she was previously married to Edward C. HAY, who died in Troy, Madison Co., Illinois
about 8 May 1863; that she was married to Samuel SMITH on 1 May 1864 and they divorced on 7 August 1866; and
that her late husband had also previously been married to Margaret E. CRAFT, who died 21 Nov. 1865

Children: John Logan BUCKNER, b. 8 August 1867,
Thomas A. BUCKNER, b. 8 April 1869,
Ella T. BUCKNER, b. 22 Nov. 1874, (also referred to as Tabitha Ellen)
Edward B. BUCKNER, b. 8 March 1877; d. 3 Nov. 1892.
Minnie E. BUCKNER, b. 26 July 1879
Joseph BUCKNER, b. 18 May 1882, d. Dec. 1882

Divorce Records
From Early Divorce Records, Franklin Co., Il. by Carla Pulliam:

Emeline HAY SMITH vs. Samuel SMITH
1866: Your oratrix, Emeline SMITH, a resident of Franklin Co., Il., a resident of said county
and state for two years. That previous to her residence in Franklin County she was a resident
of Madison County, Il. That on or about 1 May 1864 she was lawfully married to one Samuel SMITH,
at Madison Co., Il. That they lived together until 15 June 1864 when he deserted her and she has
not heard from him since. She asks that the bonds of matrimony now existing between her and Samuel
SMITH be dissolved. I would further ask that my name be changed from Emeline SMITH to Emeline HAY.


Applied for Pension: 29 Jan 1863.
Witnesses: E.F. HUBBARD, aged 62, who had known Moses for 30 years.
Granted Pension: On 12 July 1890 Moses was granted pension for gun shot
wound of left arm received 1 August 1862 being engaged in a battle with
the enemy on the Hatchie River in Tenn.; and disease of eyes. He was
nearly blind in his left eye and the sight in his right eye much injured.
After his death Emeline filed as a dependant widow, and after her death,
Minnie filed as a dependant child, her guardian being Thomas A. BUCKNER;
Thomas was a brother of Moses BUCKNER.
Died: Moses died at his home in Benton, Illinois on 17 April 1882. Emeline died 10 January 1892.


Buckner, Moses Probate Box: 3
see Emeline Buckner
Date & Place of Death: 30 April 1882, Franklin County, IL
Spouse: Emiline Buckner
Children: Logan, Thomas, Edward, Ella, Minnie and Joseph Buc kner
Adm: Frank G. R ea
Sur: Frank G. Rea, Abner Rea and William H. Thomas
8 Sept 1911: William T. McCARTY, oldest son of I.N. McCARTY of Whittington, was born near Benton
3 Oct. 1875 And died at the Frisco Hospital at Springfield, Missouri 26 August 1911. In 1893 he
wed Miss Ella BUCKNER, daughter of Moses BUCKNER of Buckner. There was born to this union three
sons, the youngest one preceded his father in death. His wife also died in 1902 and was buried at
the Buckner Graveyard. He was married again in 1904 to Mrs. Doshia WELLS of Oceolia, Arkansas. To
this union was born three daughters, two of whom are deceased. He is also survived by his father.
William's home was in Jonesboro, Arkansas and his remains were returned to Jonesboro for burial
in the city cemetery.

Buckner, Emeline Probate Box: 2
Date & Place of Death: 10 January 1892, Benton, Illinois
Spouse: no
Children: Ella Buckner, Thomas Buckner, Logan Buckner, Edward Buckner, and Minnie Buckner
Adm: Thomas A. Buckner, her son

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