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Rea-Wilson Cemetery

Benton Township, Benton
Franklin County, Illinois

¼ mile South of Masonic and Oddfellow Cemetery, Benton, IL.
You have to cross several fields and a line of trees are in the way
and it is hard to get to. It has not been kept cleaned up due to the
distance the caretakers have to carry the heavy equipment to the site.

Information submitted by: Mary Rea Eubanks

Last Name     First          Middle         Birth           Death           Other Info.

REA           Abraham                       30 Dec 1805     14 Apr 1871     h/o DELIA NEAL m:11 Jan 1827, Sgt. Stephenson's Det. IL. in Black Hawk War 

REA           Jackson                        8 Sep 1832     26 Apr 1843     s/o ABRAHAM REA & DELIA NEAL

DILLON        Isaac , JR                                           1862     h/o Malinda REA m:28 Nov 1850, s/o ISAAC DILLON & LUNA MANION

DILLON        Malinda       (REA)            6 Mar 1837     11 Apr 1898     w/o Isaac DILLON, JR. m:28 Nov 1850, d/o ABRAHAM REA & DELIA NEAL

REA           Wilson        N                  Jan 1834        Apr 1852     s/o ABRAHAM REA & DELIA NEAL

REA           Winfield      Scott           12 Jan 1848     24 Jul 1931     84Y 6M 11D, Co F 15 ILL CAV

STARR         Amanda        Rea              2 May 1844     19 Jul 1908

STARR         Lewis         D               15 Jul 1840     23 Nov 1915

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