Illinois Genealogy Trails

New Union Cemetery
Benton Township
Franklin County, Illinois

Photos submitted by: Ronald Cramer

ARMSTRONG Byron G s/o Jasper J. & Sarah W. ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG George Walter 8m 22d s/o Jasper J. & S.arah W. ARMSTRONG, foot marker:G. M. A. ARMSTRONG Jasper J 31 May 1933 h/o Sarah W. ?, foot marker:J. J. A. ARMSTRONG John J s/o Jasper J. & Sarah W. ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG Martha 9m 22d d/o Jasper J. & Sarah W. ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG Sarah W w/o Jasper ARMSTRONG, "His wife" CLEM Adam h/o Julia CLEM CLEM Julia w/o Adam CLEM CLORA 12y 1m 24d no marker ELLIS Mary ELLIS Mary A ELLIS Nancy ELLIS Peter 1894 CO A 81st ILL INF, Civil War Veteran ELLIS Robert L 1y 6m no marker EVANS Mary Belle 1y 9m no marker EZELL Hansel 1890 Civil War EZELL Martha A FRY Billie "Friend" GALLEGLY John C 1875 Veteran GARGUS Mary E w/o Benjamin GARGUS GUNTER David King 15 Feb 1846 7 May 1915 brother of William Ray GUNTER GUNTER G M GUNTER J W GUNTER William Ray 1851 Nov 1889 brother of David King GUNTER HAGGARD Nancy E 41y 6m 4d w/o J. H. HAGGARD HARTLEY Richmond A 44y 2m 1d s/o R. & M. A. HARTLEY HARVEY Hurray Civil War Veteran HILL Albert 51y 4m 16d HILL Alice (McKEMIE) HILL Roland Alva 1m 26d s/o J. H. & C. HILL HOLLINGSWORTH Mary Elizabeth 34y 6m 21d HOWELL Jasper 1895 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR CO F 9 ILL INF HUTCHINS Moses HUTCHINS Nellie HUTCHINS Sarah J 38y 4m 24d w/o C. R. HUTCHINS HUTCHINS Shelly KIESTLER Jacob 1864 CO K ILL INF, Civil War LIGON Richard Civil War Veteran LONG W L 1878 Civil War McKEMIE Frank "Brother" McKEMIE John 51y 7m McKEMIE John R 1884 h/o Sidney McKEMIE, Sgt Co 110 ILL Inf, Civil War McKEMIE Mary C w/o William M. McKEMIE McKEMIE RAMSEY Cival War McKEMIE Samuel McKEMIE Sidney w/o John R McKEMIE McKEMIE Susan (CARROL) 60y 2m 1d w/o W. W. McKEMIE McKEMIE William Wesley 47y 6d h/o Susan CARROL, Oddfellow McKEMIE Wesley W 1873 2nd LIEUT CO I 110 ILL INF, Civil War McKEMIE William M h/o Mrs. Mary C. McKEMIE McRAY J C 60y 6m 10d MILLAM Jesse 1920 Civil War, CO C 112 ILL INF MILLER George G MOONEYHAM John L 39y 5m 4d h/o Elizabeth ARMSTRONG m:1883 MOORE George "Buck" MOORE Stephen A 1821 1885 Civil War, PVT 10 IND LIGHT ART PARKER Granville Veteran, marker missing PARKER William M 63y 26d RICHERSON Bethena J "Mother" RICHERSON Henry W RICHERSON James L "Father" RICHESON Lillie A 23y 8m 22d SCARLETT John D Civil War Veteran SIMPSON George W s/o J. & H. SIMPSON SIMPSON J 43y SIMPSON James 63y SIMPSON Nancy A 1y STALCUP Alexander C 67y 6m 27d 1892 h/o Jane; MEXICAN WAR STALCUP Ed h/o Virginia STALCUP George W s/o A. C. & Jane STALCUP STALCUP Jane 83y 5m 27d w/o A.C. STALCUP, "His wife" STALCUP Lucy A STALCUP Velma N STALCUP Virginia w/o Ed STALCUP SULLIVAN Ann d/o Charley SULLIVAN & ? SULLIVAN Anna Bell SULLIVAN Charley SULLIVAN infant SULLIVAN infant SULLIVAN Jarrett s/o Charley SULLIVAN & ? SULLIVAN Jarret A SULLIVAN Nina Mae d/o Charley SULLIVAN & ? WALKER C s/o ? WALKER & Rosa Ida MOORE WALKER Gen. Carroll s/o C. & Sarah WALKER WALKER Sarah M w/o (1st husband-West WALKER) (2nd husband-George Washington EUBANKS) WHITTINGTON F M 1875 Civil War Veteran WHITTINGTON George W s/o F. M. & Mary WHITTINGTON WHITTINGTON John S s/o F. M. & Mary WHITTINGTON WHITTINGTON Mary C 3y 7m 24d d/o I. W. & H. J. WHITTINGTON WHITTINGTON S S s/o F M & Mary WHITTINGTON WHITTINGTON Theodore A s/o E. A. & C. W. WHITTINGTON WHITTINGTON William M s/o F. M. & Mary WHITTINGTON WYNN Martha w/o John R WYNN, "Mother" WYNN John R h/o Martha WYNN, "Father"

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